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oh to be a kitten sleeping in a plant pot while i get a little flower on my tiny kitten ear
Retweeted by Tee @sakhilewhispers I'm so very sorry for your loss ♥️ @FunmiReadsHEAs I love how none of the show clues are valuable here 😂 @minareadss 👸🏾👸🏾👸🏾 that's incredible! Well done 🙌🏾👏🏾🖤
On one hand, I'm aware there are a lot of things about me that are cringey, but on the other hand I'm actually happ…
Retweeted by TeeTomorrow starts #BlogTour for #DaughteroftheZel @Phoebe_Ritter! Check out blogs of our hosts! @abbylikesbooks
Retweeted by TeeMy OTP Battle Couple of the book wasn't even a Battle Couple on page but the power of it was so strong I was heartb… don't ship them but they have such strong Battle Couple capabilities I low-key crave it
I kind of want to read this story forever? I'm sure everything is going to descend into chaos & I will be left fall… storyline is detective princess & thief granted powers of detective to help track down a prince & there's ban… time I think about Tala and what she did to keep Mang I think hard same #SteelCrowReadathonWe have one storyline that's 2 enemies who need to be allies to survive & Get The Job Done & I'm loving it so much… should defs be sleeping but instead here are some book thoughtsJust wrote a 1000 word Scientific Discussion on a practical experiment that made very little sense to me and my bra… @chanelletime Gags the Clown.
Hey, friends! I'll be doing a talk on ✨ social influence ✨ and I'm trying to prove a point. ✨ RT if you picked up…
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The metallic scent of blood mixed with the salt of tears and sweat and the hot grease of a freshly sharpened blade
Retweeted by TeeImagine how tired we are...
Retweeted by Tee @rahrahremus Ma'am are those karate belts as decorations? Because that is genius
Happy Birthday @NotLikeFreddy ! Please enjoy a poster of the best rooster boy. pages in and I'm loving it so far. The dialogue and wit are so well paced I've been giggling the whole day #SteelCrowReadathonCr: Steel Crow Saga - Paul Krueger (this was meant to start last week but I am bad at managing my life)January Update 🙃 ✅If I Was Your Girl It's not a great start but it is a start ...January Update 🤪 ✅The Fifth Season ✅City of Lies ✅The Night Before ✅If I Was Your Girl ✅The Gods of Men this is a… #AromanticAwarenessWeek friends!! Here's a list of over 30 books featuring Arospec main characters for all yo…
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@shutupshealea 😍😍😍Much beauty #steelcrowreadathon #TeamJohn #PSIStillLoveYou... And then you walked in as a devilled egg. 🥰
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@booktubeconnor Fonda Lee, Tasha Suri, Paul Krueger, Evan winter
Thinking about Jovan and Kalina and Tain 🥺 nothing but love for my Golden Trio @colleenisbooked It's fate that their names work so well with this 😂 @thetsundokuc I was torn between the two 😂
@rahrahremus Can't believe I forgot daredevil @PhrasesPages Is that Dara & Ali?
Retweeted by Tee @colleenisbooked Daevabad Ratatouille AUtop 5 shows to get to know me Teen wolf Pitch New Girl Catastrophe Jane the Virgin to be two mice brawling on a subway platform. The intimacy. The ambience.
This is the best tik tok I have seen today
Retweeted by TeeOut of context Song of Achilles spoiler
Imagine being mad that a man of color was awarded this - the first indigenous person to do so. White women are tru…
Retweeted by Tee @booknerd_jill 🥺
*whispers* I am bad at planning & have overextended on commitments so I will only be officially starting early next…'t want to jinx it but I think my current read hits the mark 🥺
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Whenever a big brand/business does something racist/tone deaf/insensitive and harmful because no publicity is bad p… thread of books with POC on the cover by POC
Retweeted by TeeIt's been a long and busy couple of days so I haven't had a chance to tweet about how excited I am for this! Be sur… B&N fiasco is so wild to me because what they're really saying is we have the means to promote diversity and d… think a better idea would’ve been to designate a new area in your stores labeled New Classics and stock it exclu…
Retweeted by TeeY'all wanna "promote diversity"? Here are some Diverse YA Retellings BY POC authors: PRIDE (Pride & Prejudice) ASH…
Retweeted by TeeAnyway if you want a retelling of a classic novel by an actual person of color with an actual brown girl on the cov…
Retweeted by Tee...anyway if you want diverse Romeo & Juliet that goes beyond just the cover, tune in tomorrow to find out when my…
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✨It's here! LEGENDBORN Cover Reveal✨ Bree thinks her mother died in an accident, then she meets the Legendborn. Ki…
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@rahrahremus I'm so excited for this 🙌🏾
@ssunspeck I usually buy books if they're spoken about highly by people I trust, or if I like the authors other wor… really shouldn't have to be said in 2020, but presenting the ONLY POC character in a book as a villain in the…
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@minareadss Smartest boy in Daevabad only knows how to access one brain cell at a time and we love him for it
@wordwoonders Big same. I told my heart June/July and so we're still in the prep stages can't jump the gun nowFriends, I'll be inactive for the upcoming week bcs I'm going to a military camp. Meanwhile, I'll really appreciat…
Retweeted by Tee🎉 INTL GIVEAWAY 🎉 For celebrating multiple occasions (new year, new blog, and new job!), RETWEET + FOLLOW to win o…
Retweeted by Tee @shutupshealea @sosaidvictoria @tehlorkay 🌻 THE FIFTH SEASON - NK Jemisin 🌻 CITY OF LIES - Sam Hawke 🌷 SOUND OF STARS - Alechia Dow @littlethiefs I think making me think about both of them at the same time is attempted murder ☹️
I read 5 books this month, I've peaked. No one is allowed to ask me to do anything ever for the rest of the year. Thx, ManagementFinally drew #Janai from #TheDragonPrince #tdp I enjoyed drawing the golden tattooon her.
