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@davidjb1988 @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball Cheers David, much appreciated. @boroandproud @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball Thank you Steve. Very kind. @nettlewarrior72 @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball @NUFC Did you listen to the… @freshairfooty @Stephen25109397 @MartinJohnson10 @ToonMouthTyne @SkySports @PeteGravesTV @premierleague @maxrushden @PJGeoff Indeed! @Stephen25109397 @freshairfooty @MartinJohnson10 @ToonMouthTyne @SkySports @PeteGravesTV @premierleague @maxrushden @bde18 @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball Thank you Ben. I've actually talked t… @IanRidley1 @LeoMoynihan Just exhausted, Ian, I think. They didn't fall back by choice, they just couldn't run any more. @Gar3th_0w3n86 @guardian_sport @maxrushden @david_conn @mideastsoccer It's not an article, it is a podcast. The Gua… @RichJolly @JackPittBrooke No no no, that is actually worrying, a bit scary. Mummy in the attic kind of stat. @LeoMoynihan @IanRidley1 They were totally drained, and tried to 'manage' what little they had left. They're the mo… là, que dire? Il y a stat' et stat'. Celle-ci ne sert à rien, ne prouve rien, est ridicule. Mais c'est quand… @RichJolly Magnificent. @Gar3th_0w3n86 @guardian_sport @maxrushden @david_conn @mideastsoccer Pleased to know. But you didn't listen to it, did you? @Gar3th_0w3n86 @guardian_sport @maxrushden @david_conn @mideastsoccer Also: @Gar3th_0w3n86 @guardian_sport @maxrushden @david_conn @mideastsoccer Just in case: @Steffan31 @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball We're definitely thinking about it, and very seriously.Chapeau-Moting, on ne va pas y échapper. @Okwonga Musaaaaa.... ...Congrats on the book not so by the by! @Gar3th_0w3n86 @guardian_sport @maxrushden @david_conn @mideastsoccer I'll have one guess: you haven't listened to… @JustVeryFrank @maxrushden @david_conn @guardian_sport @mideastsoccer Who and what are you referring to? @mellotrono @JustVeryFrank @mcfccookster I also hope she shows more respect to the people she engages with as a glo… @mellotrono @JustVeryFrank @mcfccookster 'Did you listen to the podcast?' was my question. I cannot see how this am… @JustVeryFrank @mcfccookster Did you listen to the podcast? @najetrami Twitter est sympa ce soir, Najet. Courage. @Fernando_Duarte @Leoeki Lovely! @Leoeki @Fernando_Duarte I must credit my good friend @stewartjoseph, with whom I saw many a Bendtner mis-shot. @joffpoint Exactement, Joffrey. Consternant. @Fernando_Duarte @Leoeki I know! Repeat: are you joking? @mixedknuts Neymar's been the best player on the pitch. Football is a strange game. @Leoeki Are you joking? Really? @GunningAFC Goodness me. "In a parallel universe, a long, long way from here..."Yet he's also been PSG's most dangerous player by a distance. Cometh the hour, cometh the Mbappé; or cometh the 46t… good friend is wondering if Neymar has more in common with Lord Bendtner than we thought. @pierrebri Je pense que vous voulez dire 'les cons', cher Pierre. @davidpreece12 Ooooh @mja2705 This remains the most utterly beautiful of these songs for me, but you're right.Every time I hear this song, all stands still but my heart. you ⁦@PrivateEyeNews⁩ for being an island of sanity in a world gone nuts
Retweeted by Philippe Auclair @MattyM07 @RogerMartin145 @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball I was one of the f… @wadatime I'm aware of the fact that this is not quite what they have 'admitted', yes.So says a...(checks) @BBC reporter? Guidelines must have changed since I worked there. can't be changed, numbers can. @mrandrewmoon @maxrushden @bglendenning @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball Thank you, Andrew. @RogerMartin145 @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball Thank you, Roger, your support does mean a lot. @shevacannoniere @maxrushden @bglendenning @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball Not really, n… @CH_DFO @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball Oh yeah Did you listen to our rant o… @RogerMartin145 @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball Essential read, as is Karen… @george_wmalley @maxrushden @guardian_sport @bglendenning @_JordanJBryan @larssivertsen @benfisherj Judging by posi… @CH_DFO @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball Thank you so much, Christopher. @RogerMartin145 @maxrushden @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball It *was* mentioned, but only…! Those Tory MPs have such a wonderful sens de l'humour. By the way, Leigh was made an Officier de la Légio… @dannyrubin @mellotrono @gareththomas54 @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn A pi… @kelly_welles @NatashaSHenry 'Alleged' is quite funny (for once).
