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horror hoe | i write a little and cry a lot | non-binary they/them pls | writer for hire | host @isitfuturepod | ericamariekay @ gmail

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@tyliston AAAAAA IVE NEVER MET SOMEONE ELSE WHO LOVES HARVEY @Jooliasez @thesuperghoul hahahaahahahaha @HorrorGirlProbs 🥺🥺🥺Can we just take a moment to appreciate these shots of Steven Yeun and Riz Ahmed photographed by Jay L. Clendenin f…
Retweeted by erica kay 🎄 @neuroticmonkey this is phenomenal and i LOVE transylvania 6-5000 @thesuperghoul ok this is so fuckin cute 🥺 @tapewormg0d i feel that :( i'm sorry lovehe's dead... wraaaaaaaapped in plastic! @tapewormg0d for REAL @ScriptsByJames i watched degrassi from season one to somewhere around when holly sinclair showed up when i was pro… @tapewormg0d oh same lol i was being facetious but seriously kellyanne needs to be in jail for the cp thing @agravewoman fair fair fair @tapewormg0d is this tweet about claudia and kellyanne conwayok so. how many years will it feel like it's been since the bernie chair meme come december 2021? taking any and all bets @VinylGrrrl @JDGravatte omg thank you so much 🥺🥺🥺🥺jeffree star blocked me on instagram in like 2014 but it seems i’ve been unblocked. @brandon4KUHD @PromisingFilm @ScreenInvasion @emeraldfennell @Criterion for real!!! @kingjinkerton second only to twin peaks for me, but there's literally no beating twin peaks ever imo @brandon4KUHD @PromisingFilm @ScreenInvasion @emeraldfennell more specifically, a @Criterion blu........... 👀 @brandon4KUHD i got this haha! @JDGravatte @VinylGrrrl she's live ladies and theydies and gents hehe i linked under the tweet at the top of this thread lol @brandon4KUHD @PromisingFilm @ScreenInvasion @emeraldfennell NEVERRRRRR in my life. it's honestly top 5 for me. of…$75 a week at a craft store i only worked on the weekends for $7.25 an hour in college because i quite literally di… @Adrienne_Edits nooooooooooit came out on my birthday. it was almost my last one. the ANXIETY. @TaffetaV i forgot and will have to wait for next week :( my tits are in pajamas @podandpendulum for covid times i feel like that's fair lol @Chris10Jenkins thank youuuu! she's live now :) @ShockaholicYT @PromisingFilm @ScreenInvasion @emeraldfennell thank you so much!!!who tf decided that tattoos and piercings are unprofessional and why do we keep listening to them???
Retweeted by erica kay 🎄here it is aaaaaa i hope it’s okay @nickgluciano it’s HERE @sassintherath @PromisingFilm @ScreenInvasion @emeraldfennell thank youuuu 🥺 @PrestonFassel it’s so sad, claudia posted a fuckin hostage video saying her mom was hacked and stop talking about… @happygoingrid and when you try to tell boomers this especially, they don’t believe youOne of the keys to economic growth is for a person’s rent to be %30 to %40 of their income. I do not know a single…
Retweeted by erica kay 🎄15$ was suggested a decade ago. So if they actually do raise it in 5 years (lol questionable), it’ll have taken the…
Retweeted by erica kay 🎄and yes, i will be writing much more extensively on the ending some time in the future.better late than never? my @PromisingFilm review is now live on @ScreenInvasion! as you probably know i absolutely… that was quick okPROMISING YOUNG WOMAN Movie Review by @pierogiwitch
Retweeted by erica kay 🎄 @ShayRaeInGame 💕💕💕 @Seanofthethread @OddNMacabre some people love to be pedantic 🙃just key-smashed irl if that makes sense @Seanofthethread @OddNMacabre no, i think that's obviousfinally, 16 days of working on it and having breakdowns later, i submitted my first article since october 10th. it'… @aishaonearth to prove how stupid i am, i didn't see the "emotionally" and just said "yes i am a dumbass" @Casaraptor understandable lol @Slvscreenfiends OMGGGGGGG @Seanofthethread i mean honestly let them die @adrianraee it's the best lmao @aishaonearth aoeifedeiowaefji i'm out of the running lmao