Retweeted by Teebuy 👏 your 👏honey👏straight👏from👏bees👏do👏business👏with👏bugs👏shake👏their👏little👏bug👏hands👏and👏say👏nice to meet you👏bug👏lets make a deal👏
Retweeted by Tee @herafshin Grateful 👭4 of 5 stars to The Gods of Men by Barbara Kloss fragile, just want someone to h*ld my h*nd so I can focus againya know you can express your desire for companionship and still be focused, still be pursuing your goals, etc? it’s…
Retweeted by TeeMissing my blushing Djinn today do enjoy how my discord moods are either silence or storming in at midday like hey guys want to hear this sad thought I had @FictionandFlora Bless 🥺🥰 @FictionandFlora This is going to make me cry because I've been fighting with myself because I don't think there's an aesthetic at all 🥺 @FictionandFlora I'm obsessed with how laid back your insta feed is I'm inspired to just take chilled pictures that I likeokay, i hate to be That Person On Twitter, but I just had the WORST experience with tech support so not only did t…
Retweeted by TeeBreathe deep
Retweeted by TeeTerrified about this but I’m hosting my first readathon called #blackloveathon w/ my cohost @LucieReads and my anno…
Retweeted by Tee☀️🌙 celestial #zukka 💫 their day/night sun/moon aesthetic is 😩👌 they are blinding ✨zuko's cape is sunlight underne…
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You don't get to kill 1263 innocents and then get upset that your sister is a necromancer who's allowed herself to…, this ad means so much to me I'm so happy it's found its way back into my life“Did you hear about your little playmate, Kraagthor the Loathsome?” “He’s not my playmate, Ma, he’s my sworn nemesi…
Retweeted by Tee @chanelletime And just sitting there like 'why would you tell me this? It isn't something I want to hear or know!'… @chanelletime Reading that part of the book really had me reeling from flashbacks from school of friends telling me… ship dynamic: bloodthirsty chara who gets a high off violence has a gentle spouse with whom they are the comple…
Retweeted by TeeMe, trying to write reviews for books that I loved too much and mean everything to me reminding you that the coronavirus doesn’t give you an excuse to be a dick to Asian people.
Retweeted by Tee @littlethiefs @AMValdepena Perfect boy! 🥺I keep thinking about that scene in hunger games where Peeta & gale are talking & they say Katniss will choose whoe…
Victor Frankenstein when the creature he brought to life and then rejected starts murdering people
Retweeted by TeeReally want to savour the last 100 pages of this book but also need to finish it before my KU free trial ends 🤪I often feel like every day spent on twitter where I wasn't following @NotLikeFreddy was a day wastedAm I the only one feeling intensely uncomfortable by all the people pulling out the issue of accessing books now th…
Retweeted by TeeMkay I have work to do so it's time to pop off. Final Thoughts For Real This Time: Please just read black lit. Rea…
Retweeted by TeeIt's this baby's first blog book review! CITY OF LIES by Sam Hawke - Poison, mystery, and a city under seige.… @shutupshealea @NotLikeFreddy Excited!!I miss nahri and dara so much 😭😭😭
Retweeted by Tee @QolaQube Okay, this sounds great! I'll definitely check it out when I get a chance, thank you 😁
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Mine is hat ...
And by villainised I mean I don't want to see the only evil people in your book being non-white and your heroes being all white you know