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Piers Morgan @piersmorgan London, Newick, LA.

'One day you're cock of the walk, the next a feather duster’ - Margot Barber.

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Awful 👇 members in Cyprus telling me they heard the #Beirut explosion from there, over 100 miles away. ‘We thought… size and power of this second explosion is utterly terrifying. Never seen anything quite like it. 👇 👇 god... what’s just happened in Beirut???? 👇 pal @PiersMorgan stunned by president’s trainwreck interview with Axios: 'I cringed, I despaired and then I f…
Retweeted by Piers MorganFabulous... @rogerfederer is such a cool 🐐 👇 What the f*ck is Trump talking about?
Retweeted by Piers MorganThe best mates are those willing to call out their friends when they are behaving badly, especially if they are Pre…*NEW: You can show us all the charts you like Mr President @realDonaldTrump - but this stat is all that matters: Am…*NEW COLUMN* President Trump's painfully deluded train-wreck HBO interview proved he hasn't just lost control of th… @KlassMyleene Wow! 👏👏👏My new @DailyMail column is about President Trump's toe-curling train-wreck @HBO interview with @jonathanvswan. Pos…
@chrisinsilico @netflix That’s actually a great idea..Shouldn’t it just be #NothingSpurs ? don’t think feminism’s gone too far... I’m a feminist myself. But I think radical feminism is harming not helping… Teresa would be too ‘divisive’ in today’s climate. a lovely story. 👇 in Peace, John Hume. The courageous, determined hero who preached peace & made peace happen. A great man.*UPDATE* NEW seasons of my crime shows are coming to @netflix this Saturday.... 1) Serial Killer, Season 1 2) Kill… @Aubameyang7 stats don’t lie... the guy’s a goal-scoring machine. So get rid of Ozil & break the bank to keep h…
Best finisher since @ThierryHenry - I can give @Aubameyang7 no finer praise. @LewisHamilton @F1 Brilliant win... 👏👏👏👏We know.. tell the President. @emilysheffield A perfect metaphor for our careers too... @emilysheffield I used to love rock-pooling... there’s a real art to it.I think it’s worked well in football & cricket, and the public understands these are unchartered waters so the more…’ve got a new series of Life Stories coming up & I think we should do it... as sport has shown, the entertainment… is utterly disgraceful. But sadly, no surprise. The Govt has never shown any care to care homes throughout t… @HectorBellerin 👌Confident, Legend.... because @Aubameyang7 is going to win it for us. 👊
Retweeted by Piers MorganPoor Olivier.. I hope he’s OK.. 🤣🤣 cc @KP24 @StewieCricket @markaustintv @robmcgibbon @theJeremyVine @Baddiel 👇
Retweeted by Piers MorganRT if you loathe the NRA. two have taken a lot of flak as Arsenal players, some of it justified, some overblown. But they were immense… interview with a remarkable man. 👇’s always something in every flea market that has my name on it... and THIS is most definitely it.… ⁦@Aubameyang7⁩, please don’t leave Arsenal. You’re our captain, best player, & a wonderfully positive leader f…
I’m very glad nobody listened to me & voided the season.... Arteta has been in charge of Arsenal for eight months and has won the same amount of major trophies Spurs hav…
Retweeted by Piers MorganFA CUP CHAMPIONS 2020. (London is......RED.)!!!!!!!!!!!!!! striker in the world. Pay him whatever he flipping wants. ⁦@Aubameyang7⁩ 👇👀!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a striker ⁦@Aubameyang7⁩ 🔥🔥🔥🔥 for some @BukayoSaka87 ... #FACupFinalI am, Darren - excellent coverage. 👍 @LAURENCEJAMET I’m actually quite enjoying it in French.. your commentators get very excited.Pepe 🔥🔥🔥BOOOOOOOOM! ⁦@Aubameyang7⁩ 🔥🔥🔥👍 Down. @mrJamesGraham Seriously????? 🙈How do you explain why America has by far the highest number of deaths? Are you counting more bodies? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏, Legend.... because @Aubameyang7 is going to win it for us. 👊 utter morons. Just ban them from flying - permanently. 👇 know if French TV is showing the FA Cup Final with English commentary on any channel?One of the greatest people in Arsenal history & a lovely man. Congrats, Ken! Hope the boys can win the Cup for you… @truemagic68 Thanks David, I appreciate those kind words, and your ongoing efforts to engage in civilised discourse…
Well deserved. Sky’s coverage of the Hong Kong crisis was world class. 👇 Silver Fox! Love it @BrunoTonioli 👏👏👏 @GiselaStuart @DPJHodges Many congrats Gisela, you’re a class act.17? They should hire him. much pathetic snobbery about the news of Lord Botham. He’s one of our greatest ever sportsman, has raised tens o… @yashar @jonathanvswan He’s brilliant.. looks a great interview...Sad news. He made some brilliant movies, especially Midnight Express, Angel Heart & The Commitments. RIP. @SteveKrak @ThePME Cricket.Hi Daniel, it’s not ‘transphobia’ to ask why the word ‘women’ is being deliberately eradicated from common usage in… I predicted, the ‘cancel Facebook’ boycott made them more money... 👇 is toe-curling. The Health Secretary has no idea what his own rules are. 👇 shows how virulent covid is when circulating in a confined indoor space. 👇 that was the moment many people stopped listening to Govt guidance, as new polls now confirm. ever understands Hancock's 'clear' guidelines, because they're never clear.'m not 'anti-leftie', I'm anti-wokie., of course. But isn't it also important that women are still allowed to be called women, and addressed as women… you mean women? has made me lose a little faith in the human race. This video has restored my faith in people and their abilit…
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Someone just sent me this link to my lengthy CNN profile interview with Herman Cain a few years ago. He was a very… @hugorifkind @OwenJones84 Well, perhaps the one good thing that comes out of this is that every columnist now check… @hugorifkind @OwenJones84 Blimey, I am genuinely amazed to hear that... I assumed everyone checked and had the righ… @hugorifkind @OwenJones84 Do you not check your headlines before your stuff goes to print? Seriously?Hi Laura, I was editor of two national newspapers for a decade... I know how editorial processes work. were talking about columns but if you really want to go here, read this & in particular, General Carter’s commen… you ask? don’t understand why any columnist would ever let a column go to print or online without having sight of the fina… isn’t true. I never let any column go to print or appear online without reviewing it first, including all pix.…🤣🤣 There’s more chance of me becoming King of America than Trump pulling out of this election race. just passed 150k covid deaths (the worst in the world) & new US economic numbers out today are catastrophic… to hear Herman Cain has died from #coronavirus. We vehemently disagreed about everything but I always enjoyed o… @BarbraStreisand Fabulous pic 👍I am... @BBCNormanS Great career Norman, many congrats. 👏👏Rule one of TV: the ‘nicer’ stars seem on camera, & the more they bang on about ‘being kind’, the more diabolical t… do worry about my own country, Jasmine.