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#KeepingItRlyeh anti-guru. Author of 'When The Stars Are Right' (R'lyehian Spirituality), 'Shout Kill Revel Repeat' (12/6/19) & 'Stonefish' (Feb 2020).

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Post an image of yourself as the leader of an underground organization without downloading new pics...… @DWBrightman I've been possessed since 1986. I mean this literally.Taking a break from a long day of reading I owe folks to doodle another critter from the novel...
@timpratt I've always been a fan of Swole Albino Giraffe, myself. That guy dominates his little patch of lawn.It's true what Gareth says here. I do hope you'll put in a vote for my debut novel #STONEFISH; it's up for an award… @manylittlewords You are what you do when it counts.Watched this last week and said I'd review it but damned if it didn't stun me into an awed silence. @elsiegeo @QualiaRedux @disco_socialist You want The Long Dark, people. #TheLongDark @corgzone WAYNE FARTCHUK, FORT ST. METH, BRUTISH COLUMBIA. A solid burn, Doctor. 🔥🔥🔥Got seven pages done today *and* managed to smooth out a narrative kink that was deforming the novel. So, good day.…
@Matt_Wildasin Yes. @corgzone YIKES. Too heavy for me; I'ma git back on the novel. @corgzone now I need closure what is this cursed clipI'm Scott R. Jones, author of the LOCUS Mag award nominated STONEFISH, and I approve this message.Also, if you've read #STONEFISH you get my reasoning for that GIF of #Kermit in particulars, ayup! See, folx, readi… mornin monsterin to limber up for the #writing day. this fine springy fellow will be a resident of the great… @corgzone Totes. In JW land, it's "the library" which is always in the back and if an elder asks you to join him an… that's some big Golden Calf / Mammon energy going on fucking YIKES @saikohistory Well worth fifteen minutes out of your day.Half a million. HALF A MILLION.
dang Hieronymus, that's cold dawg mean, honestly, that's just a great, great review. I'm reeling just a tad.Happy #BookBirthday, weird lil novel! #STONEFISH reminder that #STONEFISH is up for an award in the Best First Novel category and, as with all things that req… @lossrockhart @iffer23 and @WordHorde...thank you. The journey with you and #STONEFISH has been great and I app…, for the SECOND #BookBirthday I'd like to receive one of these as a gift because LOOK AT IT. 5/6 for #reading #STONEFISH, friends and assorted weirdos. Also, maybe wanna strap in there because if you thoug… emanations from beyond the rim of sanity and form, I'm grateful that the book is getting the love it… higher-dimensional reverse-universe vibrations in the condensed form of a text-based narrative have infiltrat… morning #WritingCommunity, #ReadingCommunity, #HorrorFam, today is the First #BookBirthday for my debut novel… fer me! That IS a flex! @m_older I started doing this at work in early 2017. Oh how they laughed.February 2021 is our annual Year in Review Issue, covering science fiction, fantasy, and horror in 2020. It include…
Retweeted by Scott R. Jones, writer and naturalized sorcerer @MarkAGunnells I'm a postman normally but this pandemic's got me on high risk leave so I'm basically being paid to… @ashley_bochman Post that clip from Family Guy of Stewie ragging on Brian about his novel and tag the writer. Make… on the fazboog there's a group called Dune Sietchposting and I've been improving my meme game there. Well, dan…
@wnwagner @gemmafiles Ooh! "I'll buy THAT for a dollar!" from that lil guy on the commercial in the first Robocop. @gemmafiles "Bring in Feyd and Rabban." I use this whenever I want my kids in the same room with me for whatever reason.This is bad and it's something I write about. Just imagine a faux-telepathic, social mediated experience. Now imagi… @harbor_gray @WordHorde haha niiiice"now listen to this..." The Other Song by Spirit #NowPlaying @MidworldP @WordHorde We're calling it #ThePartwiththeBear now! lol @codyceps @WordHorde Also can we get #ThePartwiththeBear trending for #STONEFISH's FIRST #bookbirthday tomorrow!? P… @codyceps @WordHorde The Denisovans were one of the other hominid species we shared the planet with at one time but… @codyceps @WordHorde I honestly think that's GOING to happen: Celebrity AI. I'm exploring it a bit more in… @harbor_gray @WordHorde I continue to wonder if anyone will point out Lil Dougie to Douglas Rushkoff and if I will… there's a drowning plague. It's called SHE WALKS INTO THE SEA and I'm a smidge excited about it. Again, I'v… is to say I'm logging off here for the morning and getting back to work on the #WIP, an apocalyptic trifle on…, thanks for reading, folks. I do appreciate it: the buoyancy that excitement surrounding a book gives (even… to stalk me into my middle-age AND as the fucker walked he mutated beneath the light of geometric Gnostic cyber… turns a year old tomorrow! The book has done well, its earned out the advance, made multiple lists and i… for that sweet sweet morning crowd... got a favourite part of my debut novel #STONEFISH? Did I crawl ben… @KarenRoseBooks Yes. 49. @shaunhamill @NBallingrud It's a great novella. folx, with the first anniversary of the publication of #STONEFISH approaching, I'm wondering if anyone who's re… @strantzas @CSlatsky Whatever the nubbly bit is at the bottom of the handle. The screw-off lid of the hollow handle… @CSlatsky @strantzas Same here. Mine had a hollow handle with a bunch of tools and a compass in the pomel!
