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@footiusmaximus @GeneJared I made my lie more upright and my hands followed @Dormiey Absolutely it does @Rachel_Bleier So sad 😔 @bradcliffo It’s real and it’s SPECTACULAR 😊 @Bdub122856 I believe I can 😉 @Brian_A_Beckett @shank_you04 @bradcenter @Kdizzyd12 Don’t do it to beat them. Do it for yourself and for those you… @GeneJared Glad it helped 🤗 Thank you for the feedback. @Choppinbroccoly @MensHealthMag Yep
@vicdavis8 Yes @easyasmdb @shanebacon @John_P_Richards Or they just grouped me with Palmer,Nicklaus,Player which I’m totally cool with too @maxhoma23 @shanebacon @John_P_Richards I remember everything I tried on that day made me look a bit “chubby”😂 @shanebacon @John_P_Richards Good idea if fit. Bad idea if fat. What was I thinking? @Brian_A_Beckett @bradcenter Lack of discipline and self control. Sad 😞 @pauldoh01467435 That’s a lot of AmstelLight. Nice 😋 @titleistgator89 Possibly Sunday if they have Augusta green @DarrellPasloski I don’t know 🤔 @TheAmazingZWB BarelyNot just anyone can pull off these bad boys, but I kinda feel I can 😉
@jenoslav Ok. Start the putter back. With. The. Heel. Going back. First @CharlieHeitz You’re overall attractiveness is about to rise. #mavrik @Lowther34 Putting Tudor. I also use a mirror to check eye alignment and position.There are a million ways to putt and we will discuss many things that can help your putting in the future. These tw…
@zazon555 I do not understand @YourMomsHandle1 @Sean_Zak Well done. Stay strong. Almost done 🤗
@MikeFas4 @Golficity Well played sir 😉 @crutchkn Saw it. Nice choice. See you there
@ShaneRyanHere Boo who 😢 @FatManSports @idolproff 🤣 @idolproff Yes @cmoney411 Broadway. Schubert theatre I believe.Last night we went to the play ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and Ed Harris was beyond incredible as was the entire cast.… @MB_Browning @CGLexi @AJVoelpel They count(Until you make a real one) I hope this clears it up @joebhogan @artechouse I’ve got plenty of those left in me @crutchkn Look forward to seeing you guys and be sure to say hi 🤗 @crutchkn I’m for sure playing BayHill,Players,Quail Hollow. If you come to any of those I’ll have passes left at will call for you. @TuckerWatts14 And sometimes they are 😏 @TuckerWatts14 I can. I can! @crutchkn He is lucky to have your love and support. I can’t help with the masters tixs but I can for another PGA Tour event. @brent2323 Maybe not for 18 holes on a regulation course, but maybe on a par 3 course? Or for 10 or 11 holes on a regulation size course.Tell me again why you “can’t “ do something? This is one of the best things I’ve seen in sports.
In #NYC today and went to @artechouse. I found myself walking towards the light 😎 @TerryPhelansDa Yes. Coffee and water all dayCongrats @KPMG_US & @Workday for making Fortune’s ‘100 Best Companies to Work For’ list! Honored to be associated w… @Markste05362688 @hamriding World ranking @hamriding There’s room for 2 more. I was thinking one more green and maybe I’ll try a blue one too. @RoyalKingdom71 @MattNeedsOTP Yes. Bay hill and Players @sprucebruce61 Today will be tough. Tomorrow even more so. After that it’s much easier. Stay committed. You can do this! @YourMomsHandle1 @Sean_Zak Good luck. Day one and two are brutal. It gets much easier from there. Show some discipl… @LMLiberto @villenuv27 @jfleisch22 Definitely no sugar @TraitorTrump619 @AmstelLight You sound like a guy I know named Mike. He is very well liked. @jfleisch22 I love all coffee but I think of coffee as a wellness food and put only healthy ingredients in mine. @ChasnboosDad @Golf86846914 Fore sure @tom52904321 @Golf86846914 I’d tried this in the 2008 US open. It didn’t work out that well. Just saying @MattNeedsOTP My push from my calves can be so hard and fast that the upper body can’t keep up and I get stuck and… @Golf86846914 I’m probably not the best person to ask for advice off the tee 🤔 @wilcoxg77_greg @golf_strange His swing looks great! I’d like to see his hands more forward at address so the club…
