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she/her, the artist currently known as phoebe bridgers

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lots of new and unhinged stuff
in case y’all forgot
Listen to emo queen and "former CONAN PA" @phoebe_bridgers on "The Three Questions with @AndyRichter."…
Retweeted by traitor joeICYMI: @phoebe_bridgers performed "Savior Complex" last night on @FallonTonight 🖤 catch the whole song here →…
Retweeted by traitor joePhoebe Bridgers performs "Savior Complex" in haunted Christmas attic on 'The Tonight Show'
Retweeted by traitor joeIt comes a day after after @Phoebe_Bridgers unveiled a video for the 'Punisher' track
Retweeted by traitor joe.@Phoebe_Bridgers and her self-playing piano were on @FallonTonight
Retweeted by traitor joe @nicomuhobs “boop” @skellysuit five five🎹 #FallonTonight Tunes 🎹 4-time Grammy-nominated artist @phoebe_bridgers performs “Savior Complex” from her album…
Retweeted by traitor joe“how’d you know i was in the top 1% of phoebe bridgers listeners this year”
Retweeted by traitor joe“how did u know phoebe bridgers was in my top spotify wrapped”
Retweeted by traitor joe“how did you guess phoebe bridgers was my spotify wrapped top artist”
Retweeted by traitor joe☠️ @phoebe_bridgers plays @FallonTonight TONIGHT ☠️
Retweeted by traitor joeTonight on the show: 🗓️ Same Interview, Fourth Year 🌟 Talk + Like, Follow, Block w/ Jamie Dornan 📝 Lisa Robinson…
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Grammy nominated singer/songwriter @phoebe_bridgers joins @AndyRichter on "The Three Questions" this week. Listen n…
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this is literally true Bridgers (@phoebe_bridgers) reveals 'Savior Complex' video, directed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (!) and starrin…
Retweeted by traitor joeCheck out the Phoebe Waller-Bridge directed visuals here @Phoebe_bridgers @mescal_paul
Retweeted by traitor joei mean happiest season might have re-traumatized me but kstew is on some short king shit I’m dying to be on
Retweeted by traitor joe🕳
Retweeted by traitor joePhoebe Bridgers has finally teamed up with Phoebe Waller-Bridge for the "Savior Complex" video, starring Paul Mesca…
Retweeted by traitor joe.@Phoebe_Bridgers and Phoebe Waller-Bridge unite for a new video
Retweeted by traitor joeThe music video for “Savior Complex” by @phoebe_bridgers is here 🖤 Directed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, starring…
Retweeted by traitor joeloved bisexual recovery chess rockya lot going on in the world
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what if we kissed...
told you so is a juggalo
do we get swords about how many times I tripped jumping off the kick drum
Both @theestallion and @phoebe_bridgers are first-time #GRAMMYs nominees and are in the running for Best New Artist…
Retweeted by traitor joe @halsey I tried to play it cool in your dms but I have failed @phoebe_bridgers this woman is going to win a grammy.
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my new band #GRAMMYs nominee @phoebe_bridgers Revisit Phoebe's 2019 GQ profile:
Retweeted by traitor joeAll of the artists nominated for Best Rock Performance are women, including Fiona Apple and @Phoebe_Bridgers
Retweeted by traitor joeif phoebe wins a grammy I will cover iris by the goo goo dolls
Retweeted by traitor joeI just woke up whatPhoebe Bridgers Covers Merle Haggard's 'If We Make It Thru December'
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....... year, proceeds from @phoebe_bridgers' annual holidays cover will go to LA's Downtown Women’s Center
Retweeted by traitor joeHear @phoebe_bridgers' annual Christmas release, a cover of Merle Haggard's devastating "If We Make It Through Dece…
Retweeted by traitor joe.@PhoebeBridgers has covered @MerleHaggard to benefit L.A.'s Downtown Women's Center (@DWCweb)
Retweeted by traitor joeMERRY FAKE-NUDES-MAS🎄@phoebe_bridgers’ cover of “If We Make It Through December” by Merle Haggard is out now 💌 Proc…
Retweeted by traitor joeboygenius and conor oberst be like
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.@phoebe_bridgers’ new EP #CopycatKiller is out today. Revisit her 2019 GQ profile here:
Retweeted by traitor joeGreat chat between @phoebe_bridgers & @larsulrich over at @RollingStone. Check out the 36-min video when ya can.
