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@RapSheet When I say standby, I mean I’m waiting on clearance from the tower, not waiting for a seat opening. My ba…’m on standby for a flight to Boston. Let’s not let inadequate calves hold us back. 😎 @Cherie1959 Everything just tastes better from it. @Dublinboki Yes 😎 @stevenfawcitt Caaaaaaaastanza! @SideStepThis Yes @cjg2841 When am I not? @DrewHansenSport Try that sentence with an exclamation point. Not a question mark. Thank you. @Usamplefirst Her focus is where it should be. Stay in your lane sir. @Duckfootball192 Actually Jersey City @therealgobbess 60 seconds? Try 24/7 @tki421 Yes I am. I had an Intrepid outing today at Liberty National.
Paying tribute to the person, outside of my family, who gave me my first opportunity to pursue my passion.…
Now this is..........AWESOME ! @prizel27 Let’s hope not
@cascadiagolfer Market. Pamplemousse @RyanPGoldchains Don’t fight itI was at Addison’s (best restaurant in SD and has 1 Michelin star) and I saw a fireplace. So I shot a quick Phiresi… to Team Europe on an impressive SolheimCup victory! Also congrats to Team USA on representing us so well a… @Rzrbkgjames Strut with an increased overall attractiveness but an empty wallet. @Jminis13 Try a lower temperature and cook them a little slower.Exciting day in the world of golf as Team USA enters singles all square with Team Europe at The Solheim Cup. Way to…
@Marina_Deee great playing this morning. Way to fight hard all day. Watching and cheering. Go USA🇺🇸 @Bags2121 I do this daily. Only Master’s leaped once. @mpressel I’m watching and cheering hard for you and the entire team! Go USA🇺🇸 @Marina_Deee @SolheimCupUSA I’ll be watching and cheering hard for you and the entire Team USA! There’s nothing bet… @SolheimCupUSA I want to send my support to Team USA as they get ready to play some of their best golf this weekend…
@vulcan1398 I’ve already lost 25 lbs. how much more would you recommend? @laurilyno I’m working on it. I’ll post my process and ingredients soon. Trying to make a quick and easy K cup with… @gilbert87 Good luck 😏 @HashtagChad @LuxHomeMagPDX With a dash of red wine @TheKCJV Confirmed @therealDTRB @patmaroon Yes. #1 ar La Jolla CCHere’s a mini glimpse into my off season core workout. I need to build core strength so I don’t get hurt swinging 1… @HowdyFromRupert Howdy? What year are you from sir? @redavett101 @BarrieBruceGolf Next up, 3 wood going 265. @suzieque37 @liverpoolroyal Keep an eye out this year. I’ve got a feeling......... @prizel27 @JeremyWGR @WGR550 Golf isn’t a game of perfect @JoeClarkGolf Let’s call it a tie 😏
@TheGhostofhogan @elkpga That’s an impressive swing for anyone. Way to stay young Dr. Lemack! @steven_alexan I definitely remember Paul. We picked the range together for a couple years and I loved being around him. @katymae811 I was there today! Aronomink is a great course and a treat to play. @jdawg19534 Glad she can recover like me but no need to drive it like me too
@tonywmiller @BAPO_12 Although I don’t feel the tweet is worthy of a video response,the intellect and thoughtfulnes…’m starting Tribute Tuesday to thank the many people in my life who have had an impact on me and my family. I coul… would be Arnold Palmer’s 90th birthday. I think about him everyday and I’m so thankful to have shared so many… @roakes10 @DanAndros @JordanG57 @JustinRose99 If that’s your best physical feature I truly am sorry. @srsoftball2000 @angelyinlol She’s terrific and btw, the Solheim Cup is this week. Go USA 🇺🇸 @DanAndros @roakes10 @JordanG57 @JustinRose99 When you have calves, you know you don’t want to live without them. S… @roakes10 @JordanG57 @JustinRose99 I’d trade my left calf for the trophy though. @Kyle_Smith13 @kris_guer 👍👍 @JordanG57 I don’t believe it’s the same but thank you. @JordanG57 Merion. A bit of a bittersweet place for me though. I seem to have many places like that. @kris_guer Sorry about that. Life came at me fast. @corey_fontaine All is great. Sadly I’ve had to work a bit. Did an outing today in Boston for KPMG and I’m in Phila…
@golfbmpro @andrewjensen More like appetizers @SkolSithLord @andrewjensen Nice. It’s a stand-off @doppa997 @andrewjensen I could easily be self conscious with everyone staring but it turns out I’m just not. @andrewjensen The reason you can barely see your calves is mine ate them for a mid morning snack.
I had a blast last week with @CallawayGolf supporting @Pro_Kids First Tee of San Diego, which challenges underserve… @bdunc418 @ChicagoBears Excited to be a part of this great organization and will do all I can to bring a championsh… @lajrisch I do!I don’t just hit 💣’s, so this cannon is available if anyone needs me tonight. #PinpointAccuracy
@JimVaughn_ @JordanSpieth Me either. If you find out,let me know and I’ll add it. @JimTilton5 Not bad at all,totally understandable.@JordanSpieth is one of the best putters the game has ever seen, except when we play together. Now you’ll know why… @Bowa34 Slight change. Spieth is up next. @Bowa34 This is the only one tonight but tomorrow at noon eastern part 2 with JT will be posted. It’s good. Hope you can handle it.
@caraebeara111 @chrissyteigen I understand and I agree @KevinJohnBoyle Your father seems like he has it all together @evan_35 @MickelsonNGC So glad you’re playing it and enjoying it. I’m so proud of what we’ve built. @BrokrBWonderful Perfect time to start @greglewis1974 You have reached the state of enlightenment. Well done @ryangradke You must have a hairy Bubba chest too then @redavett101 @PGATOUR Riley Hit 💣’s my man. @zbeausay 👍 @allen_terry2011 @ichbinmarc_ First good calf pic I’ve seen @MarkD061770 Ya think? @TheLettuceFace @pfowkes25 Or just anytime I’m feeling it @pfowkes25 Nothing. Absolutely nothing @PaulEdwardsEsq I don’t think that was a man card he was playing there @avg_joseph @harryarnett @CallawayGolf I agree @harryarnett @CallawayGolf This week or next. I’ll make you my special coffee blend. It’s the least I can do for you. @ReyAnRAX Best way to start your day 🤗 @ichbinmarc_ Next time you’re thinking about posing like this or tweeting about your calves DON’T @BeerInv Look good. Feel good. Play well. Love it ! @harryarnett @CallawayGolf It has been so fun to work with you Harry. I’ve learned so much from you but I’m most ap… @Hoffyscenter That’s more of a long term goal @elprieto It’s gone to my head, yet here I am still tweeting 🤗 @pslakerfan @sam_golf I used to play there a bunch. Fun course to hit bombs for sure. But then again, what course isn’t? @davew245 @sam_golf Only if you’re peer pressured @BlakeWeiner Never tried it @tomcowan Pull the toe @sam_golf That’s not the way to be your best. Try hitting 💣’s. That should fix it @JoshKoch Yep. And most all your problems will soon be solved. @Nick_Proulx89 Mizzen button downs and more colors than just black since I’m no longer fat @MD4468 Technique must be a bit off. @ebishop1966 @MichaelShrades I’ll be ready to go at Napa @mthuntsweetcorn @JustinThomas34 I just reloaded @JoshKoch You seem very attractive at the moment