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Adam | Trying to make content people will enjoy. Social media for @BTScsgo @ESEA and @ESLCS

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@AttackDogLimk Idk what did they use for currency in 1900Finally home and can flex my DX Racer George Washington edition chair 💪 @BASED_csgo Check my fleet, definitely can't fit them all in one pic @slowiscool Check my fleet if you can. There's a lot of them... lolSo I just got back to my parents house for break and I found this massive book of pokemon cards I have from when I… @mrtunjiao @ChaosEC @JonjiJlc @leaf_cs @vanitycsgo @Xeppaaa @MarkeCSGO Watching this again a few days later and you… ginga goon ginga @kingmezii @NiPGaming @BLASTPremier I could see you putting the aim lab targets on everyone’s head. Billy too fastWhen my teammate calls all long and then I get killed by a flanker @ryanstoptalking Someone please make this @RyanAtRBM @JakeSucky Just @ @_BrianCS next time @shrimpfriedice Yo @Asunaa 100T academy roster??
CSGO animal circle of life @vir4jsh Gonna be years after this one then @DokuUK My soul is gone, but the memes are plentiful @Rutzo1 You don’t need to pay for online for most games if they want to play local or single player games. But if t… @parks2214 Back in the golden daysBring back cool names. Props to Rugratz @dz_sfn Stay tuned Thursday ;)Had fun planning this Throwback Cup for this weekend. Check it out for some fun maps and prizes 😁 @ESEA Aztec is back LETS GOOOOOO @TheNorthIsHere This isn’t a twitlonger. Are we sure this is official? @BTScsgo -mirage +awp_lego_fort !!! @CSGO @JustHarryGG @RyanAtRBM C'mon @RyanAtRBM you can't make it that obvious that we're running the account @JustHarryGG @CSGO Can you make a guarantee that @RyanAtRBM will get verified @RyanAtRBM @JustHarryGG @CSGO Who should we flame?Hey @RyanAtRBM my friend @CSGO says to stop @CSGO @RyanAtRBM CS Twitter checking for signs of life from @RyanAtRBM @RyanAtRBM This just isn’t believable ryan. You don’t have a girlfriendLive look at @CSGO trying to hide from all of their notifications @_BrianCS @CSGO If they respond to this with "Who are you" my year will have been made
@CSGO @JakeSucky If we combine all of our followers we have over 1 million!With no regard for human life 💀 @RyanAtRBM @r6_elijah @CSGO More brutal than what ESL did to me earlier🚨 RATIO ALERT! MAJOR RATIO ALERT 🚨 @CSGO if @CSGO has million number of fans i am one of them. if CSGO has ten fans i am one of them. if CSGO has no f… @RyanAtRBM @CSGO Thanks dude was trying to give the people something that wouldn't burn their eyes @RyanAtRBM @CSGO Wow they really did hit 1 Mil! @CSGO has million number of fans i am one of them. if CSGO has ten fans i am one of them. if CSGO has no fans. t… @DonHaci @CSGO CS twitter assembling all of their alts to get @CSGO to 1 mil @tacitusfps @TriumphGamingGG @RyanAtRBM 😅 @FairPlayEsports Trump to Don Jr. "There's always money in the banana stand" @Andro1dCS Of course! @RyanAtRBM Georgie Gobagool is still at large! Be safe Ryan @Andro1dCS You don’t need to stream but get a picture and name that people can recognize. Imagine you’re an org and…“COVID-19 symptoms may include lack of taste” People who like the M4A1s: @el_jack0 @tweissCS When I have to blow Tyler up to get out of my contract like ya cut G honestly applies to anyone who is looking to be involved in esports at any level and if anyone has any questio…
Retweeted by piethrouer @tweissCS I'll take 10% equity on your Rank S money and we have a deal 🤝 @witnessgg @ChaosEC Nifty clearly isn't making 300k+ a year from playing matches, but he is someone that's the face of the brandThe reason @ChaosEC has lasted this long is because they're fun, marketable and even though they may be getting dro… aspiring CS players, I ask you to make a youtube, make a twitch, etc. immediately. Orgs are going to be lookin… @DonHaci @CSGO What everyone thinks it's going to be like when CSGO hits 1 mil @bwillsCSGO 👀 @tacitusfps @mooseloff Let’s goooo!!! @RyanAtRBM "Piethrouer's tweets are not loading right now"Fade me @ESLCS @ESLCS They call me NA Zywoo 😏 the thought yesterday had been EG would get the NA rankings spot for the Global Challenge, but with them putting… @RyanAtRBM The moose will be loose in Valorant 😔Vitality after coming back to win grand finals “Good match, happy for all the guys we showed great team play.… win for ex-Chaos
Happened to stumble upon this Reddit thread from 3 years ago and felt it was pretty interesting looking at where ev… spitting facts in this video really are getting to see the best player in the world perform in the grand finals. Not s1mple or Zywoo though... @kreazCS You guys looked great and defied a lot of expectations with barely any practice. Keep your head up king 💪 @raveN_f0 @_BrianCS He finally gets one in 2024 @TriumphGamingGG Steel may have left for valorant, but he is still in the server on penny's balls @chloe_hime7 @MegamanTV @MACHINEgg @SPUNJ Take notes @tweissCS @chloe_hime7 (With coach/sixth player chloe) @ESLCS @mooseloff Is Moose loose check? ✅The year is 2024, the pandemic has finally ended and Astralis Blue (Shakezullah, Guardian, Brian, Magisk, Xotic) wo… @4boombl4 @brunostejskal1 @DonHaci Lmao I made this in like July and it was the teams that had been struggling the… @4boombl4 @DonHaci When I see a banger I made posted by someone else 🥰 @HLTVorg @s1mpleO @MnmzzzCS @RyanAtRBM @Professeur_CS @HLTVconfirmed Honestly though being able to take a break for even a map can completely c… getting 64 kills in the first two maps and then getting reverse swept in the grand finals @FranKCS_ Should be fixed now 👍 @Officialvalde He’s a big reason they were able to make it to the grand finals. Love to see how Vitality have utilized the six man rosterLooking to get involved in esports? Make sure to fill this out with Jordan @JustHarryGG Zywoo’s ancestors always warned him of el ángel de la muerte @ryanstoptalking Massive W from Jordan @hAdjiCSGO @zywoo The craziest thing to me is this is only his second year playing pro @MatthewCElmore Honestly fool proof plan @JakeSucky Esports talk this, esports talk that. Jake you need to esports talk to some girls @ChaosEC 😳 @MatthewCElmore @fl0mtv Definitely. Feel like everyone wants to be the star. We’ve definitely lost a lot of leaders… @fl0mtv I was thinking the same thing. If we lose some of the players that have been around for a while that lost t… have an exciting matchup coming up soon in the NA finals of IEM Beijing Heidian as EX-Chaos will take on Furia a… @Shakezullah Time to make the second twin duo in CS. @TriumphGamingGG it’s time to sign the real @guardiancsgoIf we do get a new operation soon, what are you looking forward to most about it? 🤔
Retweeted by piethrouer @BTScsgo I love the co-op missions. Also some cool skins 😉What’s perm in Portuguese?