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"In such ugly times, the only true protest is beauty".

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@jonathancoe "Countless vibrant and colourful characters"! @SamMiller34 Too kind!#Saudi Arabia executes Mustafa al-Darwish for participating in protests when he was 17. His family weren’t informed…
Retweeted by Philippe Auclair @rssbai91 Yes, transfer-wise. He's genuinely not well in the head...a gallicism. @SamMiller34 I'm afraid not! 1st round games to be played on 7-8 August. Beyond that... @sleafordmods Not the arrangement, no. Fred Neil wrote the song. @jbguegan @AmbDEenFR Un seul mot: bravo.A remarkably generous message; but, as I was telling @offtheball yesterday, the way the two former enemies have fo… @martynziegler Holy mother of God and all her blessed saints
@MatSilk @guardian Very kind of you!Q to Nilsson fans, and others. Who wrote the wondrous arrangement to 'Everybody's Talkin''? Nilsson himself? When d… @TheMrJL @guardian @LettersOfNote Thank you, James. @MatSilk @guardian Thank you! @HPKuenzler I don't think you're missing anything. Most of 21st century pop is profoundly reactionary, sonically, h… there such a thing as an anthology of the best letters sent to newspapers? Love this one, just published by th… @HPKuenzler (Or I should say - disappointingly banal) @HPKuenzler (Same here) @niallb1 @_PaulHayward No, but I'd pay good dollar to hear that. Or even 11/8, à la Don Ellis. @martin_laidler @_PaulHayward It's not as easy as it sounds, Martin. Saying this as someone whose first commentatin… @HPKuenzler ...even "Sell Out"? @NakulMPande @_PaulHayward You've hit it. @_PaulHayward So it is improvisation, which is an awfully difficult art to master. It's jazz. Those who can't quite… @_PaulHayward A great commentator will first have a feel for the rhythm of a game and of the subtle shifts within i… @_PaulHayward My guess is that some commentators panicked when we entered the 'stats age', and desperately wanted t… @ben_benfcook @maxrushden @guardian_sport @Simon_Burnton @bglendenning I did exactly that, Ben. As to my favourit… @maxrushden Bisous! And hello Maurie, Helen and Alice!I’ve said this before but I must say this again: for 1000s, this isn’t a question of “foreign holidays”, it’s a que…
Retweeted by Philippe Auclair @danielstorey85 A really good point, I'd say.Also told that Mkacher has had the national team bus seized to force the Tunisian FA to pay him the equivalent of $…*Tawfik - apologies for the typo. @tcros Pas ce soir-là, hélas!Top, top trolling. La Chebba president Tawfil Mkacher, who's won two cases at CAS against Tunisian FA president (an…
@sidlowe Admirably economical tweet. @FloydTweet Oh to have witnessed this beautiful scene... I notice loads of replies from brave lads whose handle st… @RachelCleves My pleasure, Rachel - It's made such a profound impression on me. Absolutely delighted for you that y…'Unspeakable' can be ordered here in the UK:, a lionised author in his day, was a predator, a monster as well as an abject father and husband. But how h… is one of the books of the year for me, a high-wire act which @RachelCleves executes with confounding elegance… @jonoblain "Under-rated tweet"? @artcrimeprof Dear Erin, possible to contact you via DM? @UltraBassman93 @HLNinEngeland @larssivertsen @archiert1 Very good. @HLNinEngeland @larssivertsen @archiert1 Another player who has a position named after him : 'the Mak role'. I'm a… @larssivertsen @Barcajim3 @maxrushden @archiert1 Is correct, of course. @larssivertsen @Barcajim3 @maxrushden @archiert1 I think you can guess the title of his autobiography. @HLNinEngeland @larssivertsen @archiert1 Excellent @larssivertsen @maxrushden @archiert1 And