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Runner, Radio DJ, photographer, writer, quizzer, lover of music, and work in marketing, comms and events. That covers most bases right?

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if I was an Italian plumber whose girlfriend was constantly being imprisoned in castles by an evil fire breathing l…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyI think you mean “fewer.”
Retweeted by Philip LickleyMullets Money laundering 🤝 Business in the front, party in the back
Retweeted by Philip LickleyWhen will humanity learn…NO show is sequelproof.
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @Vitt2TsNoC Surely you would have known from their Crinkley Bottom? @buntyhoven @RealMattLucas Can you catch up with it later as I've little-missed it?🚨SERIES 11 OUTTAKE🚨Probably best this didn't make the final cut... Check out Greg Davies' impression of a hedgehog…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyPeople say I’m having a midlife crisis but I can’t hear them over the sound of my new motorbike.
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @CameronYardeJnr @UniversalExile Just for you! @alexbcann I hope they followed the piece with the Elton John classic 'Saturday Night's Alright For Music'me when I put some parmesan from Tesco on some tortellini from Tesco
Retweeted by Philip LickleyWesley Snipes: yes, but what's my character's motivation?
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @petefrasermusic I once criticised the acting, in a jokey way, of a daytime drama-quiz show and the presenter - who… @MikeCooperRP I enjoyed it though I did find the "twist" near the end a little distasteful if I'm thinking of the right film?There’s an old tale that Keith Urban and John Legend once formed a duo. Not sure how true it is.
Retweeted by Philip LickleySurely in a pandemic you need as much mettle as you can get? #FacebookSpelling
Me: I will not buy any more books from @WaterstonesBD1 until I've read everything on my shelf Also me: and Spencer, here, living up to their reputation @anitathetweeter Hobnobs spam? I hope that's not one food stuffThey’re looking round a house they saw on Rightmoove
Retweeted by Philip LickleyI don't think much to this latest ITV reboot, pals. How would they even attach the fake beards???
Retweeted by Philip LickleyOfficial vaccine rhyming slang: ‘Anthea’ (Anthea Turner: Moderna) ‘Apple’ (Appletiser: Pfizer) ‘Gary’ (Gary Lineker…
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @BobWriggles "It's a little on the dark side" *Calls space doctor* @Flying_Inside They were probably still waiting for him to finish the sentence when they shut up shopMy wife is fed up
Retweeted by Philip LickleySame energy
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @AliceTaylorM You voted to remain... ...sorry, wrong post...My new business will swap your Guess Who? for a Connect 4, and a Kerplunk for a Yahtzee. It’s a real game changer.
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @DomCarterAgain What about Generation XXX? @TiernanDouieb A prequel to 'Man v Food'?
This is awesome! 😍🔥
Retweeted by Philip LickleyTHREAD: How did we end up here? With the UK’s plans to lift lockdown threatened by a new variant. Just as we taste…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyI read the wrong axis and thought they'd asked some animals about taking on humans
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @Lels1960 Yup!One stir fry. Perhaps a little too much ginger but much more flavour than the shop prepared kits this anagram of ‘gaslight’ when I was out and about
Retweeted by Philip LickleyToday's culinary challenge will be turning all this into an edible stirfry. results were Care Bare? #Pointless #Typo the hell still says comedienne?! It's womedian!
Retweeted by Philip Lickley'Cautious and irreversible' starting to feel like 'unsinkable'.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyMy girlfriend said I brag about pointless achievements. Doesn't she know she's talking to the 2009 Manchester Boggle Champion?!
Retweeted by Philip LickleyEdwin Poots legit sounds like a name of a children’s character who has flatulence issues.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyI wonder what the babbling hay-bale will have to say at 5pm?Nothing worse than having an Oedipus complex AND depression. Sometimes I just wish I was dad.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyThe only film in 2021 I want to see. believe a pandemic shut down the entire world for over a year and the pundit lead public discourse just kept o…
Retweeted by Philip Lickleyone time i went on a date with someone i follow on here and a few days later she tweeted “have you ever met someone…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyWe make it a policy never to laugh at people’s names.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyCould this line-up *be* any more awful? @UniversalExile I was recently watching Primeval (big fan) and they're supposed to be a covert operation, but in on…, why do the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wear masks, exactly? Is it so the massive, sword wielding, anthropomorp…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyExcitedly, I also have a caption in today's Metro! printer won’t print so I created a document which says “My printer is shit” and guess what? It won’t print that…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyAfter a so-so week some great news to end it with...!
