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@Rafinhafps @RyanAtRBM We Stan @TriumphGamingGG HR Banger! CT win! teams make sure you sign up. This is one of the biggest competitions you can qualify for atm and BLAST always do… @TriumphGamingGG @cynic_fps @_BrianCS @TriumphGamingGG @cynic_fps Imagine getting below a 1.00 rating though amiright @_BrianCS 😬Conflict of interest isn’t real, it can’t hurt your. Conflict of interest: @AtozTV_CS @chloe_hime7 I’m glad I was an inspiration to shitposters everywhere
@ANPerfetto I reposted cause forgot to mention was CS @RyanAtRBM @OfficialAproto @mooseloff @oBoCSGO Can’t wait to see you out there owening again. 2021 gonna be fun 💪 @EvilGeniuses @oBoCSGO @FranKCS_ HAVU FUCK U LETS GO HAVU @FranKCS_ @Nors3 This reminds me of the Vertigo pick from Berlin during the Liquid Astralis series @_BrianCS @el_jack0 @RyanAtRBM I gotta start losing some pugs @el_jack0 @RyanAtRBM @_BrianCS Pain @el_jack0 @RyanAtRBM @_BrianCS @TriumphGamingGG @RyanAtRBM If we’re just giving em out 😁 @TriumphGamingGG @Nohte after adding Brian’s profile to HLTV @tacitusfps @_BrianCS @bwillsCSGO @viz_cs @HLTVorg Brian going 0-1 in a map and still having almost twice the hltv rating of Khaos ☠️ @CooperCSGO @TriumphGamingGG This was what finally put @_BrianCS over the humpFuck the battery message 😂 players rn making sure they don’t get upset in the DH qualifier
@ANPerfetto 😈When Niko is trending and the top two tweets are his announcement and my meme 😂 @luismmira Astralis were pioneers with esports psychologists. Maybe GROND are on to something hereRise and GROND 😤This @s1mpleO guy is pretty good at CS for a streamer @SPUNJ @launders 3 hour video @AmongUsGame Holy shit after being in literally any team for a couple months classic player streaming and playing fpl when they don’t normally stream and play fpl should have been a sign🤔 @902Creed CT winStill can’t believe this is real @TriumphGamingGG I knew it! today we have the Your Month of March at ESEA takeover on our website. Easily see all the events and actio…
Retweeted by AdamAnyone else?
Retweeted by AdamSaving here in case it gets deleted @iwannafuckryu I once had someone say after winning the pistol “We won with pistols in the last round, why would we need to buy this time?”Thanks Hellraisers, very cool. CT win @syphyt @CxziDanny Tarik was peanut brain and he won a major. I’d like to think walnut brain gets you two majors @CxziDanny Walnut brain @NIPGaming @AttackDogLimk @forzegg I just hope both teams have fun ❤️
@NIPGaming @AttackDogLimk @forzegg Words can always be changed for a price 😏 @AttackDogLimk @forzegg @NIPGaming have been looking good. I don’t see G2 beating them @fl0mtv Skribbl @JosiahCSGO @fl0mtv skribbl prac? @mitchc___ Or AU*Pleasure doing business @forzegg 😎 any Premier players in NA or EU would be interested in doing some fun content outside of matches with me for ESE… @tweissCS 👋 @parag0n I forget my own power sometimesThis weekend we have two exciting events planned! Saturday, test your individual skill in a 1v1 cup and show off y…
Retweeted by Adam @RyanAtRBM @Zellsis @vanitycsgo @Subroza @WARDELL416 @daprcs @G2ardiis @PlayVALORANT @hazedCS @ethanarnold Do you not want to see this? @Zellsis @vanitycsgo @Subroza @WARDELL416 @daprcs @G2ardiis @PlayVALORANT @hazedCS @ethanarnold you know what to do5k retweets and I'll remake this.
Retweeted by AdamWhen talking about CIS domination, don’t leave out @Winstrike_Team. They’re currently on an 11 series streak and th… @ @Subroza next timeLove the new tik tok @Zellsis #WeAreZellsis'm perfectly happy with my skins I already have*"I really want to build an international roster around mopoz. If we could get Alex out of C9, Shox to leave the Vit… @AtozTV_CS @JosiahCSGO @hotpockets Delete this @JosiahCSGO @hotpockets 😳 changed my mind. I’m starting my official campaign to get noticed and sponsored by @hotpockets I eat way too ma… @JakeSucky @piethrouer first gamer to partner with @MrPeanut 2021 @TriumphGamingGG @Shakezullah Nomerator @DarfMike Just keeping you sharp for your first castSome of my favorite photos from LANs in the past 12 months 😌 @ESEA @BnB_pt2 Invest in $BNB 🚀Make sure to check out the full video here @Ahmoar @heyitsFlorence Dude the video download I was sent for posting said “florance” idk why I didn’t just double… @CooperCSGO @CxziDanny He was like “This the easiest one so far” 😂 @CxziDanny Nothing, Chase had the fact wrong. It was definitely walnut @RyanAtRBM @CxziDanny @TriumphGamingGG Ryan I bet we could go 15/15
A peanut is not a nut but it is a ___? @CxziDanny: “Walnut” LMAO @KnightsGG @PlayVALORANT @OCEAN_tK Always got the hottest ocean clips @x7evn Lmao I sure hope not. This put the shit in shitpostThis is sick @RyanAtRBM I can't wait to shake someone's handAny NA League players, make sure to check this out with your team when you get a sec 👇 @KnightsGG @PlayVALORANT @OCEAN_tK @Jujubez_ 😂 @Jujubez_ "Yo I'm peaking mid" @Jujubez_ It's all fun and games till you run into a tank on A siteMe: Trying to clutch All of my teammates yelling at me telling me everything to do:
Retweeted by Adam @Damage_CSGO Now we’re talkingSo like, CSGO.. but with vehicles @ANPerfetto @ItsTypho He didn’t even think of it himself 😏 @RyanAtRBM What can I say, I’m a man of the people are you guys liking this. This tweet stinksOf course I got drip, I’ve got a cold and my nose is stuffy, what do you expect? @AndiousCS He didn't do terrible but Fnatic got last in the event (7/8 out of 8 teams) Anything that happened/happens today on CSGO Twitter after my latest tweet a couple of hours ago is not… images @Zellsis Happy birthday Jordan