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Remember when we all made fun of Marianne Williamson for saying that her first act as president would be to call th…’t see this coming: The Lakers unexpectedly call for the liquidation of all Buss family assets to provide food…
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekThe USPS is incredibly popular and it would be the easiest thing in the world to run an aggressive campaign defendi…
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekThis is embarrassing but what is the name of the smaller Batman who he makes help
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekIndeed.
Quinn Cook is kinda catching fire, which one would like to believe is an intentional outcome of the Lakers’ strategy since clinching. @jake_romanow Yeah, online may play a new role if satellites and other rural schools start going the way of rural hospitals.It's so Kawhi not to buy a fancy-schmancy mask when you've got an old coffee maker and an unused rotary phone just… @jonahbenton @ashleyrattner Ha ha this is the less fun answer. @PhDeezus It's become clearer to me that it is now possible to distinguish between "proximity arts" and sciences a…
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @jdconnor This has absolutely been the takeaway of every meeting with Dean or Provost that I've participated in this summer as a chair. @jillianteaching Worse: many of the people making this argument are going to spend the rest of their time in stateh… cannot begin to explain how infuriating it is to be told that teachers and schools are responsible for supporting…
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekGood stuff
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekThe in-person classes, as it happens, do hold an economic value that we have to figure out.It turns out that the economics of higher education, at least in some quarters, have more to do with the joke about…, like all crises, has been a good teacher about economics.Thinking back to March and left academics proclaiming that universities were going to use the pandemic as a pretext… me be clear: We do not want, do not need, and cannot stand for the deployment of federal agents to St. Louis.…
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @JeffreyInsko Thankful for a Harvard anecdote that doesn’t involve Jeffrey Epstein.
@TheGreatKatee I wanted to see the pot of macaroni.FedEx: When your package absolutely, positively needs to spend 24 hours in a facility somewhere en route to its destination. @S_Insley_H @dee_bee_h [Bane voice] Greetings, Mr Wayne. Welcome ... to Circle Time.Coincidence that the day after the NRA suit a feral hog does this?, WHO EVER HEARD OF A SCHOOL DISTRICT MANDATING APPAREL.
Chelsea Handler, next table, lunch at Blue Plate Oysterette in Santa Monica, 2015. if, hear me out fellow American historians, the Iraq War and the "war on terror" are more pertinent to the U.S…
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekDon Henley Sues Both Presidential Campaigns For Not Using ‘Boys Of Summer’’m a rural organizer in Mo, and I worked on passing Medicaid Expansion. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, stop criticizing rura…
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @thegreatkellino Not disputing your veracity but pretty sure that’s a scene in Sons and Lovers.Ordinary brain: The Lakers lost to OKC by 19 points? They're not making it out of the 1st round. Galaxy brain: Now…
cori bush was a nurse, jamaal bowman a school principal, aoc a bartender. one of the best things about the new wave…
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekReporters: Please ask the President about the tensions between Wakanda and Latveria you have nothing to lose
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @jamacintosh @dee_bee_h Certainly top 5, up there with The Mild Bunch and Treasure of the Sierra Madr-eh. @dee_bee_h Absolutely the best Canadian Western.Cool now do a story about Auburn. years from now when there’s a retro-emo trend in pop music A Kind of Coup is gonna be the biggest band in America.Black women won St. Louis tonight. The candidates. The strategists. The voters. That is the story.
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekNot me, US.
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @cejarvis Knock Down the House is now 1/3 less bittersweet!Well damn. my murder mystery plot twist
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Only a matter of time before Bloomberg’s new Long Island-based columnist Tom Buchanan is picked off by the NYT. dreading NYT lifestyle articles on micro schools rich people form with their friends: Wilson renovated a ha…
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @birdmoths Worth noting that “spurious” comes from same root as “spur,” and came into use to indicate putting a pie… actual Marxist, an actual Critical Theorist (old school), and an actual postmodernist walk into a bar. The bar is Jimmy's in Hyde Park
Retweeted by Andrew Hobereklol there's no doors behind the boards. They put them there themselves.
