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The event guy. Organizer & Founder @MCUltimateEvent | Owner @MCU_Server | He/him

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@F1NN5TER shiiiit dude, im sorry man @brian_souzaaa @cadefart laugh all ya like mate, at least i can take solace in the fact that i've never begged a wo… @brian_souzaaa @cadefart he got blocked for being dismissive of any beliefs he didn't share, but that was just the… @brian_souzaaa @cadefart girlfriend??? i think your boy's been lyin to you homie, considering the fact that wheneve… pledge allegiance to the swag
Retweeted by noah @Yahiamice Man what the fuckI’m not gonna front, he is by far the most consistently entertaining person to ever come out of our community. If a… @I_is_cheesekek @Brodioh @froubery I do not trust @bushie_irl he is dangerous @Brodioh @froubery It won’t be. I have lost all faith @I_is_cheesekek @froubery Honestly it wasn’t on my main list but I would’ve never killed it. I was not a villain and yet I was tormented @froubery I hate It Here . @hannahcrag @froubery Yo wtf this sounds sick. Are u staying up to do another for more gens? And if so can I join plz @froubery @froubery Rankdown..? I wanna do one of these with u but idk what it is @heymanthatsme @greekfire I wanna use this for a trailer so bad but I’m scared of copyright :( @JunyIsHere YOOOOOO THIS IS SO COOL AND IM IN IT WTF IM HONORED40k special featuring f̸̧̳̺͚̦̥͙̙̘̾r̷̬̀̐̒͂͑̿̇͘̚į̸̈́̏́̇ę̷̥̱̔̃̀͑̎͗̅̊̅̅̅̚͘͘͝n̴̪̭̟̮̗̖̼͕̣̟̹͔̝̎̅͑̓̅̈͛͆̾͗̓̆͂͘̚…
Retweeted by noah @zenority @Elaina_exe TRUEEEE REAL SHIT @zenority @Elaina_exe It’s ok man we all make mistakes ❤️ @Elaina_exe @zenority Michael’s been a homie since late 2013. Well. Actually I hated him in late 2013, bitch banned… @zenority @Elaina_exe King it’s ok I promise @mahshiell It’s what u deserve @mws Feels fuckin good man. Work hard today so you don’t have to work at all tomorrow 😎been a while since i had such a productive day like today. got to chill for the earlier half of it, but then ended… @RIPmika @Symfuhny you know what. no. maybe i LIKE it as a pizza format. you will have to pry it from my cold dead hands.I appriciate @Pikaclicks and the entire team for creating the MCU public server. This is the most fun thing I have…
Retweeted by noah @froubery i love u :) @JoeyPokeaim thank u joey. my gen-2 fanboy ass was sobbing in the corner @ignCalvin Imbecile . @Manager_v2 @pallyina holy shit get a life LOLhi can i use ur music in videos without getting copyrighted pls will credit it's just so good ily @greekfire @realQuig @RealM0F @Ninja @BarackObama @pokimanelol is the one that does stream obamai've been unsure for a while, but im tempted to make some guide videos on how to properly organize content creator… @Cadi1211 @Mithzan this is so cute, great work @scorpichloe Yes u do ily @doblox912 yea :)Thank u for 25k :) havin a good time on tha blue bird lately @0micronGaming congrats dude :] @Chugabunga yea whatever kiddo if it wasnt for my flawless bowshots u would never have won gg @shelbygraces it's been a minute but i do miss medieval times dinner and tournament. would u like to go to medieval… @shelbygraces i havent gotten a haircut since before quarantine bc i genuinely just dont feel safe risking it ):
@Piggytechnobarb wtf this is so cute i love u thank u!! sorry i didnt see it sooner <3I WON A GAME!
Retweeted by noah @sarahschnugget 11 oops @SavageStall @fluffledale @batpixkie hi do u wanna kiss @hannahxxrose @tommyinnit It's True Tommy She's Right . She Is Woman . @scorpichloe @HarryHook @EeveeA_ Hahahahaha dumbass @JeromeASF i was dying dude, nobody even commented on it but i was losing it in the channel LMAOeasy game ggs ggs @RealNeedle @dreamwastaken2 im intrigued. @charlelelelette halt . @discord @ArchieMcW discord we want voice chat. add it. now please. @costanzaboy17 @ustronomical what he said @yellowspoongirl @esdeflex Nah but fr what the fuck is going on here @esdeflex It’s ok, they made sure to let us know all 13 pikachus got rising voltage they didn’t skip the luchador one :) @cark_irl I read this in Ben Shapiro’s voice and, for that, I hate myself @CavemanFilms Happy birthday king :) @breadwitchery @yellowspoongirl She’s ALWAYS there when you need a friend. Whenever I’m breaking down, she’s always… @breadwitchery @yellowspoongirl Hard to pick tbh. Shes the literal #1 funniest person I’ve ever met, so dedicated t… @yellowspoongirl Hi I love u so much and I totally get if you don’t wanna talk but if that changes I’m always aroun… @TrueCrazyFrog @nebita LOL @Kwite Yoooo congrats :] @Gvyndood Lol what idiotdoes anyone know any reddit mods/admins that can take down a malicious subreddit? almost every post is definitively… @fluffledale Sorry But They Are Correct . Here Are Some Chips . @celestia717 feel better <3 hmu if u need ta vent or talk to someone<3 @RottenPapi @CupToast is so talented isnt she ughand in case anyone was wondering these @breadwitchery good u deserve it
@slimeblockle It’s not a video it just happened ingame . This was me livetweeting @Pikaclicks same energy as George getting a rainbow in build mart and going IM COLORBLINDDD
Retweeted by noah @KaleiRenay @JeromeASF @TheFamousFilms S tierjerome nervously mumbling "im colorblind" as as Sal yells at him to go on all different team colors has me losing my shit @Seapeekay man. @PandaFire11 B+ @IlluminaHD @RealNeedle lets go king good shit @amethyysstt @Krtzyy @POSITIVEANGIE this is so cute @NickAshtar @CaptainSparklez @GetSpectrum thats inappropriate. @cark_irl u could've ended their spreewooo boople representation lets goooo @boople__snootholy shit @OvileeMay Though if the restaurant offers their own pickup/delivery service, that’s always the best. No fees, bett… @OvileeMay Fun fact, postmates also has exclusive control over a restaurant’s page and has the right to change pric… @0HDM_ @yuhvetowo What about my pants you never talk about my pants whatever dude @I_is_cheesekek a perfect 10 @CreepaCreech A tier @Ncahx @I_is_cheesekek i know you didnt just @Shadowgirl_ 9, very good and clean @Mithzan It's excellent. S tier @awnuhaha no lol thats definitely a huge boundary to cross @ZyphonYT same @a6doff i understand holding yourself to a high standard but on real just love yourself bro, you're doin great @a6doff nahhh if anyone reads into that like that, that's kinda goofy on their part. it was literally YOUR birthday… @BluesDank i absolutely lost it at "you can't do that" "why can't i do that?" @Michaelmcchill happy birthday man, love you so much. in my time getting to know you, you've truly become family. t… does this make you feel @Pokay__ feel like this is a scene off parks and rec LMFAO it literally does not sound real YouTube titles
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