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Daniel Pietersen @pietersender Edinburgh, Scotland

weird fiction / horror philosophy / unpleasant noises / distant cackling

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@akiragaijin @RomGothSam His first appearance in Sandman was based on Bowie and artists have run with various inter…
Did some work on this very grimy converted Chaos Rhino tonight. #wh40k #warhammer40k #chaos #wordbearers @Andr6wMale I used to love the Molesworth books as a kid. I’ll have to revisit them. @RomGothSam Lucifer Morningstar @everdundas @HelenVMurray I’m similar. I only started enjoying Christmas when I decided never to do family stuff ag… @MattRCrofts @GamingTheGothic @RGoughThomas @literaryla @propergoffic I keep meaning to read these @Skionar I like Scrivener a lot. I like being able to write on the computer and then review/edit on my phone/tablet.Everyone: I can’t see my family at Christmas Me: @Jendeavour Is Crying Child Masterchef a thing? Genuinely considering buying a TV if so.
@frankendodo Required to? Made to? @frankendodo I can kind of get the gist of this but I’m struggling with “gezwungenermaßen”? @everdundas @HelenMcClory @ioannaonline The three classic endings: hah, ugh and meh. @SwanRiverPress Juggled it mate @burdellen_ Cool! I’m slowly collecting expansions when I see them second hand.Today I lifted our fridge and accidentally used all my manliness quota for the year. @HelenMcClory They just have to hold the book very still. @HelenMcClory A lenticular sticker that flicks between happy and sad. Actually, have the whole book be a lenticular… @HelenMcClory Just do a happy ending and a sad ending so people can choose the one they want. Job done. @HelenMcClory People get very upset about the idea of trigger/content warnings. I wonder if they see the irony in that. @burdellen_ My wife and I really enjoy Carcassonne, too. Very simple game but very strategic. @burdellen_ Blackstone Fortress! Great game. Have you seen the Warhammer Underworlds game? They might enjoy that if they like BSF. @ColemanDennehy @AmyEaston19 As far as I know, no actual proof of them being witches was produced. @damonayoung It’s how stuffed peppers were invented @damonayoung The Roast Pepper DecapitationCaught my sub-editor sleeping on the job.
Absolutely. I read it as a reader and critic and think how it could be better. @Lambo88 I don’t know but I’m drooling at the thought
@_H_Ballantyne @RomGothSam The Modern Pro-yeet-eus @RomGothSam Showing off. Statues of people are rarely people-sized so they look more impressive. @RomGothSam @softnadjah_png Purple with an eerie green aura... :) @BettyBlue168 Imagine having to explain to the President of the US how “counting” works. @LitteraCarolina Why would there be an assumption that they didn’t know what they were doing? @Helen_Fields It has to be Hiddleston. His smile is a joy to behold. @StrahdVonZ And there is a joy in thinking how someone else would deal with that, even if you abhor how they would’… @StrahdVonZ I knew that Luke was the hero, Han was the hero, Leia was the hero. But I never liked them. I wouldn’t… @StrahdVonZ It’s strange but putting it like that made me realise something. As a kid I had bad, hospitalised asthm… @StrahdVonZ *breathing noise* @Anatomicalcat @HemMaggie Can confirm. @StrahdVonZ *rolls d0* *destroys multiverse*
The 2 directions in hauntology: 1-that which (in actuality) is no longer, but is still effective as a virtuality  -…
Retweeted by Daniel Pietersen @Mind_Mouth_Soul I have to say I am not a fan of bants. (Autocorrect wanted to change that to babies which is also true) @puretemerity @HelenMcClory Legend of Zelda: A Link To The PastWhen you ask a genuine question online and a load of men give you joke responses, that’s called a bantswer. @BronteSchiltz The only thing I hate more than the thought of someone going hungry is that we need food banks. I sh… @slimyswampghost I imagine a weird, distant howling coming from the mouth-abdomen @BronteSchiltz I used to chin people coming into Tesco with our wants list. We’d get loads of massive packs of past… @BronteSchiltz This demonstrates one thing I learned from volunteering with a food bank; it’s not always food that’s needed. @LisboetaIngles @WritesTc @EdwardLorn @LisboetaIngles @WritesTc @EdwardLorn If I shaved now I think it would simply reveal bleached skull. @MillyKateH I really want to like it but I just can’t get on with the art style. @TGrayWrites Whatever next? @TGrayWrites Feelings, y’say?Fleets is literally the same as Instagram stories, isn’t it? I can’t get my head around the point of them, being now very old. @fkalexander The opening of Plainsong is like being washed clean by the ocean. @heksenhaus I think because it was probably their big record, at least in the UK, it gets dismissed as too poppy. I… @heksenhaus Wish is next up. It’s a weird one as I played it obsessively as a teen so I feel a bit worn out on it b… managed to get from Three Imaginary Boys through to Disintegration. A lovely day of music. I’ll carry on another… @Gheorghe_L_W @BL_Publishing The Algernon Blackwood collection is great, especially if you’ve not encountered his w… @fkalexander I like Bob’s vocals on that one, yeah.HERE COME DAT BOI! What an absolute masterpiece this record is. Just devastating. It should be pompous and overblow… @Cunningfolkzine Rejections are just part of life. They’re disappointing but you can’t take them personally. I find… @wnwagner First time Iheard Einsturzende Neubauten was a random pick in the library. Front 242 as well! @wnwagner I think I first got it from the tiny selection from the local library!Another mixed bag album from the sublime Just Like Heaven to the faintly ridiculous Hot Hot Hot!!! Why Can’t I Be Y… rarely play this one as it sometimes feels over-exposed due to tracks like In Between Days and Close To Me being… is a weird one after Pornography and, I have to admit, not a favourite. Wailing Wall and The Empty World are b… look at these delicious offerings from the @BL_Publishing Tales of the Weird collection. I’ve still a few gaps… a short break we continue and the question now becomes “is Pornography or Disintegration my favourite Cure al… @HelenMcClory The one in my office just flashes a sign saying TAKE THE PRODUCT which always gives me a fright @HelenMcClory The vending machine knows only hatred for humanity @JoanPassey There’s Weltschmerz; the sorrowful pain of existing in the world. Sorry to hear you’re having a shitty time... :(Now we’re getting into the meat of the matter. The Drowning Man is just perfection. @SwanRiverPress Three Imaginary Boys very much has the feel of a band who were still finding their identity. It’s g… into the Time of Gloom with this one. @JFMachin16 “I trust this email finds you well (aside) For ‘tis a well-founded email”Today I will be listening to as many studio albums by The Cure, in release order, as time allows. @nick_octopus @nick_octopus Euphemism“I hope this email finds you well” Email: @doodleattack the Deceiver gave to them nine Rings of Power. Blinded by their greed, they took them without question, one… @cxorlando @excaliburedpan @face_of_gothic A rebuttal is also known as a “second breakfast” @excaliburedpan @kar_took @excaliburedpan @cxorlando “Second breakfast” has always been a euphemism
@softnadjah_png Not so down on sock now eh?! @softnadjah_png Exhibit A @softnadjah_png My wife got me socks for a present but they had little repeating pictures of Edgar Allan Poe on. T… good discussion of The Signalman as part of @MadBasil’s Ghost Stories for Christmas class. Lots of interesting ta… @BigBadBregalad Lots of surprised-looking books on the shelves, though @BigBadBregalad @BigBadBregalad Only the novelisation of the film Mimic isn’t a mimic @BigBadBregalad Note to self: Books are actually mimics @HelenMcClory Made the mistake of looking up the guy’s timeline. It’s... intense. @HelenMcClory What drugs, and how many, is the carving guy on?Those three little words that everyone longs to hear: Free spring rolls @BronteSchiltz @Hatingthelord The Haunting is one of my favourite horror films, one of my favourite films of any kind. @BronteSchiltz It’s early 2000s and looks it but I thought it was really good. @BronteSchiltz Have you watched Six Feet Under? We really liked that even though it’s basically Hill House (but well-written and funny). @BronteSchiltz Yeah, neither of us are very family orientated so when a plot goes “I’m mad at my sister for what sh…