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Jadzia Vaxx @Philip_Ellis Birmingham, UK

Contributing Editor @MensHealthMag. Running, reading, and writing my first book. He/him. Repped by @florencerees93. #BlackLivesMatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights

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@turnandstomp The coke eyes on that man 👀If he was the last man on earth? I would. @JarettSays this man has never been troubled by a thought in his life and I think that’s beautiful @SpencerDukoff Spencer DM me @turnandstomp @ChefJonKung is like sex, in that the words will flood out of you one day and then the next it’s more of a pathetic trickle, in this essay I will @amandadeibert 🥺❤️ @darlinginmyway The Windsors is also all British comedians, which I do think makes a difference when it comes to ha… @TheAdamSass Congratulations! I’m so sorry!! @ianxcarlos'm back with another thirsty tweet roundup! Y'all need church. Why yes, reading romance novels actually counts as book research thank you very much. Emily Henry’s first book… your best friend is both supportive and committed to keeping you grounded 🥰 @ohchrissavidge Emerson just wants a nap
@jordynhtaylor Jordyn haaaaalp @bananapeele We love to see it. @nthnashma THIS IS WHAT’LL HAPPEN IF YOU AIN’T GIVIN YOUR GIRL WHAT SHE *NEEDS* @JoshuaConkel Death Becomes Her. I think of the lines “the sordid topic of coin” and “you have no talent for poverty” all the time. @sillyolddaniel Cold comfort indeed. @paulbIack THANK YOU @sillyolddaniel I’m sorry WHAT? No more Circle? No more ALERT? No more MESSAGE? 😭💔 @darlinginmyway I understand that punching up is the right way to do comedy, so the royals are a prime target, but… @caramelattekiss I GUESS @JackDMurphy @davidmackau @davidmackau What if I’m the bikeWhen will Silicon Valley cut out the middleman and just fund an app exclusively for posting nudes’m genuinely starting to worry I’ve forgotten how to **** a **** @rab4__ Will you GET off my NECK @slayerfestx98 @AshleyKSmalls AM I WRONG? @JarettSays I learned this last month and am still coming to terms @AshleyKSmalls A bottom trying way too hard to prove he’s a top @squeakytoy ASOS! @LPC_Warrior While everyone else was partying we studied the bussIt's @MensHealthMag cover story day! This one goes out to everyone who, like me, was way too young to watch Oz but… @DrVikkiBurns @alex_abads If my fictional villain is being mistaken for a real one then I am *very* happy @alex_abads I was actually subtweeting an entirely different person but it’s remarkable how it tracks for so many 😌Bullies love nothing more than accusing other people of bullying them.Least favourite flavours of personal essays are "Why I'm leaving Twitter (indefinitely, for now)", "Here's why your…
Retweeted by Jadzia Vaxx @KatyKelleher I bet it’s…. Musky. @alimkheraj Jemima Thee Rooper @alimkheraj Truly! I still remember this playing over a smoochy scene in As If @ChristinaMcMc Truuuue. I think they’ll stick around longer though, so maybe next year. @ChristinaMcMc As am I, just check my profile pic, but they are very pricey for what are (let’s be real) destined t… @BenitoHepton I’ve just bought the Haring, will see how I feel when they arrive. @WulfrunianChris I just know I’m going to save them for best, only to spill red wine on them immediately. But they… @WulfrunianChris False alarm, found a pair and bought them 🔥 @WulfrunianChris I can’t find them anywhere in my size 😭If I were to treat myself to a pair of Converse collabs as an early birthday present to myself, what vibe would peo… @Louiestowell Did @sacha_coward invent this? @thisisAlanTurk Happy birthday!! ❤️✨ @clarebot SameNext time I go into my overdraft one of you needs to be very afraid. @justinkirkland4 That is so worth going into your overdraft!David Bowie: “alright I just wrote down ‘love dares you to change our way of caring about ourselves’ whatd you writ…
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@jordynhtaylor @DanielleBurby @wendyloggia @DelacortePress 👑🏆❤️ @DocPhoenix @rmdbutler I love her, especially when she’s playing a not-especially-good person, like in Siblings and Feel Good @ghweldon GLEN HYACINTH WELDON @shania_twink “Boom! Clap!” - the sound of your bathroom laterWhen your friend shows up to the Halloween party not in costume @rafayagha gay men who complain about women in queer spaces, and seemingly believe all women to be straight, are often sus… hit my word count for the day, I’m having nachos for dinner @gabebergado @alex_abads @MatthewKBegbie @ghweldon Glen I love youPhilip out here doing the lord’s work, but gay. So maybe the lourde’s work. Also, yes, gay Twitter is correct, t…
Retweeted by Jadzia Vaxx @MediumSizeMeech When we get to Omega it’s over for us hoes @Ryality You just wrote your new author bio. @Muna_Mire I didn’t take that photo for it to NOT be seenReally wish I'd pitched a demon twinkpiece on MondayPart of my job is now just writing up what Gay Twitter has to say an any given topic @gabebergado @alex_abads @GinBroguesHats @charliejburness I didn’t even clock that part but you’re right. Go cry into your extension! @charliejburness I suppose a lockdown comedy is the only acceptable premise where there is a logical reason why the… understand the entertainment industry's impulse to start churning out content that speaks to our shared experienc… McAvoy and Sharon Horgan are two of the most charming, charismatic, hilarious actors working today. Even that… are just never a good sign. it's giving incel, it's giving southern secessionist, it's giving anti-science…
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The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. @MrMo_J @Jenni_Fagan Middlesex!!I am in this TikTok and I don’t like it might be closing down but my DMs are always open x @robwillb I was reminded so strongly of this when I watched Yennefer’s arc in The Witcher (they’re basically identical origin stories) @robwillb Miranda Richardson as Mab = inspired castingThe demon twink’s fairy godparents @adamjmoussa He also threw down in the Tales of the City revivalDon’t make me tap the sign. @Tweet_Dec What can I say, I love my job 🥰“But but but Matt Damon was in an episode of Will & Grace that one time” says a fan who has never knowingly interacted with a queer person @charles_jensen Like every UpWorthy-esque news story about community kindness making up for a broken system, it is… @TatianaKing @djbenhameen @EchoverseAudio This is so great, congratulations!Bigots having a pop at trans athletes: “wE’rE pRoTeCtInG wOmEn!!!!1!” The actual women concerned:
Retweeted by Jadzia VaxxAfter a busy morning of writing a scene in which two young women try to move the body of an unconscious naked man,… @mrnicklevine It’s actually Getaway“I don’t trust the vaccine” but you use a 12-in-1 shampoo, Sir? Not trying to hear it!
Retweeted by Jadzia VaxxJames Baldwin was born on this day in 1924. This documentary about the author and activist is an essential listen.…
Retweeted by Jadzia Vaxx @dashiellsilva I immediately went back and rewatched this yesterday @Ankaman616 More romcoms should feature curses and zombie ex-boyfriends if you ask me.“Why yes, my male lead WILL be kind to waitresses and also have that bomb dick”My perpetually single ass writing a romance novel has the same energy as baby Sandra Bullock describing her perfect…