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@aliveNamplified aye the best in a while. @Santandave1 a lot of people will be in your ear tonight but you should really put that 25K towards @ManUtd buying @Sanchooo10 #MufcI'm taking palm readings on Brighton Beach this weekendGo on DAVE!I called Little Simz the second i heard the album, lets find out... #mercuryprizeJust realised who Black Midi's vocalist big influence is @jamesnormanfyfe I got the tats that say I amForget the Mercury Music Prize! The results are in..., show me the most Irish thing.
Retweeted by 📻 Slacker Music Industry Book (Out Now) 📻 @jamesnormanfyfe When do tickets go on sale?Amazon Germany aren't very chill with book sellers. Hard not to read this in a German accent
@Reverend_Makers @allymccrae Hahaha bring it onCome and hear me talk shite to that @philytaggart bloke off the radio , Manchester
Retweeted by 📻 Slacker Music Industry Book (Out Now) 📻 @allymccrae @Reverend_Makers I'm putting a swear jar in for both of us.I'm taking the Slacker Podcast to Manchester and will be live on November 14th with my guest @Reverend_Makers I'm… @shellzenner Hope ya find the answers to everything in it x @AntonyJMHowe What is that it looks deliciousCatching up with the @philytaggart show, while making some rather late breakfast... This is what mid-week sunny day…
Retweeted by 📻 Slacker Music Industry Book (Out Now) 📻2/2 So it shocked me for about 10 seconds to find out the guy who wrote Top Boy was from Northern Ireland. I think… I moved to London in 2013 and fell in love with the city's music scene. Being a boy from Northern Ireland I som… morning is better with this @thomyorke Chill Mix watched @AmberRun play their warm up show last night in Brighton. No ring rust and an incredible selection of tunes
@MichaelRoeMGMT Amazing if true hahaha @JamesParrish Aye I did for 3 years during school. Would recommend @mysteryjets Get better soon ❤️❤️❤️ @matthew_1957 @EubankDancingTo @NorthDaan Let's get him for a vid @jowrightmusic @Reeperbahn_Fest Ahhh thanks Jo xAirport reading #slackersguide #MusicBusiness on route to @Reeperbahn_Fest Great book from @philytaggart do yourse…
Retweeted by 📻 Slacker Music Industry Book (Out Now) 📻 @stothedunc @hellokarenflynn @BigDirtyFry @Rubberbandits Yes horse shout me closer to the time and we will hang out @hellokarenflynn @BigDirtyFry @Rubberbandits The Flour Pot cafes are class. Get a falafel from We Love Falafel. Best lunch in town @BigDirtyFry @Rubberbandits Seriously tho, Come to Brighton. It's an hour out of London and it's deadly, people tal… is other worldly today. I've so much work to do but how can you in this heat forward to hosting the mega @johnrobb77 @JamesHCherry of @SentricMusic , @philytaggart , Walt from…
Retweeted by 📻 Slacker Music Industry Book (Out Now) 📻 @BigDirtyFry @Rubberbandits Mon over to Brighton Michael. You can make sweet content and get chased by seagullsOn Thu 14 Nov join @philytaggart for his Slacker Podcast with Jon McClure (@Reverend_Makers) at @MancAcademy’s Unio…
Retweeted by 📻 Slacker Music Industry Book (Out Now) 📻 @wildfrontuk @JamesAcaster He's a dude, and he is on the front cover of everything at the moment.James Acaster is everywhere! His PR team are doing their job @EubankDancingTo @RealCFrampton @matthew_1957
@AdamThomasTweet @lucyrosemusic In all honesty i love studio albums and live performances. I don't tend to ever bot… @FatfacedTwit All 3I totally fucked it. I started 'how many, oh wait how was your class?' 😂😂😂 'how many packs did ye eat' 🙄I'm currently in the car waiting for my Mrs to finish her Hula Hoop class. The urge to ask 'how many packs did you eat' is risingJoey should be awarded a medal for this. The Rhythm Method Aka. Teenage Mutant Binging Turtles
@philytaggart soothing my soul on radio one ❤️
