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@ivft @Eurosport_FR Quand tu veux!Les chiffres sont formels: Liverpool est aussi champion d'Europe du fair-play - Ma dernière chronique en date pour… story linking Michel Platini to the presidential position at FIFPro, I don't know why, reading their statement…
Dear fellow EU citizens who live in the UK, we are utterly screwed. It's about time we all realised it. Settled sta… @Stillberto We do, from the stands. It's intangible, and real. Hosannah!Dear journalists covering the EU Settlement Scheme, Thank you for all your hard work and giving voice to so many p…
Retweeted by Philippe Auclair @Stillberto I've read your excellent piece, Tim, and hope you'll forgive me for thinking Martinelli is, genuinely,… @AlanKelloggs Oh yes, and much more than that. @AlanKelloggs Quite extraordinarily, the same. We played that song at a few gigs, until it became a kind of emotion… @youngvulgarian ...*after a raclette*? @tedb89 If you read the Laws, you'll see that multiple jeopardy was taken out of them a while ago, and that issuing…
Glorious. @sportingintel So some ****s have a problem with that? Jesus. @bglendenning @thesmithryan1 @RorySmith There aren't. The table can lie. @athiestmantis74 All about the attempt to play the ball, which is exactly what I was referring to. @1GAVINNORTH Seems like it to me. @athiestmantis74 Goodness me, if that's an attempt to play the ball, Luiz won it. @stiggyt19 It looked as clear as day for me, but I don't own the truth! @7amkickoff @HeyGiroud Perhaps read the laws of the game on this, dear @HeyGiroud? @grahamruthven Ah, ok, sorry.How is that not a straight red for Cantwell? @ctbick2005 Just seen it, and can't believe it. @Chrisdavies1966 Problem is that both decisions were reviewed, Chris. @Chrisdavies1966 HmmDavid Luiz sent off last night - foul: yes; deemed not to have played the ball: debatable, but prob. right too. Ton… @WarrenHaughton @DesKellyBTS What's new? @sistoney67 Nah, it'll be fine.J'écrivais ceci sur Manchester United et Ole-Gunnar Solskjaer il y a deux semaines de cela, pour @Eurosport_FR. Je… @SamWhyte It will be from now on. @larssivertsen HeySorry, but...hahahahaha statement by the Govt is simply not true. The online only status for EU citizens is not simply proven by a pri…
Retweeted by Philippe AuclairI can't even begin to express my disgust with this. This is SUCH misinformation it breaks my heart. @the3million
Retweeted by Philippe AuclairReaders of @JosimarFotball will enjoy this one. @NatashaSHenry Strange. Their music was awful, its only redeeming feature, if it can be one, that they were very op… @karim2186 @tcros @Juve_France @ASRomaFRA My pleasure, et à très bientôt!The stories that UK tells about itself, the fabric of the narratives that join us: a conference on the past, presen…
Retweeted by Philippe Auclair @karim2186 @tcros @Juve_France @ASRomaFRA C'est suspendu, pas fini (big nuance). Sinon, je serai sur le podcast du… @tsf_podcast @Okwonga BETTER LOCK YOUR DOOR JAJAJA @tsf_podcast @Okwonga TOO LATE @tsf_podcast @Okwonga WHO WAS IT @Okwonga @tsf_podcast NOOOO My (extended) family members, the Ibizencan branch, have been queuing for bloody days t… @tcros @Juve_France @ASRomaFRA Pas juste! @najetrami Sérieux! Bon, il ne jouait pas pour la Peña à l'époque...certes...mais nous nous comprenons. @GaryJamesWriter @PeteBoyle70 @terrychristian 'Not a City player' would be my guess, given your interviewees, Gary!… @tcros @Juve_France @ASRomaFRA Grazie mille @Okwonga @tsf_podcast FFS @najetrami Héla! Un de mes neveux par alliance joue pour les U12 de SCR Peña Deportiva, fondé en 1935! @FootballPak Magnifique!
