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Eoin, did u collect the eggs
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @richardosman @SeanMarum @PaulKimmage I actually know who that belongs to! I'm more this kind of French wanker @gearoidfarrelly hahaha @Nyeasha_e Aww love this. Can’t believe you didn’t turn up for the big day :((
@guy_mont Can of beer?SAME GIRL @gearoidfarrelly PLUS THREE RECENT BILLS @AdrianAndShane I HOPE THEY WERE TASTEFUL @jammyCon I get sad when I see a small radiator heating a large room @LikeSewAmazing I AM SO SORRY @RainbowSteps hahaha @dfame2016 EXACTLYa creep fake me is on Facebook asking for ladies' numbers and using kiss emojis. I have reported him/it and all but… @MrNishKumar @daraobriain this is like when I did the 'I Do A Robbery at Half Time in Every Gig Tour' @daraobriain have u done a murder and gone on the run?
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @SecondCaptains a lovely bit of stuff
@BigDirtyFry @etienneshrdlu they're the new RYANAIR ARE ABOUT TO CHARGE YOU FOR TAKING A SHIT @PrayForPatrick PrayForPatrick please PrayForDavidIt's been a great 7 years and I will always love the guys but I am leaving BTS to concentrate on my solo stuff.IKEA gets it
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @Ifieldcc_LRC @wimpykid @LizPichon @davidwalliams @chrisjudge @JonathanMeres hahaha. keep up the great work! @Ifieldcc_LRC @wimpykid @LizPichon @davidwalliams @chrisjudge @JonathanMeres AM GONNA GET AN ILFIELD COMMUNITY COLLEGE LRC TATTOO xx
@LouSanders you wrote Parashite @Birdiemtfc @richardosman @authorpetermay anniv+virsary
@kurtbraunohler CONGRATS KURTAINZ XX @BarryMurphyHG @cantwelll eh seems like my high bouncing grubber as demoed on B&A's HoR beat Ireland… @olgawehrly @BigBoyler BULLIES NEVER WIN OLGA @BigBoyler growing up, a bully called my house 'Melmac' @rickedwards1 "Sorry Rick. A leg operation isn't like a haircut. We can't just give you David O'Doherty/Lionel Messi's legs." @rickedwards1 have a look at this and get back to me m8 @rickedwards1 my legs are 100% fully operational and not about to be sliced open by some div @rickedwards1 Hope this makes you feel better. My legs are quite tired to announce I’ll be directing ‘Parasite 2: Hindparasite Is Always 20/20’ @rickedwards1 Is this because I was too sassy earlier??? @richardosman @rickedwards1 winner gets a week in Magaluf with Jo Guest and your parents are watching on hidden cameras @richardosman @rickedwards1 Rick hosted the original radio version of Naked Attraction and that didn't work either @rickedwards1 @richardosman IT'S DEFINITELY HARRY STYLES @richardosman @rickedwards1 "Digby, you wait in this quarry. I have to go and see if there are any people left in t… @richardosman @rickedwards1 LOTS OF ANIMALS WANT TO KISS ME @richardosman @rickedwards1 @rickedwards1 @richardosman I'm sorry you didn't get the new series of Celebrity Sloth Makeovers @daraobriain that is the An Post tie I wore in my driving test because my friend told me it was good to establish a… @rickedwards1 @richardosman uh oh. E4 is here. Is he about to snog, marry or avoid me? @richardosman you should deforestate your guitar and start playing again!'m really getting blasted on here today. For the millionth time THIS IS NOT ME @team_daddy GREAT THIS AGAIN @gillinghamjoe bit of bad news re the band @gillinghamjoe MAKING SENSE @guy_mont He peed in my pool @team_daddy mike stop trying to pivot your brand. You’re the towel guy and we are all here for the towel content
My sister on holiday with the kids, they had a few cute ‘towel animals’ left on the bed during the week but just ca…
Retweeted by David O'Doherty
@tommulqueen THANKS TOM!
@stephbreakfast @BBCWatchdog @BBCOne @Channel4 AMAZING! @richardosman CONGRATS TALLMAN RUSHDIE! Looks great. @CorryEamon hahaha. that has made me laugh @tmfworkshop WHAT ABOUT AN ENEMY @ChambersMgt am availz @Poormanatee I am still high from my gig in Naas last nightI, the hairy Enya, will be embarking on a huge British tour later this year. Some shows are selling out so we’ve ad…
@LouSanders no sugartitsShowbiz, baby. One wrong turn and you’re back on the street @amyohconnor are u ragin because you’re not the main online AOC?
I, David O'Doherty, hereby announce a show in Perth WA (not Scotland) on April 23 as part of @ComedyFestPerth DO NOT LIKE SOME THINGS AT ALL
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @DeadlySean haha @RichieSadlier Nash is the Irish politician who sounds the most like a character from a western @richardosman your ipad IS GRAET @AlisonSpittle GREAT NAMEDODDLES ANTIVIRUS @Paraic_Hogan @RichieSadlier 100%Just finished this amazing sports book. Huge congrats @RichieSadlier mum calls me ‘friend of the pod’
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@notwithoutsuzy @mrkocnnll Sudoku is a numbers gamepaps be pappin AM DOING TWO SHOW’S AT THE GREATEST LITTLE COMEDY FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD IN MAY @irishpeloton Whoa! Dunno who that guy is but it seems to be a Colnago with Campag’s elusive mountain group from 1989 so I’m into him
@irishpeloton @JamieGMac weeeep weeeep.@paddypower should do a funny tweet about how they treat their staff like shit
Retweeted by David O'Dohertysometimes I pretend I have a Tesla by standing around motorway services looking bored for half an hour @JamesJo57864725 THANKS JAMIE BOY X @ConorTMcGrane Awwwww thanks Conor! @etienneshrdlu am ded @catcohen Hahahaha
me when I agree to go to Spar to get a bag of chocolate Buttons @ConorTMcGrane DRESSCODE: FULL TIME TRIAL SUIT inc helmetThought this was for my show but there’s an Irish dancing competition in my venue tomorrow @YourRTEGuide also choir of recently voted out TDs perform that Killers songBoy = the people of Killarney Man = @INECKillarney Dog = my show tonight at 8 LAST TICKETS @E_dayEccentric Haha! Thanks so much!
I call it Halloween of KissingWhat it looks like when you have no Irish people on your marketing team.
Retweeted by David O'Doherty @watsoncomedian HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY MARK WATSON
I hereby announce a show in Sydney on April 25th as part of @Syd_Comedy_Fest. It’s at the incredible…