Retweeted by 📻 Slacker Music Industry Book (Out Now) 📻I'll be live on @BBCR1 with The Chillest Show in 15 mins. *Drop down your aerial *Listen live on this link @_real_lies @thrhythmmthd @PrideOfBritain What? This is madIf anyone has enjoyed the 2 Series of Slacker Podcasts it would be ace if you took a second and applied the below… @HelpMusiciansUK 'Do It Differently' Fund is open to all bands and artists. If you have a great idea or project… @gerrynorman Nobodies talking about fights, ugh I hate twitter @nathanoregan @gerrynorman You lads are missing the point of the tweet @stothedunc Balllllls
@jonhillcock 'gallingly' @brianconey BolloxNothing wrong with disagreeing over records. Subjectivity is born for fighting. Anyone who says music isn't to be f… @robdegreeuw BallsLads Funeral by Arcade Fire is OK but shall we all wait to Neon Bibles anniversary
@clarenoelledaly Gwan Stephen @darrenmcsorley Saving all your zingers for Brighton? @darrenmcsorley It's Kettle Pot etc... Ya eejit @alistairtant Bring me as your date @darrenmcsorley How did that go shite get on the television @Eoinmc87 Aye its gotten real cheesy #baddumdishThis @samfendermusic record is a fucking triumph @SwimmersJackson Plz don't, plzzzzzzzzzz lol @TheBigNath @toutsband Yeah but there will be new music this yearSo weird i got sent these two promo emails one after the other. Perfect scores guys!
@ChristophOwen @toutsband It's just mixed so it won't be ready for months yet but when it is i'll shout you x @CM_Flack @toutsband It's wayyyyy to early just yet but when it is i'll let you know x @JeremiahAsiamah @Reece_Parkinson I love you two lads love affair. This is the sort of support our industry needsI've heard the @toutsband debut album. It's everything i had hoped for. It's gonna melt some heads next year @Context__ I mean that Swan Lake bit at the end of the last episode. There's been another 100, i can see where this… Blinders has become so lame. Its turning into a parody of itself with its GCSE metaphors. Is there a new writer or director? 😔Hey they are pretty good! love this from their Facebook Profile "Can you move your car" - Bristol City Council "You're alright" - some bloke outside spoonsNow I'm on my laptop on the train looking up 'Love Butter' looking like a total creep.I just did a speech and gave out certificates to the graduates at @BIMMBristol in the Cathedral. One dude lent in a… @ToeKnee_Wright Nah i did mine for ATL
@DeanMaywood @sonofhound There's a story about him taking the keys out of his dad's plane while it was flying and t… @JuniorJohnson @SwimmersJackson Bahahah it was an amazing night. @hippopothomasj He was unparalleled @seaninsound Confuseatdata @seaninsound I'm pretty sure I picked it. I've played him a good few times whenever I can get away with it @StevenRaineyNI @gerrynorman @ToeKnee_Wright Lol you always are. I use you in everything @gerrynorman @ToeKnee_Wright Aye we did it was mightyI totally forgot I wrote this review of his show in Belfast in 2012. He had Cashier No. 9 backing him and… @DanInBaldock @belfastEmpire @SwimmersJackson 😳 @belfastEmpire @SwimmersJackson I totally forgot I wrote thatDon't let the sun go down on your grievances. Respect love of the heart over lust of the flesh. Do yourself a favor…
Retweeted by 📻 Slacker Music Industry Book (Out Now) 📻 @colmlaverty Wasn't it Cashier supported him at that show @SwimmersJackson Haha at the gig I went to he had Cashier No. 9 backing him. It was amazing to watchDaniel Johnston had no idea how to copy his album, so he would sit in his garage and record it over and over and ov… @SwimmersJackson I haven't listened to this album in so ooooooo long. I forgot how incredible it isAlso he wrote the best song ever about a dog. Queenie The Dog @SwimmersJackson And it's mad cause the album follows with Queenie The Doggie, which is the best song ever about a dogAlso this more traditionally produced record was brilliant. Fake Records of Rock and Roll 'They listen a day and t…'s hard to pick a favourite Daniel Johnston but this has to be up there not Daniel Johnston. He was a genuine heart who wrote the purest songs be it love or hurt because he had no fil… @__philstocker__ @__philstocker__ Glad you're all good stocktake @bellfieldboy60 Haha done x