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phantomchips @phantomchips Brisbane, Queensland

Musician, instrument builder, educator. Performs as phantom chips and play in BodyVice. I build synths and wearable interfaces

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@Statick777 @theQuietus @AerialFestival Oh wait! I’m in the future, got a few hours :) @Statick777 @theQuietus @AerialFestival I think I’ve seen this just too late but thanks for the mention!
Wow! @AliaK I really appreciate that I’m an age where I’ve gotten to watch the evolution of websites, HTML and web languages @AliaK Where was the interview?
@_timothee @alicegoldfuss Y is pronounced similar to u @alicegoldfuss Hah awesome. When I worked in Finland with python coders, they would pronounce it poo-ton - would always make me chuckle
You say it’s raining, I say it’s mushroom weather!!!🍄🍄🍄 @Harazzmatazz I know right!!!Just had a student mention they are old enough to remember tv static.... I hadn’t considered generations who don’t…
@AliaK Oh cool! Cheers for the heads uo
@yannseznec I don’t really care about bass
It's only Cancel Culture if it originates in the Cancelle region of France. Otherwise, it's just sparkling consequences.
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I really feel for the year 12 students this year who have carefully selected their subjects to do what they love eg…
Retweeted by phantomchips @jaydeipowell 🙋🏻‍♀️Double fees for arts degrees is ridiculous- my arts degree compliments my tech skills. We need people who have stud… @SheIsRevolting I feel like I go through phases of understanding and using aux on the mixer then I forget it all over againTip for anyone working with loop-based systems - increase your input channels to the looper/software by sending the…
Retweeted by phantomchips @DrHelenKara @StitchingTgthr @AmyTwiggerH How can I join?Guess what? #CRMethodsChat is back! Tuesday 30 June, 2 pm BST. Guest hosts are @StitchingTgthr and @AmyTwiggerH wit…
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@phantomchips @Thebadlament Sounds really neat!
Retweeted by phantomchipsI’m opening a space for workshops in creative tech with @Thebadlament - just doing some important research to get s… yes you get the cool toys and the rest is "good enough" for the girls. This is why anything Ham operators have…
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Prices at the Ernabella Store, a remote Aboriginal community, where nearly all the population are on the Indue Card…
Retweeted by phantomchipsA child separated from his refugee father for three years, stands on a Brisbane street with his mother while dad wa…
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Finally watched 'Donna Harraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival', which made me like her even more than I did i…
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Did the western media give a shit when it was someone with atypical gender presentation in danger? When they got me…
Retweeted by phantomchipsHey @nytopinion now that you have some new leadership how about an apology and you take down my video that you stol…
Retweeted by phantomchips @RealSexyCyborg @nytopinion Would you like others to write to them request ring your stolen video be taken down? I’m happy to write to themFor perspective on how insane this "CCP Agent" narrative is (aside from drone hacking of local government-funded Ma…
Retweeted by phantomchipsWell that put an end to the debate (unless someone tries to put it back up) slave trader Edward Colston statue take…
Retweeted by phantomchips @hellocatfood Wow awesome!!!
@grahamdunning @misterunderwood @jarkman @Scatterfold I got a hand drill from a hardware shop in hackney last year,… women/ NB artist if you are self releasing I can do press work for FREE. Drop me an email objectsltd @ gmail.…
Retweeted by phantomchips @grahamdunning @dangusset Jeremy fielding has lots of great videos on motors and how they workIf you're Black and want free training on ethical hacking/cybersecurity, please DM me, I'll get you a free coupon to one of my courses.
Retweeted by phantomchips @Peter_Fox59 @FatherBob Good article but I wish the title alluded to the content in a better way.For 17 years @DjirraVIC has been speaking up about loss of Black Lives in Australia. Mainstream media does not ful…
Retweeted by phantomchips @the_larrikin @Asher_Wolf Good to hear @Saus @maximumcuddles @BroHilderchump @nswpolice Here’s some video - there’s lots more around PROTESTERS: *Begin adopting umbrellas as a tear gas antimeasure* GOOGLE RECAPTCHA, 2 DAYS LATER: Please i…
Retweeted by phantomchipsAny trans kids or black mothers want any of my albums I got you np.
Retweeted by phantomchipsOhhhhhhh 💡💡💡 @the_larrikin @Asher_Wolf I hope they got to their 12yo sister!!!This Clever Device Is Found In Nearly Every American Household: How It Works And How To Fix It
Retweeted by phantomchips @sezmohammed Ahhhh makes much more sense nowIt appears pepper spray may have been used at Central Station with @newscomauHQ observing several people on the flo…
Retweeted by phantomchipsBandcamp not taking fees today. Support these artists!!“New York State Suspends Habeas Corpus” should probably be bigger news right now?
