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Pierogi Fest® @PierogiFest 1417 119th St. Whiting,IN

Welcome to #PierogiFest® we’re really glad you came! 🥟 Join us in Whiting July 26-28, 2019 for the 25th annual fest🥟 #PierogiFest25 🥟 Presented by WRCC

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@BrookeRadio @kickxrocksx02 @morganohanlon @ktmccccc Next year, that changes! Right?!
@thepettychicken @x0Val @gwbecher @Jeanine3131 We’re glad to hear it! Take care, rest up and maybe eat more pierogi (it has healing powers). We’ll pass along your praise!Therapist: what do we do when we’re feeling sad? Me: Eat pierogi! Therapist: yes, exactly #PierogiFest @_niltiac if you like pierogi #PierogiFest @Ed_Johnson is still another hour left of The International Slovak Dancers! Go check them out on the Oliver St. stage!… @MagicofKeelan It ends at about 2pm! @FoxiieRoxiie @OmgItsSkylarP @____megtherese @shawnlenore’s a battle of pride here. Who’s the BEST #PierogiFest character? @FoxiieRoxiie @theetphonehome @SurrahSurrah16 @KroSchro @InsomniacJac my friend Alayna! She wants to be a meteorologist too. She helped me with the weather at @PierogiFest.
Retweeted by Pierogi Fest® @nikkisnoticky @babyynaatt @imnotfingsorry @c_heyy_lmao @jerryh525 @PrettyOldSoul__ We absolutely will, thank you for the feedback! @highashhh Chicago, we do dibs when it snows. In Whiting, Ind., they do dibs for Pierogi Fest.
Retweeted by Pierogi Fest® @NeumeierSuzanne @femi_agbabiaka @lysette_20 @soxmachine_josh @Drchapma @kim_nowakowski @PrettyOldSoul__ Already counting down the days! @zandermade @BrazenlyLiberal We just have a lot of love for @DukesMayonnaise
@MagicofKeelan Stop by the Chamber tomorrow! We got you.Slovak Dancers, Pierogis, beautiful weather and people all 30 minutes from downtown Chicago!!! Come out today till…
Retweeted by Pierogi Fest® @bottlethecrazy Row seats for Slovak dancers @PierogiFest
Retweeted by Pierogi Fest®Honestly, there are so many wonderful #PierogiPups here, we had to give them their own show! #PierogiFest @BrookeRadio @Big955Chicago We always follow through on a deal. Stop by the Chamber of Commerce and we'll take care… @Rosieposey17 @CityofWhitingIN good boy was LOVING the Mr. Pierogi Songfest. #PierogiPups #PierogiFest @Steph_Swieca confirm they were rewarded for their good boi statuses with pierogis #PierogiFest
Retweeted by Pierogi Fest®Three #PierogiPups all hanging out because #PierogiFest truly brings EVERYONE together 🥟 (but they insisted on sepa… @melissamcgurren @KiddKitchen @pajama_meg @talitha78_ @corrinrenee @rcalderon1414 @745stiicky Cooking Show is underway on the Main Stage on Sheridan Ave! @JakeBerent @starwynd @neenaXCIII @taylorkatalinic @angelinabisone @melissamcgurren @ericmorningmix @rupertvaughan
@JasonRosko @MagicofKeelan @cbschicago @HorseshoeHammnd @Coach_AdamMoose @ymota @CityofWhitingIN is the most magical of #PierogiPups. Roughly three seconds before this photo was taken, he was four birds! @Kaileeymarie @Buaidh_BhoysHH @nwi_jsp, @PierogiFest! It’s happening 🥟 Queen @melissamcgurren will be onsite shortly 👑 #pierogifest25
Retweeted by Pierogi Fest® @a13taurus @CliffyVG @DebtPeon @bibliogrrl @NWI_Steve @SamZinski @DebtPeon @ChiPartyAunt @BrookeRadio @Big955Chicago We can’t wait to see you! Let us know when you’re here, we’ll treat you to some pierogi… @maconbacon45 no one: Us: Pierogi!!!! #PierogiFest @JMK26 @muchthesame @jw11873 @mmaryrosesm @ttaylor2u2 @SmartyPig for one sighting of #PierogiPups!!!! #PierogiFest at his eyes. This guy has SEEN some things at #PierogiFest. #PierogiPups #PierogiPups will only pose for pets. #PierogiFest @pozorvlak @kieczkowska @Alyse_1234 out The Traverso Singers on the Oliver St Stage! They'll be there till 3pm! #PierogiFest @TapCityBaby @chancetherapper @Kedwardsssss @SanCortes_107