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@sonofhound We're Ugly As Fuck. We're Ugly As Fuck. WE'RE ugly Irish Men. We'll be glad what we get! @sonofhound O she does need her little helpersI'm so delerious with jet lag I just realised I just tweeted like your aunt Maureen20 plus hours travelling and we are almost home in Brighton. Costa Rica is a beautifully country full of adventure and animalsRealising I married WWE legend Gold Dust @sonofhound 'you're brain dead, you've got flaked fucking almonds on your head'Tickets for our Big Help Musicians Quiz are selling fast and FOUR teams have been reserved already! You can secure…
Retweeted by Phil TaggartHarry Gregg | A true legend of the game for both NI and @ManUtd 💚 One of our star men at the '58 @FIFAWorldCup, and…
Retweeted by Phil TaggartBIRCH TREE PIANO SESSION 🏴‍☠️ @BBCR1 @jackxsaunders @philytaggart 🎥
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SUNDAY PIANO SESSION 🏴‍☠️ @BBCR1 @jackxsaunders @philytaggart 🎥
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @jackxsaunders @BBCR1 @foals @YnnsPhilippakis Have a good one xTune in at 7pm!!! man @jackxsaunders will be filling in for me tonight on The Chillest @ryanmcbride2 Thoughts and Prayers
@LawlessYo @1Xtra @sidemanallday ❤️❤️❤️
@LewisCapaldi @Spotify You are so rich. Buy me something extravagant ❤️
@AbbieAbbiemac Everyone well behaved?Was away this year and missed the NME Awards. Any craic at it? Looks like a quiet one 🤔🤔🤔
@metaboatchris @BBCR1 I've been slipping a few suspect ly non chill tracks in for a while 😉 @CATHFACTORY @BBCR1 Aye always. I love playing music of all shapes and sizesI'm getting let loose next Wednesday on the Indie Show on @BBCR1 - This will go someway to curing the weekly frustr… does mcgreggor look like his student loans just came in and he’s at the gaff in agincourt about to hit Thompson…
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @mickconlan11 What are you 75 years old? Hard to beat a good game of hoop and stick @samwolfson
@steve_lamacq I was drinking out of a coconut pretending it was cheap cider at The Good MixerReading in Costa Rica and feeling like I'm in a run down boozer in Camden @steve_lamacq - It's a great flick throug… @sonofhound 😭😭😭 @sonofhound You came back on twitter and have done nothing but give off about it... I like that. Feels like something I'd do
@hellokarenflynn Cause he's prob the best rapper of all time. Top 3 anyway @DaveLaFaro Ahhhh sameShe is an icon isn't she @billieeilish Pretty much my whole face watching #TheOscars
@TravisWalby Smart planning brahhh @TravisWalby Piano session?Everywhere I go in the world they are always playing Maroon 5. Their music is like fucking purgatory @jordannorth1 Mum's love IcelandI'm off the Chillest Show this week and am chilling on holiday. Go listen to @sianelerievans sitting in with the blissful tunes @BBCR1 now @LucianoDomenico Pop down to the news room and armbar a weather manIs there bigger shame than your suitcase zips exploding and you having to carry it about half open until you can get a new oneTonight! Sitting in for @philytaggart for the Chillest Show, inc. ✨Chillest Record @mild_minds 💛Chill Mix with the…
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @PrinceOfLeafair Thoughts and Prayers @LucianoDomenico Sounds like Storm Luciano is getting very blowyWatching the UFC on the same time zone and still about to fall asleep
@Pat_Carty @thelostbrothers Great write upListening to @thelostbrothers new album. They are probably the most reliable band I've ever heard over 6 albums. Th… @djlegge We started in San Jose (not nice= then Arenal La Fortuna for the volcano, in Monteverde now for zip lining… @Psycho_Sonic_C @alreadytaken74 Omg amazingTeaching these two how to swear like an Irish man just went zip lining and shat it half way through the 14 lines. One of the members had to clip me into him like a… remembered that dog that looks like John Travolta.
