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Thank you! kind stranger. Those organic recommendations really make my day. For the curious, I use… @harrisonalley @yegg Thank you very much Harrison, I'm doing developer books next. Hoping to have it written by ton… thought it would be fairly easy on Google Analytics to measure the evolution of the % of people coming from /blog… @RozenMD @ScrapingBee Dedicated page + 30 testimonials + case studies. This is dope, thanks!I am currently adding social proofs to the @ScrapingBee landing page. But I need some inspiration. Any website in… are looking really grim for #Chinese #airlines. Here are some graphics posted yesterday by Carnoc. The one…
Retweeted by Pierre de Wulf“It's easier to hold your principles 100 percent of the time than it is to hold them 98 percent of the time.” Clayton M. Christensen
@ThePracticalDev Thanks @ThePracticalDev 😀I wanted to find out what were the most recommended books about startups, and so I've made this. I've compiled more…
Retweeted by Pierre de Wulf @tiggreen Preorder with payment and people get a subset of your product right away. (First chapter of your book for… @jesslivingston @nireyal @claychristensen @GuyKawasaki @tferriss @RobertCialdini @yegg @jwmares Yes that is correct… @xantrix @arvidkahl Thanks Salvo! @ScottStemple3 @arvidkahl Thank you !
2: Zero to One by @peterthiel 29.3% 1: The Lean Startup by @ericries 44.7% Fun facts: - Steve Jobs by… The E-Myth revisited by @MichaelEGerber 15.3% 6: The 4-hour workweek by @tferriss 15.8% 5: How to win friend ...… Rich Dad Poor Dad by @theRealKiyosaki 12.9% 12: 7 habits of ... by @StephenRCovey 12.9% 11: Rework by @dhh &… Founders at Work by @jesslivingston 8.6% 19: Hooked by @nireyal 8.6% 18: The Innovator's Dilemma by… Delivering Happiness by @Zappos_Hsieh 7.6% 24: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight 7.6% 23: Purple Cow by @ThisIsSethsBlog link to the detailed methodology will be put at the end of this thread. % is the % of the time this book was rec… short, I've compiled articles from Google search results for queries like "Best startups books" and many of its… are countless startup book lists on the internet 🌐 I wanted to know what were the most recommended startup b… @SamyDindane Hum, it seems that the word fits, but maybe I am wrong. "A compiling study" does not sound that great either.I am currently compiling 267 startup books lists and more than 4,000 recommendation to establish the most recommend…
¿Hablas español? Nuestra interview con @mbenchi10 sobre la historìa de ScrapingBee acaba de estar publicada. Si… @00taffe I loooove Scrapy, powerful and easy to use. It is also a very versatile tool (middleware) with many smart… CTA to rule them all! Trying to improve that conversion rate on the blog. Will share the results, ... if any… @regisfoucault @Netlify Exactly, but on steroid. 💪O primeiro de uma série de posts que explica Git a fundo
Retweeted by Pierre de Wulf @o_gabsferreira Thanks you for the tweet :)It really feels like @Netlify owns the game. TIL that you can deploy a website in literally 15 seconds. No quest…
Preparing for some fun writing this weekend. Hope to have the article written by Sunday. #blogging #programming JAMstack distributed microservices? @caitlincjohnson Boo! @martinrlzd Feel very heavy and slow on my old 2013 macbook pro. @LifeOfMogwai Ok ok, I see, in Pycharm you can change your Python executable path, this is what I used. Thanks for your feedback :)Has anyone made the move from Pycharm to VScode and regret it?source: /u/Ani171202 high school problems with #Flask + Scrappy + Tesseract: #python #programming
It seems that the NSA has just declassified its Python training documents. It might worth the read:… @ossia I've seen lambda school a lot in the news lately, and not really under a good light. But you are right, you… @ossia Damn, you're not a fan of Lambda School right? I see you mention them often lately. Do you think the issue… @theandreboso Oopsie, apparently this book was released in 2015! @Shpigford @datadoghq Apparently @gitlab aims to be one: @theandreboso It is hard to single one book. But as a noob, 9 years ago, "Hello Startup" has been the book that ta… @Shpigford @datadoghq Hard to answer, Datadog is so many things. Do you need APM + log analytics + system metrics? @sergeships I haven't read that one but that is not the first time I'm being told this kind of thing about this book.What are the most overrated Startups/Self-development books you have read? For me "The Subtle Art Of Not Giving a… pattern I see often: • Company A launch X at normal price • Company A grew 100x and raise lots of money • Now… @SamyDindane @Shpigford Yes, Crisp does wonder for us!They pulled the same thing on us, although on a different scale. One day out of the blue, they charged us $200, we… you ever felt bad about your pricing table, think that this exists out there: #saas #bootstrapping #startups @Shpigford Datadog, Intercom’s geeky little brother. All being part of this Surprise-Pricing family. @alanzirek @arvidkahl I am not an expert in front, hence my bias, and for all my app I usually don't use any front… @arvidkahl In all honesty, especially for a new product, I see Frontend as more challenging than the backend. Back…
@thogge For 1) and 2) Rocket Internet disagree.everybody: naming in programming is very important @googlemaps: Basic startup wisdom - Product design - Marketing - Scalability, clean code, and delivery It covers all the basi… of the hardest things when bootstrapping is to know what you don't know. Especially if you've never worked in…✨Status Pages and ⚠️Incident Manager! Show Uptime and Response Time of your sites and APIs to your users…
Retweeted by Pierre de WulfOuch added forms on our @Netlify hosted website and I am at awe of how simple it was. I only needed to add one wo… to improve in DevOps lately and stumbled across the perfect resource: by… @flowdee Ahah smart. May I ask what did you do with those informations then?
