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@OliveOwl_VT @SuteinuA @KCAUQQ @iron_vertex Oh this is lovely! @chrone_co πŸ‘€πŸ’–
@ValStarfyre lol what is sleep schedule @miermir_ Dab @ValStarfyre I hope you had a good nap, those help a lot @ValStarfyre Thanks Val~ how is your day? @ValStarfyre Full time stuff 😴 @ValStarfyre Just at work. xD;;; Nothing exciting @icewitch_skye lol I'm actively holding back nowadays;;;; @ValStarfyre Other side of the world, reporting in! xD @yuliettaCH It's lovely~ @yuliettaCH Much pink @ChartreuseProxy It's a cool family! @IRLGuppy C O N G R A T S @IRLGuppy Why not? You're awesome @YKailen Says you @AkumiOni Mlem @Rumskiich Time to auto tune the sheep >:3 @TobaFuyumi Nice! Enjoy your 5G! @YKailen K @Rytha_e Lol yes. Have you seen the Signora Delusion leaks? Big step on me times @himechui Supporting Hime is always a joy~πŸ’– @ChartreuseProxy Tadaima~ @_Sweaty_ Are you an invasive species? @asheliabun Time to get some Adam Jensen shades @ieoniq Beautiful tentacles boi" Dβ‚’β‚™'β‚œ fβ‚’β‚—β‚—β‚’w β‚˜β‚‘, α΅’'β‚˜ Croc @Kaneblob Royal Long Sword, I can send you screencaps of it if you'd like @chrone_co Nice back massage I see @YKailen "some reason" @YKailen Skeb, Baja Blast, and Showers
@SaemidoriDesign Oh that is lovely! I hope to go back out to some nature once things calm down again :3 @SaemidoriDesign Looks like a wonderful place to relax! @tsubakisinensis The grinnnnnddddddd! @fumikohoshi Oh wow that is such a lovely keyboard! @tsubakisinensis Looking good so far, I hope she will come home to you for your early tribute :3 @himechui I see~! :3 @raina_VT E X C I T E @himechui Hime b-day coming up? πŸ‘€ @AmicableSenpai @asheliabun Cereal is a salad. @Ember_ch Poor lamp...... @AmicableSenpai @asheliabun @asheliabun A half sandwich is one slice of bread with stuff on top. Pizza is..... bread with stuff on top @asheliabun Wut? @Ember_ch What did the lamp ever do to deserve a bonk? @asheliabun Very much a regional thing. I insist on calling it a half sandwich :^) @AhiruneMei Making me craveeeeeeee @TimeTravelKey But can you meet spin sitting down? @ChartreuseProxy Great to hear! Keep up the good work Cruzie! @JusagiChan Congrats!! @AriaSnowsong @VTuberOfTheDay You should check out @AdmiralBahroo, almost the same thing. @cherifishVT Yes, and watch fireworks! πŸŽ† @cherifishVT Oh my Cheri you are lovely, let's go to the festival together~!πŸ’– @kingcraft_kingu Very cute~πŸ’– @ruipandaa @ruipandaa Nuuuu Rui you're not a ghost! :'c @CariusVTuber Oof. He uses the slur for Japanese people repeatedly.... @KonoVtuber @NasiVtuber Well done!
And we are formally LIVE! Happy to finally have a proper announcement, and looking forwards to all of us together m…
Retweeted by Phyrnna 🎧 Composer | Predebut Mute ENVTuber @aspid_art Oooh the memories hahaCheck out Aspid and his nice art~! drawing @Phyrnna for quite a few times in the past, it seems And I will do it again (just don't know when)
Retweeted by Phyrnna 🎧 Composer | Predebut Mute ENVTuber @chrone_co Congrats Chrone!! @Rytha_e @Dat_YunYang NO U @BrianTsuii Morning Brian! *chu* @tsubakisinensis Aww nice! Summer outfit! @shirahiko_ Needs more pineapple @shirahiko_ Is there pineapple? @HongRuna Congrats! \o/ @_hodusae You're so adorable! @fumikohoshi @TTalaRenee Oh this looks nice! Well done! @twirlico Thanks for the follow~!
@heyacazz I only accept Simlish R18. @YKailen HawtOh gods... Update on me... Read:
Retweeted by Phyrnna 🎧 Composer | Predebut Mute ENVTuberWell, plans for the next long term project are getting well fleshed out... if only I had the insane funding I'd nee… @JarofRubiesArt Oh these are so lovely Zen! @yagurlyshelly Oh that looks so cool! :O @zephysonas Happy birthday~!πŸŽ‚πŸ’– @ChartreuseProxy Good afternoon! @DragoniteSpam Poking is permitted :3 @himechui Yesh here's to many many more years of Hime art! \β—‹/Dat teacup tho.... πŸ΅πŸ‘Œ for @Phyrnna was able to do a redraw of an old piece commissioned back in 2014 thank you for the suppo…
Retweeted by Phyrnna 🎧 Composer | Predebut Mute ENVTuber @himechui Thank you again so much Hime! So happy to watch your improvements! @himechui But where closeup of toes? πŸ‘€What a beautiful illustration, and what a wonderful thing to watch one of your favorite artists grow~πŸ΅πŸ’– Please che… @raina_VT Oh this is such a cool style, we need a Raina Persona mod haha @NiorSuzumiya You got this Nior!!🀟πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Nacho Fries are back. But can the Fry Force save the Nacho Fries and the world?
Retweeted by Phyrnna 🎧 Composer | Predebut Mute ENVTuber🎼 Composer Tips Thread!!! 🎼 Tips for presenting your work on Twitter (and getting better engagements), a thread!…
Retweeted by Phyrnna 🎧 Composer | Predebut Mute ENVTuber @AuteruTori @HyriellTV Happy birthday Rene! @AozoraKurumi Have kitten tax @Nearigami_ Well done! @BrianTsuii @VTTaro Creepy dad vibes. @cherifishVT Well done Cheri, keep up the great work! @xDivZero Did someone forget to renew their DNS? GDI
@BrianTsuii @kuzuryuio @tsunderemaids Well done! @JustKei17 @YKailen Let's all order nuggies together.