Retweeted by erica kay 🎄 @adrianraee omg same lmao but they're fun to go through @theweatherKat @scottEmovienerd i did not need to think about this tonight @catalina__rosa she’s just the cutest dog ever i can’t and the lil brown noseee 🥺🥺🥺today would’ve been this little girl’s 15th birthday 🖤 1/26/06-7/20/20 @gorycoryhorror i knowwwwwwww @gorycoryhorror i knowwwww it was so cute 🥺 she asked me to send her a recommendation list @RebekahMcKendry @ColorsofDarkPod @filmarchive @USCCinema @FANGORIA this was my first arrow blu! 🥺🥺🥺 @srkdall @hulu @JuddApatow @Sethrogen @jasonsegel @paulfeig @JohnFDaley @SammLevine @MartinStarr EXACTLY. they miss… @JesKarakashian hahahahahahaha i mean that’s only fair @gorycoryhorror MY TATTOO ARTIST THE OTHER DAY LIKED HORROR TOO AND WE HAD SUCH A LOVELY CONVO @happygoingrid @coopercooperco @olsencassidy i mean if i’m not on this coast and able to travel back on like a wedn… 💔 @srkdall @hulu @JuddApatow @Sethrogen @jasonsegel @paulfeig @JohnFDaley @SammLevine @MartinStarr i firmly believe t…
@Slvscreenfiends omg i didn’t know that existed NEEEEEED @JesKarakashian only if it’s a knife fight to maximize uh damageaaaa freaks and geeks is STREAMING??????? i’m so happy. my high school drama teacher showed us it freshman year and… @happygoingrid no it's pretty clear someone is. it's the same exact spot she's looking at, and all at important junctures of her child porn // this is just so disturbing. i'm sick. and the fact that kellyanne forced her daughter to post seve… @happygoingrid about 7 hours ago claudia posted 4 or 5 tiktoks asking people to stop harassing her mom, claiming th… @creepshowens oh no i'm trying to be funny about it lmao @blkmagicbarbie @ryanlarson a triple feature i'd be down for, and it's like a one from each decade kinda thing so it really works @JamieAWrites done :) @Chris10Jenkins pass me a slice pls @scottEmovienerd that's somehow MORe disturbing???????? hollow eyeballs @Lorraine_Kay13 ooooooo loves it @scottEmovienerd it's the developing part i'm concerned about...... newborn kittens........just don't got eyes.....… @creepshowens my most popular tweet to date is about the sexual trauma i experienced as a child, so i think you're winning here. 😎😂this makes me so happy. i don't talk about it a lot on here but i have pretty severe asthma and i take a daily inha… @catalina__rosa it's completely irresponsible and awful for the cat @DirectedByKW she leaked her underage daughter's nudes online apparentlyexcuse me kellyanne conway did WHAT.......... put her in the town square for the public to stone her to d*ath @scottEmovienerd i'm sorry their eyes WHAT @ScottWamplerBMD not to mention the disinfectant, which still remains top 5 moments of his presidency for me @blkmagicbarbie @Casaraptor @JDGravatte literally tho! @Casaraptor ahahahhahahah i'll save it if it's like, an important one, or if it's particularly pretty cuz i have a thing for packaging @Casaraptor @blkmagicbarbie @JDGravatte see i AM 5'8" and everyone is like oh you're like 5'2" ma'am i am a giantess @Casaraptor as someone with a capricorn stellium...... guilty. @Casaraptor not again dammit @tapewormg0d pls lmk how that goes because i think it's amazing and hilarious @IanOrrNYC well not good cuz that shit was my fave but yes @IanOrrNYC lol no honey it's bassanova, it's a ramen place, it's off of i think mott st in chinatown @sadfilmcritic don't do jennifer coolidge like this especially after her promising young woman performancemy friend’s mom has breast cancer. if you want to help them, you can here
Retweeted by erica kay 🎄 @BlueIris04 that sounds likely @BlueIris04 oh ABSOLUTELY, we used older audio equipment in school @Jfcdoomblade it seems to be regional and scattered. saw some in illinois, houston, and ohio.