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change my mind out noooow

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@skygatebeats ayee thank u! i'll get everything sorted and announce it when it's ready :)ok I think I’ll start a patreon instead @Aiobahn yeaa true that might be better, i guess 50 is a bit of a hefty price tagi'm brokewould yall be interested in buying the everyone else project file if i sold it for 50 bucks @majorbean_ OHH my @Alicemetix @IamNuushi @hirihiri みなさんで教えあいっこしましょう @ItzKisshi アッほんとだ!!!!マジですか… @IamNuushi @hirihiri 僕はいつでも! @ItzKisshi あと30分くらいですか! @IamNuushi @hirihiri ありがとうございます〜〜〜〜〜! @formerhero_ hilook at the sky when @Foodbot4 aight I’ll go bounce em later @jhlofficixl yup @iamsnowghost pretty cool isn’t it @realnovadrome the best @fibrealex the granulator? It’s the Robert henke granulator! The lfo’s the stock one @traceybrakes yeaaaaaa @nesulosity OmG @traceybrakes ikr??? @JPEBROmusic extra fancy musicoriginal sample in case you're wondering & granulator love seeing all your long way home covers/remixes they all are so damn good, thank you all for listening/doing yo… @emtacolor yeaaa would love to see him on @nesulosity don’t worry about me :)I somehow have a feeling virtual riot’s gonna take part in an6
woooooooooooowwww @electrolutions <333 @mnevmusic I would give a cat a sack full if he cried like this @listentoqil wo wo woaw wo wo wyaaaaa wyao wao wo wo @mattlockshaw OMGmeow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow love sin waves2 (sin waves) @capturelight HYPERPOP @Aiobahn そうです!!!sv-1bっていうセミモジュラーシンセとchase bliss社のdark worldっていうリバーブペダルです!!どっちもめちゃめちゃ良い音するのでおすすめです……!!!!darn it's so loud sorrysv-1b + chase bliss dark world @Styxified thank u :))<3 @Styxified hahaha thank you :)))
@whosoru aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh @Foodbot4 yyyyyeeeeeethank you 10kaaay hyperpop still a trendy thing over in the US? @mx_ultra waves soundshifter best plugin for pitchshifting imo @n33t_music can u end future riddim as well @JPEBROmusic @jedwill1999 happy to participate @JPEBROmusic damnwho ended hyperpopYEEEEEEESSSS i am saved im not making synthwave i update to v12 and the problem still persists i am going to rage and make synthwave @Aiobahn soundshi (t*2) er......................... @JPEBROmusic gives me anxiety ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️what @eunki_iiii so r u m8 @nxtdot thank u <333wow good blog
2021 @artisan1233 yay @DOVVEmusic ty! <3 @listentoqil haha thanks :)context: @JPEBROmusic 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯I just realized I misspelled condenser @bendelmusic thanks!!!! @BakaByte thanks and yea I recently started recording my violin!!! @h_________e I second yuru camp @MooreKismetBass thank youuuu~~ <3 @aethoro thanks!! @traceybrakes :) @majorbean_ yaay im the coolest @trumanbryd thanks!!!! @DavidRussell323 thank you!! @musicbyrift uhh sure im not the best violin player in the world but i'd be happy to help! @audioscribe awesome!!👍👍 @notcodly yes fuck @JUSEVA__ thank u ; - ; @capturelight thanku!!!!!!! @TelematicV arigat ou @hoshimiya_toto キャッhow i record strings a very very very brief video on how I recorded these strings @qrest12 yeeee :)) @katsuraflower LMAO @notcodly yaayhey yall! due to me returning to classes next week, my work seems to be cutting my hours this unfortunately means…
Retweeted by phritz @johnuwu6 I use the sE electronics sE8 stereo pair mics but I think any small diaphragm mics would do! @Amtddsc sure thing! @bendelmusic ty~~~~<3 @Simurook_ :)) @nxtdot will listen!!
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@adridoesthings yeayayeyaeyayeya *head flings off* @brycehawle i regret not knowing about them til now what have i been doing my whole life 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ @n33t_music yee thankss :) @gerunziu thank u! I personally think the slight detune/chorus-y effect from my bad playing sounds nice loltrills