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I write code for a living. Currently watching far too many shows to list, eating too much food, and napping less often than I want.

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🚨🚨Tonight at 7pm:🚨🚨 EXCLUSIVE: Channel 4 News investigation reveals a huge Trump campaign data leak, exposing how…
Retweeted by ChrisMan, I don't know what's wrong with my @Skype, but seems like every day when I try to use it, it keeps freezing and… @Spooky333333 @MysterySolvent Mitch sleeps in a trunk, probably. @ElectricBrahms @Rainmaker1973 that's the smart bear. why settle for snacks, when you can feast on a human? @Hellsbells265 I still think they love what he does, too @Hellsbells265 they definitely would have been collaborators in WW2 @Hellsbells265 Yes. They keep trying to use the “but he donates his presidential salary” excuse even though he’s co…
No matter the lead, all an opposing team has to do is wait until the 4th quarter and the #Falcons will blow it. Not… @outpostseries @TheCW What about a reairing of season 2?#Falcons are the best 3 point team in Atlanta. Sorry, Hawks.
Retweeted by ChrisIf I ever find the person responsible for the design of this #BSG box set, I’m gonna kick them right in the junk. T… @WSox19 @JoeMamas2020 @TeamJoe @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris I thought photographing your ballot is illegal in Illinois?… @joelnet -4
@RENARD__8 @Pixel_Dailies What size canvas did you use?We are looking for a buildings and environment pixel artist to work with us! Full time work (if you want to!). Work…
Retweeted by ChrisI still can’t believe that a streaming service hasn’t picked up #Stumptown, yet forgot Stephany Jacobsen was in #BSG Razor. More importantly, I forgot she was in an episode of #Farscape. I gues… @cyangmou that skull looks so angry 😂I could really use several packs of @SlimJim beef sticks right now.The Robinsons are back and Lost in Space Season 3 is officially back in production!
Retweeted by ChrisRollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Complete Edition will be free to claim and keep on the Epic Games Store until next Thursday,…
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@TooBadDiane Thanks @Sakura_Rabbiter I want to live in that gorgeous city! @TooBadDiane Where did you get them? @facetimeJS @mellon_dev The office chair needs rollerblade wheels. Other than that, it’s pretty slickLeaving the past behind and only looking ahead. #FearTWD returns on October 11th.
Retweeted by ChrisThe racist financial and banking policy of redlining has been keeping families of color in debt since the 1930s.…
Retweeted by ChrisLots of people packed in tight at Trump’s superspreader event in Jacksonville, #Florida — which was already a…
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@LesleyAnnBrandt @LuciferNetflix Stay safe and have fun! @athena606 now I want cake @athena606 @nichhbg tiny penisesFilm every cop
Retweeted by Chris @madcatdisease you were DCMA'd for your own video? @Troofseeker2 @phlynk @TakeTheRed2 @Jim_Jordan Edging closer every day @phlynk @TakeTheRed2 @Jim_Jordan These Trumpers are gonna conspiracy their way right into a dictatorship.People thinking of voting third-party. Remember in 2016 the talk of “there’s no difference between the two candidat…
Retweeted by Chris😂 is now suppressing retweets and likes. If you can see this please retweet it. And like it.
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@7points Sadly, there are no credible sources for this. At least none that I can find. I wish there were.Somehow, mosquitos keep appearing in my house. It's driving me crazy. @GoToMeeting Corsair Void Pro Wireless.I wish @GoToMeeting worked like @MicrosoftTeams and allowed my mic to mute/un-mute when I raise/lower my mic arm. @Forensic_Chik @billprady Sadly, they will spread like ants and infect others. @SOV_game your artwork is fantasticOn #BSG, the Colonials knew that the human Cylons would upload their consciousness on death and yet they just blew… National Catholic Prayer Breakfast will present an award to Attorney General Barr for “Christlike behavior” tom…
Retweeted by ChrisIf Hootch isn’t a cat I will be disappointed @09StephE there will be another character exiting, but I don’t want to spoil it because it’s related to plot @09StephE Did you see that #Fringe's Jasika Nicole will be leaving #TheGoodDoctor in season 4?Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams remains utterly iconic
Retweeted by ChrisI once had a cellular network technician come to my office because my computer monitor was causing issues with the…, I feel ok-ish with this. I hope they find a great replacement. @christie_fleck @LesleyAnnBrandt @LesleyAnnBrandt You guys could make 10 years of #Lucifer and it would always be # 1. Thanks for your hard work!
