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My wife just surprised me with a spinning chair for my gaming room 😍. Best wife ever. nerds, we're hiring for Game Tester (Night Shift)! If you're interested in the position, 'ave a look:…
Retweeted by Phil Sinclair/フィル @EWoolliscroft They really suit you 😊
@dayneoram All my surround areas are level 2 or 3. My little town is still in level 1. It makes no sense at all tbh. @philcsf Damn 😅. I play a bit of both but mainly Horde. Looking for people to play SL with and do Mythics. All my f… @philcsf Don't play Horde Alts so you? @Sonic_Hedgehog9 Happy birthday Alex 👍Dynamic weather 😍 still don't have Invincible, but got the Astral Cloud Serpent on my 6th attempt 😍 #WoW #worldofwarcraft friends play WoW on EU servers? Preferably Horde 🤞
@Jamie_Carota I enjoy leveling. I find it a lot of fun. I just don't want to do the BFA stuff for my cloak etc 3 years into the expansion.I really like the new WoW leveling. Having to do BFA garbage content though that everyone hates when reaching 50 is…'s go baby 😍 #DragonQuestTACT
@Skellylicious Congratulations! This is incredible news Skells 💚Red Dead Redemption Red Dead Redemption 2 God of War Last of Us
Average wait time 3 min Current time in queue: 32 minutes 19 sec. #WoW global pandemic? @WuahWuahMan The PS5 is going where the PS4 is atm 👍Woke up at 7am to move my bedroom around and get ready for my new 49" Sony 4K TV next weekend. Got my grandad chai… God
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Picked the lock on a chest. Failed a preception check. The chest blew up when I opened it and 3 party members died.…
Really enjoying F5, or as it's officially called, Baldur's Gate 3. Failed a few perception checks that have led t… that put "You block me = I win" in thier bio have the same number of brain cells as a cockroach.Agents: Saboteurs These explosive characters destroy key equipment in your Lair - stop them before everything goes…
Retweeted by Phil Sinclair/フィルIncredible feat by Nintendo. @KonamiUK @DeviantArt Incredible, Big Boss.I'm not a fan of FF8, but damn 🔥 Baldur's Gate 3 knows me on a personal level. that's 125 Icecrown Citadel runs and still no Invincible. Seeing as Blizzard changed the legacy raids too, I… this day in 1968... Arguably the most iconic protest gesture in sporting history. "You can't be afraid to make…
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@Skellylicious My area has just gone up to level 2. Pulled Yuna straight out of school. Too many idiots out there with no masks.Going to back this bad boy on the £20 tier soon. This is so up my street. @AfroSaiyan Luckily the recording is PS5 onwards only they said 👍 @Pelloki Remember when he appeared Infront of that mirror? Then he disappeared into it, never to be seen again. @Arekkz The picture in picture with party is 🔥🔥🔥🔥Watching your friend's while playing is something I've wanted on console for a while. I'm so incredibly excited f… @Roisinmdoyle Halfway through the video now and my gosh! 🤯🤯🤯 Can't wait.Last week while playing GTAV, a friend and I wanted to see what each other are doing while playing. Well on PS5 you can 🤯Surprise! Watch a tour of PS5's next-generation user experience in a special episode of State of Play, presented in…
Retweeted by Phil Sinclair/フィルThe @RealBrittBaker and @tonyschiavone24 promo had me in stitches. What a Role Model #AEWDynamite @KingJaeLDN This is awesome! ❤️😍😍😍😍😍 #Cyberpunk2077
This is incredible! @Jamie_Carota My queue timer is now 44,987 mins.... RIP 🤣Now a 30 minute queue to log onto the Blizzard App. This really is 2004. @lucyjamesgames That's the internet won for today. @shinobi602 This games gone from 'hmm that looks neat' to 'GOD DAMN GIVE IT ME NOW'I tent to play women in video games, but damn bald and a beard. I may have to go male for once. @NVD_Phenom @NVD_veggeySF France needs to be lower. @AfroSaiyan No love for the main man 😩😭. Meanwhile Chin has 104620172640 costumes, and that was by July 2016 @AfroSaiyan Oh look June 2016, and Necali has received one more costume since that date 🙃 @philcsf I'm digging the pre-patch so far. So happy with the level squish.Level 50, what is this 2004? todays Kanji 👌🔥