Retweeted by Phil TaggartFoolish Loving Spaces is number 1️⃣ in the UK Album Charts ❤️ This is real life! Thank you all for supporting the r…
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Listening to the @LankumDublin album for the first time. Every song feels like the emotional end credits of an indie film. I love it!
Netflix don’t do news & weather. Netflix don’t do radio. Netflix don’t do podcasts. Netflix don’t do Bitesize educa…
Retweeted by Phil Taggartmade a mix for @BBCR1 and spoke w/ @philytaggart about it. listen at 1:01:06
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @MayKapes @courtneyccarey Sign her up NOWTOMORROW FOLKS! ⭑⭑⭑⭑ MOJO ⭑⭑⭑⭑ UNCUT ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ FOLK N TUMBLE ⭑⭑⭑⭑ RNR ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ HOT PRESS ⭑⭑⭑⭑ NARC MAGAZINE “Pure Magic…
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You won't BRIElieve the amazing prizes we have up for grabs at our next Big Help Musicians Quiz, including these £2…
Retweeted by Phil TaggartThe rumors of its death have been wildly exaggerated... If you really want Fox News UK 😒 BBC WITH A PROPER ROBUST BRILLIANT DEFENCE. MORE PLEASE.
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @robkhan Aye but you would have to go to Shoreditch House and look like a big London knobbo
If they don’t believe. Don’t wait for them to. If they forget make sure you don’t forget as well. You got yours…
Retweeted by Phil Taggart @Pyramid_Neil Go on DAD LADAll Hail the Emperor @StevenRaineyNI @andyjpizza Mr Hoppy
@AnnieMac @BBCR1 I opened with Time After Time by Cyndie Lauper last week ❤️You'd love to have a button that could just magically beam him into a border town bar in Armagh as he's saying it @Official_Yizzy 🔥My new Monday morning routine: catch up on @philytaggart's the chillest show whilst slogging through my weekly report 👌🏼🧘🏻‍♀️ #zen @BBCR1
Retweeted by Phil TaggartIs it a coincidence I'm going on a holiday the same time the Premier League stars all traverse the world on their W… @RugbyBarrister Noel is so peng
@TheRealMrsBee @BBCR1 Sorry no podcast but try Slacker Podcast @Sydshead ONCEYeah I am opening The Chillest with Cyndie Lauper Time After Time. Because I have a heart and a soulI left my house in Brighton at 3:15pm. It will be a miracle if I make it into the studio before my show starts at 7… Replacement Sunday. F*** @alphachromeyayo He's peng af @Darcus Imagine Bombay doing that playing you the new albumMum read an article about youth slang and now repeatly tells our dog Noel how 'peng' he isI've got a six pack from cringing so hard
@BeagDearg @davemcCabe1 Plzzzzd to meet you @JayCockburn You'll do it @BeagDearg @davemcCabe1 Happy Birthday!!! @JayCockburn Fuck me! @ManUtd I scored 12 goals this week across two 5-a-side games. HMU with a £100,000 a week contract. Contact my… @JayCockburn Congrats! It took me years to write mine. It's hard but worth it!
Weird days for the trend @MayKapes Twitter is mental @Ollie_Jonesy23 Whatever the lad needs. I'm sure when you do see him you will want to see the best version @Ollie_Jonesy23 You have no idea whats going on behind the scenes and either do iI've seen a lot of Sam Fender fans giving out about his cancelled show. It takes big decisions to cancel a show it'… @kojaque @Rubberbandits 'Gee' and 'Gowl' are medical terms so are fine @arvoparty gwan send it to me x
I see Britain are taking the divorce well @bigholden1 Sure you've had an apple before. That's vegan @shamebanduk 'it's got a good beat' tapping along out of time @SwimmersJackson @_chrisjones_ This is mad. I hope you are safe from it @SwimmersJackson Shit! News?Saved! The 100 Club granted protected status by Westminster Council #100ClubSaved
Retweeted by Phil TaggartAbout. Time.
@ironmajic @MayKapes @TheDJCull Full on tea outside the nightclub vibe