@Jaihkc that’s basically what they said about all those Nazi collaborators, tooThe Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance - Cancelled by Netflix Update: Confirmed
Retweeted by ChrisBoo! I will miss this show. But I guess with Superman & Lois coming, they only need Super* series's a bummer that the @jimmyjohns that's basically 1 mile from my house doesn't deliver. @_ripleyaeryn One of the best scenes!👍🏻 @DivDev_ @reactjs TRS-80Damnit! #PersonOfInterest left @netflix today. I was right in the middle of season 3. 😡I’ve been searching for the words to describe what Michael & his family mean to me. To us. The kindness, the genero…
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@anaunimas @BenZhu8 @MacRumors they can’t even provide a way to have a ringtone longer than 30-45 seconds. that’s o… @HunterJCullen Sounds like they are preparing for an “innocent on all counts” verdict. She needs justice! @athena606 yeah you do @alydenisof Other than that Dexter level ending, nearly a perfect show.That's an interesting cast. #FRIENDSGIVING via @YouTubeWHAT?! YES! #Stargate #SG1 via @syfyThe White House used the USPS to print and mail "President Trump's coronavirus guidelines for America" postcards.…
Retweeted by ChrisThe race in Alaska is tied 43% to 43% but now NBC News is reporting that Mitch McConnell's super PAC is going to sp…
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@OBR_CFB When the Falcons are playing, NEVER count out the opposing team coming back to embarrass them. They've bee… @backt0nature That's Smokey's lesser known brother, Bob @AllCharisma pecan waffles with maple syrupWhy do people keep saying verb-age instead of vur-bee-uhj for the word verbiage? It’s not the correct pronunciation#AgentsofSHIELD fans are demanding a #Mockingbird spinoff once and for all.
Retweeted by ChrisI forgot that Allison Scagliotti was in an episode of #PersonOfInterest. @jedeyepatch yeah, but you usually don’t have access to extras on digital platforms. I’ll keep buying blurays until they stop making them😂😂😂 that ending’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.
Retweeted by Chris @EllohimeTwitch Same. I remember my first time in Everquest I was trying to kill a bat outside Kaladim, which was f… @ReallyAlly so many types of sausage! @athena606 @kitkatnat8 Yeah, but Cobra Kai is only 2 seasons, so... #Clois!!!I don’t think you’re gonna be able to get rid of corrupt turtle head. He has deep pockets, a lot of power, and KY i…
Retweeted by ChrisShaw is 5’ 3” of pure badassery #PersonOfInterest#Shoot! ❤️ #PersonOfInterest @EllohimeTwitch It’s like $40 right? Eat them all!Shaw! #PersonOfInterest
@BlakeNorthcott I’d still prefer to see the movie in theaters. Either that or buy it on 4K bluray. @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump Of course you will. You like the taste of orange dickMAKE THIS HAPPEN PLEASE STAR TREK
Retweeted by Chris @SciFiNow @paolini @UKTor “Christopher Paolini’s novel has faster-then-light-capable spaceships… and tentacles” Fa… no, I mustn't.
Retweeted by Chris @margackles he gets that same look for pie🎂Exactly 1 year ago today @CryingSuns was released on Steam🎂 An incredible year thanks to o…
Retweeted by ChrisAll 156 magical episodes of @OnceABC are now streaming on @disneyplus! ✨ #GinniferGoodwin #OUAT
Retweeted by Chris @DatModz Same energy way these 2 YT previews align makes it look like @designcoursecom has bulked up 😂