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Pop culture trash panda. Wrote A Monster's Expedition! Was dep ed at PC Gamer, bylines at RPS/Wired/MTV/BBC/HuffPost/Guardian/SUSD... she/her

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turn your island into a beautiful otherworldly planet with my pink sand path🍄🌙🪐 MA-3644-2801-7676 #ACNH
Retweeted by Rest in PipNEWS: We confirmed water on the sunlit surface of the Moon for the 1st time using @SOFIAtelescope. We don’t know ye…
Retweeted by Rest in Pip @itsJenSim Jen, you are the BEST 💕I've started to have space for writing projects again! Check out Monster's Expedition ( as… @hannahnicklin @gutefabrik You are using your powers of multiple yays for good :DThis lineup is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @hannahnicklin @gutefabrik What an AWESOME lineup! So excited for what you all create ☺️ xxx @wolfhard No problem! I remembered you telling me about your affection for Blood Bowl :)After years of exposure to the videogames hype machine, part of me thinks this NASA moon announcement is going to b…
Retweeted by Rest in PipDo you prefer the pen and paper or the digital? (My phone camera is POOR at colour balance so that might affect t… @KommanderKlobb @SimonParkin YOU'VE GONE TOO FAR @muckypup years of exposure to the videogames hype machine, part of me thinks this NASA moon announcement is going to b… @protagorist @Tiggersaurusrex this tweet if I am your nemesis
This came out a lot better 🩰 to shake off some art block with a very basic set of drawing- the main tell for me is that it feels heavy rather than lightmlem! is not Melania
Retweeted by Rest in Pip @wolfhard sounds potentially up your street? :)"some" putting up some christmas decorations @onceuponatom Same. They are SO GREAT
I am so delighted that Zack is using the idea of professional ethics and patient confidentiality to stop unprofessi… don't know if anyone needs this, but 2020 is MUCH so a totally normal pumpkin patch 🎃✨
Retweeted by Rest in Pip @itshannahflynn Annie do you want cake? Do you want cake? Do you want cake Annie?This week's main suspect is a man called Cyril Bibby whose alibi is that he was in Wales eating eel with his mum at the time of the murder.Meanwhile, in the UK, Booth has had two pints and decided he wants to be a knight of the realm (which was a Scott D… in his favour: Clark Edison hasn't murdered *anyone* as the apprentice for a cannibalistic serial killer inspi… am now on season 4 in my Bones rewatch. I am resurrecting this thread so I can express my adoration for Intern Cl… a sweet risograph shader in unity 🥰
Retweeted by Rest in PipThat wasn't clockwise, but clocks are going back tonight so MAYBE let's pretend I did it correctly and that's how clocks move today.Clockwise from top left: 1. You have caught me trying to go back to bed at 2pm 2. You are helping me and I do not l… mean, this is just from the last 48hrs am every single opossum picture on this account, btw. Moods all the way down @AmberLampLight Unfortunately the ones I've wanted to find are gated - you can read the instructions, but if you cl…, that's not to be a bummer about it, just that flavouring is an area where I'm a bit hit and miss, so if you… well as the businesses stepping up to help struggling families during school holidays but don’t forget Tories…
Retweeted by Rest in PipChildren going hungry in one of the richest countries in the world is an INJUSTICE. While charity is helpful &welco…
Retweeted by Rest in PipSo you can make best guesses, and some things are like "two red peppers", which is fine, but it becomes super easy…, I've just seen that they do list the weights for meat on the card - my bad)It's stuff like "one sachet" of ginger, "one pot" of mustard (ie whatever was in their single serve pot, not the wh… tried Hello Fresh briefly last year. One of the things that tempted me was the idea I could keep the recipe cards…'s the way it ploop ploops back into view like it's shown the egg case who was boss (because it DID!)!!!!!!!!! My heart! @philippawarr
