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Viola Davis for Vanity Fair July/August 2020. Photographed by Dario Calmese.
Retweeted by Phylicia Fields @laurawi87544040 @kjusticeg @lisa_hammill @LampkeTina @RPMotorsports @BubbaWallace @CashApp Why? @kjusticeg @lisa_hammill @LampkeTina @RPMotorsports @BubbaWallace @CashApp I don’t understand it.
oK Google✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsTo give less fucks, try Phucumol @BrittniTaylor22 #tiktokmillenial #phucumol #shenanigantwins #itsyadinma
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Mike Fiers.
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsPSA to astros twitter: Don’t make jokes about Chapman. Just because other people do it about Astros players doesn’…
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsOpening Day for the Astros is two weeks from today.
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Y’all wasted my tax dollars on a damn dog when people are being rejected for tests.... ok 🙄 @abc13houston Y’all wasted my tax dollars on a damn dog when people are being rejected for tests.... ok 🙄’ll never forgive them for trying to make us sympathize with colonizers
Retweeted by Phylicia Fields✊🏾💯🖤If You Don’t Watch Black Stories, You Don’t Support Black Lives via @VanityFair
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsIf a black person tells you “You picked the right one today.” You in fact, did NOT pick the right one today.
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Americans be like “We ❤️ Veterans” and then set off explosives in the middle of the night
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it’s the way viola davis rushed to hug taraji and kerry washington crying as viola won. this is the only emmy award…
Retweeted by Phylicia Fields @rare_x1 @chuuzus Sis this is me.
@DWboso @TXWorkforce They listened to you!
@amandaseales You did that.... but you already knew that! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 NFL folk are truly having a hard time finding minority candidates for HC & coordinator positions - and I don’t b…
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsOK Bet for being able to actually film the performances and turn them into mini music vids
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsOk BET is doing what NEEDS TO BE DONE..... black advertising too 👏🏿🙌🏿
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsOk @BET these commercials tho!!! #BETAwards #BETAwards2020
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsFAVORITE COMMERCIAL like the black superbowl with all these dope ass black commercials. Ok BET #BETAwards
Retweeted by Phylicia Fields#BETAwards Ok BET said "We are gonna keep this show blackity black black black blackity black!" And I'm here for it…
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsOk, BET Promoting Black Business. #BETAwards
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsMe to all of the older Black women coming for Marsai Martin:
Retweeted by Phylicia Fieldsy’all routinely do this shit too..simone biles, blue ivy, gabby douglas, marsai ect. you see successful or rich you…
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsMarsai Martin: “Hey Black People!!” Black People: #BETAwards
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsY’all talking shit about Marsai Martin? She is a child. What is wrong with y’all?
Retweeted by Phylicia Fieldswho the FUCK is making fun of marsai. you untalented sad unemployed LOSERS
Retweeted by Phylicia Fieldsthis is why I love MARSAI. #BETAwards
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#Astros Let’s GOOOO!!
@Trump202045 @KHOU You sound dumb. Sit down! @BubbaWallace I love you Bubba! Love that they backed you today..... one of them somewhere far in the back is the Judas 🤔. #IStandWithBubba @BubbaWallace What Nascar loses in the way of racist fans, will easily be replaced with fans that previously steere…
Retweeted by Phylicia Fields @BubbaWallace #IStandWithBubba!
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsI love this..... one of them is a Judas! #istandwithbubba“It’s bigger than black n white, it’s a problem with the whole way of life. Can’t change over night, but we gotta s…
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Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsThere is only 1 driver from an African American background at the top level of our sport..I am the 1. You're not go…
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Info for the people 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsGoal for today is 22,000 followers of @EmmettTill. Currently at 21,700 followers.
