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@stateofgarce Happy bdayyyyBoom Boom Boom by the Vengaboys but it’s The XX
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @PauldMcNamee I can smell the beer of this photo @McGurkEamonn @PatsyMcGarryIT @Michael_O_Regan Hahahaha perfect @harrysams That's a flimsy argument if you compare it to how good and big Oasis actually wereF*** it i'm dropping the full @pheobe_bridgers Podcast early because it's someones bday somewhere. Here it is - @phoebe_bridgers You Took Back Control! Full Podcast is here -‘I May or May Not Have S*** My Pants on Stage at the Slacker Club Night - @phoebe_bridgers - Full Podcast Dropping… @lindacooganB @jowrightmusic @BBCR1 @PillowQueeens What are the shows that are playing great Irish new music? I kno… Announcement and Reaction here:
Retweeted by Phil TaggartRecording a Slacker Podcast this evening with Joe from the mighty @idlesband @dinocafolla Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkPeople always have an opinion on Kasabian but whatever you say it's undeniable that they are a proper live band! It…'s a single from @toutsband that they wrote over a year ago that is still to come out and it opens with 'Kanye… Night's Chillest Show >>>
Mad Love to the @musicvenuetrust for all their hard work recently @DanielleeeTx Should all be on the radio 1 website x @DrRadhaModgil 💆‍♂️ @DrRadhaModgil Listen to the Chillest ShowSomebody call the emergency services. @philytaggart is on fire on @BBCR1 right now! It's Sunday. It's The Chillest Show on the radio! 💜
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @philytaggart Arlo Parks Black Dog must be top Tune of the Year 👍
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @philytaggart Fab Amazing @JorjaSmith WoW! Thank You for the music. Sunday’s can be hard going 👍
Retweeted by Phil TaggartI'm on your radio @BBCR1tonight from 7pm. Who's chillin this evening? I Can See The Change & a little cover tonight at 7pm on @BBCR1 @philytaggart, tune in if you like ✨…
Retweeted by Phil TaggartLooking for a new weekly music based panel show? Check out Slacker Friends Episode 2. MY guests this week are… new exclusive content to my Slacker Patreon
@Pat_Carty Hahaha signed up @chinatownslalom That's my other account @darrenmcsorley Where's that?Starting an Only Fans Page where I drink Guinness. Who wants to sub @CATHFACTORY @EM0TI0NWAVE It's the only wayAre there ASMR Vids of drinking Guinness on YouTube?
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @jordannorth1 Hundred Percent. This isn't Oktoberfest
@ToeKnee_Wright @sonofhound I must dig that bad boy out of the catalogue. I remember it well @mjcole i didn't even think of this! @ClarenceRook @Access_Creative Thanks Man! x @DanielPCarter as in for the sfx buttons? @thrhythmmthd MORE SFX LESS SPEECHListening back to @philytaggart Chillest Show with @mjcole in the mix. Its like a full body massage for the ears #destressing
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @eoghanmcdermo Are you still broadcasting from home? That looks decent @jacobthemoons YeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooRadio Nerds of the Internet - Is there software or something you can use to fire of ID's, Jingles, SFX? I have my R… Slacker Podcast is statistically the Biggest Music Interview Podcast in the UK
@ryanpenfold Give it days @MayKapes @adamgeorgewf @AbbieAbbiemac OMG that poor band @brianconey All the time!So tired of seeing "Irish music round-ups" that exclude acts based in strange + scary ol' Nordy-land aka Northern I…
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @MayKapes @adamgeorgewf @AbbieAbbiemac Can someone tell these guys we are looking for them! @ajimalmusic Hahahaha punnwinJust finished my review of @WileyCEO Boasty Gang AlbumI've started a YouTube Channel and by the end of the week will have put up ten videos. Give us a subscribe… Friends is the new weekly music panel show you need in your life every Friday. Thanks to @AbbieAbbiemac and… @bbcradioulster @ConnorPhillips @BBCSounds People drinking pints of milk with their dinner @RugbyBarrister just used it, its great for doughnuts like me