J'étais à Stamford Bridge, où j'ai assisté à un match assez dingo; mais pas aussi dingo que ce qui s'est passé ce s… @ArsenalFansFR Mad. Mais merveilleux. @ArsenalFansFR Xhaka immense. Not a joke. @floflorunrun @RogerPielkeJr Vous avez conscience que cet article est basé sur un entretien avec une marathonienne? @stewartjoseph @Orbinho Especially every single one Queen ever made. @killawallachris Nice @maxrushden @fishplums Seen this? What a *redacted* *redacted* *redacted*.Sepp Blatter loved to hobnob with the powerful; but I can't remember him sinking that low. @oloflundh I'm sure Oscar Wilde would have found the right words to describe such encounters. @oloflundh Jesus Mary Joseph and all the wailing saintsCan I just phone in a few choice words in the next GFW, mon cher @maxrushden? No charge. we talking about a shoe, or a propulsion engine? "(...)if the shoe provides a 4% benefit to running economy, th… @Niall1087 @maxrushden 'Maria, Maria' by Carlos Santana, if you can believe it. @maxrushden @Niall1087 'You Can't Hurry Love' by Diana Ross and the Supremes. But I doubt we're talking about the same Neto here. @didi5472 @Eurosport_FR Merci à vous, Didier.Un footballeur professionnel qui a joué à Barcelona(*), dont le père a joué la Coupe Davis, a participé aux JO et f… @AndrewCesare HihihihiThe Government and many commentators say that EU/EEA/Swiss citizens at home in the UK are fine and that Settled Sta…
Retweeted by Philippe Auclair @Ygone01 @UltrasMadeinFR @Eurosport_FR Merci à vous. @Galliadule Peut-être lire l'article avant de se laisser aller à ce genre de 'commentaire'? @nedboulting ...Ned...shall we have a word?Et si les Ultras pouvaient être la conscience du football du XXIème siècle? Chronique pour @Eurosport_FR, à lire ic… @MiguelDelaney Let me guess... @olimar99 @FCNantes The Munich anniversary shirts were replicas of the time's jerseys; this is a one-off. But you're quite right... @barneyronay Ronay - I'll be seeing you after vespers. @CalvinBook No, same here, and I've already forgotten the name of this nimcompoop.Magnifique. @olimar99 @FCNantes I'd imagine that Nantes have an obligation to wear a sponsored jersey in all official games; I'… honour the memory of Emiliano Sala, who died a year ago today, @FCNantes will play their next game wearing a jer… @ArnaudRamsay J'aime beaucoup l'utilisation de 'se faire la malle' dans ce contexte. Bravo, Arnaud.👀 Disponible partout dès maintenant !
Retweeted by Philippe AuclairQuique Setien aussi, qui a un ELO de +2000. Un article assez amusant sur le sujet: Toujours… @lattention_info @DanielRiolo Si cela vous intéresse ou vous amuse ou les deux, voir l'article 'Harmony of the Sphe…
June Mummery asking the right question here. She should know the answer as well. She's not just a UKIP MEP, she's a… @MiguelDelaney It's all in the ...Just as fascinating would be Sunil Gulati's reaction to this new material. *If* Platini/Sarkozy really started disc… fascinating aspect of the new Platini/Qatar/Sarkozy material (just published by Mediapart) is the confirmation th… @thegoalkeeper @francefootball Will send it to you, Jonathan. @GSTFIlhan @francefootball Pas du tout impossible!Ceux qui ont suivi le dossier 'Qatargate' dans @francefootball depuis janv. 2013 ne seront pas surpris des éléments… part of creating a hostile environment for EU citizens, but not just that. I can't help but think that this 'se… @Oniropolis @bja_samuel A catch in the throat after reading that last sentence. @jonawils @maxrushden There are ferries from Sète to Tangiers. @jonawils @maxrushden I find the name suspicious too. 'Lejeune'. That's the kind of name that GK Chesterton would'v… @brian_bilston He's back, by the way @stighefootball @Dibwe2 Henderson? @brian_bilston This is wonderful! Cat beside me left the room in a hurry when I burst out laughing, quite loudly it… @maxrushden Let's just hope it doesn't come back to haunt him. Inspector @jonawils will have added that to his dossier. @RachelCleves Millet! Goodness. Hope your students enjoyed the culinary and historical journeys! @Paco_bkk Suspendus, Mehdi, pas annulés, la nuance est d'importance! je vous tiendrai au courant.Passionate, merciless - and fair. Very much looking forward to episode 2.