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Love being the only person at a bar.Let the countdown begin! Who else is ready for 2021? 🤚
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@vsii @_effindanny Danny, when we you get your first paycheck. You hear that? .. drinks on me mijo ... @_effindanny *supercharging station . @_effindanny Also, like! How can i buy a tesla supercharger and make money off it like vending machine.. holler back.
Retweeted by misterNovemberBad Bunny - A Tu Merced
Retweeted by misterNovembertwenty first of septembuh’ @JonnGotti_ Cuz youre thee MAN! @belaireleah
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Partyin’ really hard on a saturday and being ready and dressed for church on a sunday is my purpose right now B.Dear Lord, thank you, -amen! @mirandalasheane Retweet.Being in a stinky tesla is not a flex .. mf’s was it in that bitch rolling joints with tobacco...
One phone plays all her songs on repeat 24/7 ... the Christmas countdown begin! 🎄🎅
Retweeted by misterNovemberBabygurl what you doing? Where yo man? I just popped a xan 50 thousand in japan ....
Yeah. . . mistress should be a covenant for marrying cardi B ... said “I just crawled this whole way... I got this part!” 😂
Retweeted by misterNovemberWhy what happened
Retweeted by misterNovember2020 tesla can
Happy Grandparent's Day to all the wonderful grandmas and grandpas out there! 💗
Retweeted by misterNovember😂 @badbrainyoo Tell the jewelry store to make us sum grillz @ckylelykc Darius miles & Richardson dap*Ring the bell !!
I’ll try to talk about my bad day and my mom will be like “well Dong at your age I had an abusive husband, a newbor…
When we lived on sunset & vine and dude got merked right by the chipotle and bullets were on your balcony ...
Retweeted by misterNovemberDamn @trailblazers .. its quite .. oh well.. we in Portland smoking legal with @carmeloanthony ..Remind me to not overfill the garden water tank ... 😂
Beginning of Vicente Fernández -volver volver >>>>>Oh! Im pussy?Sagittarius & aquarians .. *jotted on vision board. at 3am, like B O O , get the neti pot hot.. 😂I’m HEALTHY ( gucci mane voice )and my body absolutely crashes after 🎱 activities .. if i ran on evil 🦹‍♀️ it proll… gratefull that my loved ones are healthyNope. @botanista___ Pancit ramen with the kalamansi... 🍝 ..This bitch, loves me..
ChaaRR cou’ terie neighborhood hella gigantic high maintenance dogs. 🐕..Go bessfriend.. thass my bessfriend go besfriend go besfriend goBringing back out the tacoma...“ Suck yuh mudda ... “ ... she drives a stick shift ... 🥺 >>>>>>>>>Good morning to Lakers fans only #LakeShow
Retweeted by misterNovemberShould’ve hugged u tighter the last time I saw u
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glenn Robinsons nickname is big dog not cliffs.. ...Condolences tweet are at an all time high... rest, reflect. My god. Lets pray.Her nails maV wicked bruv ... 🤤🍎 ‘$ at the bar really wants to know why i have 3 cell phones ...Omg Shut the fuck upp ... the games on...Rest in peace Clifford Robinson @UncleCliffy30 aka Big Dog ... thank you for the fun times.. going to bark it up re… need the @trailblazers to win against the lakers.. can you do that for me ref?Found a very nice and empty bar... this will be the doghouse barr
Fuccckklol ... in the dog house brooohardest thing about working consistently is all the laundry.Is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🐬 🐬🐬🐬🐬
Retweeted by misterNovemberThe bar was pleasant tho. Rest in power @chadwickbosemanAt the bar ... forgot people come in here to get punched sometimesJust kiddingFuckk this going to the bar.Omg.the well almost bursted. All fixed now @belaireleah @YoungDolph album
Siri ** please play tribal seeds, bitch. 100 degrees right now.. stay safe and dangerous.. @ShannSharpe2 Half gallon with the magnetic cap .. sickWidIt..Damn brooo, gophers got into the well. @ShannSharpe2 Duece, cheers! .Does groceries mean gimmie some moneyTeamwork makes the dream okay nephews..The way she blows me kisses from a far >>>Feel good friday.. time to work for the money honey’ ...
Retweeted by misterNovemberMe supporting my shawty in everything she do
Retweeted by misterNovemberHell yeah kreay .. better dance with no rhythm ... dress nice & i like the way she dressTo all 🇩🇴 ... K L K .. whaa wha whaa! @billboard @Saweetie Wave this 🇵🇭Siri** play shade sheist-where i wanna beGave her 1500 & she came back withBlessed. a creative person show U they creation before it’s fully created ... I promise they really care about u admire you or inspired by you .
Retweeted by misterNovemberRIP Nip #TheMarathonContinues
Retweeted by misterNovember🖕 @mo_beatz_007 happy birthday 🎈 you fuckin herb’ ...
Insert heart. you one... this too please .. boo.. bring me my blu pillow pleez