@allymccrae @therealelp @runjewels Lunch run. You are an inspiration @niall_mcken @NTSlive @brianconey @RoryBowens @Somerville___ Wicked I met Paraic for your station in Norway. He was a good guy @runjewels Yes RTJ ❤️shoutout @philytaggart for having us 🎙️:
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @imetahmed YES AHMED!!! Nice one brother!This fucking BANGS! Yeezus Kanye is back @HARRYT666 You can't have 10 without 0Here is my Album Rating System For My Reviews: The Sandwich Rating 10 NYC Deli 9 BBQ Pulled Pork 8 BLT 7 Grilled… do @theREALboyzone @ronanofficial have in common with @WileyCEO ... They have both covered 'Baby Can I Hold Yo… @allymccrae @therealelp @runjewels Big Love Ally!!! @niall_mcken @NTSlive Do you do many NTS shows? I need more Nordie based music fuckery @LiamBailey hahaha i missed the opp @niall_mcken @NTSlive Lethal. I'm listening to thisRun The Jewels open up on Phil Taggart's Slacker podcast - listen to @therealelp talking production, Zack De La Roc…
Retweeted by Phil TaggartImagine RTJ 4 with @billieeilish on it. Here's @therealelp talking about just that and much more confirm Jarvis is a charming legendIt's Live! Have a listen to my podcast with @runjewels and @therealelp this was a nice surprise this morning ⁦@philytaggart⁩ ⁦@therealelp⁩ 🙌🏻
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@kenamiphoto Mannnnn like KennnnCan’t wait to hear this. Be sure to check out Phil’s Slacker Podcast, it’s class 👌🏾
Retweeted by Phil TaggartHere's El-P talking about when Zach De La Rocha stayed with El-P after Rage Against The Machine broke upTomorrow Morning I'm dropping my Podcast with Run The Jewels. If you subscribe to the pod here you will have it in… @claraamfo @luzcorrigan @CarltonDoom did you not read the statement he put out?I've got Jarvis Cocker on the pod tomorrow. Anyone got a question they want asking? @Niamh_Morrison Send me a DM x
@emilypringlee 😂😂😂 @emilypringlee Thanks Emily 💆‍♂️so good to hear this on radio 1 again tonight @philytaggart 💭
Retweeted by Phil TaggartI will never love a radio show more than I love @philytaggart’s chilliest show on radio one. My fave lockdown discovery by far
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @bbcr1 @philytaggart YESSSS! Playing all the best tunes as per. Lovin’ this. That show mix was aceeeee. What a fab…
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @philytaggart thank you for introducing me to pa salieu. currently vibing in my kitchen singing betty to my cat who is also called betty
Retweeted by Phil TaggartChillest Glasto Come Down Vibes @BBCR1 Live now have been BIG listeners of @philytaggart @BBCR1 ‘Chillest show’ from the get-go so we highly recommend you tun…
Retweeted by Phil TaggartThis was brilliant...even just for the nu metal discussion alone.
Retweeted by Phil TaggartMy irreverent musical panel show Slacker Friends EP 1 is live. My guests this week are @MayKapes and @AbbieAbbiemac you @GregClarkMP There is a broad agreement among MPs, across all parties, that swift and decisive action mu…
Retweeted by Phil TaggartTonight on the Chillest Show - @philytaggart celebrates #Glastonbury with a Healing Fields Chill Mix plus the Sunda…
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@dan_online @jamesvmcmorrow Thanks Danloved this conversation between @philytaggart and one of my all time favourite musicians @jamesvmcmorrow 📡
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @sonofhound Brah ya gotta get the Hibiscus infused elderflower mocha IPA. That shit be tight brah @OggyWhy DM me a linkThe Minister for Embalming says her new role is a huge undertaking.
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