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Phil Taggart @philytaggart Brighton, England

ChillDaBeast: BBC Broadcaster + Slacker Podcast/Book + Music Consultant Label: @hometownrecs Instagram📸: @philytaggart MGMT: @mrsamgregory

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@eunanjack And that's the best tune @JohnMcErlean9 I agree @JuanGShore Love you x
@awakingcell Hahahahaha @HanrattyDave Haha same @HanrattyDave it's near pointless trying. it's built such a world that it's impossible to make something in 2 hours that will sum it up @HanrattyDave Get Vangelis on the soundtrack. Ha ent they been trying to make this film for 20 yearsGet the Taps On so you can take the Taps Aff! Live on @BBCRadioUlster at 6pm with a Techno Special Music Scene Time… @Nikki__O @bbcradioulster 'Going bickies' is phrase I haven't heard in a long timeWhats your big techno memories or moments? I'm doing a techno special tonight on @bbcradioulster at 6pm @SwimmersJackson've got exciting news! 😎
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @sonofhound @SpotifyUK Hi Martin. Many thanks for your fan letters and drawings of Phil. I'm sure he'd love to meet… don't know if its been @SpotifyUK wrapped or not but my Slacker Podcast has has mad growth this week. Big 😍 to al… @runjewels @consequence Album of the Year
The Discord has o ly been live for a few weeks and its already turned into a Pyramid Scheme. Is nothing sacred? @Petebrads Cheers shambo @KatieThistleton Uncle Nigels boxing day farts @Chris_Stark Just watch This Country from the start @davysims Cheers Davy appreciate it @alphachromeyayo Whays Jim Beams fax number @alphachromeyayo I AM JACK DANIELS (TAKES OF TOP) @alphachromeyayo If its good enough for Paul Daniels @SuzanneDoyleSDC Yeoooo @DesMcGinn Hahaha so you're saying I have a chanceI'm currently in 'best thing' mode after a few days in the previous 😆Starting a new project is half thinking this is the 'shittest thing' and half this is the 'best thing' I've ever doneEveryone's chatting about starting an album club over on the Discord. Jump on @Jaack Love to see itVote early/Vote often @jordannorth1 @raye 😍😍😍chatted to @philytaggart for the slacker podcast 😇 listen here 👉
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @start_together @rodemics Rode er like your late for mass! TBH I love their microphones. I think i might get anothe… sources are telling us that it's on the plane, with a full transfer to be completed by 11pm #VaccineTransferDay @tigerrrboy We should have started a shit hashtag for this #VaccineTransferDayIf this Vaccine was a football transfer fans would be tracking airplanes and mocking up fake pictures at airports @jjiszatt @BBCR1 Go on Jess!
@autisticlyaaron just ask them, really loudlySpotify Wrapped Is the best thing. I have been snooping on people's results all day @walker_ajw @Nonatron Fred Elliott @gradualist Itd be great if that did exist. Thered be a decent list @gradualist or i just start something new... @txmmyhughes No but i am recording something, so feel free to hmu with support club bits @KathrynBWilson I was thinking the exact same thingMid Week Support Club. Who needs it today? @Jaack Macklemore! I rescind me invite 😂This week the Slacker Podcast is with @raye - she's so open and candid about the music business. Its a must listen… @BigDirtyFry Oh you stop 🥰I listened to hours and hours of this during lockdown. I’d thoroughly recommend it. Odds are he’s interviewed sever…
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Watching the finale of This Country and am an emotional wreck. Its up their with Father Ted and The Office in the H…'We will take 2 Million for Uncles Bill Clinton Impression' @Smooth_boiiiiii @BBCR1 No problem friend! x @MickyQuinnDJ You got a number? Need some Ben Sherman shirts
@Mollzer_King @musicbyloah @wearevillagers This whole thing looks amazing! Whoever had the lighthouse idea deserves free Stout for lifeMy Chill Mix for @philytaggart on @BBCR1 is now up. It includes two brand new tracks of mine 'Together In Static'…
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @LotteryWinners send us a wav xLast week's @conoroberst podcast is doing the biggest pod numbers of the year. Here's a clip on Youtube again to @danielmarkavery's great chill mix feat. @gia_margaret (& @deftones!) for @philytaggart / @BBCR1 he…
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @allymccrae @BBCSounds @CasCasG @palsb4gals @rosssemple GO ON MY SON!
@fatbobmoonbeam I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I defo would have signed it @jamieashton Just listen to the new show @bellfieldboy60 Just wait for the new... @philytaggart Hi from Iowa, Phil! Can I get a shout out for my husband John who listens to the show 3+ times a week…
Retweeted by Phil TaggartThis @danielmarkavery Chill Mix on @BBCR1 is a full on Hall of Fame entry. Its absolutely stunning @DbrayArchi @danielmarkavery @BBC6Music Thanks Darren!One of the shinning lights of 2020 @danielmarkavery Petrol Blue is quite mesmerising! Thank u @philytaggart
Retweeted by Phil TaggartLive now >>>> @BBCR1 @philytaggart
Retweeted by Phil TaggartFairytale in New York wouldn't be in the Top 3 Pogues tunes of all timeTune in now to listen to @danielmarkavery’s new ‘Chill Mix’ on @philytaggart’s Chillest show.…
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @BBCR1 I'm going to miss @philytaggart and #thechillestshow. You make my Sunday afternoons here in Austin, Texas. I…
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @BBCR1 chillest show is an absolute Sunday vibe @philytaggart
Retweeted by Phil TaggartSunday nights seem to come round so quick but I don’t think I’ve been so grateful for the Chillest Show as I am rig…
Retweeted by Phil TaggartLive on @BBCR1 with The Chillest Show. Chillest Record from @liamgallagher and a Chill Mix from @danielmarkaveryJoin all the ChillDaBeasts tonight here to chat and listen along... @JonDenton Mte me too!!! @FergalNugent All guns are booked up now.i need to save some ppl for my new thing ;)Can highly recommend @philytaggart “The slackers guide to the Music industry” , very insightful and well written
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @CATHFACTORY Yes Cath!Would recommend this. It’s a great point of reference and there’s plenty to give you inspiration when trying to wor…
Retweeted by Phil TaggartI brought the most knowledgable people in music together and put all their wisdom in one book. The Slackers Guide…
More music. I’ve recorded the Chill Mix for @philytaggart @bbcradio1. It includes two new, previously unheard track…
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @alistairtant Push it back by 6 months and blame schedule clashes
The Time Machine is enjoying the show @philytaggart Nice one.
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @Claire_A Haha updating his servers! @olly_stock but Africa plugs itself?Losing my head playing Toto AfricaGoing Live With The Music Scene Time Machine in 15 mins at 6pm. Listen in Live Here - @nialldonmusic hahahahahaI just recorded something new🧐 #newchapter @jarule Who looks after your press requests? @producerjacob Yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhh!
@charlottedryden Lockdowns been good to you Charlotte. Looking amaze bbz @sonofhound A fine mess you've got us into this time you little bucket of bolts @gregjames I pulled a bit of a pig ear out of my dogs mouth today. Fcking Rank!6 Hours on Zoom Today week the Music Scene Time Machine lands at Mid 00's UK Indie! What are your thoughts memories, gigs, moments?
@producerjacob @TwinTings @TwinB Things you love to see @WilliamChalk You are 100 percent right
Recording some Slacker Pod vibes with @kennybeats tonight