@bogey_billy @Billymeade8 Try my full coffee concoction you can find on It’s the healthies… @salazama @usopengolf It’s one of the four, yes. @Billymeade8 As much as possible. Healthiest thing you can put in your body,l believe. @timevansrtr @lbevans23 I kinda disagree @hoosiers713 @GaryDelk @DavidBCarroll2 @usopengolf Yes but for those who aren’t me 🤗 @MGilbert105 My fairways missed percentage. You? @DavidBCarroll2 @usopengolf Share adult male friendship advice #AmstelLight @tyler_mayhew I’m against it. @hpjagger @usopengolf Hal. Great to hear from you. You were a great 2nd baseman! @usopengolf It’s 4 😔 @DougieFreshNBCS @TheHondaClassic Thank you for your understanding 😔 @d_hal_11 @AmstelLight Bringing guys together @TrackingPhil @TuckerBlanc I would agree
@Hulsey4 I’ve been doing that for years. Coffee has changed my life! Haven’t been sick a day since I’ve been drinking this. Seriously 🤗 @Alex7heGreat @colinspencer33 You’re right. I’ve only won Bay Hill one time. WGC Doral one time. Players one time.… @Lilgolfjock @CallawayGolf Are you being serious? No. I’m kidding @BobbyBDennis @CallawayGolf Who doesn’t? @colinspencer33 He sounds annoying so I’ll probably skip Honda @wesleybryangolf Well played sir. Well played!
My new laser beam shaft is light weight with zero torque and hits laser like irons shots (Works best from the fairw…
Hopefully you’ve seen this. If not, what’s not to love about a cute little lefty Hitting 💣’s
I’ll be posting my chat with Clint Eastwood later but in the meantime here’s a story I shared with him during our P…
FYI. I’ll be doing my pro am obligation tonight with Genesis and some pro am participants instead of playing tomorr… @briguy1192 Please consult @maxhoma23 for swing advice. @WowBad2 If I’m eligible, yes @codybishop83 Some things are simply unforgivable @LandonHouse9 @beerock1987 @CallawayGolf Reverse the order and you got it! @beerock1987 @Mikeypadge @CallawayGolf Finally someone knows there stuff 👍 @BobbySwoops18 It’s going to be an awesome year! It just got real 😏 @BobbySwoops18 My endless supply of body fat. @GaryDelk @FranFifteen I’m thirsty now 😋 @flyerlieguy @codybishop83 @TrackingPhil @VC606 @thegenesisinv @BKoepka @JonRahmpga You mean hitting 11/14 fairways… @Mikeypadge @beerock1987 @CallawayGolf Simply awesome numbers. Except the 1.44 smash. May want to get the Mavrik. Just saying @FranFifteen Unless it’s prime time or you don’t have Hulu,Netflix,Amazon prime,or Apple TV. Then I might agree with you 🤗 @AustinSmith @bbeelllloo @TrackingPhil @VC606 @thegenesisinv @BKoepka @JonRahmpga Let me check @SigEpMagicMike @codybishop83 @TrackingPhil @VC606 @thegenesisinv @BKoepka @JonRahmpga Again,common knowledge @bdelz13 @codybishop83 @TrackingPhil @VC606 @thegenesisinv @BKoepka @JonRahmpga It would be false advertising @matthew_ryals @tannerhatten I don’t really eat much anymore 😊 @bbeelllloo @TrackingPhil @VC606 @thegenesisinv @BKoepka @JonRahmpga Workday business caddy 🤭 @codybishop83 @TrackingPhil @VC606 @thegenesisinv @BKoepka @JonRahmpga No need to make a commercial letting people… @tannerhatten @matthew_ryals But not no chance @TrackingPhil @VC606 @thegenesisinv @BKoepka @JonRahmpga I won’t be playing even if I make it. My kids have the wee…
@TMRTroopers @beerock1987 @CallawayGolf Yep