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@NEDARBNAGROM I feel like a lot of people just think all musicians are rich @camotoprevir I don’t think it’s about running away... more that Americans should be totally embarrassed. @NEDARBNAGROM Your neighbors should hook it up with some nice honey at least ha @NEDARBNAGROM Do you really live next to a honey farm ??WiLDFiRE iS DROPPiNG FRiDAY 7/17/20 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸
Retweeted by PICTUREPLANE🌙The entire world has closed its borders to Americans from entering for the foreseeable future. the USA passport is… @boerni_like I didn’t almost die... I just got pretty sick. What do you mean the fear of my government ? LolI’m really glad I didn’t die of Covid-19 when I got that shit in March.It’s true
@lilzubin Yes the dark side of the ring . That’s a great series @lilzubin I just watched a documentary about him @slowfidelity What ? Haha I watched it on pay per viewI’m thinking October? But some new announcements and singles coming soon 😋’m watching this UFC fight . It’s crazy it’s 8 am in Abu Dhabi right now and these people are going crazy in an octagon @smrtdeath Remember when we shot that video outside that castle in the 6 @_YOUNGBABY_ Did you go to school with passion pit @MirrorKissesVA That was seriously awesome man @MikeZorman I really feel like you told me that. That’s so funny man . That would be a funny stand up joke lolI found this old painting of @realDonaldTrump as a god cradling the earth in the basement of a bar in brooklyn.
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@MikeZorman Haha dude were you the one who said that ?? I definitely remember cracking up about that with buddy @night_being Lol that is not accurateI remember someone saying once “don’t look at your dick while you are on mushrooms because it looks like a 1000 year old man” @nicaspierce @JenniferTilly Why is everyone smoking ?? LolI feel like only real authentic dope people like me wear alienbody 👽@pictureplane
Retweeted by PICTUREPLANE🌙Live virtual 3D concert from 100% Electronica ! Tune in now . Virtual Utopia 2 [Live 360 VR Concert] @yawnscult @_HEALTH_ @youth_code Yea that day and night was so special . I have a nice memory of Peep bringing me a… think one of the best shows I ever played in my entire career was with @_HEALTH_ and @youth_code last year. Sold… @omershapira Yes . Spotify pays .004 cents a stream. Even if it was 1 cent a stream it would make a big difference @omershapira What I’m saying is maybe you have “won” the race once your company is worth 50 billion... why not just… I was the CEO of Spotify, which is currently valued at 50 BILLION dollars... I would simply just pay artists mor… 3 hours....
Retweeted by PICTUREPLANE🌙 @flexwedding Yea all conspiracies now are so right wing and pro republican . Pro trump, pro Christian. It’s so weird and lameI’m literally eating dinner by candlelight like a colonial farmer and charging my phone from a power drill because… @flexwedding I still think 9/11 was a conspiracy @Pro_jekt_Va_yo Im not shit talking ! I’ve never seen an episode where someone eats something that isn’t chicken @ChokingSo Buffalo cauliflower is very deliciousDoes anyone ever eat vegatarian wings on that show Hot Ones? There is so much stuff you can put hot sauce on... why is it always chicken ?
@KevBuc315 My first time with these. It’s pretty damn good lolYou know the vibes is the best night I watched this dude, Paperboy Prince who is running for Congress in NYC, roll up in a hippie bus and do… leaks are so bad that it tripped the electricity in my apartment. Haven’t had power all day lmao @lilaaron911 Juicy smoked flavor lol @lilaaron911 I want to try it @JubileeDJ FirefliesIt’s so crazy we have a president who is saying getting educated is bad lol . It’s truly fucked @sweatandlies Lol yea I am not rich @MikeZorman It was built in 2001!It’s pouring rain and my apartment has so many leaks lol.Im about to DJ live at
I’ve always wanted to be in a Las Vegas casino and roll some big dice down a craps table and say “daddy needs a new pair of shoes” @idie_youdie I think NORE had some pretty good singles. Like “what” @FilthyBassDrop_ It has the address in the flyerI’m djing an outdoor party this evening in Brooklyn. You can tune in on a live stream on Twitch. I’m on at 8:30pm .… @AlexisMincolla That is rad @Bobbyjo76109059 @slug_christ That’s because Germany is an efficient and competent country compared to the USthis is hilarious to me because I’m old lol 😩 @slug_christ Dude that outfit is ultimate swag @sterlingcrispin I’m sorry :( rescuing animals is the best. It’s great that you were able to give him some good yearsI love cheesy hyper melodic drum and bass like this. WOW 😩 Alora - On You say I touch hearts like Kano jungle in to footwork and back again is so fun.incredible article with in depth diagrams of a possible future of NYC without cars (or way less cars). we need more… anyone needs some extremely lo-fi haunted halloween dungeon synth music.... PUMPKIN WITCH @AndiHarriman @PostPunkzine This is so fire @marksinkphoto Wow are these all real dead bodies in this one ? @uniform_nyc Very wise words ! Amazing thread @foie That was one of the things that made the reptilian bloodline thing believable to me. @sterlingcrispin Yes incredible ! It shows what having passionate teachers in the arts can do for kids. WowI love this shit omg 😭
Was cleaning out a cabinent in my house while listening to Psytrance and I found a can of beans that expired in 201…’m djing this party outside on the street in Brooklyn tomorrow. Masks mandatory. Bring some clothes to donate, Com…
@night_being It’s still on SpotifyThis is fire!!! @BestCoast I don’t know if that matters either ! @LAKUTIS @AndreMartel Where is your favorite nyc spot ? @AndreMartel We could Do a bagel tour of the city haha . Supposedly it’s the good water here that makes the pizza and bagels so good. @AndreMartel Come to NYC hahaDoes anyone know any good accountants that work with independent musicians/artists? I need someone to do my taxes lol @NicholasGazin Haha! @MosesNYC You must have had a really bad night at Union pool to claim it’s one of the worst places in the entire ci… @postcrunk Very true! Also Did you see the new Eric Andre comedy special lolThis guy is in my DM’s trying to sell me authentic art made by serial killers. @slug_christ Yea man I really did not anticipate it getting this weird really feel like the America is going through a second “satanic panic” right now. All the Qanon fear and paranoia… @yawnscult these people are out of their minds @TheJeffBarr Yes ! It’s fun :) @zachreini That’s amazing man @rrritualzzz Just watched it ! Totally wild!!Current mood @PeggyOww @Wqke9 No it doesn’t. Basquiat died very young in 1987. “Spirit cooking” was a made up conspiracy Involv… @lilaaron911 These people have absolutely no idea what they are talking about... but act like they are Sherlock Hol…’s so hilarious when QAnon type conservatives are terrified about contemporary art. Like this person has never he…
@chaingangof1974 Well it’s also extremely impossible to look as cool as white zombie did in those old photos. They… sexy is this early period White Zombie box set ?? 😩 feel like for joe Biden to win all he has to do is legalize weed nationally. So many people would vote for that a… @Khameleon808 @DjDieselboy Haha so terrible you jumped out the plane!I’ve actually never read a Harry Potter book or seen a Harry Potter movie... but it’s so tragic JK Rowling is using…