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I write code for a living. Currently watching far too many shows to list, eating too much food, and napping less often than I want.

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@shanselman Just think of it as a thicker tomato basil soup that you normally dip grilled cheese into. 😂Stupid #Spectrum cable decides to de-authorize a bunch of channels for no good reason in the last 10 minutes. They… #NBAllStar game is gonna start this week, right? lol @ArkhamHQ16 @TheBat_Family It’s very close, but I don’t think the same. I definitely like Dina’s the best @madcatdisease Was it owned by Schrodinger?
@LastWeekTonight with @iamjohnoliver returns tonight!!It’s Sunday, but it feels like Saturday since I’m off tomorrow. @Noctua_at @ASUS_ROG @ASUS Oh, will it use black versions of the NF-A12 fans or the same NF-F12 fans that are on the NH-U12S Chromax Black? @Noctua_at @ASUS_ROG @ASUS Great news! Guess I'll have to make due until thenI really wish @Noctua_at made the NH-U12A in all black as it's really the only one that will work with the… @RebelLeftShark YESSSSS
I need some @CORSAIR gear, but sadly no sales going on right now.#NowWatching #Sonic #SonicMovie
This is happening. CATWOMAN #23 - ON SALE 05.13 ✅ First @Sean_G_Murphy Catwoman cover ✅ First Blake Nortcott DC C…
Retweeted by Chris @WolcenGame What exactly will this hotfix fix? Have patch notes? @SpoilerTV that photo was taken with a potatoSURPRISE! 🎉That's right, you heard us, clan. We're dropping the first episode of #Outlander Season 5 EARLY. Watch i…
Retweeted by Chris @tobasoft @BlakeNorthcott except that green one that I kept trying to fix repeatedly 🤣 @madcatdisease @Aimee_Garcia I really hope this comes to pass. Also, I want more scenes with you and Ray-Ray! @karengillan @_chickymonkey I love how they look at each other. 😍🥰 @SpoilerTV #MacGyver, #H50 and #MagnumPI are fairly successful reboots. Next, they need to reboot #TheATeam,… @NXOnNetflix @mox1ew @Stranger_Things yes @willysammy2002 @WolcenGame @gvwinger I would recommend sleep. lolMan, watched some @WolcenGame streams last night and some of the loot explosions from chests are insane! They're go… @09StephE same @JeromeeW @ashyra_ @WolcenGame someone posted a way to get progress back on the forums. not sure it will always wor… Renewal Twist: Netflix Wants to Keep the Show Going Beyond 'Final' Season 5 (Exclusive)…
Retweeted by Chris @TVLine @MichaelAusiello YESSSS! I really hope it happens. @MissViMendes @SpoilerTV @dylanobrien @AppleTV I grew up watching the original. I hope the new one doesn't let me downICYMI: Country Comfort - Netflix Orders Nanny Comedy Starring Katharine McPhee and Eddie Cibrian *Updated Cast Incl…
Retweeted by Chris @Kynseed Are those characters Fred and George Weasley? lol
@09StephE Maybe you’ll get lucky and meet someone thereEven those few seconds of Seven were worth the wait. Now, more, please. @JeriLRyan #StarTrekPicard @sliceofscifi @BoschAmazon @PrimeVideo Same, I still need to was season 4 of The Expanse @TrekCore One of the most unsatisfying plot lines in Trek. Like, whatever happened to the signal that was sent out by Remmick? @BoschAmazon @sliceofscifi @PrimeVideo Haven't watched the show yet, but it's on my ever growing watch list. @JeriLRyan @startrekcbs FINALLY! I'll check the episode out when I get home in 30-ish. @Shotslol @WolcenGame Glad I saw this before I downloaded any more of the patch. lol @WolcenGame Luckily I can access my home computer remotely and start the update. Can't wait to play when I get home tonight!HONEY, IM BACK
Retweeted by Chris @DatModz you streaming Wolcen when it releases?
