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(Jair-i-mi-yah) I woke up like this. *Views are my own*

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I never saw this footage from Insecure season 1.
mentally tired
I would like to see Normani in a verzuz against an album release dateDYLAN DYLAN DYLAN DYLAN and DYLAN vs. DYLAN Bailey sisters are definitely giving me Knowles sisters vibes and I love it ✨In case y’all forgot who our new president was: @garcoxgang Them titties were tho 😂 @garcoxgang Not on the plane tho 😭😂Us: When can we get that extra stimmy? Biden: @KevyD_ And didAshanti is like.... “Lemme go and check on these goddamn garbanzo beans and see if they cooked yet." #Verzuz
Retweeted by chloe x halle’s tennis courtso, I think i’m going with original flavor. #Verzuz“Lemme go check on those garbanzo beans. See if they cooked yet” #Verzuz cc: @JovonnieB for coming to work an hour and a half late and still taking a break.
Retweeted by chloe x halle’s tennis courtSEE WHEN I GET THE STRENGTH TO LEAVE YOU! YOU ALWAYS TELL ME THAT YOU NEED ME! AND IM WEAK BECAUSE I BELIEVE YOU. A… MY DAYS ARE COLD WITHOUT YOU! #Verzuz TAKES.I wanna be like them boys in the moviesssss! #Verzuz Only U again! #VerzuzONLY YOUUUUUUU! #Verzuz this break long #Verzuz you touch me my whole body shivers! #Verzuz babyyy babyyyyyyyyy! #VerzuzSent from Heaven!A BREAKKK?!? #Verzuz wish one of them wore a legal justice bob.That BET performance of Rain on Me ate Ashanti UP #VerzuzI KNEW ONCE WE STARTED KISSING!!!! #Verzuz Ashanti touch this damn ear piece one more timeAshanti playing Candy Crush #Verzuzplay Let’s Get Loud! #VerzuzLAST NIGHT! #VerzuzThe chemistry is kinda off...#Verzuz you should’ve did Kesh?!? #VerzuzThe hair is LAID on both sides.An ANDROIDDDD?!? Ashanti! #Verzuz’m glad we can finally settle the battle between original and cool ranch Doritos tonight. #VerzuzThis silk presssssss bihhhhhhhAshanti looks GOOOODT! #VerzuzI guess Ashanti lied when she said she was Always On Time #VerzuzI guess we waited 2 months, what’s 2 more hours...#VerzuzTonight is my first test. @sylshann We getting wins over here! Lol
and Beyoncé is gonna like this tweet. Lets see who has more success in their endeavors. really need to just go for what I want this year.Anybody wanna get me some of that new men’s Louis Vuitton?’t believe I’m even entertaining this Brooklyn nonsense...always remember you are the prize @CayronDiego1 Yeah, the right one will make it specialWhat y’all think of the Rick Owens Converse? Rick Owens x CONVERSE is Finally Happening..
Retweeted by chloe x halle’s tennis court @iGiveNoChuck So drunk in the first half @d0n0vaaaan their response: @The_ChaseLA I was actually gonna walk and pick it up lol and knowing my ass I’d download and re-enter all my information 😭😭😭I’m trying to order out less. I did two home cooked meals today, I deserve for dinner. Baby steps.
im logging tf off 😭😭😭 7pm meeting is just disrespectful.So we never have to see Cheeto again right?It’s the hair flip for me. @KevyD_ @KevyD_'s an honor to be your Vice President.
Retweeted by chloe x halle’s tennis court“There can be a hundred people in the room, and 99 of them won’t believe in you, but all you need is one”“It doesn't matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M, Just put your paws up”’m so happy the White House isn’t ghetto anymore.So Chloe gon’ be acting upppp on her solo insta. Got it.Now let’s get these $2,000 stimmys out!, J. Lo actually performed Let’s Get Loud??! @_REGeneratEd Log off pls 😂 @BHacrosstheUS @PrinceCharmingP Hahah, I ain't even mad!I just know this picture about to be hanging up at my grandma’s house
Retweeted by chloe x halle’s tennis court"this land is your land, this land is my land from Brazil, Morocco, London to Ibiza, straight to LA, New York, Vega…
Retweeted by chloe x halle’s tennis courtWE DID IT JOE! #InaugurationDay looks goodT.MY VICE PRESIDENT IS A BLACK WOMAN!!!! @tbwoy LMAOYesssss GAGA!!!! @ThisLandonHoe lmao you must use this alot lol @shannon_sense Did I lie tho?I'm really upset I can't focus on this Inauguration right now because I'm in a Zoom meeting.Does anyone know someone looking for a place/roommate in NY for March move-in?Jill is giving me classy Britney Spears red carpet vibes. to my friend, President @JoeBiden! This is your time.
Retweeted by chloe x halle’s tennis court @CatchGifUCan That’s good to hear! And yes I still need to make my wayWhy would my boss schedule a meeting during the inauguration? @CatchGifUCan well big balla baby started a new gig today so I feel you lol — how’d it go?I’m in a oddly good mood today.pecs. abs. ass. thighs. arms. back. bawdy in abundance - wishing all of this for us in 2021. @trijws Or crunch.Joe has what? Taste. @trijws I wish I was but luckily I was just passing byLOVEEEEE to see it. @TySmitty_ Yepppp, my ass would’ve bounced @iGiveNoChuck Or extra pizza cuz it couldn’t be me @Kaykyanna Right @_REGeneratEd a LINEEEE.This line for Planet Fitness is a HELL NO. know I’m not the intended audience but Tik Tok be having me weakkkkWe really get a president with some sense tomorrow.