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Took 2nd tonight in Nations Cup.. everyone drove so amazingly. You all are champs. @thegranturismoNow this is hot we go! @nextlvlracing @TMThrustmaster
Ready to fight for P1! In my @nextlvlracing Challenger Sim and @TMThrustmaster hardware. @nextlvlracing We just need this now! @allen_capers @nextlvlracing Same. If it looks anything like this, it’s gonna be perfect.What happened to the Wheel Stand DD Seat Add on? Join me in my next video asking questions. Do you have a Wheel S… in the OR... Race Motorcycles and Cars on weekends. Yes, they say I’m nuts. @CinemaSimRacing Let you know once I get home. Not to many cases left today.Oh baby! I’m watching this on the 80 inch Samsung! Go follow Ron Howard I mean CSR now! 😏 was told to make a YouTube channel for each subject.. Yea, like I have time for that. My channel makes zero money… Getty Museum one of the most peaceful places in L.A. @GettyMuseum is a must visit next trip to L.A. #GettyMuseum #LA
2020 the car for some more of this on Thursday and Friday 🙌🏼 #F1Testing
Retweeted by Philip The Titan ™️ @Barnacules Perfect. Look forward to hearing you are feeling better. Chronic back pain is invisible and nobody gets it till they have it. @Barnacules Have you ever considered seeing a pain doctor to get injection to help relieve pain? I work in the oper… @Barnacules When did it start and how did it start?Everything you need to get started plus optional upgrades to take it to the next level. That's the Next Level Rac…
Retweeted by Philip The Titan ™️Time to explore the Universe.. LA at @GettyMuseum is beautiful. happened to the explores and seekers? and scared of the unknown.Moving out of your parents house is always priority one at 17-18. Why isn’t moving on Earth the same for everyone?Getting off Earth should be the main objective for everyone..Can you help solve AI for self-driving cars? @elonmusk needs you! No high school degree but good with software | Ha… Cases in the Operating Room, you can catch me playing @thegranturismo 🤫 Love remote play. is the CSGO of sim racing. It’s gonna continue being the #1 eSports racing series. @GTPlanetNews Yes! Can’t wait for higher FPSF1 is almost back.. Thank god! Sim content is has been trash.So glad to have this soundtrack back in our lives 🔊😍 #VF20 #HaasF1
Retweeted by Philip The Titan ™️Good morning it looks when us Boys pee Monday... this punk..., get a dose of how bad the penalty system everyone keeps telling me about... guess I have to keep being fas… from Pole. By turn 4 get hit. I receive a 5 sec penalty. He goes on. WTF? Post replay later. So pissed turn… @kissmyass79 Literally just said that to the wife.
@coconutslxt Just had sex while watching breaking bad and using two new toys.. going well. 😏Amazing! naked won the couch w/ Wife day drinking wine while watching Blade. 😏All the adjustability you need in a fold away wheel stand. That's the Next Level Racing® Wheel Stand Lite.…
Retweeted by Philip The Titan ™️Let's do some daily race C race's yay
Retweeted by Philip The Titan ™️Think before you lower yourself. #Think @bowieowiee Not a problem.. Always wanted to see what The Witcher game footage. Movie was very good. Thank you. Gonna stop by again. 🥳 @GeoSimGraphics @Brooks_EU Question is.. are you?He's only gone and done it - #GTSport champ @1gorFraga wins the NZGP and with it the 2020 TRS title! Congratulation…
Retweeted by Philip The Titan ™️ @JaroslavHonzik Your right.... he was a real racer already. 😂Cali peeps.. sweet dreams. I’m tiredWAY TO GO @1gorFraga!! 2020 TOYOTA RACING SERIES CHAMPION!
Retweeted by Philip The Titan ™️Watching a good movie with the wife.. #netflixandchillGo Watch The Homie Jam to Witcher. Follow on Twitter & Follow on Twitch. 🤘 to eat here! MOVE IT😾 #catsofinstagram #CatsOfTwitter #cats #catstagram @elonmusk Roofing is a nightmare. Should have put this out sooner. We just did our roof in SoCl. Totally we have we… @PlayStation love this remote play. @thegranturismo anywhere! Keep developing into it. #PSIStillLoveYou @islasummer_ Gotta watch this one! Hotel room on the coast. I’m in!!Great session teaching my nephew how to be fast as me in @thegranturismo ... watch out racers. @official2_ana Perfectly smooth... very appetizing. @OddNMacabre Would’ve been awesome to watch her slide right off.. kinda seems like a opportunity missed. @TheNymphoTweets @nextdoorsIut Damn! @nextdoorsIut Only if we can start with two toys to heighten the sensitivity.Out of the Jacuzzi... now I’m a towel watching Planet Earth On BBC. #goals
Her @Pornhub video should have been Censorshiped. Just saying.. @bowieowiee @Dogrules23 @PHDaisea @daaisea That’s fucking hot AF! @bowieowiee @coconutslxt up outside from dawn to dusk. Kids today sleep till dusk and go to bed at dawn without ever going outside. WTF?Speaking to young people about living outside. Weird how times have changed.Relaxing No Muscles @coconutslxt @GettyMuseum @Monavalentine71 I will.. and follow and friend @SOLOFROMGB No worries brother. Let’s try tomorrow early my time. @Brooks_EU But I’m also the last of a generation that almost doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe this is the new way. Sadly, I miss the old way. @Brooks_EU The drive to work hard has fallen dramatically. @Brooks_EU Great to have family... but humans have begun to lose the hard working drive. You must look back at your… @BlackPanthaaYT Do it! I’ll join for fun @itsAbbyEllison Are you a PACU or OR Nurse? I work in the Operating Room. So curious. @HaylieBlade aren’t we all.. dailyThink God I went to college and got a job. 😁Just realized.. every sim racing YouTuber lives at home. 😂 @coconutslxt Perfection has a look. @Chris_HayeSR Bet you can’t guess which movie it’s from!? Hint, escape from what? LolNephew just signed with @Dodge for #FIAGTC @thegranturismoDirty Harry.. because the rest of you are born by punks.Shit happens @RaeOfLite Haha I love it. @coconutslxt Wanna print this and frame it in the studio if you wouldn’t mind. Belongs in the @GettyMuseum @coconutslxt Haha got it.. I work in the medical field and Motorsport. They all know how dirty I am. Good to be ho… @thegranturismo gifted this baby to my for BDay. Sept I’ll be renting this to take the same shot in Hawaii. Stay t…
Retweeted by Philip The Titan ™️ @coconutslxt Sadly not the whole face... because this is an adorable picture. Kind you put on your desk next to your work station. 🤫Very hungry for... Pussy | Wins | Bourbon And Pizza 🍕 #winningstreak @coconutslxt Look how those legs go up to make an ass of themselves.To all the Woman who post better content than @Pornhub on @Twitter... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE. 🇺🇸 #AdultWork @TheJaclynTaylor Happy birthday kid!! Go have fun! @hempburne Best mornings..Moving up daily. Can’t wait to join these young guys at the top. I’m old, but still got. thanks guys! I bring real world racing driving to the sim. Not only does it help to avoid problems but makes…