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I write and draw comics for your pleasure.

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@dodsy84 @And_Sorrentino @JeffLemire Nope. Sorry. I have some in my house! @HackinTimSeeley The porny guy out here doing the most tasteful one. @bryanedwardhill Now maybe I can land some gigs! @JoeInfurnari @rpace Get trained. @robschamberger @axios I won't collect until he mentions hell.In the revised The Emperor's New Clothes half the crowd strips naked and starts beating on the dressed half. @jamiegambell I meant you narrowed it down to just one bad-take-haver there? @jamiegambell The? @jlr_1969 @BackintheBronze of course. i'm not a heretic. @BackintheBronze You leave Woodgod alone. @PatrickZircher Many times Mr. Fantastic depictions are formless and weightless. Yours has real structure and credi…
@Jeff_Dyer They need us on that wall. @BangableGnome @JHWilliamsIII dm me @JHWilliamsIII Thanks. It was great fun. We may return to it in some way. @KurtBelcher @JHWilliamsIII We only needed about 15K more of you! @monkey__marc Thanks! @JHWilliamsIII It was very unpopular. @himwhatjolts @blackegbert [tweets photo of perfect Wrightson-made Dagwood sandwich] @dexterj Thanks! There were some sniffs, but it would be an incredibly expensive show.Had cause to revisit some old Mythic planning material today. Oh, the awesome comics we abort. @HilaryBarta @HackinTimSeeley The smell of heard-earned sweat, kneaded erasers, and Fritos. @HackinTimSeeley Carl Burgos balancing a drawing board on a radiator, Mickey Spillane sitting in a bathtub with a t… @charlescrapo @HackinTimSeeley It's fun. @ReberVision @pauljholden @HackinTimSeeley "The writers? The writers are in a dog run with a tarp over it... and they like it!" @HackinTimSeeley Same, but it was Steranko's History tale of Golden Age guys renting a hotel room for a long weeken… me do an Alien reboot where the teachers on LV-426 are forced to teach classes while a facehugger infestation s…
Retweeted by Phillip Hester @himwhatjolts pretty goodWhen you're as talented as Gipi, sometimes it's tough to reel in a narrative that can keep pace with your technique… @MichaelAlexPen I would only require half the money. @andeparks You need to send me that pic where he's on his tiptoes in the group shot. I say this as a short. @ShaneMBailey I have to say, I was never happier than when my collection was about this big. @ericgapstur What a stud.
@ryan12985 @Hardtimes20201 It's all Stepjen. I was just pitching in to facilitate storytelling. @superisabel76 They formed a resistance when they WON. @seangallowayart oh, you! @BrianChurilla It's 150,000 Oatmeal Creme Pies! @ChaseMagnett The plan is to let people die, but not so quickly as to need refrigerator truck morgues. @KrsJams I think Herbert pulls a neat trick by making him an identifiable Flash Gordon archetype in the first book-… @TylerWalpole Keep prayin'! @KrsJams It could be argued they play similar roles. Hero archetype grounding the saga (sometimes subverting tropes… @KrsJams Is Aragorn the the hero of LotR? @mjperljam I think it's the only group shot cover. @mjperljam It's the very first published Watchmen image. Watchmen covers can bring over 200K.150K may seem like a lot for a Sentinels of Liberty cover, but it's actually a bit of a bargain. Give me liberty or give me death! Wired: Give me liberty and give me death! @craigcermak @TravisEllisor I'm trying to assemble entire issues of original art from it. @AGillespie @ohcararara You have to smoke roast a whole (cored) head, Raichlen-style. @DWITT75 @ohcararara Char yourself some Caulilini and report back. @AGillespie @ohcararara Did you do the whole cabbage or steaks? @ohcararara Grilled zucchini can't be beat. @buse_chris @ComicCrusaders @johnnydfetish @terry2070 @DeevElliott @bloodofkirby @thinbloodeddino @Lord_Azoth
@comics47904735 I dug the whole imprint. @TravisEllisor @craigcermak Not collected... unless there's a "Best of Kubert" omni out there. I buy a set every ti… @martinedjohn @RyanStegman Oh, they are, just not 1986 good. Lightning in a bottle. @RyanStegman We thought it was the beginning of comics getting real good. @TheOtherMarioC Bologna on white bread with mayo and iceberg lettuce. @TheBurnham @kmellon @jeffparker Let us end the twitter now. @devonsanders Pat Boyette. Though we're talking about revulsion at age 10, appreciation at age 18, fascination at age 24. @himwhatjolts Thor, Crystar & maybe Transformers (the Sienkiewicz cover on #1 may have tricked me into getting the… @littlejeffrey5 @ericgapstur At first. Then a little interested. Then more interested. Then very, very interested.… @jlr_1969 It's why my work has an intractable cartooniness. @jlr_1969 He's one of my foundational guys. Charlton run on E-man blew me away. @jlr_1969 Agree on his bravery, but that's when E-Man collapsed for me. It used to be so sweet, even when it was trying to be scary or sexy. @ben_towle They tell me I'm reviewing that kid's portfolio on the DVD extras. @KrsJams @ericgapstur It's not age appropriate!l still love him. @ericgapstur Until you noticed it was this.
@douglasnoble Saw a last day showing of The Revenant alone, but as far as first run, first week films, Koyaanisqatsi (6 people and 3 left). @ThatDaveJordan @sandy_jarrell Trying to parse out which PS Magazine spots are his or Will's, or some combo of the… @MarkOStack Spider-Man and Green Lantern, I think. @ThatDaveJordan @sandy_jarrell And still very much in his aping-Will mode. @MarkOStack Now or throughout time? @sandy_jarrell @ThatDaveJordan Looks more like Ploog than Eisner, IMO. @pauljholden define "too many" @cabbagecomics @pauljholden so be it! @DRStater71 @PaulTobin I was there just a couple of years ago!a keyboard that delivers a debilitating shock when you try to explain a joke on this websitea keyboard that delivers a mild shock when you try to post a joke on this website @messiahcomplex cosmic @_AndrewScott Surprisingly few-- I mean, for me.Just penciled a cover in 15 minutes. I hope that when you see it, you will agree it was the right image. @moldy_crow @ColinMooreDraws wise @SeanChrisLewis At least you can smash those dramatically. @McLauchlin @PaulTobin More like telegraphy.You can choose either the power of flight or to never hear your recorded voice again. @PaulTobin The cheerleaders are still there. @phillipsevy Let us get him. @McLauchlin @PaulTobin I was there for district speech competition: radio news, storytelling.Sure you spend a lifetime developing a style of comics, learning its possibilities and limitations, memorizing its… @PaulTobin Stood on that very spot.Because of you, John.
Retweeted by Phillip Hester @maydaytrippe Thanks. Even at the time we had the impression we were creating a deep cut character that only superf… @maydaytrippe We were gonna give DC their Daredevil! @McLauchlin Swamp Thing doesn't have a chance. @craigcermak @MarkWaid Plus Sal Velluto cover!Be careful, Swamp Thing! @RandallAndrews1 You always learn more by drawing a new piece. @TheOtherMarioC Monday-Sunday @HackinTimSeeley Finally. A hero for the rest of us.
@AaronMeyers Reptilians is so 1994. Mantids are where it's at.