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Piers Morgan @piersmorgan London, Newick, LA.

'One day you're the cock of the walk, the next a feather duster’ - Margot Barber.

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THIS >>> I currently have 6.2 million more followers than you, I have a LOT more mentions to study.... weren’t you listening to the debate? I thought your whole manta is that you want people to be better informed? one asleep on the job. Are ANY Labour MPs awake today? this why you need more time for the Brexit debate, @DavidLammy?! 👏👏👏 The Joker last night, to see if it lives up to all the hype. Good, not great film. But Joaquin Phoenix is… met her at my then editor's book launch in NYC in 2013 & had brief chat about her father Robert who owned th…! Always wanted to get the Major into court so we can discuss his treasonous adultery with the wife of our fut…'t panic Katie, the cavalry's here. I always take care of my fans. Please follow @imkatienation & get her numb…'s not racist, or bullying. Meghan & Harry have briefed CNN today that the 'afraid' & 'inexperienced' Palace can'…, Prince Andrew has very serious questions to answer - and I suggest he starts answering them.👊🏻 me help alleviate the tedium, Kathryn.... BLOCKED. This is astonishing. Meghan & Harry telling the Palace to get stuffed because they're 'single-handedly' savin… fans & Xhaka can fume about Evra's supposed 'disrespect' here, but he's not wrong. We haven't been a compe… made the right decision mate & people are going to be very surprised by how good your singing voice is.... Go…
There’s no more abusive person on Twitter than you, but you hide behind your ‘woke’ bullsh*t to justify your vile r… Gordon Taylor had anything about him he would apologise to all his union members and their families who he has f…
Retweeted by Piers MorganMore abuse from Mr ‘let’s all be nicer to each other’ Mental Health. Just as well I’m not vulnerable, eh Matt... or… only have a problem with people like you two preaching compassion & tolerance whilst abusing anyone who dares to… We were lied to about bad you lot were.. I demand a rematch.’t start, Fitzpatrick. Gloating is such an ugly trait. performance by Arsenal. As always, it’s the hope that eats away at the soul like a flesh-eating bug.🤣🤣🤣🤣You just hate the fact that I’ve exposed you for the total fraud you are... the absolute personification of fak… nearly broke my cigar with one of those saves piers 😂 I did enjoy seeing les Ferdinand laughing after one of the…
Retweeted by Piers MorganMike Dean having a stormer for Sheffield United.Sick of people feeling sorry for Ozil. He gets paid 350k a week to do F all. If football was his primary concern he…
Retweeted by Piers MorganWow... The @BBCBreakfast TV Titanic lifeboats are out.. Don’t blame you @stephbreakfast - I wouldn’t want to work…, you sound lovely Lauren. ☺️'s 'you're'. Kirsten, I just think they’re full of self-pitying crap & need to get a grip of themselves before they do real d… Janice, and don’t worry - I’ll be back soon. 👍 @EmmaFrostLondon @_issie___ Thanks Emma, big fan of yours too.Yep. hoped I wouldn’t notice? If you want to accuse me of bullying people, include my Twitter handle - otherwise it… a publicly-funded royal when they behave hypocritically is not ‘bullying’. But relax mate, you’ve pro… this should concern the Palace more than anything else.. the Monarchy can survive anything but public disin… things considered, this might be the greatest goalkeeping performance in football history. @VinnieJones65 👏👏 If you can afford to fly to Beverly Hills. pipe down. It’s time rich privileged famous people stopped whining all the bloody time about how awful their liv… @piersmorgan Give it up @mrdanwalker Piers is premier league at this kind of jousting. With respect, you're sunday afternoon 5 a side.
Retweeted by Piers MorganNow you mention it, I currently have 6.2 million more followers than you, which makes me 11 times as popular. Not… question, Irene. @piersmorgan I have to say Piers, you’re not wrong. I won’t watch @BBCBreakfast if @mrdanwalker is on. A waste of pixels.
