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Runner, Radio DJ, photographer, writer, quizzer, lover of music, and work in marketing, comms and events. That covers most bases right?

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Father Christmas. A man of morals who delivers on his promises. The PM must be jealous!! Baby Dog is back in The Cone for a couple of days. I’m ashamed to say that I found his attempts to negotia…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyLet’s make this year’s Christmas number one the R number.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyWhat are the chances people stop mistaking Link for Zelda? Hylian Likely
Retweeted by Philip LickleyWoke up with a splitting headache and I feel sick. Think I might have Covid
Retweeted by Philip LickleyThe Allison Pearson EeZee® Bullying Chart™
Retweeted by Philip LickleyA classic
Retweeted by Philip LickleyThey've chosen a new James Bond
Retweeted by Philip LickleyBuy a sieve like the rest of us
Retweeted by Philip LickleyWell I read the piece by that person who left the Guardian, and it's much as you'd expect, but this paragraph had m…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyOops! sky at night... you missed me presenting 'About Bradford' yesterday on @bcbradio you can listen back at @TomEaston @lickley_brian Bravo!Noddy has seen better days @lickley_brian @LaurenceBellman @RealKenBruce @edwalkerracing @TomMarquand @kemptonparkrace @BBCRadio2 "One yearling out"Just remembered I got blocked by William Friedkin for suggesting he originally planned to use the Pink Panther them…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyTrump pardons turkey. “He was really strange looking and made a lot of unnecessary noise,” said the turkey.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyWeird. When I turn off this road I come back onto it from the other side.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyCan't believe Boris went for 'tis the season to be jolly careful' instead of 'Merry Christmas and a happy new tier'…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyMy husband's been giving me the silent treatment all day. He's been running in and out of the house chased by a doz…
Retweeted by Philip Lickley
Mad that they’ve not decided on a colour for that back wall yet.
Retweeted by Philip Lickley
Retweeted by Philip LickleyThere we go - with the wreath up, #Christmas can formally begin! 😁
Retweeted by Philip Lickleya perfect end to a perfect year! 👻
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @maclockdown Something to enjoy from my living room... living room... LIVING ROO- living room...Just realised that's liquorice allsorts on her earrings and not Kenny from South Park.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyI can see my house from here! be careful what you give to clients. This in fact says PLUS VAT.
Retweeted by Philip Lickley🌟 THE GOES WRONG SHOW RETURNS 🌟 Cornley are back to ruin your Christmas, this time with the Nativity gone VERY wro…
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @timcurtisart @bcbradio @NCTcharity @bradfordlibs247 @BradPlayhouse @Bfdcathedral Sadly not as it was pre-recorded…'s also music from @AliceMerton, @wardthomasmusic, The Supermen Lovers, @takethat, @Reverend_Makers,… to the About Bradford show on @bcbradio today at 11am, hosted by me, talking about @NCTcharity report; what…
@Starkie2105 I don't care about continuity!I'm rapping all day, and I'm rapping all night. vaccine: effective, protective and safe Modena vaccine: effective, protective and safe Oxford vaccine: effec…
Retweeted by Philip Lickleyit’s the start of another week in 2020...
Retweeted by Philip LickleyI almost left my whole family in this house 🤣 naked & all 😭😭
Retweeted by Philip LickleyAnd so it begins..."But what if you don't like duck?"“He’s two metres behind you!”
Retweeted by Philip LickleyHave eaten body weight in mince pies. Cannot move. Send help.
Retweeted by Philip Lickleythonks
Retweeted by Philip LickleyOxford Dictionaries claim 'conspiracy theory' is one of the most used phrases of the year... but that's just what they want you tho think!