This whole copycat thing got me a little paranoïd: #saas #bootstrapping @sinequanonh @jdnoc Ouch#productivity #lifeprotips @MrSimonBennett @ScrapingBee @SahinKevin At least I guess it means you're onto something. But yeah I feel you, it… quote @GuillaumeMbh who experienced the same thing with "SaaS is a commodity - if you… timing is funny, today @jdnoc tweeted this: And 2 weeks ago @sinequanonh told me he n… there, it was easy to find who was behind Pixelize. The guy blogged about it. @SahinKevin also found another… was a company name Pixelize who made the PR, a graphic design software. My spider-sense began tickling. Why… are many Github repositories on the net listing new tools. One of the most popular ones is this one… documentation, pricing, and dashboard are also 90% similar. Anyway, out of curiosity, we wanted to know who w…, @SahinKevin is working 100% time on our SEO and is looking everywhere for web scraping related websites.…📣We've just found @ScrapingBee first 100% copycat, who basically ctrl-c/ctrl-v our landing page, pricing, document… @arvidkahl Totally agree. I tend to believe that you should focus on maximum of one or two important metrics. Foc… is an important day, I've checked the 3rd box on the first page of @ScrapingBee's bullet journal. Looking fo… @duellsy @Nick_Franklin @releasenotesio Congrats Chris, I know looking at this kind of chart going down a few month… @m3n3ga @arvidkahl Yes I understand and it makes sense but how do you feel about not being able to talk with users… @digitaltrouble @arvidkahl Just saw that. Your app is beautiful! 👏👏👏 And I like how the demo is embedded in the la… @digitaltrouble @arvidkahl Hum I see, interesting. It is true that offering demo to your customers makes requesting feedback a lot harder. @famouslabs @arvidkahl Yes, no public demo page I meant.Honest question: If you don't offer a demo page for your product, why? Is it too expensive to make, do you want… @rombulow Thank you! I will definitely follow this checklist when I'm visiting her but I think she might freak out… for an antivirus for my mom's Windows pc. Incredible how all the results I get from Google or DDG are bloa…
When you deploy your web-app on a barebone server for the first time: #webdev #programming again, @xopek59 just wrote an excellent blog post about bot detection on the web. could not recommend enough to grow your audience. @ThePracticalDev built an awesome comm…
It is funny to see that #nocode tools used to simply be called "visual programming". We switch the name of somethi… finished by talking a bit about what to do once everything work. Sell the company, hire more, expand? His mag… CAC = MRR x 4 So if you have a 1% conversion rate, you need 100 visitors for 1 sale. So 100 visitors shoul… Big market: it gives you the ability to: test your product on different niches, make money even if you are not th… Not real-time: All the analytics/decision soft (ChartMogul, Trello, etc..) because support is much easier. You do… Virality businesses: because this is too hard to bootstrap it. Good: - B2B: Companies have money, and spend it -… because you build 2 companies instead of 1. One for sellers, one for buyers - Non-recurring business by nature… - Picking up pennies: where the model is getting a tiny % of a big X (Kickstarter, Stripe, ...). Very hard to…'s is for the annual plan. Prefer "60 days Money-Back guarantee" instead of "15 days free trial". - it gives… course, you will never have 100% annual plan, but you want to maximize the number of people who get them, some h… Customer Acquisition Cost = $300, Average plan = 50$ Spend $60k, get 200 x 50 = $10k MRR Now if everyon… are simple. Charge X/month or 10X/year (20% discount) It gives yourself the chance of having 10X now instea…