Retweeted by Piers MorganHahaha - thanks Doc!, the only thing I lose when jousting with you is the will to live. being the dullest, most excruciatingly virtue-signalling, tediously opinion-devoid, toe-curlingly snivellin… more great women athletes like you to speak up Dame Kelly. Transgender rights - which must be respected - sh… was zero chance of me ever attending Meghan/Harry's wedding. I wasn't famous enough.'s a disgrace, Daley. Women's sport is going to be destroyed unless authorities get a grip of this issue asap. press/TV headlines about their charity work today. Nor any about William & Kate's very successful but now com… being two staggeringly privileged royal multi-millionaires going to Africa to make a documentary that suppo…
Yes, he clearly does. But a speeding drunk-driver killed his mother, and Diana spent as much time manipulating the… to Tom on his cracking interview scoops (genuinely), but the key moment is not this whine about the media but… thanks for your kind thoughts Gina. I have no issue with Meghan based on her ethnicity, and have never written…'s tabloids makes Britain's look tame, but that didn't stop Meghan using America's best-selling tabloid maga… tabloid intrusion! Oh wait, Harry broke this story in his own self-promoting TV doc.... will he now ha… Americans don’t have tabloids??? I’ve heard it all now. Meghan’s a good actress, I’ll give her that. 🤣🤣🤣, make Brexit happen and then have a general election. If the public wants to then reverse it, they can vote fo…, it appears so. He needs to stop the whining, he’s beginning to sound pathetic. the press stories were all true then.... good to know. 👍 has been fair. They’ve been praised when it’s due & criticised when they’ve deserved it. They just prefer to whi… bubble is called democracy. You spun us into an illegal war & now you’re trying to spin us into betraying the v… believe @henrygayle wasn’t guaranteed a spot in the 100 ... He is box Office .. Kids love him .. people love…
Retweeted by Piers MorganAbsolutely
Retweeted by Piers MorganI went on a trip with 15 of my village mates recently, guys of varied backgrounds, wealth and jobs. Only three had… I’m sure these shocking Brexit liars will all be roundly condemned by @campbellclaret @mrjamesob etc for their… Jax.. I am working on some new crime series ideas right now with @plumpictures - watch this space.'d only pick Chris Gayle if he could run quick singles? Jeez. Chris Gayle hasn’t been bought in #TheHundred draw? He’s the biggest box office star in world cricket history…‘It ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take… Mike! I always prefer to run with my own mind than the mind of the mob.’m employed to have an opinion about everything, good & bad. But relax, I only opine about stuff that’s culturally… 👍 women. You were fabulous but you just got cancelled at the altar of virtue-signalling absurdity. 🙏 Warren, we enacted the result of that Referendum.. and once you do that then democracy is respected and we can a… will win this...North Korean TV said it was 82.4 million, according to Kim Jong Un's methodology for measuring deluded, brainwashed…’s a slow sport, so DRS adds rather than subtracts from the drama. Football is supposed to be fast & furious…’s goal came after a clear foul on Origi. Liverpool’s disallowed goal came after a clearly accidental use of… wrecking another game.. Klopp’s going to self-immolate. many young lives being lost to senseless stabbing. We rightly give Americans a lot of criticism for their shocki… fact, I’m one of the most vocal supporters of gay & transgender rights on the airwaves. If you ever bothered to… you chose the two most high profile black politicians in the country, and only them, to mock their stupidity,… is vile racist nonsense - @DavidLammy did a masters degree at Harvard & @HackneyAbbott went to Cambridge. I d… would LOVE to. this story, then tell me the gender debate hasn't gone absolutely f*cking nuts.‘”Congratulations on YOUR brilliant interview,” spat Susanna when I arrived for our 5am pre-show meeting.’…
Retweeted by Piers Morgan @greta Haha, thanks Greta - and me yours!I confess...I am always interested in @piersmorgan ‘s opinion..
Retweeted by Piers MorganNo Robin, you did follow me... but I just sacked you! BLOCKED. Susan, 6,855,820 people currently give a flying flamingo about my opinion. please.. what have Meghan & Harry ‘been through’ that even begins to compare with the very tough lives most peop…, but how many were cancelled & replayed because the losers didn’t like the result?👍, I was there. But that wasn’t a General Election or World Cup Final. The Germans still think they were cheated… need it. All that whining must be exhausting. your 'hero' name one General Election or World Cup Final where the result was ignored & the Election/Final reru… Africa having a 2nd half stormer.. as the Japanese tire, the Boks grow stronger. Can't see the hosts coming back now. #JAPvRSA