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Manchester institution @PiccadillyRecs went with Manchester band @whlungmusic for their album of 2019. How did most…'Best thing to come out of Sweden by a country mile so fuck your Ikea bookcase.' @sciencematt went with one of the biggest hits of the year when picking his album of 2019. But what did the othe…'Belter. Absolute pop heaven. She's a queen.' might be the first time a Picky Bastard has listened to @ArianaGrande, but as @billboard picked Thank U, Next as…'I'm going to run with the concept: "Songs You'd Not Expect Someone With My Record Collection To Like"' was a big year for Jaime by @blkfootwhtfoot, with @KCRW and other picking it as the best album of 2019. Where di… Monday, @80lisa gives us a top ten guilty pleasures that she doesn't feel a tiny bit guilty about:
Editor @Fran_Slater chose Compliments Please by @SELFESTEEM___ as his album of 2019. What did the other Picky Basta… @AP, the best album of 2019 was Shea Butter Baby by @AriLennox - you'll have to have a listen if you want to kn… were one of many publication to pick @WeyesBlood as their album of 2019. Did the Picky Bastards agr… a big @porijporij fan. Go read my words !!
Retweeted by Picky BastardsMr @nckprkr chose There Existed an Addiction to Blood by @clppng as his album of 2019. What did the rest of us thin…'s our Best Albums of 2019 episode. Which of these artists has our album of the year? @clppng @WeyesBlood were the best albums of 2019? We're finally going to let you in on the secret:
Just watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. So you don't have to. Utter shite.****COMPETITION TIME**** Win a £50 tab to spend on food & booze 🍔🍔🍺🍷 RT & ❤️to enter
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'Gundersen plays a gentle, insistent acoustic and sings heartfelt, plaintive words that seek to find answers to som…'He’s also – thank the Lord – a funny fucker when he wants to be''You can see that his music means something to the people in the audience' Wild headed over to @thisisgorilla to watch @noahgundersen and @hrwhitford sing some songs. Safe to say he enj…
@DaniellePezza Yeah, I personally had chamber psych, chamber pop, and something else to do with chambers. Ridiculous.'Bands often hate these labels so maybe they are not needed as a reference point for us.''Unsurprisingly genre is very important to Spotify. The better they define what genre a song is then the better the…'What the hell is Chamber Psych?' the second Moan of 2020, @ScienceMatt questions exactly what a genre called Chamber Psych could entail.…
'There are plenty more moments where the band’s singer and songwriter Juliette Jackson remains optimistic in the fa…'This band are heading for the big time.''It’s more layered than you realise.' some @thebigmoon light to brighten up your #BlueMonday @PickyBastards
Retweeted by Picky Bastards @Reverend_Makers @ItsAMatterOfOp1 They don't sound anything like Massive Attack, though. They might exist in a trad… @Reverend_Makers @ItsAMatterOfOp1 There are many ways in which you can break new ground, not just how you sound.… @Reverend_Makers @ItsAMatterOfOp1 I would say so. They're certainly at least great, which you said also didn't exis… @Reverend_Makers @ItsAMatterOfOp1 From the last couple of years, Big Thief, Young Fathers, FKA Twigs, IDLES, St Vin… @Reverend_Makers @ItsAMatterOfOp1 NonsenseHere's @jamespspearing reviewing the second album from @TheBigMoon, which he already thinks will be one of the most…
'has this sterile, factory-produced sheen on it' spot-on review of the honking marshmallow fart that is Justin Biebpipe's new single.
Retweeted by Picky Bastards'“Yummy” was precision-engineered to go viral'‘A bit Vampire Weekend for me.’ wrote about that yummy-yum that yummy-yum that yummy yummy
Retweeted by Picky Bastards‘Not good Elton John.’'Everything about “Yummy” indicates that it was not the product of genuine artistic expression, but planned in a bo… article where @ta_burrows starts the new decade by reviewing the return of Justin Bieber. It goes about as well…
‘A good album, an interesting band.’‘They’ve suffered from people aping them.’‘I’d rather be doing anything else.’‘Overblown, smug, light and airy.’
@thejohnsmith Ah, okay. Will do. Tried to look for that before I tweeted but I must have been blind! @jamespspearing @Fran_Slater You're wrong @thejohnsmith Hi John. Could you follow us so I can DM you with a press enquiry? Cheers. @jamespspearing @Fran_Slater You know what I mean...‘Threw everything at the wall.’ which @Fran_Slater challenges @jamespspearing to listen to In Rainbows for the first time, and James gets it all…'It’s pretty much a textbook Radiohead-song-I-don’t-like.''I could introduce In Rainbows in just five words: the best album ever made.'‘Feel like he’s going to crack or crumble at any point.’ @Fran_Slater tried to make me like Radiohead. Find out how it went @PickyBastards
Retweeted by Picky BastardsIt's Blind Taste Time again today, with @jamespspearing taking up his first listen of In Rainbows by @radiohead:
@Atkins_Sam It's The 1975, so probably not.‘An excellent piece of work.’‘Outstanding poetry throughout.’‘He should be making bold and brash alt-pop.’‘Really, really excited me.’‘Still points where she seems a bit too shouty.’‘Contemplative.’
'Please, save me from my isolation – tell me about the minutiae of your music taste, so I feel like a bit less of a…'Without that ten seconds, perhaps I wouldn’t have felt like Sebadoh were worth following around the country on tou…'I’ve moved further and further down this line towards tone over tune.' @Atkins_Sam Could always allocate you some random reviews, Mr Atkins.In his latest Think Piece, @nckprkr tells us about the obsessions he has with tiny sounds in songs:
‘So much darker and more interesting than anything I’ve heard by her.’‘It makes it feel like you’re there.’‘Creamy, milky consistency.’‘Suffers from a lot of bloat.’
I wrote about a @nckprkr favourite in my first piece for @PickyBastards this year...
Retweeted by Picky Bastards @SELFESTEEM___ Yup. Total shite.'It’s a reminder of why we’re so lucky to have them.'‘@katetempest says things that other artists skate around.’‘The most politically incendiary.’'So with my concerns about the point of a live album firmly put to bed, I am left wondering why this works so well.…‘I could spend hours talking about this.’'For me, putting the record on for the first time, I was taken back to those times I’ve been lucky enough to stand…‘There’s nothing that’s given me more this decade.’ @JoeGideonMusic @nckprkr @ta_burrows Thanks, Joe - Glad you enjoyed - will get back to you about the review, should… his first review of 2020, @Fran_Slater reviews the recent live album from @idlesband:
‘Not sure it stands up that well as an album.’'Without really noticing, over the last couple of songs, they’ve dismantled my expectations with a couple of consid…‘Very, very shiny.’'Theatrical and comedic, the narrator describes a bitter childhood grudge with an adult’s petulance.'…‘Very clever.’'If there’s a way to my good side, it’s through weird anecdotes about quitting at Debenhams on your first day becau…‘Hard to escape from.’ our second Blind Taste Test, @nckprkr challenges @ta_burrows to listen to some @JoeGideonMusic:
‘A very mixed bag at best.’‘Unbelievably lazy.’‘We’re not going to look back at it as the best album ever made.’'It's a lot of work - I don't want to do that work.'
'Adore You is about relationships I think... probably a song young girls will completely swoon over.'…'Cherry continues the fruit theme and there is little doubt he's having trouble with his missus.'…