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Official Twitter Account of the Portland Pickles independent baseball team. Proud member of the West Coast League. #getpickled

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@Pickswise @KmanPdx Heck of a game. @AlexFast8 Top right corner
@natenumbaeight @DUCKOMCFLI For real 👀 @Toneman @GherkinBaseball @BaseballBros @BaseballCapHats @baseballhats @BaseballCapsHQ @baseball_hats_ @sick_hats @mel_cbe @OllieFangClub @PickliciousF @Malcolm_theCat Fantastic!🥒😻🔥 @bertkreischer @tomsegura Our mascot Dillon challenges the winner! 🥒🥊
@MaggieTheCat9 @PickliciousF @kelliepickler Maggie!!🥒😻 @PickliciousF @kelliepickler @PickliciousF we also have an official taco cat @MrTtheTaco @PickliciousF @kelliepickler 🌮🥒 @OllieFangClub @PickliciousF We’re looking for a dog/cat crime fighting comboMs @kelliepickler do you support @picklesbaseball like me? #PicklesUnite Here’s a picture of me with my taco!
Retweeted by Portland Pickles @Toneman @GherkinBaseball @BaseballBros @BaseballCapHats @baseballhats @BaseballCapsHQ @baseball_hats_ @sick_hats Caps for sale. 50 cents a cap (adjusted for inflation?)
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@Chris_Grosse Thank you, sir @Chris_Grosse we couldn't choose one 🥒 #NationalHatDay y’all. In case you were wondering, the answer is yes, we have caps for sale! #GetPickled🥒⚾️… @TalkinBaseball_ The 19.5M is a lot, but the talent fits right on the Pickles roster 😕 @RexChapman we name him Bandit!🤠ICYMI: Pickles Scarfs are 50% OFF until midnight PST tonight!! #GetPickled 🥒🧣 @picklejuice @freetailbrewing Some of the best news we’ve heard all day. Hopefully pickle beer makes its way to Portland one day!🥒🍻It's our favorite day of the week, #FanFriday! Shout out to the best baseball fans in the world! And happy birthday… Birthday to Mr. Worldwide, @pitbull! We introduce you to DILLON WORLDWIDE!🥒🎂 @TMZ_Sports Honestly there have been worse deals in baseball @PodcastRoses @wclNightOwls @Baseballism @CorvKnights what a good girl!🥒🧢 @NickGardner10 @Lil_K313 @ItsErikMertens @MiLB @TC_DustDevils @HatClub @Brandiose @CorvKnights's #FlashFriday! For TODAY ONLY, our fan favorite Pickles Scarfs are 50% OFF! Head over to our team store and cas… @ItsErikMertens @MiLB @TC_DustDevils @HatClub @Brandiose Refer to said map starting around June 2, 2021 💪 @ItsErikMertens @MiLB @TC_DustDevils @HatClub @Brandiose @PodcastRoses @Baseballism @RRaptorsBB @PALefties @HarbourCats @CorvKnights @WCLBaseball @MLB beautiful😍 @awsisgobad @LegionHoops we cool as a cucumber bro🥒 @LegionHoops the ones that won a championship togetherKosha Dillz with another banger. ICYMI: We teamed up with him for an official music video:
@KleinschmidtJD @Phillies All we can do is email and tweet and not well @KleinschmidtJD Wait did the @Phillies just swoop in on us?! @KleinschmidtJD They forgot to tag us. We hope to announce Mr. Bradley in coming weeks. @Jared_Carrabis SAME!🥒⚾️These Pickles X @Carhartt Script Beanies are flying off the shelves! Available in 3 awesome colors, don’t miss your… @NickKrupke @PortlandBSB @CCRAMSHoops @CCRamsBaseball @KGWSports @OregonianSports @orlandokgw @WCLBaseball @nocontextcfb That's what we call a nasty splitter in BaseballCheck out Christian's 2021 Pickles baseball card! #GetPickled🥒⚾️'re happy to announce that Christian Cooney will be returning for his second summer in a Pickles uniform! A… @bigleaguechew @tacobell Hi Mr. King. Serious question... when are pickles going to be added to the menu?🤔🥒Introducing the limited edition Pickles X @Carhartt Script Beanies! The perfect way to keep your noggin warm all ye… @joesimonssays @brookeolzendam We want to know if she will throw out a first pitch alongside you for Trail Blazers… @trailblazers @nba_paint how’s your time to shine @missmargarita88 @CJMcCollum @trailblazers @TimbersFC @TheKaylaKnapp And @AmaraBaptist @CHold @brookeolzendam Thank you for your support of local businessThis is the best team name I’ve ever seen
