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@winklevoss No, this is editorializing: You're a fucking idiot. @FlakPhoto Just an iPhone pic, sadly, but I loved how the light fell on this tree when I was walking home the other… @eric_cloutier (That's not to ding publicists, who just have a job to do—and sometimes they do indeed send me great stuff.) @eric_cloutier I devote less and less time to promos these days, far more time to music that people send me individ…
Wrote about a great new song by @_tenci_, one of my favorite recent discoveries @galaxymydear @joegross Good point! Looks like the band itself has only been mentioned one other time, and only in… that's how you do an emo list. Universal Order of Armageddon in the NYT?! Nice one, @joegross @editaurus There might be some abacus purists out there who object to their endorsement of pocket calculators. @swtygabe I think this weekend? I'll tweet about it when it's announced, definitely. :)appears that if you’re protesting “tyranny” — a state order to close schools and certain businesses in the midst o…
Retweeted by Philip Sherburne @andybattaglia9 Funny, I was listening to Murmur just the other day.
Why does this look like it should be a @CateLeBon video @amyklobuchar That's what I call some senator-involved weaselrySome neighbor kid is painstakingly piecing their way through "Ode to Joy" on the recorder, and you know what? I'll take it. @willystaley If only there were some medium you could put it on. Some kind of paper, even if only in metaphorical t… @MsKatieKurtz Raphael Roginski, a Polish guitarist, and one of my favorite discoveries of the past few years. It's… @MsKatieKurtz Thank you!
@realDonaldTrump Sometimes referred to as the Trump 100,000El mix de este mes lo firma Ario, fundador de la plataforma discográfica Astral Industries, uno de los sellos más f…
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@mystofthedeep This set is incredibleI couldn’t quite believe it then. Still don’t now, almost. But I know it happened.In my memory, he played bits and pieces of a couple of songs, didn’t finish any of them. After a few minutes, hande… gave him her guitar, and he began to play. Was it possible? Could it be the person whose CD I had just bought?… picked up the CD at Providence’s Fast Forward in 1995, shortly after it came out. A few weeks later I was in NYC… Smith’s s/t album was the first record of his I ever heard, and has always been my favorite. I love what… getting to tune into the No Way Back live stream, and I think it's Christina Chatfield right now? Deep ambi… this @Chris__Richards piece on No Trend @FutureTiming More like "Byte By Byte" amiritePay What You Can: A new @TempResLtd album offered as Pay What You Want on @Bandcamp every day until a vaccine is di…
Retweeted by Philip Sherburne @DUZZI72 More details later this week 😀
@roberthamwriter I believe it'll go out in another week!Tonight I recorded an hourlong mix of classic Warp/Skam/Apollo/etc., mostly 1994-1996, to support a very cool proje… Option magazine's archives exist online anywhere? I had forgotten all about that publication, but just stumbled… @Andr6wMale That thought did in fact occur to meApparently today is #WorldTurtleDay so here’s a pic of a little feller I rescued from the top of a stone wall the o…
I reviewed the immersive @thrilljockey new album from Golden Retriever (@goldn__retrieve/@hellospiral/… @currincy Great piece, Grayson. You're on fire lately! (Enjoying the Moby as well -- I'm just only about 3,000 words into it...! 😂)I’m so so tired of Black Americans being tasked with propping up these mediocre white political figures on the left…
Retweeted by Philip Sherburne @VALENTI That’s a good idea! I should make one.My profile of Steve Carell and the making of his Netflix series Space Force, his first comedy show since The Office…
Retweeted by Philip Sherburne @peakinglights What was your band?RIP, Slayer Hippy. To a teenage wannabe punk growing up in Portland in the '80s, Poison Idea were godhead. @timeblind @djkevincole These stories are wild. What a different time.