Kinda wanna just casually drop the news that Ferlinghetti died to my dotty old mother-in-law but she adores him and… @gayleenfroese @LairdRyanStates @CursedMorsels GET OUT FROM UNDER MY FRIDGE. Which also has that sticker. @gayleenfroese @LairdRyanStates @CursedMorsels Dunno, the damn thing's behind a paywall, I can adjust settings on t… @LairdRyanStates @CursedMorsels My god, you're the perfect #STONEFISH reader, I am suddenly quite stoke'd. @LairdRyanStates @CursedMorsels It's overrated. @LairdRyanStates @CursedMorsels (omg to myself: is this the perfect Scott Jones tweet?) @LairdRyanStates @CursedMorsels I'm a sentient bloodmist bonded to a 5d psycho-lattice w/ aftermarket hexentech V-f… @Kyle_MacLachlan I literally just made this fresh Cool Hand Leto meme, Kyle, like right this second, and so I feel… @LairdRyanStates @CursedMorsels You should get that refrigerated before it goes off even more.this is neat lookin' I like the way it looks I could look at this attractive neat lookin' thing all day yessir go h… @LairdRyanStates @CursedMorsels Just a whiff of climatological themes, friend. It's a difficult one to spoil; I'm s… @CursedMorsels #STONEFISH is up for Best First Novel at the @locusmag 2020 awards. @CursedMorsels My debut novel #STONEFISH has climatalogical themes and my #WIP features the ocean achieving sentien… @AliSeay11 Finished up my pages for the day, now smudging mah lungs with thc @saikohistory Your hookup in #YYJ?
@DenizCamp @grimwilkins Done. @DenizCamp @grimwilkins Jaysus H. Christos, this looks amazing. WHAT IS IT?!Coming up on a year of this book being out in the world! #STONEFISH @SarahPeploe @MartianMigraine Oh y'know, keepin' on, keepin' on @SarahPeploe @MartianMigraine UNDR was a real treat to read and include in CHTHONIC, Sarah! Glad to see you're doing well!
hey it's @hottestsingles doing rhe good work this Saturday night, friends cover / promotional art I just cobbled together to see what elements might work if any future p… @MrGaunt Well deserved!"Let's get fucked up and watch Scanners, bro." @noirmaterialism Well yes I know that Michael, I mean, obvs, but there are no breeders online. Prolly have to go da… @matt_bowes @premeesaurus never has this reply GIF of Robert Redford made MORE SENSE in a conversation @matt_bowes @premeesaurus @cxorlando @weredawgz Canada! @matt_bowes @premeesaurus In these heady days of cryptid love and Chuck Tingle is a 'Bear' sequel all that transgressive tho? @premeesaurus me surprised that you can't purchase a working Naked Lunch Clark Nova typewriter anywhere on the internet, a… 24 hours I’m going to give one random person that retweets this tweet $10,000 in Bitcoin! (Yup, gonna experiment…
Retweeted by Scott R. Jones, writer and naturalized sorcererJust ordered a print copy of the latest LOCUS Mag so's I can put this good review of #STONEFISH on the brag shelf,…
Retweeted by Scott R. Jones, writer and naturalized sorcerer
@Ceewayne2 Oh no my friend, kindly step off, I'm an entity what loves its explicit things made especially explicit,… @AdamRRowe That's it, I'm gonna plump for a couple of those newer Lem editions. Thanks for the impetus!...but I imagine Tim White's sleek rectangle up there as some kinda giant space discotheque slash pleasure rhomboid… mean, honestly, there's no good reason why you wouldn't design for this. Or those fuggin three-mile high Guild He… @AdamRRowe Dang, that looks great. So here I am bout 70% done with a first draft of the new novel which features a… MOOD, THIS