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To clarify, the org has paid all players according to their contracts.
Correction: Along with them King and Apex will be parting ways with the organization.P1 Roster Update Read:
@menace_val @triskkkk but we are.
HB #39: 1. NeverDone @pennycsgo 2. @PenguinSleddin @HazValorant 3. @Phoenix1_gg @zekkenVAL 4. @ArchonsVAL @brizkyo
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@saburo2k best we have seen as well. @vanitycsgo closeWe lose Grand Finals of Knights Gauntlet 0-2 against Never Done. However, we hold our heads high getting 2nd place… One versus five. @zekkenVAL 📺 📺 🥊 $5,000 | #KnightsGauntlet 🥊
Retweeted by Phoenix1Match is live, come throughWe win Map 3 13-6, closing out the series 2-1 against @ez5gg. GGs, we move onto grand finals. We aren't done yet. S…
We take a loss on Map 2 9-13. Onto Map 3.We close out Map 1 14-12. Looking good, don't miss the rest of the series. And of course, don't miss out on more… update: If you want to catch our next match against @ez5gg live, check it out over at one really went down to the wire. However, we manage to clutch it out against @SakuraStormVal, awaiting our ne…! 🥵 @Phoenix1_gg takes the first map from @SakuraStormVal! Second map is BIND! 👉
Retweeted by Phoenix1 @stazval @SakuraStormVal you don't need to tell us twice 😎Good morning everyone! Today we kick off our Top 8 with an exciting matchup! 👀 We play @SakuraStormVal RIGHT NOW o… 8 teams of the #KnightsGauntlet going LIVE at 1:00PM EST!!! @TeamSerenity vs @BigFramesGG 📺…
Retweeted by Phoenix1 @moistlydripping @menace_val Yes. Yes it is. @menace_val we're down to EIGHT TEAMS in the #KnightsGauntlet Monthly $5,000 Main Event! ⚔️ 🥊 @Phoenix1_gg 🥊…
Retweeted by Phoenix1We take the 2-0 W over @BlahajVal, escorting us into the quarter-finals of the @KnightsGG gauntlet. See you tomor…
Made it out of groups. Light work. We take the #1 seed in the @KnightsGG Gauntlet, going on to face BLÅHAJ right n… don't call him @PrecisionVal for nothing. 👀 We heard from a reliable source that if you follow him @…
@menace_val Typo. @averyyfps menace23Pog @JoinSuperLeague Thank you for having us!Congrats @Phoenix1_gg for SWEEPING the inaugural #SuperLeagueArena! 🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by Phoenix1Guess they just couldn't dance. We take the 3-0 W over @DREAMLANDval, along with the tournament. GGs, all.…
It's time. Our finals match of Super League Arena is now LIVE🔴 over at Let's dance,… @JasonPalafox That's okay. We appreciate your support a ton! @TrickVAL So glad someone is finally shedding light on this. @JasonPalafox yeppppp 😎We pick up the 2-0 W in semis against @SpotUpVAL. You know what that means. We will see you guys very soon for our… we are LIVE🔴 with our Super League Arena semifinals match against @SpotUpVAL. Don't miss the action over at…'t forget to tune into tomorrow for our semifinal match of Super League Arena against…
Retweeted by Phoenix1Don't forget to tune into tomorrow for our semifinal match of Super League Arena against…
Tomorrow at 11 am pst; @PrismEsports_US, @DREAMLANDval, @SpotUpVAL, and @Phoenix1_gg will be facing off the in the…
Retweeted by Phoenix1Posted another yt vid, kinda like montage of stream highlights, I also heard every yt subscriber gets 200% more luc…
Retweeted by Phoenix1After some hard-fought matches, we are knocked out of @WSOE. Here is your recap of today's BO1 matches: 🔥 13-11 W…
The teams competing are @ClemsonEsports @DREAMLANDval @PrismEsports_US @SpotUpVAL @Phoenix1_gg @Cloud9
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@menace_val we know we are.There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is @zekkenVAL. 🤠
We are fired up today! 🔥 "Why?", you ask? Well, we are fired up to announce @aRubyz will be moving up to the Head…
@Jonaaa6_VAL Chin up king, your crown is falling. GGs as always 🙂 @ProjektRadiant @JoinSuperLeague Thank you. Hopefully, we meet again in the near future for an exciting match. 😄And that's that. We take a decisive 2-0 over @ProjektRadiant in our Quarter Finals match of @JoinSuperLeague. Well… @Apex177 @menace_val D1 diff 😈
We enter @JoinSuperLeague today to meet with some familiar faces! Our match against @ProjektRadiant begins at 9PM… @ProjektRadiant @JoinSuperLeague We can hardly wait to see what you’ve got. See you then 😎Back to back aces? Light work for @theKingFPS_ 🥱
@BlameCS @menace_val pour one out for the boy🕯️This new episode got us feelin' different 🥴 A lot of you are sicknasty in MS Paint... but ultimately, @koollul comes out on top with their submi… @Apex177 @BlameCS Did someone say "new banner"??? 😈 @theKingFPS_ The mouse control 😳 @koollul Holy- you are giving everyone a run for their money. This is the one to beat.
