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Editor at GameSpot. My books THE TIME TRAVELER'S GUIDE TO TIME TRAVEL and THE SPACE HERO'S GUIDE TO GLORY are hilarious. He/him.

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I just opened a fortune cookie and the fortune had a damn ad on the back @FinchStrife @JurassicRabbit Love that game. @JurassicRabbit They should do Guitar HeroA very serious country to be taken seriously.
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LOL I guess we're pretending to care about this again?
Retweeted by Phil Hornshaw @Rossalincoln Hahahaha love to see the exact moment when rules suddenly matter to conservatives again.Happy one year anniversary to GameSpot's best wrestling podcast of all time. Also, only wrestling podcast.
Retweeted by Phil Hornshaw @MeekinOnMovies I think there's a way to make it work but just waking up there and being like "...okay" wasn't quite it. @ChrisHayner @damianholbrook This is like asking Tom Cruise about what's up in Scientology. @Brendan_LH Returning to ME1 has been like throwing on your old favorite T-shirt. I missed it, it's still very cool… @Brendan_LH I'll never be okay with the human Reaper. @MeekinOnMovies The idea that Shepard joins up with what everyone else considers to be a nationalist terrorist orga… suspect it’s going to feel better now, to some degree, because of the series’ thematic undertones feeling more un… one, I wonder how jarring ME2 will feel. Looking back it has become my least favorite one. It’s such a hard lef…’s gonna take a bit but I’m really interested to hit all three Mass Effect games with these tweaks, in order, bac… a quick look at the opening of ME3, then jumping back into Mass Effect 1!
Retweeted by Phil HornshawYeah I’m really enjoying returning to Mass Effect 1 but some of the visual tweaks are weird choices. And I seriousl… @unangbangkay Yeah these are both favesMeaningful distinction because Destiny is full of little lore things to read off equipment or whatever that are sup… said lore entries at the top of this in the refugee camp but they're audio logs scattered around the settlement a… people who've been positioned as badass heroes in the past are starting to look a lot less badass and heroi… game keeps positioning various characters with differing viewpoints to play off each other, showing their belie… tell stories about us to their kids that paint us as unkillable monsters and, like, extremely fair.Destiny has gotten great at story lately, it’s really something. There’s currently an alien refugee camp filled wit…
The Matrix but all the Agent Smiths are mining bitcoin
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@FinchStrife Worked just fine for me in the last two hours. @thewillennium This is a nightmare week thoStill happy I deleted Facebook. @FinchStrife When no one likes being at your show and then they figure out they don’t have to be and it’s cheaper... @FinchStrife I mean, realistically, it sucks to be there. Shows like PAX are just more fun because they’re designed… @FinchStrife Can’t possibly charge the old exhibition prices, at least. @FinchStrife People were annoyed with how much it cost to be there and the relative lack of benefit BEFORE it was d… @FinchStrife If my anecdotal experience is any indication, people will WANT the physical experience — provided E3 m…’s New Destiny Day! @LostTurntable Yeah I think I’m just trigger happy because of all the bullshit latelyNabbed that Conqueror title finally with 11 hours to spare.
@AWolfeful Is it Blade Runner thoLove it when the democrats are republicans is definitely the problem we need to be focusing on, when fast food franchisees are offering a free chicken sa…
Retweeted by Phil Hornshaw @RottenInDenmark They tried and failed so they'll definitely give up now, case closed.I bet there was a meeting at Bungie where they were like "let's come up with a name for space yarn" @ImMatElfring It’s just pure weird fun you just gotta let it happen @Cheywhitey Venom coverage did a lot of traffic for us and I remember many people being very confused. @Cheywhitey Yes, it was a whole thing.Wait is everyone circling back around to Venom being good? Welcome. We’ve been waiting for you.
