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@ggreenwald on joe rogan house smells so good, I love sesame 🤗Syrup, tahini, vanilla, two hershey bars. That's it! It tastes perfect, kinda sticky but it's still hot so I should… ain't gonna look anything like that.Halvah has been around for 1000 years. It's technically middle eastern, but the Brooklyn heebs perfected it. It mos…'m gonna try making (((halvah))) today @BlackHatNanny is Justin?
They confirmed the handmaid 😬
@MyWhiteNinja_ You can melt all that styrofoam with acetone and make self curing plastic for more decorations
My sinuses are all fucked up today. If I die, burn my toy rabbitKanye on Rogan talking about gods plan to make him leader of the free world. Big yikes 😬 @kimrhodes4real But right after he becomes real by crying, he narrowly escapes being burned alive for carrying scar… @anamorphosix Cord, plug, instructions, bookshelf backing, tiny bag of nails (under cat).. she's managed to touch e…'ll just put this here where it won't get bent Cat: get bent
@ThePrissAnn Of course you should bring it in, you global warmer! @DAkacki @brazenqueer does @ThePrissAnn I got too high and dumped my stock down the drain after I boiled the chicken so uh.. no soup for me. T… @ThePrissAnn Mmm now I have to make soup also. You're contagious.
Dogs assuring you, "I don't doomscroll—" and lowering a pair of shades, adding, "I hatescroll."
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤ.@FtBraggNC hey sexy, you up?
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤ @robrousseau @FtBraggNC this is so romantic
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Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤ @FtBraggNC Fort Bragg finding the hacker
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤrip @ftbraggnc01010100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110010 01100101 0111010…
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Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤ @oscaron It was "maga2020!", as predicted. 🤷🏼‍♀️
This is a retweet
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@oscaron Protect your sudo with one-time sudoku @oscaron @stacEight I mean the park probably closes overnight, that's impressive for a couple of drunk Peruvians with a shovel and a flashlight 🤣 @oscaron Algernon's law says the special character required in the 8 character password is always an exclamation po… "found" this 2000 year old giant cat with pretty modern looking stairs built around it at a preexisting touris… @_p0eia I'm just gonna log off now
Eat a Dickey's
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Ahi steaks👻🎃🕸🕷 but change what the bunny is holding. (\_/) ( •V̼•) / >ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ🩸
I took a fish head out to see a movie Didn't have to pay to get it in @javacrucianism Like a dozen times a day!Damnit @ohmySnafuDear John, Stop adding me to lists named John McAfee. I'm not going to your cryptoscam website. Ever. ThanksPeriodic reminder that this is the best game ever (old versions are free on the devs website)'s never a situation so bad that you can't do something to make it worse @Kerr_Cow__ 9,999+ mint condition unopened a dream last night where a Space X rocket made an emergency landing in the Black Country suburbs. It toppled ov…
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤ @Quints_Revenge At the time I was in NJ surrounded by national guardsmen who were giving out antiradiation iodine p… you guys remember EXACTLY two months after 9/11 when an American Airlines passenger jet crash landed into Rockaw… @hatesec Aim a camera at the president and three of them immediately make eye contact, that's amazing training tbh @JoeBiden I already don't pay taxes, gimme a better reason @crapolatombola @alizardx @Quints_Revenge @Hexpatriot @Quints_Revenge @Hexpatriot Jeff has the conch shell, shhhhh! You can't speak unless you're holding the conch shell! @transhuman That's beautiful, nice spaceBy the way, you can move the cursor by dragging across the space bar on most phones. You're welcome.
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤ @_Iyalei Whoa day🥰
🎸🖐🏻 you die on Mars, they'll freeze your body in liquid nitrogen and shake it until it becomes a powder. That's so cool lol @Kirtaner Brrrrrown kitty cat kind of looks like she's pregnant, which is odd because I have her spay paperwork. Maybe she's eating rocksInstructions unclear, did a barrel roll @Hexpatriot Yep, cured and smokedAnd this is Alan. #unflatteringdogphotochallenge
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤIn this time where everything on social is filtered, with the exception of politics, I’m glad we have #dogs.…
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤStupid bloody cat! #unflatteringcatphotochallenge
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤ#unflatteringcatphotochallenge there you go! 🤣
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤ#unflatteringcatphotochallenge this this what we're meant to do?
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"The Pozharskyi email was obtained by the Post from a computer hard drive left at a Delaware-based tech repair shop." That's uncool @rellikreklats I thought YOU were MexicanSounds fancy when you say it in Italian don't it?Tortellini de tacchino alla carbonara relevant now as it was when it was written, perhaps more so's America @One__T__ No respect for political shillingX marks the spot
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤYo I've been using a 2013 dell laptop. It really can't keep up anymore and it's very frustrating to use it but I ca…
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤX marks the spot warning // 🌭 bacon ever twenty minutes of the statue arriving, I was having a conversation with a very kind police officer because s…
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤConplan 8888 2020 @ThePrissAnn I haven't got mine yet but their payment trace should be complete in 5 weeks, but it's already earmark… @ThePrissAnn I've got this laptop and a tablet that randomly shuts off, I miss having a desktop. No bueno.
Retweeted by ㅤ ㅤAnd she still brings it in the Sack!!! #SecretTime
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@IAmClown3 @transhuman @Quints_Revenge @Aussie_Abe @JustinCase_x13 I wear mine like an arm ring, you must be a giant assholeYo I've been using a 2013 dell laptop. It really can't keep up anymore and it's very frustrating to use it but I ca… @damagedave @LittleVoiceLost The shire is silent! This means war, Chester. we wanted was USB-C, Tim.
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