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Pier @PierB Mexico

From Mallorca 🇪🇸 currently living in 🇲🇽 Building @plumacloud

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@Rich_Harris @antony is partial hydration in the roadmap for SvelteKit?
My new post: geothermal energy! I drill deep on this one: the technologies involved, the contributions that oil&g…
Retweeted by Pier @drvox @MattOrtega It's the same number of clicks @gobqro
They did it! 👏 Mommy gave them the courage to jump.. 😊
Retweeted by PierThis 4D space thing is breaking my brain @gobqro Hay que regresar al semáforo rojo. La pandemia está en el peor momento en Querétaro: @dabit La gran ventaja de la torre es que va a durar muchos más años que la iMac ya que puedes añadir/reemplazar/ac… @laurieontech cosnt !== const @makingthematrix @laurieontech Happens a lot to me (I write in Spanish too) @Rich_Harris @antony Personally I wish there was a way to disable SPA and do pure SSR + static. :) @Ruben_Fro @Bitwig Nah you need the more expensive version of Live. @Ruben_Fro @Bitwig Feature wise it's great. A bit of a CPU hog though. You can do generative music with Live too with M4L devices.
"Nobody gets hacked. To get hacked you need somebody with 197 IQ and he needs about 15 percent of your password."
Retweeted by PierWe need more @worldofdarkness games on @dmsandgames ! @subism Bandwidth needs to become as ubiquitous and abundant as electricity. I think at some point in the next dec… @antony Thanks. We'll to wait then :) @antony Actually... I'd like to know if Svelte Kit will have 100% SSR for dynamic routes (no SPA).Do you know @antony ?Amazing stuff @Rich_Harris ! Does svelte-kit go into SPA mode after the first request like Sapper does?
@sgoguen @martingbrown @MIT_CSAIL @DavidCasselTNS @thenewstack Is the source code available?
@ScottAdamsSays 90% at least... @Tom_politics @ioangrillo @shreyas It happens to me too. Every 10 years I realize how wrong I was 10 years before. @MrAhmadAwais Inbox zero is my natural state of living @clearenergy Is that an ad hominen or a strawman fallacy? Enough said.Who did this 😂😂 #AppleEvent #5G #Apple #5Gsfor5G #Apple12 #iPhone #Memes #iOS14 #iPhone12Pro #iPhone12
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@jaffathecake This might not be 100% accurate but is how I think about it. Content is for the main axis (row = hor…"The database of your dreams" @ChrisHardie @awilkinson Ah sorry I misunderstood. @GoldsteinMatt_ @awilkinson Not sure what they are, but taking a % of your revenue is definitely not a service. @ChrisHardie @awilkinson Yes and they've already announced it: @Shpigford @audiodamage has a couple of synths for iOS such as Continua: out this #serverless multiregion Redis! 🤯 @SSalud_Qro Hay que tomar medidas más estrictas.
@Shpigford The first thing that came to my mind was the film Looper¿ @EtimosDirectos sabes de donde viene la expresión "rollo patatero"? @pcgamer @cullinmcgrath Irrational voting is the biggest issue with democracy and reducing the decision to a candidate or a… @siracusa At least Adobe let's you know years in advance, unlike Apple.
What we lack is not the artificial equality of outcome or the quick hacks towards “#innovation” or “#creativity”. W…
Retweeted by Pier @jachands @levelsio Thanks! For some reason I had compact mode enabled!
@jachands @levelsio I mean the messages by users in the main pane of the app. Eg: In Slack there are many visual i… junior dev A senior dev @jachands @levelsio Subjectively I think it's ugly but objectively I think it has UX issues such as how the content… @levelsio Slack feels slower but I strongly dislike Discord's UI. I guess there is a market for an efficient chat… @codeboje @faunadb @databrecht I'm not a Fauna employee but I think the plan is to make those guides easier to find… @codeboje @faunadb Nice post! (Btw I wrote the getting started articles) @BunnyCDN Push to the edge
@tha_rami Now that is Pizza
@aguantando_vara @GMonroyEnergy ¿Está documentado qué % de obesidad en México *no* es por malos hábitos? @Rich_Harris you should put it on Twitter! oh wait a sec...
@codeboje @faunadb How did you solve it? @shl Gimme the cash!"We will not block competing app stores on Windows" know what they say about French cooking? The three main ingredients are: Butter, butter, and butter.
@buildsghost I love macOS as a desktop environment, but I just don't get Apple apps. The only Apple app I use is S… @denicmarko @blasc_hg0 @markgurman The problem is that Apple's lawyers claim iOS is not dominant in the mobile market which is… @steveruizok Noice! What's your stack? @marcoarment The problem is that streaming video is much more expensive than streaming audio.
@Shpigford yo@ (yo means I/me in Spanish) @BryanFuller Shouldn't it be #FANNIBALHAMILY ? 🤔 @blasc_hg0 @markgurman The point is that Apple is dominant in the US mobile market, contrary to what its lawyers sa… @blasc_hg0 @markgurman @databrecht @ravinwashere Also Svelte without JS, HTML, and CSS? 🤔"Recent Macs (2018-2020, T2 chip) are no longer safe to use if left alone and physical access was possible, even if… @Monotype has released Futura Now, a modernized version of the classic Futura typeface. @kocienda That sounds like programming in Flash back in the AS3 days! @slashdowntown @kocienda Yes, and my guess is Apple will abandon many ObjC APIs way before that (eg: Cocoa). Newer… @MyAppleSpace @markgurman on which market? US? Global? China? @MyAppleSpace @markgurman iOS has 60% of the US mobile market share and about 60% of the global app store revenue. @MyAppleSpace @markgurman which market? @SSalud_Qro Ya están usando la nueva metodología para contar los casos y defunciones? @jimmygunawanapp @markgurman totally @jimmygunawanapp @markgurman This is not about China though, only the US @splillo how did they track this in 1851? @pixel SMS is pretty much dead outside the US (except for 2FA) @markgurman Having almost 60% of the US mobile market share is not "dominant"?
@tanaypratap What is this measuring? Should include Flutter too! @pjrvs oh no! @pjrvs Check this: Apparently it can create the woff2 files from multiple .ttf files @pjrvs oh you're right, it only includes the .ttf files @pjrvs Why not use the Google Fonts version? (You can download the files and serve them yourself)
@scottderrickson I wonder what he will say when someone from the WH dies of COVID. @rachelnabors Will you publish the results? @thecoolwinter @stroughtonsmith Sure, but how do you know? @stroughtonsmith Correlation does not imply causation. Maybe your sales are up simply because Apple is promoting apps with widgets? @SYoungReports Yo creo que no habrá hasta septiembre 2021Honda has decided to leave Formula 1 and invest that money into electric cars and other carbon-free technologies.… @slightlylate @eleven_ty Common sense™
@abbieasr @Matt_Dillahunty @yourewrongabout @CT_Bergstrom @jonathanstea @nataliexdean @slpng_giants
@_ackzell @TorresJorgeML Lo vi, pero no encuentro ninguna sección que coincida con lo que dice @TorresJorgeML @TorresJorgeML Source?
@GMonroyEnergy ¿Pero y las baterias? Nosotros tuvimos in "tie grid inverter" una temporada cuando teníamos el medi… @TorresJorgeML paciencia, mucha paciencia @WebReflection The closest thing I know is adding an event listener to a media query object.… @Ludvig_Forssell @CDPROJEKTRED I tried to play it again recently and my only complaint was that Gerald's movements… @eastdakota @Cloudflare SSL for Saas for non enterprise customers?
@Massawyrm What are your favorite horror movies?