@aRubyz the shading though 🔥🔥 @thooorne We were not prepared for one that was this good. @desert_biome Why is he so upset? Will we ever know? @ReDoFPS Ok go on then😳Draw us your best MS Paint Phoenix1 logo. Our favorite will be our pfp for a week.
From @PenguinSleddin to Phoenix Ridin, please help us give a warm welcome to our newest teammate, @theKingFPS_! We…
CRAZY INSANE NUTTY RAZE CLIP from @menace_val's stream today! Taken right from our discord make sure to join here:…
Permanent invite link in bio.It's finally here. 👀 We're incredibly excited to announce the reveal of our public Discord! Join TODAY for... 🔸 E…, we say goodbye to the Sentinel whose had our backs and watched over us. Thank you, @Agility26! The team her…
While we struck out in the @TeamSerenity Invitational, we're thankful for the experience! GGs to Teal Seam! 🔸 Map…
⚠ MATCH UPDATE ⚠ We grab a 2-1 victory over @TradeLikeProsGG Red in the @TeamSerenity Invitational! GGs to them,… DAY! 🔥 We’re headed into game 1 of the @TeamSerenity $1K Invitational, going up against @TradeLikeProsGG Red!…
Everybody makes mistakes.__      />  フ      |  .  . l      /` ミ_xノ      /      | Happy Mew Years!     /  ヽ   ノ From Phoenix1 🧡     │  | |…
We are excited to be participating in the @TeamSerenity Invitational! 🔥 Our first match of the event is on January… gamer hours.
@menace_val MENACE STREAM!
Our run ends on Round 2. 😔 For tonight's @VanguardChamps Sunday Showdown, we place 2nd! We take a difficult defea… like we'll be taking this series to Round 3 tonight. We lose 11-13 to @SakuraStormVal in the first game toni…'re tied 9-9 in Game 1 against @SakuraStormVal. Come cheer us on! 🔥 Damage from @menace_val. @Phoenix1_gg lead at the half against @SakuraStormVal in Game 1 of Grand Finals…
Retweeted by Phoenix1What are you doing on Twitter? We're playing! 🔥 The @VanguardChamps Sunday Showdown Grand Finals are happening RIGH… an intense day of play, two teams have made it to the finals. @Phoenix1_gg vs. @SakuraStormVal You don't…
Retweeted by Phoenix1We triumph with a swift 13-2 victory against Ex-Elevate, securing a place in tonight's @VanguardChamps Sunday Showd… semi-finals game vs Ex-Elevate will be streamed shortly! Tune in now at: round down!😎 We defeat @grapefruitsVAL 13-8 and we advance to the semi-finals of the @VanguardChamps Sunda… Round 2 complete! We defeat @TradeLikeProsGG Gold 13-11 and advance to the quarter finals vs @grapefruitsVAL. GGs!Playoffs Round 1: ☑️ In tonight's @VanguardChamps Sunday Showdown, we secure a swift 13-6 victory versus Unemploye… @stazval That's the plan. 😎
📣 UPDATE: For Playoffs Round 1, we're up against Unemployed for Christmas! 🔥 results are in! 🥁 🔸 11-13 // Last Minute 🔸 13-05 // Hysteria 🔸 13-11 // Demon Time Now, onto Playoffs for ton…’re back at it! Today, we take on the @VanguardChamps Sunday Showdown! The teams we’re up against in groups are… we made it far, an 0-2 defeat against @NRGgg knocks us out of the NSG x Complexity $10K Qualifiers. A tough… for Day 2.🔥 Today, we take on quarterfinals of the @nerdstgamers x Complexity $10K Qualifiers. We're getting… 1 complete.😎 We advance to the Quarter Finals of the @nerdstgamers x Complexity $10K Qualifiers after a 2-0 vi…
Didn’t lose one game so far in NSG. So ready to rock this tourney boys playing exceptional.
Retweeted by Phoenix1The holidays were fun but now we’re back on the grind!😈 We close out our last group stage series 2-0 against… take down @mouseSpaz 13-5 and advance to the winners match in Group F! GGs, we now wait to face the winner of… @stazval @nerdstgamers @ProspectsGG @GrindCityVAL @mouseSpaz Hi StazToday we take on the @nerdstgamers December Monthly! We are joined by @ProspectsGG @GrindCityVAL and @mouseSpaz in…