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This is absolutely me tweeting about my Bones rewatch @keleighshepherd @sticksknits I've switched to a low shampoo (basically it doesn't froth and is far less harsh in t… @zoewi @IndieCade @rich_lem Congratulations! <3 really love your work (and your Animal Crossing company) :)And this is 100% the nudge I needed to finally play Wide Ocean, Big Jacket after loving the demo months ago <3 Tower's voice acting is BEYOND. Thoroughly recommend. NUTS is so good as well - squirrel surveillance myster… Congrats Holly <3 2. I immediately need to look up Sin Sol 3. I freaking LOVED @sarah_northway's I Was A Teenage… AN ENTIRELY CORRECT THING TO HAVE HAPPENED. HOLLY IS AMAZING. @theskywasnohelp I feel personally attacked by the algorithm!I'm delighted to say we're looking for someone to join the IGN News team. This is a UK or US position, ideal for so…
Retweeted by Rest in PipWOW that’s a cruel twitter crop as well! LolI can’t with how talented everyone is! a John Singer Sargent study with @abigbat #studybuddies
Retweeted by Rest in PipMassively enjoyed doing this master study with everyone tonight! So much to try to fit in, not an easy one.…
Retweeted by Rest in PipHoly shit. Agnew's going to just have to go about her business with a skirt and no head or body.Sargent is as bad as bloody Zoffany for the paintings having this note of "Oh, THIS virtuoso rendering of fabric? I didn't notice..."2hr study of John Singer Sargent’s Lady Agnew of Lochnaw. This was MUCH. #studybuddies in digital painting can be overwhelming for students. My approach is to compartmentalize the scene into a…
Retweeted by Rest in Pip @MooCheese Yeah! You get used to going fast and suddenly 10 minutes feels ridiculously luxurious! @MooCheese omg - the colours one esp! <3Stream here if you want to join for the Sargent study next :) drawing (from video) with #studybuddies 2min, 5min, 10min poses of the Artist As a Round Birb(It is just a self portrait tbh)Not sure if I ever shared this Humhum - strong autumn Friday night vibes 🍿💕 #humhum seems that today is a "Tell Twitter every passing thought" day. Sorry about that!It happened with pretty much the entirety of the Into The Spiderverse film. I cried because I honestly couldn't tak… don't know if anyone else ever gets this, but sometimes combinations of colours/shapes/sounds kind of short-circu… are completely and utterly beautiful <3 @daniellamlucas This is adorable 😍💕The Revenant
Retweeted by Rest in PipWas looking at pre-lockdown twitter for something and this was an excellent memory... @tanyaxshort Is it a... STABLE INCOME?At Star Stable, we're at the earliest stages of building a bold new online world separate from our hugely-successfu…
Retweeted by Rest in Pip @WatchItPlayed @our_plays If you cut it in half down the front, perhaps a snazzy cardigan...? @KatyMontgomerie 🐦🤞🤞🤞(The Miffy fabric is something I found in Hobbycraft one day - it's ridiculously soft, so worth checking to see if… @ithayla Haha, thanks 💕 the Miffy t-shirt is a top I made for sewing practice. The fabric is gorgeous, but I did th… @MimaSweets I think maybe if ivy starts growing, I've left it too long between washes :DACTUALLY that was the just-out-of-bed shot - I've patted it down a bit now, and... Maybe I could go another week if… other news, perhaps a week is long enough without a hair wash many are just enquiries as to who gave them permission to be so cute and I am unashamedly here for that energy.There are some lovely replies and LOVELY photos here if you need a bit of a mood boost 💕 HEY it's Study Buddies day! I run a study stream on my Twitch channel every Monday & Friday - all are welcome to…
Retweeted by Rest in PipI’ve highlighted Tangle Tower on The Gadget Show but it’s definitely worth saying again: I LOVE this game. Do try i…
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@HelloKellyLink What a gorgeous chubby friend! @davidkaye UK government is corrupt, incompetent and amoral.If Found... is a gay ass video game about four youngsters living on the fringes of Ireland, going home, coming out…
Retweeted by Rest in Pip🎶 Under the sea 🎶 🎶 Under the sea 🎶 🎶 Darling it's better 🎶 🎶 Down where it's wetter 🎶 🎶 Take it from me 🎶 🐙🐟🐠🐋…
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