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Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @Phantomarine_ Vancouver, British Columbia

Claire 路 Vancouver BC 路 Animator 路 She/Her 路 I draw a comic called Phantomarine (coming to @Hiveworks!) 路 coffee and croissant enthusiast 路 favorite word: bees

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@zettapoke Thank you!!Frankenfish 馃 (/CW self harm ??)
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧馃懟Happy #HiveworksHalloween day 2! This time featuring Vahn! 馃巸
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @spaceelf_art I鈥檓 not surprised 馃槺鈥淟ast 4 characters in your phone describe your mental health鈥 Yeah. This checks out. a nice milestone overnight. Phantomarine grows! 馃コ @RM_Dooley You only get one first impression!! (thank youuuu)LRT If I weren't weighed down with other comic stuff right now, I'd absolutely submit to this. Horror/Fantasy peeps鈥馃拃Fantastic Frights is OPEN FOR SUBMISSIONS馃拃 This all-ages comics anthology is a modern day love letter to the retr鈥
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Phantomarine is updated! 馃挋 Ch 4 p 24. Irving faces the truth. #hiveworks #webcomics
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧*how to go about doing this* *research is needed*I suddenly want to make acrylic charms. I've gotten a couple as keychains recently and they're... ooh, very shiny.鈥 + guest 馃懟馃幍
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Hey, #artistsoftwitter, have you heard about our contest? We're looking to give a boost to people early in their ca鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @scribbaltam Ooh, merci! 馃檹 @shadowhooddraws during a robbery: "HENLO NEW FREN, did not know we'd get visitor so late, WELCOM TO HOUS"To those who went "He's a dork, isn't he." ...Yes. @Feather_Notes goshhhhhhhhhhhhh馃懟Happy #HiveworksHalloween ! Here's the first of three in a spooky pinup series, featuring Trigger!鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧I've caught up with it recently and it's fabulous - alternately super cozy and SUPER UNSETTLING, which is totally m鈥 week鈥檚 server DTIYS is Cort from @phineas_klier and @spitefulpumpkin鈥檚 webcomic Heirs of the Veil! @SitanNyx BOOP馃崜 For my birthday I have 2 wishes: That my dad's surgery goes well today! And plz check out my LGBT webcomic Prickl鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧still crunchin
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Phantomarine is updated! 馃挋 Ch 4 p 24. Irving faces the truth. #hiveworks #webcomics 2D characters are so attractive. Idk how they do it
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧RAFFLE RULES -LIKE and RT this tweet to enter -DEADLINE: 6k followers -TWO winners will be chosen to receive a 3D c鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧#LoreOlympus #loreolympusfanart
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Memory timmmmeeee #comics #webcomics #hiveworks
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @Super_Gaijin accurate @Super_Gaijin Heck yesssssss 'I'm Blue (Da Ba Dee)' into the tape deck- -presses play- @renieplayerone @eliushi eli i loooove thisI remember good old ink times every October! Not doing any this year because of comics but hope to get back into it鈥
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I battle an evil being named Maya. abt this
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @iiylsa IT IS @Super_Gaijin n I c e F e e t b y T h e W a y were cleaning and found a tote bag I had decorated when I was 7 or 8 years old. I love it so much. @Shizamura One WOULD say. And that one is... ...everyone.RT with your top 4 wishlisted figures. Hmm. There's a familiar pattern here.
