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im girl

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@_killthelight_ @Cydneycgill come on now you know its only 11 am here and i’m on cup 3 @Afrizallslam @revolut20 @ZELWINofficial @DannyQuah @KuentinLoL i dont lnow what any of this means @Skoog hot @assbabydotcom hehe ily!!!! @Skoog if the wooly mammoth and the sabre tooth tiger in Ice Age fucked @assbabydotcom bridgy this pic is SERVINg and i want to tip it over 30% because its doing a GREAT JOb
I'm a thought leader in the dumb bitch space
Retweeted by pinar @BrettBlackman thats my dream jobthis is not what we meant when we said you can all fuck off @mariokartdwi tomorrow we rejoice @mariokartdwi me too @chibleee i didnt read it. dont tell me what it said @liliethereal for a studio i live here @_ThiccolasCage thats right @_ericcurtin thats me im peter griffin“you haven’t changed” thats right im a cartoon character that wears the same thing every day @embake99 yeah i went to school in southern va and it was hella cheap i paid $300 to $450 max @pnwelio im working on cooler oneslooking wistfully outside during work hours knowing that i can go for a walk because i’m working from home but choo… @Sweekuh @BrettBlackman sorbrett @nosleeptilltaco @AnnamLaughs it’s ok it’s better than paying the same amount but having 4 roommates like in DC lmao @nosleeptilltaco @AnnamLaughs paying over $1k/mo for a studio in seattle in the us is rent $600 i’d like to live there
@Laurenmorelll hehe i am working on new ones this week @naastynun 🥺🥺🥺🥺 @friendoftoads perhaps that is what i am doing.. @garrrish hahaha perfect midwest piece! i think i’m remaking them 👀 @gremlinbimbo i'm so happy u do :'-) @ariesmoongal hehe... new ones may be coming @alecisntfunny me too they’re so comfyremember when i made these lol @adderalluser69 I’ll check the official size when I get home but I think they fit more like a 7/7.5 @adderalluser69 they’re sooo cute but too big for me and every time i wore them they would fuck up my feet and slid…
@DoggotheGreater im. not deactivating or anything im just bored @kaysuhdilla super over it might just make an instagram specifically for film and camp photos but nothing else permanently log offthinking Bout how much i hate being online might just stop all together. its not you guys it’s literally every sing… @CRAUNICsounds it is so much better even though i’ve never seen the new one @benrizika OMFG i completely forgot about thatslept for 17 hours not much else to say beain empty blah blah blah drinky coffee
off to the woods! i look cute! @pnwelio i want to MATCH @pnwelio hahahaha yes u absolutely need to get them @pnwelio do u want my pride ones :-) @doyalikebaileys @Skoog i was there she said a car happened to backfire at the same timeone time i saw a taping of ellen and the intern got ellen the wrong kind of coffee so security took the intern outs…
Retweeted by pinarThese videos of cops refusing to wear masks tend to go viral and I think it’s because it’s such clear and flagrant…
Retweeted by pinar @matchu_chutrain no @pnwelio ok perfect:-)
@MUSTDIEmusic @Bo_Me_Yooo u are the exception @garrrish it is :-) @Bo_Me_Yooo thats right @emma_____weaver thanks emma @ItsButter88 @AOC complimentdoes anyone know if i have time for a nap @waxphilosopher BUG @hungrynads its my fave and its reversible with a diff floral hello kitty design @peetsfeed already didpov you’re a bug @emma_____weaver that shit is the worst and its everywhere!!!! i gag.@SenatorCantwell Independent musicians, agents, managers, event staff & touring crew call on Congress to provide r…! We are running out of time and need your help in urging @GOPLeader, @SpeakerPelosi, @SenateMajLdr, &…
Retweeted by pinar @cowboydavejr tuge hits @LilLebowski34 no @lilaaron911 i wont let anyone tell me different @lilaaron911 whoa @FalconCraptain i lost two followers @vuas_j omg i absolutely will i love mint choco ice cream (and i hope u liked the caesar!!!) @jameselund omg going next time i explore bainbridge! i tried frankie and jo’s on sunday and it was so good (kale l… have huge tits non-dairy ice cream i’ve had so far (not necessary low cal but bomb as hell) @naastynun god bless u @ScottVA703 exactly! @ktgracek m’lady.. @Mathias301 it’s so good! i’m on the last two as well. british shows are the best because of their accents smh @kaysuhdilla omg i cannot wait!!!! @ktgracek it’s just one of those sighs that u do when u dont realize ur sighing right before u gotta do a chore u r… @kaysuhdilla yes @robbyissad no @MUSTDIEmusic this is what the people want yeahcan anyone come over and platonically brush my hairthe idea of grocery stores having to donate their unsold food is making me high
Retweeted by pinar @enamourmusic so you’re just edging your sneezes
If you’re looking for ways to help Lebanon after the devastating explosion click here->
Retweeted by pinar @MUSTDIEmusic @danideahl @DarthLux where do *i* get this though.. omg @DarthLux thank u laura! pinar shall havepinar deserves a little jog and a cronchy salad with some tortellini, or a lot of tortellini, like maybe even a massive bowl of tortellini13 Going on 30 (2004)
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@_killthelight_ 🥺???ねむねむにゃんこ
Retweeted by pinar @ariesmoongal 26 was my favorite... please savor.. @Sweekuh no this joke is ongoing it will never stop also thank u very much send tweet @JackWilliamRtF that's. right! @ffrancescamarie i am doing this! thank u fran imysm @chloexrenee chloe i miss ur sweetie soul! thank u. bb. @vuas_j EEEE TY! @icedoutomnitrix thanks chris!!!! @goodbeanaltalt (sent with fireworks) thank u beans! @nikeeesha i absolutely will do this :-) @BrettBlackman THANK U KING BRETT