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@notwithoutsuzy oh yes, my maverick daughter @notwithoutsuzy jesusAt sunset the most beautiful mushroom comes out @tamsin_wilson @Halfpintmonkey made a phenomenally silly thing with non-exotic animals for @RealMattLucas Reasons To Be Cheerful on @Channel4 at…
having a HUGE Saturday night @AhirShah @ComedyNerd CAROL YOU ARE A CUCKOO
@spendals GET LOST U WEIRDO @mrTonyLaw @HelenBaBauer TOO MANT ‘L’s TONEZONE. I AM SPOOKED! @HelenBaBauer but also carrying the weight of the world @HelenBaBauer THAT’S M’NAME DON’T WEAR IT OUT @HelenBaBauer me's a sunny Mayhem Friday on Achill, and @phlaimeaux is feeling tropical. Lilt and coconut bra level tropical.…
Retweeted by David O'DohertyI LOVE SAM CAMPBELL. This is amazing:'s Jim Holmes finishes off a flowing showcase of football at its most vertical to open the scoring...for Air…
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @HartleyMoon @missy_el @notDcfcBoss AGREE @noelfielding11 I knew it! He keeps poopin
I’M BASICALLY LIVING IN THE PICTURE ON THE FRONT OF A JIGSAW BEAUTIFUL THREAD @johndunf 5⭐️It’s Tops-Off-Thursday on the podcast! No matter where you are TAKE YOUR TOP OFF. It’s free for everyone… @newschambers dedYou know what day it is
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @SecondCaptains HAHAHA @AtomicFilmmaker KEEP IT WATERED!hope twitter starts to fact check whether people who tweet the crying laughing emoji are in fact crying with laughter @rhodus_hic GOT IT! I'm looking at first gear at the moment and I think there is still a ways to go, spring arm wis… @leonarm I swapped one Matthew @AnkhMorporker haha IT WILL RUN OFF THE SHELVES @rhodus_hic BOOOOOM. Am gonna try 12-30. I’ll pop the B screw in and see. Thanks man!
Often think about that late nite bar we stumbled across in Hanoi called Naboo, named after the planet in Star Wars.…
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @Nyeasha_e Yaaaaay! Thank you SO much @Nyeasha_e eeeeeeeee did you send me a thing????lobbying the government to make an exemption for six strangers zipped into a clear plastic ball or Ireland’s zorbin… @SecondCaptains poor Garry Waddock, never made the squad.SPENCER IS BRILLIANT now on the Megadrive, Neo Geo, Atari Lynx & @phlaimeaux #ParsnipTransfer
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @TortoiseShack Haha @notwithoutsuzy hahaWhat’s on your mind? editing his blog to say he predicted Parasite would win Best Picture
Retweeted by David O'DohertyCOME AWAY WITH ME. Take a holidavid o’doherty on today’s p-cast @danielmaier worried it could all be a prank to get a photo of that person wearing that teeshirt??? @dalkeybookfest @Damian_Barr @Elif_Safak @PantiBliss @HallieRubenhold @jonronson @philippesands @KuperSimon from Jaws now unhappy with debris left in water following detonation of shark
this wasn't even the biggest fart I did that day boys. Disrupting Gemma O'Doherty & John Waters' ludicrous beach protest. Wearing a literal tinfoil helmet. Shou…
Retweeted by David O'Doherty50th episode of my really stupid podcast today. That’s over 1000 minutes of talking. Holy shit.… Cummings thing reminds me of the time some Spanish prince had the hiccups so everyone started pretending they h… @daraobriain OPENING RESPONSES TO THIS ARE TWITTER DOT COM FORWARD SLASH TOTHEMAXIt's the 50th episode of the Insulating Tripod. That's fifty episodes of @phlaimeaux living in (SEE PHOTO BELOW FOR…
Retweeted by David O'Dohertytinder bio for Irish people @andrew_trimble @McGurkEamonn @readingjess @SecondCaptains @Younghorgan YES @readingjess @SecondCaptains THANKS WRANGLER MARK (also Jess)
TAKE THAT YOU STUPID PRICK (the virus, not nice Sorcha) don't know about you, but @phlaimeaux spent his weekend kissing a cliff because, well, these are strange times we…
Retweeted by David O'DohertyEconomics: we must look to the past and learn the great lessons! Also economics: This thing has never happened before
I see the Brits have bought the monorail again Garda, I'd like to report the murder of the GAA in broad daylight
Retweeted by David O'DohertyI preferred her when she presented Play School.
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @JSWeetabix he’s after urging the Irish people not to get ahead of themselvesGONNA TOUCH THAT CLIFF #CovidHorn @kevinmcgahern irish headline for irish people.
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @MrNishKumar @wearevillagers hahaha
@Gavin29417259 haha great work team (also v tidy kitchen)the full name of the show was Doctor Hydroxycholoro Quinn, Medicine WomanIn fairness to Dominic Cummings, there was a precedent for what he did over an even greater distance from The Proclaimers in the 80sHappy birthday @MrNishKumar @wearevillagers Oscar Wilde on the rocks! Shout at a romantica! Woo a basking shark! Do what you need to do to mayhem up your weekend with…
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @AnkhMorporker weeep weeeep weeeep @daraobriain great parking availz in Bray todayimpending happy birthday to all of the people i have photographs with where I look a bit hotter than them
It was the moment we were dreading. He's never coming back with support from Philip III of Spain @_lalaphoto no way LalaSCENES @SecondCaptains The Greatest had tiny nips tooThe sun’s light travels 93 million miles to reach us, only to be outsmarted by curtains
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @newschambers @VirginMediaNews turn upside down to get number 5318008 @newschambers @VirginMediaNews into itGet ready Fr Jimmy because MAYHEM FRIDAY is approaching fast 🏃‍♀️
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @rickedwards1 @xtine_rose u stole ur ‘Paperboy During the Blitz’ look off me though m88 (rick) @kevinmcgahern is so depressing. And really makes Richard Curtis look like a grade A arsehole.
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @GooglePuns OH MY GOODNESS THIS IS AMAZING. does this mean I am an #Influencer Amanda???Plans 2020
Retweeted by David O'Doherty
@RuthieFizz COME ON IRELAND @RuthieFizz I always read your twitter as R U thief I zz. Why do you always fall asleep before Marple-like, you blow the doors off the case?tbt me and the lads having a tremendous kick about @FintanOToolbox Haha @seeegriffin ALL IT TOOK WAS A PANDEMIC FOR PEOPLE TO SEE THIS @DarrenLeathley @SecondCaptains Oh he rumbled in some junglesIt’s Tops Off Thursday. Free-for-everyone podcast there’s supposed to be a pandemic but I’ve yet to see a single panda!!!!!lololcryingemoji
@watsoncomedian am 44'The Grime of a Shitty Cock'putting rude words into Nick Drake songs is never not funny