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@Grantpa23 gr8 era for soundcloud @blvckgovt omg @ethiopianexit i went from loving video games to not giving a shit about them and then going back to loving them again @Glbp6 just watched it for the first time now, i wish i would have listened
Retweeted by Nate @ignCalvin you optimized tf outta those rod trickstodays lesson: sound. sound is important.
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cinematic parallels dealer brought back the soulja boy & dj nate synths for this one @theadamnfan blowfly mad underrated good nodTrump stand like he wear Vlone
Retweeted by Nateno matter how many times i listen to this song, i’ll still be at a loss for words. forever eternal @nomoreshelflife this track in particular especially when it goes into that breakdown section at like 3 mins in whe… hoy minoy ✏️
Retweeted by Nateslowly becoming 1 of my favorite talking heads songs @OldMemeArchive this but unironicallycouldn’t sleep so i made an eccojam last night at 4 AM :)
Retweeted by NateМолчат Дома - Судно
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Retweeted by Nate @ArthurSmh @thekingoftimbs goated @thekingoftimbs u got the chuck d follow? based @blvckgovt more from this day bc this trail was just too nice @FaZe_Rain go rain !!!All of media today I swear to god
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Retweeted by Nate @blvckgovt rap has been based around repetition and looping since the dawn of it and that’s what makes it unique and great @backxwash @2keofcurls yeah that one was used in so many old cartoons @2keofcurls tbh i don’t even know what that is i just know he did a shit ton of library music and early space age moog/electronic stuff @2keofcurls raymond scott was an interesting guy @thekingoftimbs real asf @squatchland the comparison of slapping the bass and a seal slapping its belly just made my night
Retweeted by Nate @squatchland this is the guy who played saxophone on pegBasketball 10 years ago..
Retweeted by Nate @nomoreshelflife essential @alabaqQ yep and it sounds not too bad !!Playboi Carti performing “Slay3r” live on Jimmy Fallon
Retweeted by Nate @beckgoogle the best dance music is the stuff that gets you emotional while dancing at the same time @beckgoogle this track in particular gets me every single time @beckgoogle poop tafarti lolyoutube poopers when they hear the words 'fun' and 'luck' in the same sentence
Retweeted by NateCOLE ANTHONY FOR THE WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by NateCollin Sexton forces DOUBLE OT 🔥
Retweeted by Nate @shpeethey one of the all time greats @backxwash paul white was brilliant for that one, it's so uniquely detroit in the weirdest way possibleBeal bout to be on the court with FamousLos
Retweeted by NateThis is genuinely the funniest video on the face of the earth I literally go into hysterics every time I watch it
Retweeted by Natefound it
Retweeted by Nateshes giving me the vaccine
Retweeted by Nate @backxwash shit is horrible to read1 of the most creative songs they ever made i played some mcsg today..
Retweeted by Nate @ignCalvin puttin on an absolute clinic @icedoutomnitrix but oogie mane he killed it :(
Retweeted by Nate @2keofcurls also how the FUCK has it been 4 years since that song first dropped @DoubleFolder that's a good one, my favorite city theme was always lilycove @2keofcurls didn't even realize the sample he flipped wasn't in 4/4 until nowpersonal favorite R/S/E route theme right here @StrangestMp4 bro what @elijahdaniel ? @othisfuckinguy stop all politician worship 2021 @Tylarzz show these new nerds who’s boss larzzthe way squidward says “thanks, farmer brown” kills me everytimecurrently losing my shit at this clip rn
Retweeted by Nate @CatDoNoseRing 1. tweet snobby and controversial music take 2. get a lot of discourse in your replies which leads… @thekingoftimbs la creatura la creatura @Grantpa23 shit had me dying for the last hour @Grantpa23
Retweeted by Nate @dazegxd1k historic @OldMemeArchive say she wanna have a family with me, I told her Biden. Inauguration Day Drip 🥶 🥶 🥶
Retweeted by Nate @dripper_juan 🥶🥶 @FuckPapaCone truly is 👍 @FuckPapaCone homework, discovery, random access memories, and alive 2007 are all essential recordsliberals gonna tweet some shit like "the evil has been banished" or "the final horcrux has been destroyed" or something
Retweeted by NateThe President's opening remarks today are the first step toward healing a fractured nation. Thank you, Sir
Retweeted by Natethe white house empty rn i’m in the president bedroom wiping my ass on the curtains
Retweeted by NateDaft Punk's debut album Homework was released 24 years ago on January 20, 1997.
Retweeted by Nate @jon_bois exactly, every video game in that decade just copied off of call of duty. unoriginal and sad! @NotRealMusic @nomoreshelflife same here fr @nomoreshelflife it’s sunny here in delaware too, i gotta step outside and appreciate it today @nomoreshelflife Slept from 9 PM to 3 AM shit is weird rn @BostonZK they wouldn't get it. @BostonZK LMFAO u gotta indoctrinate these kids some way or another @BostonZK there's a minecraft pvp community on tik tok? @thekingoftimbs masterclass showbinc rinse repeat new ep out 22nd Jan on @dismissyxurself !!!!!
Retweeted by Nate @webhistoryimage @daysafterastr0 ."The pandemic won't be that long." The pandemic:
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Retweeted by Nate @larsaddams @JohnObuchowskiwhen linus catches you digging through someones trash in stardew valley
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