@WSOLogan Unfortunately the Japanese language relies more on Kanji for translation then Romaji. Many words are wrot… was incredibly lucky to interview Dan & @AxiomVerge (Tom Happ) when Axiom Verge first launched way back when. I… is a great deal 🔥'm addicted to watching @baldursgate3 streams. Man this game 🤤❤️, @larianstudios have smashed it again. I reques… @butler_killian @BenjiSales True. BC doesn't sell me on next gen, next gen games sell it to me. @secretlabchairs lok tar ogar!Win exclusive Secretlab x World of Warcraft merchandise Describe your faction in 3 words & stand to win limited ed…
Retweeted by Phil Sinclair/フィル @Jamie_Carota Nope unfortunately. I own a cheap chair and it's extremely uncomfortable. If @secretlabchairs wana th… play Horde, but damn I want this chair 🤤😩 this game needs a remaster. This and Timesplitters 2/3 where my OG Xbox 6 week holiday games way back when. morning down in the sticks. Lucky to have this at the end of my street on days like these. @Zakcoop3r
@SmoothFloat Congratulations! That's awesome ❤️2 of the best Xbox games ever for £15 🔥🔥🔥 @Jamie_Carota AHH that's unfortunate! I really like it but it's better with friends. @AngryMojoSan I not sure why I have it on PS4 tbh, it's such a PC game 😅 @AngryMojoSan I have it on PS4, but if I get it on PC I'm 100% down for that ❤️ @MostUnfurrowed The government are clearly pushing CyberPunk on people.Wish I had some nerdy friends to play Divinity Original Sin 2 with 😭That Pixel Slime is the best thing I've seen all year 😍
😲 @Hulu did it. They- they actually did it. Check out our @NY_Comic_Con exclusive clip! #Animaniacs #NYCC
Retweeted by Phil Sinclair/フィル @scully1888 touch by Mick. 91 wins for the all mighty @LewisHamilton
Race To Perfection is a must for any F1 fan. Absolutely incredible stuff.Warcraft Lore is the nerdiest shit out there, and I love it. I could listen to Arthas and Illidan lore all day. P… @Dr8kHunt6r @monsterhunter Fire Emblem Three Houses Zelda BOTW Hades Xenobalde Astral Chain Smash Bros War Groove… @MarcusRashford but the man deserves a Knighthood! An absolute legend and life saver to hundreds of thousands.
The worst thing about finally getting a Plat on a really long game, is the empty feeling after. Not knowing what to… @TrueWillieHobbs @AEW Absolutely smashed it. And the story with your brother is heartbreaking. Can't wait to see yo… @notaxation I really enjoyed Dustin on the past few shows. Man works really hard 👍 @MostUnfurrowed Incredible assist last night lad 👍 @AndyPlaytonic I imagine the boost will be for unlocked frame rate games, like the Xbox Series X.How it started & how it's still going. 475 hours, the #GTAV Platinum is finally mine. Feels good to be in the 0.1% @RockstarGames #PS4share
About to be 46 when this GTAV Plat pops.
@hunter_holmes02 @ErfanManavi @GameOverGreggy You remember certain games having this, and certain games had this on… @AfroSaiyan Quiet I hope 🤣🤞As a trophy hunter, this is awesome! PS5 heatsink is a unit and a half 🤯 @alfonso_thesix 美味しい!Kifflom. If you know, you know. If you don't, don't worry about it.
@MostUnfurrowed I'm close to the GTAV Plat. Going to go back and do the last few challenges and last online trophy… @MostUnfurrowed I've beat the game three times, and I can never being myself to be bad Arthur 😅The definition of insanity is doing the same GTAV Stunt Jump over and over again and expecting the outcome to chang… @Roisinmdoyle Congratulations! That's incredible 🤩
Just finished the GTAV story. Now to 100% it for the Platinum.