@mcfccookster Oh, I have engaged, a great deal, depsite the insults, the accusations and the innuendos. I find it e… @MichaelDClapham Goodness! I still am! Well, the old records are...You? @awab_nawari @maxrushden @guardian_sport @mideastsoccer @david_conn @LinaAlhathloul @JosimarFotball Please listen t… @MichaelDClapham Aaah thank you x @tariqpanja @Marcotti Not for the public, that's for sure. @DonJellico @CharleyFarley50 @david_conn @maxrushden Hmm... @stiggyt19 I genuinely don't know. It is hurtful - sometimes. It is, more importantly, dispiriting. But we must plough on. @Assoccers @arseblog Your humble servant, sir. @MatteoPepito Celui-là m'amuse. @stiggyt19 I do only very rarely, but this one was such a beauty I could not resist. @sandssims @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Why don't you listen and find out?My fan club is at it again! @mellotrono @maxrushden @ManCity @david_conn @mideastsoccer @RemainiacsCast I have no idea of what I might have dis… @mellotrono @maxrushden @ManCity @david_conn @mideastsoccer On which grounds do you judge that I am hopelessly trap… @mellotrono @maxrushden @ManCity @david_conn Perhaps listen to these 'orthodoxies' first before passing judgement o… @solarstation1 @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Remarkable how you have such… @tnpcollection The Ivy League's version sounds like a very, very good demo of the real thing. Really unfair, I know. @tnpcollection Only discovered the Ivy League's original four months ago! @dario2739 @almay292 @maxrushden @alaninknutsford @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn You sh… @ChrisMasonBBC Sources who provide sensitive information should be protected; but this is not information, just a s… @OllieGlanvill @Okwonga @totalBarca Fair enough. @Okwonga @totalBarca Piqué...not so sure... @Okwonga @totalBarca 10? @dario2739 @almay292 @maxrushden @alaninknutsford @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn How do… @dario2739 @almay292 @maxrushden @alaninknutsford @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Listen… @clpblue1 @gareththomas54 @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Hello? Please lis… @Mcfcok71 @gareththomas54 @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Language. Blocked. @TonyLeeCurrie @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn It is not an article, it is a… @okw365 @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer Thank you, Owen. @TonyLeeCurrie @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Just listen, then comment, please. Do not prejudge. @almay292 @maxrushden @alaninknutsford @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Please listen to… this podcast, the fruit of a collaboration with @JosimarFotball, Lina Al Hathloul shares the story of her sister… to be read in full. Shocking. @witter_jim @BlueManiac1894 @MenialMe @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Could… initiative, great read. @raminform @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn If you say since the 2000s (when… @KalAhmed4 @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn The coverage should not be aim to… @whoody02 @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn A topic which is addressed in the… @Doug_Hastings @N3wsF4ke @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Listen to the podcast first, perhaps? @KalAhmed4 @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Remarkable how you manage to make… @gareththomas54 @maxrushden @guardian_sport @JosimarFotball @mideastsoccer @david_conn Yes, we got a lot of that this morning.
In the end it is up to the UK public to decide whether they want to see their politicians at times of crisis talkin…
Retweeted by Philippe Auclair @tempo777 @Clemhantz Je ne sous-entend rien de tel. Je veux m'assurer qu'il s'agit bien d'un record! (Ce qui semble… @RahulSundar37 @Zonal_Marking It is. @KeohaneDan It was arguably tougher than the European Cup itself, certainly 'denser' in terms of quality. Baggio wo… @Priya8Ramesh I enjoyed it!