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yes. i am the “holy fu**ing balls” and “MERRY CHRISTMAS” guy. | official ariana groupie | (fan account) 🤍

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@buterabryan_ i’m glad she’s coming on for the important things even during her hiatus 🥺we will not stop fighting for you breonna 🤍 jumped when i got that notif 😭i’m ✨depressed✨ @sweetenertrack4 if u can’t find it lmk i could get it and ship it @sweetenertrack4 @sweetenertrack4 i saw it on tiktok and got in my car immediately Fischer: Arrest of Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and officers Brett Hankison and Myles Cosgrove - Sign the Petition!…
absolutely disgusted. they should all be charged with MURDER. found out Chick-fil-A now has brownies @inmybloodgrande exactly.i’m ✨tired✨ @officialmosesp $12!let me take my ass to bed 😭this election we need to ALL be at the polls or submitting our mail in ballot! NO EXCEPTIONS!! We need to… @joangrande #VoteReady love u joan “n” in my name stands for “needy” @ghostinmegs lemme go intern for themyou mean to tell me that ariana grande only got nominated for 3 #bbmas when she dominated 2019 and she’s not even n… #dwts producers had a meeting with the judges regarding carole baskin and her partner before the show... love this woman’M CRYING 😭 @everytimeandrew 😭
2020 a haircut @JeffreeStar’m going to give away $10,000 to 3 random people who retweet this tweet AND follows me! (If you don’t follow me, c…
Retweeted by allan (fan acc) ♡ @angetoss BAHAHAHAHAHHA. rip @angetoss why am i lowkey jealous @angetoss OMGi forgot about this 💀 @lovarianalov @ArianaGrande 🥺🤍may i just say mine just did the same thing and i’ve never been more upset. .. @AlfredoFlores damn man. did u stomp on it or something? 😭currently talking to a really cute guy... feeling: confused 🥴 @bemybrandon @ArianaGrande i told u @ghostinmegs @ArianaGrande ilymy best purchase ever... at this sign i got for my bedroom at spirit halloween!!!’RE HERE!!! if you don’t #vote sure to check this out!! - How to register to vote ahead of the November 3 elections😭😭😭 @Grandesposty i- 😭 @needyshells @throwbackagb gotchu @needyshells @throwbackagb oh shit. i thought u did 😭i know we all got excited but remember this is very important information!! please make sure you register to #vote literally jumped when i got the notif that @ArianaGrande posted on her ig story 😭 @ArianaGrande get yo ass on here NOW @throwbackagb @needyshells didn’t u go to this??going to sleep missing her... goodnight 🤍 @bemybrandon she really is @bemybrandon she’s so 😭 @gngsoul HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! @bemybrandon🥺😭 @fromnoheaven menot everyone commenting “she pulled another see u next year on y’all” under my tiktok about her dipping 😭😭😭 @angetoss NSHSJSUSYJJShas anyone checked on @angetoss ?! MY GOD whole WEEK... @officialmosesp @needyshells
the way i thought i looked good and the worker goes “hmm do you wanna maybe go up a size?”... lemme go cry real qui… @sweetenertrack4 @ArianaGrande 😭 @Zendaya @armani @Bulgariofficial so proud of u my love!if @ArianaGrande doesn’t come back today... working at the Sephora in New York City and Lady Gaga just comes in and shops with you AT HER!!!!! @BBri90 @ArianaGrande sounds about right LMAO @lilireinhart OMG!! 7 YEARS?!! I JUST KNOW BETTY IS GONNA BE WRITING FOR SOME NEWSPAPER!!! wish @BriLoveLife would just marry me already... @SVUwnyxER @nbcsvu @Mariska @KelliGiddish @FINALLEVEL @JGHyder @PeterScanavino @JulieMartinSVU @warrenleightTV OMG… had me SCREAMING 😭😂 make sure you #WearAMask need to go to sleep 😭 stan olivia pope, February , quarantine , December
Retweeted by allan (fan acc) ♡ @erikk_wilson @lNMYHEADJD i’m stealing him soon 😇who gave @taylorswift13 the right to LOOK THIS GOOD?!!! 😍 was always a Z girl... disney couldn’t push bella on me 🥰 love to see it... @inmybloodgrande WHATdamn... we really grew up watching an emmy award winning actress! i remember watching shake it up on disney daily!… @knnewagb @corona someone tag me when the beer repliesglad we’re keeping this joke going even during the pandemic 🥰 deserves this sm 🥺🤍 this blew up... @dangrouscole @ArianaGrande @ladygaga @BBMAs it’s a different show... 😭QUEEN!!!