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Philip Ellis @Philip_Ellis Birmingham, UK

Writer. King of Takes. Weekend Editor @MensHealthMag. He/him. #BlackLivesMatter #TransRightsAreHumanRights

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I’ve discovered riverdance TikTok and I don’t wanna leave
Retweeted by Philip Ellis @JoshuaConkel I think this could have legs @JoshuaConkel I know she already has a song called Malibu but I want her to cover THE MalibuOh I am for sure going to be getting a regrettable tattoo in 2021The lesbian Christmas romcom we deserved. @Glitter_brawl I will die before I send a Super Like“Well look who’s feeling brave and swiping out of his league! Bless your heart!” a lot of the homeless no longer think they have a choice. Giving options and having them choose is a…
Retweeted by Philip Ellis @hellomattwalker I would be a lot saner now if they hadn’t! @DavidShuffles I put the “easy” in speakeasy @notgavin ROOOBBBIIINNNNI’ve finally come up with a term for the hookup ban many single people have been enduring this year. Ho-hibition.Not airlines sending out sales emails to celebrate the end of lockdown so shops can reopen in Tier 3 but what about my legs @JarettSays “Sorry, I was still in character from another conversation” 💀 @kitlovelace Hercule P-Ora-rot would have been less laboured[sung to the tune of Fascination by Alphabeat] VACC-IN-AT-ION
My own!!! is #WorldAIDsDay and even though its been a year of sickness i really urge you to read this 1987 Fran Lebowit…
Retweeted by Philip Ellis @TheAdamSass @KirkusReviews @fluxbooks @ericsmithrocks WE LOVE TO SEE IT!Rainbows now mean NHS. Red ribbons now mean COVID. By the end of 2020 people are going to be using the pink triangl… about this fucking stinks.Hard not to feel like co-opting the imagery of the red ribbon on World AIDS Day is a way of implying that COVID is… @mozi78 This is us when we get a vaccineTwitter right now = the kind of gender reveal party you’d actually attend..@TheElliotPage just announced his new name and pronouns in a powerful letter.
Retweeted by Philip Ellis @alicemjslater Alice I feel so moved and I don’t even know him 😭❤️Elliot Page: "I love that I am trans. And I love that I am queer. And the more I hold myself close and fully embrac…
Retweeted by Philip EllisElliot Page has been a shining light in the LGBTQ+ community for years now, and I wish him nothing but love and joy… Krampussy?! @EvanRomano It ends on such a weaksauce cliffhanger, I honestly don’t think anyone would watch a second season @EvanRomano It seemed to just completely forget what kind of show it was?! @alicemjslater Your pod is a menace because every time I listen I end up adding at least two or three new reads to my pile lone goose has taken to loitering on the canal right outside my flat and every damn night it’s like
Me: *buys £3 bath bomb as a gift* Me: I deserve this Calvin Klein watch @BiteYourBrum Wine. Penis. Pizza. In other words, a perfect evening. @JayJurden I regularly think “thrussy” and have a little cackle to myselfThis meme has reached its apotheosis, but we’re busy @simoncurtis It’s true and you should say it!! @EvanRomano Alien and Aliens are pretty much perfect and everybody on twitter has told me the franchise goes wildly… @EvanRomano Alien 3 is on my list, I’ve just watched the first two this weekend @cmccrudden J’adore Nicole Byer! I haven’t watched Nailed It since I started working weekends (and stopped having h… G is such an adorable square in this. I keep thinking that what I need is to meet a good man who doesn’t drink… @cmccrudden It’s fine, I’ve opened the bourbon @cmccrudden See, I knew going in that (obviously) the killer was never found, but I know part of me is still going…, how long is Zodiac @Abigailsiann @Le0Buck Leo’s wedding reception may well be the thing that kills meI love Dr Mark Green. @JackDMurphy ICONICALLY DRABIt’s actually offensive that June Diane Raphael and Chloë Sevigny have so little to do in this filmRobert Downey Jr