Retweeted by Philip LickleyIn April, I started a proper YouTube channel for episodes of Modern Life Is Goodish. Series 2-5 are all on there no…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyThe Queen's Nose > The Queen's Gambit
Retweeted by Philip LickleyWhen the Oxford vaccine runs out the rest of us get the Durham one
Retweeted by Philip LickleyIf the government's Xmas extended bubbles aren't known as baubles, they're getting that as wrong as everything else 🎄
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@IMDb @MarkRuffalo Begin Again.Yes.’m delighted that our new sofa looks like a duck
Retweeted by Philip LickleyFair play. But "Baba O'Riley" is well worth a listen.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyWhere does the government put all this daylight we're supposedly 'saving'? Suspicious
Retweeted by Philip LickleyYou can use the Fibonacci sequence to convert (roughly) from miles to km. If one number in the sequence is the num…
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @WasimHu07846812 Lovely photo!
Retweeted by Philip LickleyThe Priti Patel report was on the Boris’s desk as early as April. That means not only that he elected to sit on its…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyStill makes me laugh so much
Retweeted by Philip LickleyNew guidelines
Retweeted by Philip LickleyJust had dinner with Gloria Gaynor. Do you think I had crumble?
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Onions must be the dumbest creatures on the planet. Why doesn’t the first one warn the other two it’s a trap?
Retweeted by Philip LickleyChristmas lights in lockdown. Down the Wine @clxpnd @JoeStephenson96 I think it's Jan Ravens.Prove it.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyI would definitely go on @RealTimVine's day trip as it involved burgers, radio and, best of all, crazy golf. #Taskmaster
Retweeted by Philip LickleyDoes anyone else get a Nando's vibe from this poster?
Who called it "Home Secretary" and not "Bully's Special Prize"
Retweeted by Philip LickleyHe only played four seasons.
Retweeted by Philip Lickleypriti’s next job could be in cyber (bullying)
Retweeted by Philip LickleyIf anything, The Lighthouse Family steered me towards rock.
Retweeted by Philip Lickleyyo has anyone else’s nhs covid app got a new feature?
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@HylandIan I hate mistletoe and whine.I've now got so many tripods that when I get a cold they'll be scared. @B0bHardy Joe Wicks.Well deserved! to put my finger on the reason for the different attitudes here
Retweeted by Philip LickleyAh fleets. Because there aren't enough things to do on social media already.Woo! I've reached the series of #Taskmaster with @RealTimVine!You scumbag You maggot If it was recorded today Ofcom wouldn't allow itPertwee looks like he’s saying, “Hang on, aren’t we all dead?”
Retweeted by Philip LickleyTwo goldfish are in a tank. One says to the other, "Do you know how to drive this thing?!?" The second goldfish rep…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyThe correct answer to the Fairytale of New York lyric problem is, of course, @cooraysmith’s suggested replacing of…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyThe BBC only editing Fairytale of New York on some stations reveals how each station's culture war risk ratings. Ra…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyAm I the only person feeling a little embarrassed that we are going all out to save Christmas but cancelled EID one night before?
Retweeted by Philip LickleyHuge if true
Retweeted by Philip Lickley
Does anybody know what tool is needed to remove this? (It's holding in the crank handle of a tripod) interesting pair of gifts for me.
Retweeted by Philip Lickleyguys remember that even if the vaccine is 95% effective there is a margin of error of about 10% +/-. that means tha…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyTrying to start a Gandalf look-a-like agency but I just can't get the staff.
Retweeted by Philip Lickley
What’s Jolene done? Absolutely fuck all. Speaks volumes.
Retweeted by Philip Lickleybut she caught me on the counter !⃝ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗱 saw me banging on the sofa !⃝ 𝗧𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗰𝗹𝗮𝗶𝗺 𝗶𝘀 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗽𝘂𝘁𝗲𝗱 i e…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyInteresting... the tone in today's Metro caption competition.
I'm begging of you please protect my nan
Retweeted by Philip LickleyThe Galaxy Z Flip looks like the lovechild of a Nintendo DS and GBA SP.Happy 68th Birthday to the legend himself, Shigeru Miyamoto!
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