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khai @phuckdietstud river made me do it


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@Rae_is_gae @godesosax @godesosa @s6farie @gothicspells @uneedashanita @goretones @PUBLiCSNUiSANCE @geyavek we comparing
Retweeted by khai @Remdelarem It doesn’t matter the spinoff doesn’t have the same characters @Remdelarem Before the 90 days the spinoff is MUCH BETTER & messier I promisebeyoncé, get me bodied (2007)
Retweeted by khaisocial distancing must be like rocket science to some ppl
Retweeted by khai @AsAMatterOfFag your @ is killinggg me(I'm so sorry guise but April 30th is wildly wildly optimistic)
Retweeted by khai @XOtesfaye you already know I’ll show tf outtt @XOtesfaye NOW FLSKSKSKSKSKSKSKI made this !
Retweeted by khaiThis is really the one for me.
Retweeted by khai“rOnA DoNt STop SHiT” YES IT DOES , sit down stupid.
Retweeted by khaiImagine if ghostwriters could go toe to toe on IG live without being sued 😭😭😭😭😭 now THAT would be INSANE
Retweeted by khaiNow I can’t unsee it
Retweeted by khaiKDKDKSJDKDJSKSJSJJJS is great!
Retweeted by khaithe glam the outfit
Retweeted by khai @godesosax 🔥🔥🔥🖤
Retweeted by khaiNo offense but didn’t you have mold growing on Panda Express under ur bed? Ur far to vulnerable to poke the bear th…
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Somebody said they were only 24 dressed like rich aunties and I can't unsee it 😭. Why were they dressed like lustfu…
Retweeted by khaiA tablespoon of mac. I'd beat everybody ass
Retweeted by khai @akirangei 🤨people with down syndrome literally do not "qualify" for and receive organ transplants because doctors do not consi…
Retweeted by khaiWhile killing children in Palestine.
Retweeted by khaiI think it’s time to stop shopping at ASOS. This is incredibly dangerous.
Retweeted by khaithat’s him officer!!! that’s the man pretending to listen to Solange to fuck bitches that use essential oils😡
Retweeted by khaibitches do all this just to stay inna house
Retweeted by khai @Sickjefe @godesosax @godesosa @s6farie @gothicspells @uneedashanita @goretones @PUBLiCSNUiSANCE @geyavek @MUALIEN_’s only bitches who only know how to put lashes n niggas who wear hats that don’t fit them hating on me & my girls like 🤣the black version of white men holding up them big ass fishes
Retweeted by khai @hellokittyplush thank you :’)I can’t help but notice a pattern here..... mad views oh my godddddddddddd I can’t believe how a neo-Nazi tried to blow up a hospital filled with Coronavirus patients like 48 hours ago and ended up dy…
Retweeted by khai @michelleejolie she needa stop playing I’ve been able to put on my friends to it as well 🤣 bidets are for the people! @michelleejolie bro yesss my mom installed some in our house my grandma was so happy last time she visitedpussy like boys, damn is my pussy fucking stupid?
Retweeted by khaiwho are laboring the manufacturing of these products that make people wealthy? quickly.......
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Retweeted by khai @Saladinho99 @SamikeEmasonga so she announced she was pregnant to gain anger/hatred from Somali men.. is that what…
Retweeted by khaiif coronavirus happened in 10 years ago we'd be seeing shit like this
Retweeted by khaiBlack people really got a hold of meme culture and changed it for the better LMAO
Retweeted by khaiall I know is the doctor went crazy cus his face don’t even look bad lmao
Retweeted by khaiWH— Jason Derulo has fallen down the stairs in front of the Animal Crossing Town Square
Retweeted by khaiYALL I MADE ONE
Retweeted by khaiThis bitch is so rude jdjshdbdjehdb WHAT?!
Retweeted by khai1920: Alcohol is prohibited 2020: Liquor stores are an essential business during a national health crisis
Retweeted by khaiand through all the madness one thing is for certain lightskins will still lightskin
Retweeted by khaiJust about everyone is saying that they can't live on $1200. Wanna know how they got $1200? the fed. min. wage is…
Retweeted by khai @Remdelarem I’m upset FOR her how dare they.... @Remdelarem delete this before laina sees her word being gentrified @kayfeag Omg hiii 😚Mami Pluto
Retweeted by khai @xadrizzle STOPPPP :’)some niggas just be inna house bored inna house
Retweeted by khai @godesosax @bIackspicegurl
Retweeted by khai @veggieguts @godesosax duality by slipknot! @YUBARl yes 0:38OMGGGGGG😚😚☠️alternative black hotties ☠️
Retweeted by khaiOh wait, that’s meWHO 👁👁👁 IS THAT FINE ASS BITCH AT 0:38..... really treated Dirty Money like a social experiment
Retweeted by khaiObviously you’re new. You start the business to quit your 9-5, get invited to the Roc Nation Brunch, let Mr. Z know…
Retweeted by khaithey need to let us outside ASAP
Retweeted by khai @sailorfemme I’m gonna write a letter about this before I’m gone to make sure they know they can’t claim me !like for real. you just gonna whitewash the family tree love is love I fucking guess but there is a LINE.Yes I will be rolling in my grave if my great grandchildren n beyond are 75% white like are you for realTrick question. Kris Jenner
Retweeted by khai @SlimJosa @queersocialism TFGGRHYHFHFVDHFNFBXNGJFi’m not applauding no wealthy person for donating crumbs to the poors that are only poor b/c of the system that mad…
Retweeted by khai @TAMARAJUANA GENIUSidk if this makes sense the way it does in my head but
Retweeted by khaiWhy isn’t dan schneider in prison lmao
Retweeted by khai“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as tempor…
Retweeted by khaia lil natural beat😌
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Retweeted by khai @nostalgicuItra IMMMMMyeah i'm trans keep scrolling
Retweeted by khailow quality ://
Retweeted by khaii’m a big cat bitch! 🐆
Retweeted by khai @bundlebottom And you’re gay so who really won
@dyanatheesaint they might’ve been stretching it with the sentencing but umm that man needs to be in there for a bi… all these people with kids on my IG story continuing to go out and do recreational shit during a lock down is extremely frustrating
Retweeted by khaino thank you
Retweeted by khai @Remdelarem you finna dieHis immune system rn
Retweeted by khaiWhose idea of a Black Utopia includes rent!?
Retweeted by khaiWhen you remember all the foot fetish rumors about Dan Schneider and then realize the Nickelodeon Logo had a foot i…
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Retweeted by khaiill watch yall kids for cheap. i do lessons make nutritious food and will prolly charge only a little. so if u a fi…
Retweeted by khaioh my job asked us to do this im just not going through the sitter city. ive been finger printed, background checke…
Retweeted by khaijus reminded me I need to finish doing mines thanks @Am_Blujay This is honestly one of the best examples about how men will never ever let women enjoy doing something…
Retweeted by khaiwomen: enjoying themselves without men men:
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