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I write and draw comics for your pleasure.

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@jesse_hamm Sometimes it's a lot of crackers. @gabrielhardman @xtop I was there 4 movies ago. @ComicBossTimmy A wise choice. @kellytindall Ghosts with clubs.
@Manruss #1-- It's Mrs. Butterworth, and she was widowed YEARS ago. @Robwilliams71 The only time he was cool.Quite accomplished for a one-year-old! @SeanJ0917 @dEnny_UK @jpalmiotti Ikea makes good cheap ones. Not as cool as old timey ones you may nab at an estate… @RufusJenkins78 @dEnny_UK @jpalmiotti Give it a shot! Just like binding comics! @kellytindall @mightygodking An outrage on par with Trump's election. @jpalmiotti Old people love it! @dEnny_UK @jpalmiotti It's what I use to transport my pages, but I keep all the art I own as a collector in flat files. @dEnny_UK The eternal mystery. @BigTimStiles @ryanklindsay @JeffLemire Thanks, Tim!Agreed @gabrielhardman no nostalgia to exploit, though! @brucemccorkinda It really should be a series, though. A slow peeling. @bclaymoore Especially a curio shop owner. Everything is Mint!I fell asleep in the mall like I do, and the first thing I saw on awakening was a laughing six-month-old. I thought… @KurtBusiek I own a Manny Stallman Raven page, but have yet to post it as it is pretty, pretty racist. @AdamG5532 That's... expensive.If modern civilization can make a Watchmen TV show, it can make an Ubik TV show. @BUBAndrewBUB There are two Billys in the shot! @olmancampbell [shakes cane]When I was a kid, I insisted on paying full Overstreet to garage sales, other kids, junk shop owners, anyone who wa… isn't a filing issue. Every board you see is for an active project. @DerekRuiz Pond. @DerekRuiz I guarantee it was the Diet Cola flavor. I just recycled 11 full cans. @ycinar Pretty clean!
@HilaryBarta Never! @tommyleeedwards Oh, God. No.The tree is his family. Get it? @GoranGligovic Not as cool as his satin Blackhawks jacket (comics not NHL). @TonyFleecs @JoseMolinaTV The best aspect is Cee Lo clearly reading the lyrics for the first time during the take.Not pictured: the OTHER drawing board. @FDSY But how else will my spontaneous combustion be fueled? @marco949 People underrate Frank's draftsmanship, though-- especially regarding super-hero anatomy. Before he fully… @marco949 I'm at the "apparently draws with pencil between buttcheeks" end of that spectrum.Maybe I should switch to digital. @marco949 It's hard to teach cinematic instinct. No one has ever touched that kind of bravura. While Toth, Sickle… @xtop over a second secret heart of gold @Christosgage @RackSpinner You blew it. Own it, pre-teen Chris! @ComicArtGems2 Not one of, IMO, rather THE best run. @Christosgage @RackSpinner WTF??!!! @TreeBeerd @BrianChurilla You need to part the beard like Clark Kent when they misapprehend your tastes! @xtop Are they an acerbic bad-ass with a heart of gold? @TreeBeerd @BrianChurilla No one can see your shirt, Rip Van Winkle! @marco949 It would. It was a huge outlier even then. @hellocookie That's BS @ErikJLarsen "Incredible 23rd DC issue!" @Comic_Book_Ivan Oh. That's a bummer.
Back when comics had the audacity to hype 2nd issues. @SteveNiles Be well! @thesteveorlando This comic comes out in JANUARY? [runs back to drawing board] @ChaseMagnett They are not equipped to parse bad faith arguments... by design.And now we turn to the people who didn't see it coming to tell us why it happened
Retweeted by Phillip Hester @ryanwinn Sounds fishy. @gabrielhardman I will also learn to dunk by watching LeBron James on youtube.Drawing a horse at 1 AM. Cosmic karma for Ol' Phil. @JayFaerber I pitched this era Robin for a one-off. @JoshCrewsReally @NakatomiTim If a contract is a condition of purchase, then it has to be honored. @NakatomiTim @JoshCrewsReally BWS has a resale clause built into his sales, I believe. @JoshCrewsReally I actually asked Bernie about this once, though not to THIS degree. He shrugged and told me he sol… @andeparks Why do they all have shitty hair?
@jeffparker Lot of papers to be written about this.Warning people currently dragging history toward an open hole in the desert that history will not remember them well. @smartinbrough We're the last. @xtop You're your own Ghost of Christmas Present! @Dionysusras true!These people are going to make me buy another comic. @rcall7 I would leave that to individual creators to delineate.This isn't shade. I brought it up today because I was wondering if anyone would every put together that my book STR… @akafrfly Not another Moon Knight! @FrankTieri @gregpak A CW exec wakes up from a dead sleep, reaches for his phone... @BuzzComics Cardy was one of the very best.I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do is analyze creator-owned comics to determine which rejected corpo… @jpalmiotti Sugar & caffeine, and I miss them. Hope they're doing okay. @kingofhusbandos Yeah. We had to stop in the middle of the third one. Long story. @kingofhusbandos 2.5 @kingofhusbandos Haha. Many thanks! @thom_monk @chrisarrant Like is like. @chrisarrant Mr. A, and it would suuuuuck.I will never fail to be tickled when I hear a southerner declare they had "left out of" a location. Delightful! @BackintheBronze I believe you're right. Wrestled with that for a long time in the past. @AaronMeyers I can tell. Hoping you don't uncover my debut. @AaronMeyers Lorenzo is one of the sweetest dudes in comics.
@McLauchlin "...he loved Big Brother." @CubicleZombie @seescandies Diabolical! @jasonshawnalex @ErikJLarsen I had a buddy name his kid after a Star Wars character who got de-canonized. @fukutopia Unlimited Picassos! @van_jensen Must be kept until end of time, though. @ShaneMBailey so great @drasgow I would love to. @van_jensen I'm country, but this is a no go.It rings a bell. @gabrielhardman I do all my Dostoevsky via audiobook. Pages wait for no man! @TomTaylorMade What's his schedule look like? @Johnbatusijack we think! @TURBO_THRUST @ImageComics @RobertKirkman @andykuhn I do!Or become a writer and make some other poor sucker draw the horse.