Retweeted by Portland Pickles @missmargarita88 @CJMcCollum @trailblazers @TimbersFC @TheKaylaKnapp If anyone can make this happen it’s @TheKaylaKnapp @dk_prabhu @nah_im_abdulla Follow up question do you really think @EddieNketiah9 is worth 30M? He’s an asset for Ar… @brookeolzendam Follow up where do we acquire pls advise @Raul_Raz @Dill_Bot @atlaspizzapdx during every Pickles game. for the @CJMcCollum x Steve Clark collab. 🦈 🦈 @trailblazers @TimbersFC let’s get this done @brookeolzendam Brooke what in the pickle is that maskWe don’t love the Kings camera angle @Steve_Perrault We thought this was Steve Harrington from stranger things for one second @jodycampbell58 @RossCampbell01 @robneyer We apologize, it appears user @jodycampbell58 is actually the dogs grandm… @zoomcare ❤️ thank you for all you do Christine! @picklesbaseball We’re going straight to the pen and calling up Christine Guppenberger. A physician assistant in ou…
Retweeted by Portland Pickles @Alonsoforprez @Mets @AkronRubberDuck Happy #NationalRubberDuckyDay from your friendly Pickles!🥒⚾️
@Shelldontortuga Hey Shelldon are you ok the dots on your head look a bit greenHey @ahnw we nominate you! @zoomcare we’d like to nominate your entire staff. 💪 @RossCampbell01 @robneyer We second this.6/2 & 6/3 will be recognized as Healthcare Appreciation Night at Walker Stadium this summer! We'll be giving out ti… @NBAonTNT imagine this👀 @wojespn @ramonashelburne If they pick up Dillon this team will be legendary!👀 @FoolishBB @fuzzyfromyt Yoooo appreciate the advice @FoolishBB 🙏💯 @AlbertTheChair @CaucasianJames Hello Albert👋 @chelswhyte @WCLBaseball @WCLFanClub @MiLBPromos @BaseballBros @stickermule @StickerApp @JCoolStickers @CaucasianJames CEO mindset 💯🥒 @Pat_Light Solid take @miqmiqmiq @bertkreischer Check back in Marchish @NoahPaulLeGies @aaronreynolds Wait until you come to one of our games.. pickles sold in every formYeah I ended up with two fantastic Portland Pickles caps after clicking this link, warning
Retweeted by Portland Pickles @Chris_Grosse Walker Stadium. Portland, OR🥒😍 @TriMeOn Now that DOES sound like a hot conversation #GetPickled🥒 @Spesh98 @WCLBaseball @WCLFanClub @MiLBPromos @BaseballBros @stickermule @StickerApp @JCoolStickers @picklesbaseball Don't get in a pickle! #LGM 🥒
Retweeted by Portland Pickles @Mets Dillon T. Pickle, number 1 🥒💚 @carmeloanthony Go get em' Melo! 🥒💚 @JeffPassan Announce Klubot to Portland @ChasRiverDogs #NationalStickerDay! To celebrate, we released the Holographic World Famous Pickles sticker! TODAY ONLY, this… @kgrant_9 yes they do! @Thegrocerystic @kgrant_9 for all pickle needs @RyanFieldABC We vote the winner donates to us so we can continue our Pickle Empire @gingersbeve @bertkreischer You wouldn’t believe it if we told youHey @Pat_Light we like baseball too @JakeGroves7 @bertkreischer Agree @bertkreischer was then that I learned of @picklesbaseball - my automatic new favorite team. 🥒
Retweeted by Portland Pickles @Matty_Roper @bertkreischer Because his liver is in a pickle? @bertkreischer See you in Portland this summer for a Bert first pitch. Please don’t show up naked