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Did a triple take on this one. #FFXIV
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @shadowhooddraws 馃Χ @ashworksco I try to imagine going through the MSQ with the NPCs saying "FURRY LOVER IS OUR GREATEST HOPE!"Did a triple take on this one. #FFXIV @SpaceRockBun I do also like the accents. They go well with ALL THE BLUE. @charlestan It's so gooooooodRT with your top 4 wishlisted figures. Hmm. There's a familiar pattern here. #PortfolioDay ! I'm Mariah and I make a comic/graphic novel series called Six-Petal Pyramid on WebToons and Tapa鈥
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I have finally posted the long awaited Fanfic chapter SunnyxRain Update:
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧When the story ends as soon as the couple becomes official. Screw that. I wanna see the cute stuff afterward. The鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Me: worried that people will not like angsty new char Readers:
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧"write what you know" me: got it *makes all my characters idiots*
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @JShrine2 Agreed! I'd be down to see the messy stuff too. It all counts. @romance_tm I'm terrible at slowburn but I'm all about the... delightful aftermath, haha. There's so much good slow鈥 @Riipurr I feeeeel this. I thought there was so much more to tell! I'm glad the comics exist to be an in-between -鈥 @Fire_Bay ....????also this is probably why all the couples in my story are already pre-established, huhWhen the story ends as soon as the couple becomes official. Screw that. I wanna see the cute stuff afterward. The鈥 @That_Ender_Guy @ashworksco You are friggin great and deserve much happiness, fren. Thank you for all the great talks recently - th鈥 I'm drinking hot chocolate tonight. :|Remember when seteth was like 鈥渉ey im joining you now in fights鈥 and we all expected some weak ass healy magic fait鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @Tengu_Arts OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS?! Seems like one of my friends requested this 馃ぉ Thank you for doing this for t鈥 fan art I did on my Patreon. I've never read the comic so was unfamiliar with the characters but I r鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧seriously, 3 bits of fan art in a week I have underestimated his powerim LAUGHING because of the ending.
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@saint_cynicism Unfortunately his boots are just too fluffy. But he will learn in other with all the ancient queens and empresses through history
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧The Kickstarter for Widdershins Volume Nine: Witch Hunt is live! Grab the newest volume of the award-winning Victo鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Me: worried that people will not like angsty new char Readers: @kneenarr I do also enjoy but I'm also like ?????I was wearing shorts two weeks ago. What the heck happened 馃ザ鉂勶笍 IS DEAD, a comic about living and dead pirates, has been updated. I uploaded these pages in much higher defini鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧T-pose to assert dominance.
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧A wild #webcomic update appeared!
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Must be awful boring being by yourself when all you do is run away from your problems 馃檭
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Disney鈥檚 making a mobile game called Mirrorverse, starring alternate universe versions of their characters with bad鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧LRT GO CHECK OUT JADE'S COMIC NOWWWWWWWWWWWTHE BIG ONE IS HERE! I have been waiting months to show this special double-spread 馃槫See the full thing at鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @amphibiess 馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺馃槺 HOOOLY MOOOOOLYThe glory
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Ok... just found something kind of interesting while reading the original script for The Addams Family (1991)... an鈥
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Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧New character portraits for the latest additions to the comic's cast - Lani and Irving! Also to be forever known by鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Here鈥檚 a writing tip: Skip unnecessary scenes to streamline the story. How do you know if a scene is unnecessary?鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @FangJadex THAT WAS GOOD, THOUGHmy other hands
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @Feather_Notes goshhhhhhh 鉂わ笍馃挌馃枻King and Queen 馃憫鈿旓笍 Raine, Nowe, and Medium from GJS!
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Wychwood also updated in another way: 15 new pages have gone live in the archive, a big overhaul of a scene from ch鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧馃崺Honestly not a robot! returns!馃崺 Chapter 6 begins with Ash taking a small moment to catch his breath after the deve鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧Rising Sand is a free-to-read fantasy adventure by @glitchritual and @y2jenn about finding family and peace of mind鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧The prophecy has been fulfilled you're ever fretting over imperfect anatomy I want you to remember that they had to do this with the opening 3D鈥
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧havent we all been there
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧update today! #spiderforest #webcomic 馃尶Main Site Current: Start:
Retweeted by Phantomarine 馃拃馃挧 @boogeymadam ADORABLE VIOLENCE and many hugs @vanderbaander HE COLDDDDDD 馃ザ馃ザ馃ザ Thank you!