@diagonal_mark haha @diagonal_mark @timeblind Wait what @timeblind Wow! @andybattaglia9 @gabrielroth Ooh, nice!I am listening to Unrest's Perfect Teeth for the first time in decades. Talk about a rush of feeling. @vijayiyer I didn't realize John Carpenter was doing the nightly news these days! @telefontelaviv I remember a few years ago, when dubstep was breaking through to the US mainstream, on Amazon and s… @seefeel_signals An all-time favorite.Me acabo de enterar que mi hija de 5 años me ha enviado desde el iPad un mensaje en mi propia cuenta de Apple Messa… @arca1000000 Igualmente - muchísimas gracias, como siempre! 🦿🐚🔥🎆 @jiatolentino @weareyourfek Fucking people. I'm sorry you and your family have had to go through all that, and I ad… @gabrielszatan You can tell you're a real journo because you took the time to send a fresh tweet with the corrected stylization of the title @diagonal_mark cc @TekiLatex
Live From Quarantine, It’s the Arca Show (@PhilipSherburne - @pitchfork)
Retweeted by Philip Sherburne @tracey_thorn As a 6 a.m. dog walker, I can attest that it's worth itI've been enjoying this new @RogerODonnellX record quite a bit, so it's a special treat to see him interviewed by… @ZacharyLipez mailsplainingThis is the most confusing gender reveal I've ever seen got a fleeting glimpse of Satie's "Vexations" in one of the songs on David Grubbs (@blackfaurest) and Taku Una… of the best labels doing it
Retweeted by Philip Sherburne @ryandombal Don't we all... don't we all!Por qué me gusta leer sobre música parte 59: @PhilipSherburne charla con Arca sobre su nuevo disco y no es una char…
Retweeted by Philip Sherburne @thobbsjourno @arca1000000 Thank you!A special shout-out to @jumonsmapes, one of the best editors I've worked with.Months ago, I was planning to hop over to Barcelona and spend time with @arca1000000 in her studio. Then came the p… got around to reading @ryandombal's great @1010BenjaSL feature and it's wonderful @matdryhurst I would assume that's publication specific? Pitchfork keeps parallel playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. @matdryhurst I don't think that's true? I can only speak for my case but there's never been any vetting of any of m…
(Whoops, you gotta click on that one for full impact)Weird looking animals are returning to the feed, nature is healing @jackharrybill That's pretty great for a first and only trip to the US!
@tbird_news But that would just embolden them!Pompeo, meet the bus under which you have just been thrown:
Retweeted by Philip SherburneThis picture of a mountaineer on the Adams summit is the best photo of the Mount St. Helens eruption, bar none. I…
Retweeted by Philip Sherburne @paulbenney So cool! @MonicaAraxie It was so surreal. I actually remember on day weeks earlier, playing in the yard, when ash started fa… @vate Today is the first day I made that connection as well! @erdanton I had tons of little plastic medicine bottles full of the stuff. Lost them at some point, which disappoints me to no end!This is a good recap of what happened that day, and in the weeks leading up to it. RIP to the people that lost thei… have a vague memory of scooping buckets of ash out of our gutters. I have no idea how we cleaned up the yard, but… years ago today, after weeks of building suspense, Mount St. Helens erupted, covering our yard in ash. My dad… @huerco_s Kathread of this specific and very funny sense of humor:
Retweeted by Philip Sherburne @Clarknova1 I hadn't either! Jefre Cantu-Ledesma tipped me to it. Reminds me quite a bit of La Bella Vista, which i… @Clarknova1 In a slightly similar vein tonally, maybe (if not so much *musically*), I just discovered this 2013 Har… @Clarknova1 Thanks for pointing this out. I'd never heard of this, or him, but from the first minute or so, it sounds right up my alley.
@glorbis I haven’t actively made music for a decade now (though I have been futzing around in Ableton lately). I wi… @glorbis 😊 @glorbis I am definitely all about roof decks @glorbis Omg, that is amazing. (And thank you so much! I am incredibly honored)
@CatZhang1 What a great review! @JackHaighton Oh, it’s not even me, just the whole damn industry that’s so depressing. But thanks dude. @bentaub91 This is such a fantastic story, and just what I needed to read right now.It is incredibly disheartening to see, across the board, that culture and arts writing (and writers and editors wor…
Retweeted by Philip Sherburne @World0fEcho What this tweet presupposes is, what if it didn’t?
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