Sarah Kend-eel #TaskmasterCorona is, according to the advert that's just been on, "brewed in Mexico, and outside of Mexico". So... anywhere?Hello ladies.‘There’s been a horrific case of religious cannibalism in Warwickshire’ ‘Nuneaton?’ ‘Yep’ #LunchPun #RateMyPun
Retweeted by Philip LickleyJust saw a fashion story about "shirred" tops. Between this and "cheugy", it's like I missed a meeting and a whole new language has crept it
Retweeted by Philip LickleyI only found out today that the word “luncheon” can be shortened to “lunch”. Thanks for telling me everyone. Thanks a buncheon
Retweeted by Philip LickleyI scored 8/10 in "Are you grammatically gormless or a punctuation perfectionist?"’s my 12th anniversary of being on CBBC. Retweet if you’d like to see me on telly for another 12 years cockers.…
Retweeted by Philip LickleySubs - headline is “We’re Domed!” Invoice enclosed.
Retweeted by Philip LickleyGlad to see they’ve dealt with that problematic train announcer
Retweeted by Philip LickleyIn ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’ Belinda Carlisle claims that “We’ll make heaven a place on Earth”, but also that “H…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyRejoice, little man, for you have won the top hat.
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @turtleshead1962 Nice!When people say you need to smile more. 📸: Imgur user Axeeel
Retweeted by Philip Lickley
@filmstoriespod Possibly a controversial comment, but CGI monkeys aside, Indiana Jones 4 is no more or less "unbeli… importantly, isn't that Harry Styles' suit from the Brits?, Hennimore. *This* is the priceless artwork by esteemed artist David Hockney that needs to go up in the Tube…
Retweeted by Philip Lickley🎵What do you think of my Musical Jokes…🎵
Retweeted by Philip LickleyGap in my family tree because a mouse ate it
Retweeted by Philip LickleyLooks like I'm not yet eligible for the vaccine @AngelaBarnes Sarniefreude? @HylandIan I'm still waiting for the Festival. These glowsticks won't last forever."I guess I could have a crack at Rihanna". Yeah, you wish mate. #Pointless @IbexIllustrate @swerytd Getting common phrases wrong really gets my ghost @JasonManford Something to play on your show? (Ironically one word will have to be censored that doesn't really cro… @asherjbaker @JasonManford @JasonManford The question needs to be more pacific @swerytd The question needs to be more pacificMe pestering the DJ on June 21st
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @theJeremyVine Masks are more about keeping other people safe. As long as that's still important I'll keep wearing one.If you're taller than Ronnie Corbett you're middle class
Retweeted by Philip LickleyGoing to paint a picture of myself lying down in a field. It’s a self-landscape.
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @ItsAlisonWard @StephenCVGraham The new series of the Masked Singer has started?WHAT A WAY TO MAKE A LIVING
Retweeted by Philip LickleyForgot it’s Crisps and Juice for it’s meal deal 😂😂
Retweeted by Philip Lickley @weareenchanted @union_unite Huey, Louie, or Dewey Decimal?
@darrellmaclaine @SquidyUK Agreed!I've got the arms of Ed Sheeran, the Legs of Prince William and a Life Time ban from Madame Tussauds. #LateLunchPun #Anatomy
Retweeted by Philip LickleyLast year @Harry_Styles helped open the show, this year however it's all about @jackieweaver, @martin_compston &…
Retweeted by Philip LickleyLine of Stamp Duty #AddAWordRuinATVShow
Retweeted by Philip LickleyThey're getting existential on Facebook me supper is a glass of milk and a biscuit..."I once posed as David Hockney to secure a commission to design some posters for the London Underground. I got my s…
Retweeted by Philip Lickley