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I always say my grace, even over a plate of grapes

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eu te amo dominique falando "get the shoes baby" eu te amo
Retweeted by Kia y Moiya girl is getting vaccinated fact that I’m going to have to get this J&J shot 4! 🔥
This tweet has some racist undertones to it next pop out is gonna be something else @_thereallnii If you going crazy over sex seek help
Retweeted by Kia y MoiI want a vaccination but I refuse to put anything Johnson&Johnson on or near my body
find good, consistent [redacted] is like trying to find good crab cakes outside of Baltimore.Don’t wait til it’s too late to show me love, give me my flowers while I’m here
Retweeted by Kia y MoiPorkchop: “BRING IN THE KATZ”!
Retweeted by Kia y Moiyou eatin my leftovers, that’s not a flexJust made the best banana + peanut butter pre-workout shake everI miss my kids’M FROM THE 5, MIDDLE FINGER, ZONE 6
Retweeted by Kia y Moistarted from the bottom to the top like a count downhe bopped out and I wanna see what that mouth boutcall me by your name been heavy in my rotationI can proudly say I have never thought this 💀
Baby that man is in hell UK Twitter but did your prince write Ruff Ryders’ Anthem? Exactly. RIP to DMX
Retweeted by Kia y Moipraying every step I take leads me into the luxurious black woman lifestyle.I’ll be watching Belly again today for sureeducate the people please womens obsession with long hair is a disease. food in your hair grosses me out said they gon be barking at work for the rest of the day 😂😂 twitter is always good for a laugh even when I’m sadRIP DMX 🥺when my fingers start bleeding I’ll stop pressure is an instant turn-off. once I say no, that’s it. there’s no discussion after.if she dont turn his ass into a purse at buckingham palace Philip finally died? Evil has been defeated the first is not more important than being accurateprematurely announcing death is not okay and not funny to the people who care. It’s confusing enoughsharing that he passed and didnt actually pass?!?! ARE YOU OKAY????
@Lcommawoods I’m cringing thinking about it 😭I want his confidence used to really let a nigga drive my car. Fuck was I smoking?well that’s nothing to be fearful of anyway fear I won’t ever be attracted to a man again @PDE_YOUNGNUDY still hasn’t dropped the album
70 years 💕💚they are so sexy don’t take nothing serious fr 😂
Retweeted by Kia y MoiPepper after he scratched his way in and ate Apollo are so miserable needs her ass beat
Retweeted by Kia y Moi @SunflowerShan so disrespectfulwhat if his family peacefully let him go and announce it later? somebody should whoop herI believe Adam though. Ive watched them from the youtube days and Latoya lives for the internet @fallingshortz omg :(why they saying dmx passed? Is that true?excuse me we trynna get by with that uzi. finna let him buss off some rounds in this coochi
me & my mother drink these occasionally, if you’re a lightweight it’ll get you lit. shit I settled for at 18, I’m laughing at, at one has impressed me, ever.gospel thought of messing up my teeth sends me into a panic attackbuying crystals, sage, and tarot cards does not make you spiritual. real work starts within.I want my people to be freed from the shackles of these fake “soul-ties” @Lada_Dala @_Nevky @AdekunleAbolaj1 @bthemovement_ so nothing?seeing peoples twitter opinions on dating makes me more & more asexual. @Lada_Dala @_Nevky @AdekunleAbolaj1 @bthemovement_ how is this affecting you? quick.y’all be so mad about these niggas, girl just get a new one damn 😭
Retweeted by Kia y Moiwe are too damn old to be using the eggplant emoji in reference to penises
This the video that got TikTok in an uproar lmao
Retweeted by Kia y MoiMy grandma protesting on television in the 1960s
Retweeted by Kia y Moiniggas be loving these Verzuz battles but when I get the aux it’s a problem 🤦🏾
Retweeted by Kia y MoiPlease do not attempt this!!!!!! Cows can be very aggressive & overpowering. They will break your bones need to get back on usajobs asap. I dont think I can take this for 3 more monthsthis is honestly the worst training everlucy in the sky with diamondsthe word “mines” is not a thing!!!! THERE IS NO DAMN ‘S’ on “MINE”!!!!
this is not funny at all. he couldve been killed God for the block button @444lyfe girl get the fuck on somewhere. I said what I saidyou have been a blessing to my life during this entire pandemic 🥺 way yall be speaking on Baltimore like everybody here is “ghetto” or “ratchet” is hella annoyingtoo bad it’s not
“He dont call me a bitch but I love when he say my bitch” okay hey birdie
april fools? were flirting and I didn't realize it: A Memoir
Retweeted by Kia y MoiKenya never misses with reunion looks. She’s crowned for a reason. Idk about the left side. inviting me out to eat. Im on a diet, homorning routine tiktok got me in a chokehold23 used to be my ride home and to school @SunflowerShan preach!!!I need to touch some M’s, quickly.people that think being less active on social media is a personality trait are so weirdI stopped caring about celebrity business months ago and I’ve known peace ever sinceredbone bitch just like suwoop
I’m dirty dan at max but 3 is still pushing it Kandi not get the email? why we in it don’t like April Fools jokes. I’m not 12. Go ahead with that.I KNOW HER ASS AINT GOT BRAIDS need to stop giving technology based jobs to these old ass people that cant even work their phone’s. I’m tired… @SunflowerShan yeah in middle school. I had the matching bags too