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Also, free all the women in prison who murdered their rapists
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsConnie need her ass beat. This King handled her 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @rahm3sh I LOOOVVEEE that this king handled her very respectfully. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @marimacint @Eilatan87 @rahm3sh YOU don’t get to tell oppressed people how to use their first admendment or their voice. @DeeQuinby @rahm3sh Have a seat sir before you get what Connie got.What is #Juneteenth? #blackish has you covered as we look back on this iconic episode and prepare to honor and cele…
Retweeted by Phylicia Fieldsthis boils my blood
Retweeted by Phylicia Fields @ReemBoi25 Awwww get well Kareem
BREAKING NEWS: Mentally ill man, 28, spent FIVE MONTHS in prison for 'assaulting' two cops before bodycam footage r…
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsWhite folks posting about being tired and burnt out after joining us in anger for a whole week. Now just imagine wh…
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Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsThe cop who killed #RayshardBrooks JUST had a 9-hour de-escalation course on April 24, so let's dispense with the i…
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsRead this thread - is has your name on it 💁🏾‍♀️✊🏾 @KristaVernoff Yassss for using your privilege to invoke change 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @ajhinch This is why we love you AJ @KPRC2 Duh! This ain’t news. Gov. Abbott needs a whoppin
@musicophiliac_1 Oh sorry 🤦🏾‍♀️ brotha. Cheating would have been just as bad 😩No respect @ablair11 @SE_DC_4life @EzekielElliott @RapSheet @AdamSchefter Not true. It’s not Adam’s information to share. Look… be talking about stage 4 when they know damn well COVID-19 cases are getting worse. fuck Greg Abbott
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsThe cop who shot & killed 12 YEAR OLD Tamir Rice (on a playground) was hired as a police officer again. THIS IS WHA…
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsWhen @xrhodge asked molly “what are you fighting for right now.” Wheewww
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsI can't thank you all enough for your love & support of #InsecureHBO–– every season but especially this one, even i…
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsOh look, someone took a photo of what my life is like debating Republicans in committee each week
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsHappy that #InsecureHBO finale followed up on Tiffany’s postpartum. Derek is REAL! #damnLawerance you let us down.… @theAsiaPooser @KamikaTDillard Not that that’s your experience just so often that’s what TV protrays. Happy you found your happy ending @theAsiaPooser @KamikaTDillard Love doesn’t have to hurt like this and bring you through all of this.... it really doesn’t @SkyeDawn Showed love when she needed it the most.We all knew that Consolation was pregnant! Damn Lawrence!! #InsecureHBO
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsDamn Lawrence #InsecureHBO
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsDamn Lawrence, got your ass trapped smh
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsUs collectively spazzing @ Condominium being pregnant by Lawrence #Insecure #insecurehbo I knew it 🤦🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsI knew it man. Condolences just couldn’t make her exit gracefully
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsWhen Lawrence flared them nostrils I KNEW IT WAS SOME BULLSHIT!! Condolezza ass don’t want nobody happy #InsecureHBO
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsI knew it was too good to be true son...canola oil F’ed it up! #InsecureHBO
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsI knew it but didn’t wanna believe it. We are not doing Melanie and Derwin Part II. #InsecureHBO
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsIt’s a setup sitting on the couch when Condola delivered that awful news #InsecureHBO
Retweeted by Phylicia Fields @ThaBeardedSaint @SkyeDawn I was happy they came back to this! Derek is a great husband👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Shed light on this and show how it can happen to anyone! this scene where @YvonneOrji cried I let the cameras roll for almost 5 minutes after cut just to see what it wou…
Retweeted by Phylicia Fields @jujoffer Stop it @zsakamblaze She ain’t fooling me🗣 SAY THAT SIS!!!😂😂😂😂😂 when Canola oil said she was pregnant “Getcho gahh dam ass on” #InsecureHBO
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsSeason 5 we must get Kelli’s origin story/ character development cuz right now not enough for me #InsecureHBO
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsI already knew sis! I already knew 😔 @musicophiliac_1 I alreadyyyyy knew sis! I already knew @theAsiaPooser I wonder if the theme is that we can’t have love that isn’t tragic. Black love has this common strug…
Retweeted by Phylicia Fields @KamikaTDillard @theAsiaPooser Helloooo!!! We can have love that isn’t tragic and struggling 😩 WE CAN BE HAPPY!!Damn Issa can’t catch a break 😩 #InsecureHBO
Retweeted by Phylicia Fields“What are you even fighting for?” Whew! I felt that in my soul. Sometimes we hold on to things just to say we didn’…
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i promise ur black friends do not want to hear about your racist family members and how guilty u feel about being related to them
Retweeted by Phylicia FieldsI LOOOVVEEE IT 😩