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pho @phoFPS U.S.

I really like the color purple. F/A Professional @PlayValorant player (IGL) | @YukiAim Business inquiries: Formerly: @builtbygamers

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@floofqt idk if im making one but the boys are tryna roll up together @CoachRuin @SwooshFN OOOOH GOATED @SwooshFN EXACTLY. Sometimes I also have mate in 3 instead of mate in 2 and it would be so much easier than me plu… @pay3n lock the hat @witmer YES it makes so much sense. maybe there's an option im missing or something too cause it just seems like it would be SO beneficialI know this isn't a chess twitter, but do any chess homies see the value in showing lines after incorrect moves in… @yungcalc πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜’πŸ˜”πŸ˜”Ready to become EUs newest ladder demon.
@dopeysparks LMAO thank u gotta stay grounded @Meerko_ listen man you're just one of many don't take it personally.... @Vanityxz Maybe theres a case for that, but do you see a world where brim becomes meta with his current kit in the… @VerninaEllana My opinion is that if you buff his current kit like adding a second moly it's still the same lack of… @MatthewCElmore You just haven't seen my lineups yet 8)) 😈😈 @Vanityxz Exactly, he needs a different kit. If you consider his kit vs the rest of the cast his is extremely basic… @MatthewCElmore Hey I didn't say create another astra buddy.... I like playing my character too πŸ˜…πŸ˜…All I see is nerf jett, how about rework brim? πŸ˜” @4sh0t Thank mr sam 8)ranked with @Boostio 8)
@dummy πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅ stop I can't handle this praise... @PeachiPies πŸ€ @thegreatdnor LMAOOOOO I love it @C0Mtweets β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜‰ @robwiztv Rob I genuinely love you so much. You're the true wizlord, don't ever go changing on me πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ @902Creed Thank you my brotha @thegreatdnor LMAO I love you bro πŸ’• @Bjorlulu πŸ’— @builtbygamers RIP the BBG classic, a true iconI have been officially released from BBG, and I am an unrestricted F/A. Thanks to BBG, I'm proud to have had the o… @katsumiFPS ggs wp @ChoboMe Congratz!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
Oni shorty has pre nerf shorty range
@902Creed My god it's beautiful I feel so completeHad some hilarious games on stream today. Here's one of the dumbest 1v4s I've ever managed LMAO @mel_anji hand pain is no joke, stay safe out there πŸ˜” @PeachiPies see always with the harassment... wowranked and such @monkeycbc yes @ItsChiwu It might not be common knowledge now, but the people will learn @robotic_fn correct 8)it's pho not pho
@SpringLane_ @yungcalc fake sewer rat @flexinja I just kinda cosplayed as jett with daggers for a sec
@RockLeepls @Bjorlulu Someone had to do it @Bjorlulu What's your third favorite flavor of vitamin water @Vanityxz You sure it's not both?V A L O R A N T
@rocazor the second coming of the god king begins. beautiful, handsome gamer with extreme clicking abilities <3LFT Played all duelists mainly jett, phoenix, but willing to play any role. I also have igling experience.…
Retweeted by pho @robwiztv SHEEEEEEEESH. On god. ICE IN MY VEINS @yungcalc I used a judge only on jett last night I had the whole lobby raging @yungcalc Where's your judge bro wtf? @OryxTheKing1 Haha ggs brotha <3 @juliaaiis Ofc ofc artisan mousepads are the endgame3...2...1 2 of the artisan zero. my g pro is charged today, I can't whiff.
@CoachRuin LMAO @CoachRuin Who won thoAs of today I am allowed to entertain offers from any interested teams. I am still contracted with BBG, but I am al…
Retweeted by pho @virtusTV Yeah it was worse in the beginning of the season because 2100 got you 226 gear which was not exactly easy… @virtusTV It's always the biggest problem for me with wow. I'd love to just log on for a few hours a week to play w…'s gonna tell him? @902Creed I'll take 1 McLonely with a side of sadge @CoachRuin @RarkarCS @Critical_Val he was disconnected at the load screen and couldn't get back in until the last round LMAO @RarkarCS @Critical_Val an absolute unit @savi0rwp zero is the wave. i was a hien fanboi but I can't seem to top the zero it's SO GOODstreaming some dm and then ranked. first day on the artisan zero pretty hype to test it out more.
Soniqs didn't really get to see the full TenZ experience on map 1, but map 2 they're getting a pretty good taste of what he can do. @temcsgo @_Bewd @_Bewd Weird he didn't say that to me? @JonGalaxydick Dw it'll be 85 in a week @902Creed bro ur in the tundra.... ROFLNot sure how it was 75 degrees 2 days ago and today it's 25. I went from sweating in my room to freezing before I could even realize it @JoshRTz Mentality might be one of the harder things to fix once it's broken, but the first step is to just move fo… @RiotBallerina wait it was a joke?????? @temcsgo namaste brother πŸ™
@texerino @zombs pros these days dude @infamousbtw #VCTYo @ShahZaMk what's the crosshair fam I need that oneWon 1st match 2-0! #VCTagainst all odds the sewer rat finds a way @FionnOnFire bing qiang, shengqi lai ba @Jesusoulz @HoellywoodFPS @Meerko_ LMAO. I'll have to make a video one day. I feel like people will immediately assume I'm a freak tho @priusOBS @RealStrongLegs this was a good thread @HoellywoodFPS @Meerko_ ring finger on W and I shift my whole hand to the left to walk when I need to hit the shift… and who? @Boostio ? @Ntuck2248 Pretty much immediate difference. It was almost instantly better
@Meerko_ 😈 @shellmonsta Ofc @881act bottom of audio settingsHRTF is so nice @Meerko_ jokes on you I use my thumb to crouch lol @902Creed my man is RESOURCEFUL ay @902Creed i'd say go to best buy but idk if your island has that.... @SEANPZtv "alt account games" aka games you THREW.... weird.... @Bjorlulu @Vanityxz i ship bjor x vanity @yepbees yeah you got your vitamin D for the day fam @yepbees ROFL incredible gameplay tbh. perfect utility placementViper gonna be the new sentinel tmw don't @ me
@902Creed @Boostio @yungcalc Yup and technically dbz but is that really in the same category? I also remember yu y… @Boostio @yungcalc I watched naruto in like 2004 or 2005 does that count