Retweeted by phantomchipsToday's protest in Meanjin. And this was just the bit I could see !!!
Retweeted by phantomchipsSuper proud of the turnout at the Brisbane #BlackLivesMatter protest. #blacklivesmatteraustralia
Retweeted by phantomchipsThe news helicopter has gone up. Here's how the Brisbane Black Lives Matter rally looks from the air. Huge crowd.…
Retweeted by phantomchipsGreat turn out in Meanjin for the #BlackLivesMatter, stop black deaths in custody protest!!!
White folks wanting to help? Here’s your one freebie. Then I’m off to play video games & enjoy a gummy. So pull up a chair:
Retweeted by phantomchips @BenjaminEgge @salvationarmy Did you know the AFL is a registered charity? No tax paid at all. Massive salaries &…
Retweeted by phantomchipsThe push to help women launch new careers in tech
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@cameronwilson um but there isn't mandatory vaccination for covid.....
@AliaK It’s so good! Ha I only just noticed you tagged me in your first tweet @AliaK I’ve been doing it! So good!
@KleinRevd @HeritageScrapbo @FionaPattenMLC It read like a scientific study to find out people's opinion on abortions to me. @femmocollective I’ve made chocolate pasta with raspberry sauce years ago. Delicious!Can't wait for @thewirechina's "diverse and balanced" reporting on China
Retweeted by phantomchipsAlthough I would eat a mushroomBaby mushrooms are so much cuter than baby humans 🍄 > 👶 #mycology
@PhilBerdecio @GoodWillsmith I am just learning this now @GoodWillsmith I used to say pastie (as in the food) like pasty instead of pahsty- still feels wrong to say it that way
@licencedtoili I just did :)😂 @BruiseBringMore Yeah send me a link too I can’t see itThe less I know the funnier these become.
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We’re live now - fb link if that’s your preference (yt and twitch in previous posts) and this is the twitch address if you prefer YouTube… live on @TwitchMusic in 3.5 hrs!! @yaxu @hellocatfood @backboneya #livestream
Another day another stupid Excel chart
Retweeted by phantomchipsI’ve been feeling a bit under the weather all day. Just ate some chips and now I feel fantastic. Chips are medicine. 🍟🍟🍟I use voice operation to type on my phone. I just stumbled on the word Trump and my phone wrote that cunt Trump. Haha #phonetruths
Club sound witches live now on backbone's twitch and youtube channels starts in one hour! Simulcast across Backbone's social media channels. Facebook - You…
@SHE_RubyORourke Mass community testing seems to me a better and cheaper option. @RealSexyCyborg @TCharoun @StayInPlayin DoneWith @mjoneillnoise @nicolaisgreat @ekkoflokTomorrow night on backbone’s social channels. Facebook - YouTube - ready for tomorrow’s live stream gig!!
This week's live and Solo at the Bowlo!!! With Club Sound Witches, Søsterékko, MJ O'Neill, Toecutter streaming on o…
@ellle_em I was stung by a hornet during sex! It wasn’t malicious it just dropped dead, landed on me and stung. Sam… @ellle_em Here’s the scorpion bite mate telling the story @sezmohammed From living in cold countries, I adopted it to keep dirt outside. I used to do it coz of the heat. @ellle_em My brother had to take his friend to the hospital after a scorpion bit him on the dick!!! This caused my… @thanks for playing @lonetaxidermist @backboneya you can also watch @lonetaxidermist on our youtube stream @lonetaxidermist on our twitch feed! facebook can't handle the scandal @joannajnilson @StVincentsMelb Glad you got checked and are ok xxtune into this live stream at 11.30am gmt today for a flying be the seat of my panty livestream w Louise Terra, Dea…
Retweeted by phantomchipsEXCLUSIVE: this Friday 4/10 9p EST on the SPECTACLE IN EXILE twitch stream... the online premiere of anarchic Specs…
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@_denisescott It’s true!! Just having a banana near them will make it go right. Also putting it in a dark place hel… @NicolaSturgeon today my Dr's secretary phoned with the checklist. She confirmed I can handwash and I'm a foster ca…
Retweeted by phantomchipsThe NHS has saved my life multiple times. If I need treatment to avoid suffocating to death from asthma, I want it.…
Retweeted by phantomchips @femmocollective If there’s mushrooms in it, it’s sauce, not gravy