Retweeted by Phil Hornshaw @WMDogma They’re all tough ones haha @WMDogma Sepiks and WardenWhat if I’m too tired to knock out the last two Grandmaster Nightfalls I need for the seal tonightDo I stay in bed and try to force myself to sleep for another two hours like I’ve been doing for the last 90 minute… @ChrisHayner (Side note I like that you specified it’s a local horse) @ChrisHayner Chris do people look to the horse for leadership, do they use it as a puppet for their own agendas, I… @ChrisHayner Then what
It’s better than a lot of them because at least it actually does float the idea that restaurant work pays like garb… story is incredible. Makes a lot of guesses about why no one wants restaurant jobs but guess how many actual w… @philrowen Oh haha that’s what the other people were saying. But seriously, if your business is scraping by so clos… @philrowen If your business can only withstand paying people $8 it’s absolutely not a viable business.Bosses have no idea what value their employees provide. But when they do try to put a number on it, that number is…
Retweeted by Phil Hornshawwhy will no one work for my restaurant even after I put the "all my potential employees are too lazy and spoiled to…
Retweeted by Phil Hornshaw @Xzyliac So close though to what you’re talking about. Kinda almost got there. @Xzyliac The gag here is that they legit like annihilated John, similarly to the new one, and set up the opportunit… @Xzyliac Basically Skynet time travels to get the time travelers like it watched all the movies and wrote down where to send assets. @Xzyliac Yeah it totally throws out the timeline, undoes all the rules, upends all the time travel stuff. It’s a bu… @Video_Game_King It looked like it was ramping up to something for a minute there. That was years ago… @Xzyliac It exists and it’s Genisys.It's absolutely SICK and I love it.Until finally there's no Birkin left. Then it stops being man-like at all, becoming more of an animal. In the end,…'s always struck me as really incredibly horrifying that the Birkin's G-Virus mutations don't really turn *him* i…'s the narrative that plays out with more changes. Birkin himself doesn't change so much; it's like something n… trades his humanity for power, but at least he gets something out of it at first. But right away, the mutati… takes the G-Virus in his last moments of life. The Umbrella goons have shown up to murder him and he takes h… body horror of Birkin's transformation is, really, unrivaled in the series if you ask me. It's so satisfyingly…'s the best Resident Evil mutation? You're right it IS William Birkin, I agree. @Scambl It’d be nice if we could convince the readers to care about some broader ideas. Mostly they’re just interested in the score though.If I see a "nobody wants to work anymore" sign at your business, I will not only leave, I will never, ever go back.…
Retweeted by Phil Hornshaw @glassbottommeg @Worthless_Bums This is the RE7 formula through the RE4 lens. Some changes in pace and variability…
Getting ready to go out like @ThatKevinWong NoHere is a quick tutorial on how to keep your meat safe from Joe Biden
Retweeted by Phil Hornshaw @GamingAngelGabe @CaptionBarbosa hahaha @GamingAngelGabe @CaptionBarbosa Also who writes "most certainly," did Arthur Conan Doyle leave that comment @GamingAngelGabe @CaptionBarbosa What does that little icon mean next to it? Does that mean it's a reader comment? @CaptionBarbosa @GamingAngelGabe Well theeeey are wrong. However, keep going, there ARE some great spooks. @CaptionBarbosa @GamingAngelGabe Uh who said thatAs of today I'm officially fully vaccinated! most famous and formative story of journalism in this country is Watergate. @heWIZARD Hahaha yeah they stormed the Capitol in a fit of gentlemanly offense. @lucyjamesgames It’s weird that they insist on keeping him faceless and yet really turned up the doofus level this time.INBOX: The @USChamber is calling on lawmakers to end the $300 supplemental boost in UI benefits. “Based on the Cham…
Retweeted by Phil HornshawI try and not get too disappointed about cut content cause it is usually cut for a good reason but apparently Ada W…
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@the_moviebob Extremely disappointed.Really wish more outlets would write "these people want us to write about X" stories.
Retweeted by Phil Hornshaw @JayestJMan I always inevitably have to go read a wiki about it. @JayestJMan Right, true. But there are still lore ties there and work has been done somewhat retroactively to make… I'd like to hear some other ideas.Primarily I've catalogued what I believe are all the important bits that can be tough to keep in mind to draw lines… have so much Resident Evil lore in my head at any given time but also I feel like I can never remember how the hell RE4 fits in.