when his picture is taken, does the photographer say: "and 'cheese'" That's actually better. @larssivertsen @maxrushden @archiert1 Embarrassing @OJStreets How could it not be?Thread/rabbit-hole of the day. Stupendous. @youarestars I think you're the first person I ever heard say the words 'Trudeau' and 'mooseshit' in the same sente… well @Rob10Phillips Ha. My NFT is still for sale. @youarestars What's he on, exactly? Just so I know what not to try. @_PaulHayward Oh no, not the worst by any means, Paul. Not by a long shot. OoopsIt's 16:16. I haven't seen "Le freak, c'est Shick" anywhere yet, so if you're interested in the NFT, DMs are open. @yngvlgrn Typical of you to bring the culture wars into a football game. #thedefendinglark @maxrushden Are these two pictures related?"Easy finish in an empty net" @_PaulHayward This will not prevent almost every single one of them from doing it. @_andreasen23 @maxrushden @bglendenning @larssivertsen Dear Jonas, what can I possibly say? I think all of us are q… @andylewisuk @paulmasonnews I had no idea it was him, thank you! And should have guessed... @andylewisuk @paulmasonnews 'Paris Blues' is not only one of the greatest singles of all time, it is also one of th… gorgeous is that? @purbini @Marcotti And no water-carrier. @ShaulAdar Michel Platini, the famous French anti-patriot, never sang the national anthem either. In fact, none of… @robertrotifer Oh yes!
@Spireite7547 Hihihi @BlueNoseTaff Agreed on all points. @LisiMoosmann Hahaha! @ellehardy How lovely! @Kattullus Amen! @ellehardy Watching GB News?All of this bonkerness made even better by having Ally McCoist sharing in the joy of it with all of us of course.What a cracker of a game. One thing which struck me was the refreshing willingness of so many players, Dutch and Uk… @Kattullus This is bonkers. Wonderfully so. @GunnerGone Not watching the game of the year?EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!! @DidierRoustan Le niveau technique n'était pas exceptionnel, non, mais le reste - engagement, public, rythme - étai… @veBigLebowski J'en ai en effet la confirmation, que je n'oserai qualifier d'éclatante.A tout de suite sur @Europe1 pour parler d'Angleterre-Croatie avec @lionelrosso.So I just subtitled exactly, word for word, what Macron said about sovereignty and Johnson - and not the mangled ve…
Retweeted by Philippe Auclair @ellehardy @BenjaminRamm Oooh x 2 @OllieGlanvill Ditto - and for almost everyone else, I'd think. @BOUDERBALLON Réponse des plus simples: non! @Rom_91_MG En effet, Leeds pourrait monter au classement... @Rom_91_MG Il y est depuis toujours!Après neuf essais infructueux, l'Angleterre gagne enfin son match d'ouverture à un Euro, 1-0 contre la Croatie. Ra… @ffwtbol @joe16led I don't think I mentioned Joe Ledley, you know. @ellehardy Same here.Je reçois beaucoup de messages de ce type aujourd'hui (de gens qui n'ont vraisemblablement pas lu l'article). Certa… @EquipeLyonnais Peut-être vous apprends-je que ce geste, tel qu'il est pratiqué en Europe, est un geste de refus de… @dwallm We don't 'know', but we wonder... Sometimes, hiding in plain sight is the smartest thing to do. @dwallm Perfect choice of picture.Many questions are asked about the authenticity of 'the world's most expensive painting'. But shouldn't the questio… @gbat12 Ce serait bien que vous lisiez ma chronique avant de faire ce genre de commentaires. Merci. @ROMEROJUANES5 @Eurosport_FR Vous allez bien? @kelly_welles @bglendenning Thank you, Kelly. xxLes joueurs et le staff de l'équipe d'Angleterre mettront le genou à terre avant le coup d'envoi de leur match cont… @JCR_14l C'est l'inverse de la soumission, c'est le combat. C'est l'inverse de la faiblesse collective, c'est l'expression de l'unité.