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And if those signatories in elite circles of publishing, journalism, and academe have no idea what is happening to…
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekIt sure would show some intellectual consistency if the high profile signatories of the Harpers letter took the dri…
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Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @zunguzungu Gonna skip it in favor of the Gordon Lightfoot documentary, thanks.
I used to teach at a university, but adjuncting was hell, so I helped to organize my campus. Now I’m an internal or…
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekHappy birthday to Herman Melville, husband to the skilled editor, copyist, and literary agent Elizabeth Shaw Melville!
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekWhen you’ve literally never heard how human beings differ from other animals. me out: I'm trying to decide which social media mode to emphasize this week
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @jdconnor @bentarnoff Still Team Hawley. That guy’s the cipher America wants and needs.
I am as uninterested in Taylor Swift’s new album as I am in Beyoncé’s visual album and this is a first for me. I me…
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @erikstrobl Are there accusations against Alan Dershowitz? Glad he brought that to my through it. Can’t fail
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberekthesis: Bill Clinton’s taking care of his health has improved his life expectancy such that he will now have to liv…
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekThe Social Construction of American Realism was the book that taught me how to think about form in realism (and thu…
@dee_bee_h It’s great that they let Cormac McCarthy write those now.FORTUNATO: So I can work remotely now? MONTRESOR: Yes. FORTUNATO: And this wine cellar is my new office? MONTRES…
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @shocohen I mean on the part of the headline writer! @dee_bee_h I think this was a story arc in John Byrne’s Alpha Flight comic in the 80s.I want to believe the Nuremberg allusion is intentional. you didn’t know better, you might suspect financial austerity in the university was creating cultural factions &…
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@DrewAmidei When you want to engage the fans, you play your greatest hits.What law exactly does anarchism violate? this chyron in the record books.
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberekmaybe the real public humanities were the robustly funded, tuition-free, public universities we made along the way
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My biggest showbiz inspiration is Chewbacca. When he showed up in Hollywood people said: "You're too tall" "You're…
Retweeted by Andrew Hoberek @VincentHaddad Dale GunnSouthern Gothic essential reads please
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekAn important reminder that open carry only extends to assault weapons and does not cover dangerous things like LEAF…’s plan for the absence of childcare this fall is that we should “leverage teenagers”
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekAlternately, it’s like thinking Archie Bunker was the hero of All in the Family, WHICH WAS ALWAYS THE CASE FOR MANY…
The shifting TENET release date is my favorite Nolan film. It has all of his signature moves. Will it ever come ou…
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2020 time travel novel where adjuncts from the year 2018 or something travel back to 1965 so they can get acade…
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@kevin_modestino Underrated as pianist: Nina Simone.Slippery slope: if this keeps up, how long before we’re holding people responsible for supporting war crimes? have a joke about senior faculty asking questions at seminars but it’s actually more of a comment
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekNo one: Still no one: Bob Dylan: Here’s a 17-minute song about the Kennedy assassination.
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekReminder, the people of the state of New York paid $956,000,000 to build and equip the Tesla factory in Buffalo NY.
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Still thinking about the NYT choosing to note that someone who’s just been called a “fucking bitch” by a colleague…
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekSounds like the chicken wing industry didn’t get their campaign contributions in last quarter. confession of man who’s only ever had the McLobster Roll on the Masspike. usually stock up at the Aporium
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekSomeone on the Twitter development team decided that it would be cool if, when people were reading a tweet, it just…
Retweeted by Andrew HoberekChristopher Columbus statue removed in Chicago following protests Chatterton Williams decrying BVE as non-standard language while NPR just making up new phrases like “law-in-… get so meme cranky but they are the best collective form “on this hell site”
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@jeffreymoro Fair point.