WTF is up with @symantec on Mac always showing the dialog to add the extension to Chrome, but not giving a way to…"I'm sure he learned his lesson." - Susan Collins "I'm sure he learned his lesson." - Lisa Murkowski "I'm sure he l…
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Finished up book 2 (chronologically) of the #SwordOfTruth series, #DebtOfBones. Tomorrow, I will start…
Got @BlakeNorthcott’s #EvergladeAngels in today. Thank God it was packaged well because it’s been sitting in the ra… @bioware @CaseyDHudson Everyone who has the first, shitty version gets this "improved" version for free, right?I hate that when pressing media keys on my key, Mac OS tries to open Apple Music. I need a way to specify my defaul…
@Stitchpunk83 They were delish @rnickkelly Nah, baked them this time, since I made so many @xfl2020 @gregolsen88 @kevinburkhardt He looks like Dexter Morgan @caitylotz Looks like a DemigorgonMaking honey sriracha wings tonight @CarolineErnst14 @ED_DURANCE @rocksylane30s @CloisForever23 @5un5et @whynonaa @LadyFilmFatale #Clois OTP crap. I didn’t even recognize that the guy on #ProdigalSon is the guy who played Jesus on #TWDFor being known as the nurse with squeaky shoes, Nurse Plague sure does sneak up on David a lot. #EvilSeveral Characters Will Be In Superman & Lois Flashbacks #SupermanandLois via @KryptonSite
Retweeted by Chris @MandaPandamonia @Stitchpunk83 The FDA wants to crack down on these "milks" because they don't come from something with nipples. 😂
@TVSupermanLois Gotta use the #Clois tag to really get the word out. Can't wait for the show @crow_caws_caw that looks glorious! I may have to buy a SwitchThis lady at Great Clips wants to get her hair “warshed”Tying one shoelace tighter than the other always drives me crazy until I get them tied the same.I enjoyed #BirdsOfPrey. Really want a sequel.I wasn’t aware that we were getting snow today, so this is nice. @ashleyscott Seven levels of hell, so both are probably true.
@BULLYNOT2U @washingtonpost All of that was covered in the media. A simple Google search would have told you this.… @jetbrains if I installed Rider on a Mac and chose to install .NET Core and MonoDevelop during install, how do I re… 35 days to read 481 pages of The First Confessor: The Legend of Magda Searus. The 1st book, chronologically, i… swear, if #StarTrekPicard doesn't hurry up and get to Seven, I'm gonna lose it! @JeriLRyan
Laris is such a badass! #StarTrekPicard @gitfinder so I can run GitFinder just for the Finder status badges and run another Git client like GitKraken? If s… @jetbrains So, does it let you create WinForms apps using the .NET Framework using an IDE on a Mac? I'd really like… Locke and Key - Renewed for a 2nd Season by Netflix
Retweeted by ChrisI'm not sure how I feel about that carousel effect used to scroll through the arcade games in the #AtariVault on th…, @AdblockPlus, is there a way to easily export my whitelist and filters so I can put them on a new computer? I… @DrJenGunter Sadly, it will probably be Ivanka one day. I fear that we'll never be rid of this family politically.Checked my @CORSAIR #iCUE app earlier and say that my headphone charge level was at 92%, so I kept them plugged in… @TeamTurboTax yeah, that's all well and good, but it doesn't answer my question about combining the $15 affiliate d… wonder if that @TriNet @turbotax discount of up to $15/off can be combined with the $20 discount offered for the… @balsamiq no worries. so long as I have it, I'm happyHey, @MicrosoftTeams, I created a group of people under contacts, but I can't find a way to send a message directly… @EW they didn't look hard enough @OMGlancy I don't know what's worse, this meme or all the KPOP gifs that always accompany anything that's trending. lolI see #AlitaSequel trending and get hopeful, but nope, it's just us fans wanting one. Hurry up and make it!! @09StephE tell them to buy you a new one. might be cheaper than wasting time on support at this point @balsamiq Ah, I found it! Not sure why @balsamiq moved it to the Edit menu, though, instead of keeping it on the Export menu. @syntevo @chrisoncode @GitKraken thanks for the follow upI don't like that @balsamiq removed the ability to copy a mockup to the clipboard instead of to a file in the… @chrisoncode Supposedly, this is what #GitFinder integration looks like. Not bad, if it does work. I'd be curious i… @chrisoncode #GitFinder is a lightweight Git client for Mac with Finder integration. If it's really light weight yo… @chrisoncode @GitKraken doesn't on Windows Explorer, so I doubt it does in Finder. SnailGit has horrible reviews, s…
Making filet mignon for #dinner tonight. It smells so yummy while it's cooking.Well, Monday I forgot my wallet at work and today I left my phone. I'm going a little crazy without it, but having… @09StephE It may be the user, but just in case... @madcatdisease yeah, I’m surprised she is as effective as she is as a spy. Seems like she would have been killed or turned 😂 @madcatdisease you say that like it’s happened in the past 😂 @madcatdisease @PapaJohns pizza is some expensive stuff nowadays. by the time I add my toppings, the delivery fee,… @ABC pretty soon they'll be crying hysterically like the people of North Korea do about Kim Jong-un in all those videos. pathetic