is flouncing around in neckerchiefs and he’s calling other people latent homosexuals? Make it make sense! @TomBowerBrum Jake Gyllenhaal ordering the campest drink at the bar and saying “I love to read, I enjoy books” IT ME @TomBlunt I do enjoy a story that’s mostly set in rooms that stink of old coffee and cold takeout, with whiteboards… huge perk to being single: not getting murdered by the Zodiac killer @monchhiciii I can’t remember the last time I signed up for a 2hr20 movie that didn’t have “Avengers” in the titleTime for another movie I’ve never seen: Zodiac! I heard it’s leaving Netflix tomorrow so I’m reheating some leftove…’m usually all for women finding inventive ways to kill their husbands but you’ve got to cover your tracks better… @MsEmilyEdwards Look I don’t hate barbecue sauce I just don’t like being taken by surprise by my dinnerWhen you bite into a slice of pizza expecting a tomato base but it’s barbecue sauce @chick_in_kiev It’s everything. Which is why “The Visitor” broke me so badly I daren’t revisit it. @marcusjdl Omfg this would be so sad if it were literally anybody else. @mozi78 It was so good! That second hour is bloody intense. @MrsFridayNext NSFW. @kylebuchanan I feel like Meryl in The Prom fits this criteria quite well? @kohlgrrl @antontweedale They’re both great and very different. I enjoyed the action and spending more time with an ensemble… could, how you say... top me?Oh thank goodness, the cat is staying home this time 😽Did this guy really just call Ripley “kiddo”?! @MARIADAHVANA @miz_cracker @OneGrandBooks Oh HELL yesOK now I’m watching Aliens, which appears to be about the dangers of not believing women when they tell you somethi… guess instead I shall just... watch a film... in the middle of the afternoon? Such louche decadence!I had planned to spend my day off reading K-Pop Confidential under a blanket but my Kindle appears to have died and… Monday, Apple Music composes a “Get Up!” playlist which I listen to on my morning run... Today it included Car… @mozi78 I was definitely reminded of The Thing when I was watching this!my newest dream is to write an LGBTQ holiday movie that isn’t about coming out to your family at Christmas but is i…
Retweeted by Philip Ellis @Le0Buck 😂Because it’s not as if charities are left to clean up the messes our government makes, is it. @bainser omfg @turnandstomp If somebody did this to me on The Apps, I would simply walk into the oceanDay 30: Just got my morning pages done with a cup of coffee, which means I’ve now managed a whole month of writing…
@Hello_Tailor @TheMichaelMoran Haha just kidding........ unless @alice @Maxjb The Magicians. @TheMichaelMoran @Hello_Tailor I’d love a Devil Wears Prada-style Trek story about a crew running themselves ragged… @Hello_Tailor @TheMichaelMoran At this point it feels almost like a joke that Michael is a scientist, on a show cal… @Hello_Tailor @TheMichaelMoran She 100% sells all of the material they give her and makes me root for her, it’s the… @TheMichaelMoran @Hello_Tailor Oh honey if we’re talking Mary Sue then there’s another much worse culprit on this showI tried this three times and it gave me “sad”, “poor” and “dead”. @Hello_Tailor She is so good and let’s be honest aside from Detmer do we even remember the others’ names?! @Hello_Tailor For a moment I thought the role would go to one of the many, many under-utilised bridge crew and we’d… @SStokesChapman This is my main criteria!! @SStokesChapman This is what everyone is now flooding my replies to tell me... I’m planning to watch all of them over the next few weekends.Snitches get stitches (apart from everybody reporting L**rence Fox to the police after he bragged about breaking lockdown rules) @jon_weir No, I have only ever seen Prometheus before which I am aware is deeply chaotic of meI knew about the Ian Holm “reveal” in advance and yet I was still shooketh. @Glitter_brawl was genuinely one of the most stressful films ever. I have been hunched forward in my seat for most of it and…