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A new Phoebe Bridgers EP is out now
Retweeted by traitor joe🖤☠️
You may not know it from her music, but Phoebe Bridgers is a huge Metallica fan. The California singer-songwriter c…
Retweeted by traitor joeWith the new 'Copycat Killer' EP, @phoebe_bridgers unlocks new magic from her brilliant 'Punisher' album. Read the…
Retweeted by traitor joeA new Phoebe Bridgers EP is out now
Retweeted by traitor joe: ‘ ) day I don’t buy chips every day I search my house for chips.@Phoebe_Bridgers has been one of the bright spots in a very, uh, punishing year, and today she's just dropped a ne…
Retweeted by traitor joea GIANT thank you to all 46,935 of you who downloaded Iris on bandcamp last friday. we raised $173,703.59 for…
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Y’all republicans really believe that we would rig the election and then choose JOE BIDEN!?!? 😭😭😭
Retweeted by traitor joesavior complex 🌘 @phoebe_bridgers
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.@phoebe_bridgers dragging an idiot man in this New Yorker cartoon, you love to see it
Retweeted by traitor joewhat’s something that feelsthis is a subtweet👀 did you know we covered irisonly a few hours left to donate and download energy on the bandcamp front page today @Bandcamp @phoebe_bridgers @maggierogers
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On November 3, @Phoebe_Bridgers tweeted that she would cover "Iris" by the Goo Goo Dolls if Donald Trump lost the e…
Retweeted by traitor joewent on to @Bandcamp to buy some techno but i guess they only sell @phoebe_bridgers now
Retweeted by traitor joe.@phoebe_bridgers & @maggierogers have made their cover of "Iris" available for download with all proceeds going to…
Retweeted by traitor joeIn honor of Trump losing, Phoebe Bridgers has released a cover of the Goo Goo Dolls' "Iris" with Maggie Rogers on b…
Retweeted by traitor joe.@phoebe_bridgers has fulfilled her promise to cover the Goo Goo Dolls if Trump lost the election
Retweeted by traitor joe“iris” with @phoebe_bridgers alive for 24 hours on bandcamp proceeds benefit @fairfightaction 😎 thank u goo goo…
Retweeted by traitor joehow it started vs. how it ended
Retweeted by traitor joeart by @aidenarata$$$ goes to @fairfightaction just want you to know who i am... @phoebe_bridgers
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@StevenRayMorris I start burning this shit in like September @tylerthecreator hi @phoebe_bridgers We’re waiting... 😃 😃 😃
Retweeted by traitor joe @sunflowerxtae it’s a continuation of the first verse, so in theory the whole song takes place in my head while I’m drunk on the lawn @sunflowerxtae when you’re locked out of your house but you’re too drunk to care, you know eventually you’ll have t… @fluentisonus The verse before this describes a fight where neither of us back down, but then I go to sleep and hav…
Phoebe Bridgers Announces 'Copycat Killer' EP, Out Later This Month
Retweeted by traitor joe @H0NESTFVCE Driving around looking for actual stars in the sky, and also the buses you can ride in Hollywood that t… @cheapmoscato Ryan Adams. Do not recommend. @storybooktiles I tried to be a person who jogged once @stevenancys I’m such an Elliott Smith fan that whenever I meet “industry” people they tell me their Elliott storie… @Sfearn182 actually 25mph @milagrosfava yes, and the military metric, and like clicking on your phone @fiIleenfeu Conor wrote that whole thing on mushrooms when @chrisleehutson and I were talking about how all our musical heroes are broke @calderjrondeau yes ! @saviorsoulctrl picking someone up from the airport and the horny drive home before you have sex @RealAhmadAli it was 300 dollars for one hour, I was a half hour late, so technically 300 for a half hour, and I wa… @inthealphs Exactly. We were in Chicago. This was before the screaming. @AMarranara I wonder if he believed the lyrics of the songs he sung, but also I wonder if he believed stealing song… @punishericu secrets, and nudes @TheBrotographer Yeah I had a crush on someone who lives next to a nazi and used to joke about just killing him and…