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Cradle of American Golf - First Anchor Site of the U.S. Open - Site of 3 U.S. Opens ('99, '05, '14) - U.S. Open returns in 2024, and in '29, '35, '41 and '47

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Simply CANNOT wait for this. So many familiar faces from past Women's North & South Ams and the @uswomensopen. Play… you just did..., we need to get @ThisShowStinks a dozen Putter Boy-logo @Titleist balls. was fog this morning. Past tense. @Golfweek_Jules @HailStateWG @allymc10 Love this. Props to the 2013 Women's North & South Amateur Champ, @allymc10. @LeVelleMoton @StephenCurry30 Yes, let's get y'all on THIS course., like we have this morning, is only temporary. Pinehurst? That's forever.
@PinehurstResort Pin high 10’ right on #6 for birdie to go -2. Willie said right edge. I said left edge. He said p…
Retweeted by Pinehurst ResortYeah, especially considering it's dead right of the 14th green on No. 2, especially with the bunker. Like you,… @JMillsCPGA @mahrensgolf @PinehurstResort There w my wife in ‘16 and we took a caddie, Stan the Man. She asks me fo…
Retweeted by Pinehurst Resort @PinehurstResort Watched my playing partner putting for eagle from behind a back pin on hole 5 on No. 2, miss the h…
Retweeted by Pinehurst Resort @PinehurstResort Caddy said " Whatever you do don't be right of that pin". I hit it 2 feet right of the pin landed…
Retweeted by Pinehurst Resort @PinehurstResort First time playing #2, first hole. I hit 8-iron pin high, stopped 10 ft from the hole, between a…
Retweeted by Pinehurst Resort
Well played. @PinehurstResort Warned our friend about the John Daly hill on hole 8. He hit it right over that hill and couldn’t…
Retweeted by Pinehurst Resort @Mende2032 @PinehurstResort Watched so many excellent golfers during US Amateur & N&S hit middle of #2 15th green that ran yar…
Retweeted by Pinehurst ResortWhat's your best No. 2 greens story, or "putted off No. 2's green" story? We'll RT some of our favorites. Pinehurst 2-Putt. - like any day - seems to be a perfect day for Pinehurst No. 8 call... like Carolina.
Champ. and overheard on No. 2: Approach shot lands on green. Ball rolls off green. Pinehurst caddie: "That's a GVR."… you, Gil. @1970CarolinaGal It is. Again.We can do these all day. 😀How it started. How it's going. couple of days away, for sure, but Fridays tend to be good for this. So, we'll put the call out early. We've sha…
Walk this way. it started. How it's going. #TheCradle
@NoLayingUp Our pleasure. Y'all know you're welcome to Pinehurst anytime.Ready?
Happy birthday, Champ, @MichelleWieWest @uswomensopen
What are the best things to do while @PinehurstResort? is the joy of #TheCradle. This has warmed our hearts all day. What a photo. What a moment. What a smile.
How it started. How it's going. @4golfonline This is good news. Can't wait to get you on new No. 4 and The Cradle.This. Is. AWESOME. do you think about going old school? You can play hickories at Pinehurst: your path.
This feels obvious, but then you see a photo like this. What's better? Mornings on #TheCradle, or afternoons?
@TreyKempGCA @TheEliJordan Um, it IS No. 2...How it started. How it continues. is #NationalCoachesDay. So, here's the link to the Pinehurst Golf Academy: @RealMikeWilbon needs to pay it off a little sooner and a little closer... our caddies think when the player says on Pinehurst No. 2, "I'll try the flop shot." consider joining this event. The @giventufts Memorial Library and Archives are two of our most cherished pla… about this place... Actually, it's many things about this place, right? What'… a perfect tweet.
This is pretty much the perfect tweet. know what it is...another beautiful day in Pinehurst. free to add more... the week with the perfect finish.
🙋‍♂️'s that time of the week... @SportsEsquire @GolfDigest Well played. @GolfDigest Days Away: After a few close calls, @MichelleWieWest finally got her #USWomensOpen 🏆 in 2014. For the first tim…
Retweeted by Pinehurst Resort @Barry76971152 Dead City.For more about the flags and how they represent Course 3, you can find that story here:'all...the Pinehurst No. 3 pin flags are now for sale as souvenirs: & Crenshaw's restoration of Pinehurst No. 2 is masterful. And whenever we see vintage images of No. 2, we're…
One of the numbers on this list went up by one yesterday. It's now 550. status. No. 2 ✅ Pinehurst No. 4 ✅ Don't miss Pinehurst No. 8.
The ideal place for a girls' golf getaway? @GOLF_com says it is @PinehurstResort: @AbbyLiebs @BaileyMosierGC @Jess_Marksbury Hey, y'all. @NationalHSGolf @JuniorGolfHub Terrific news!It does. It is. matter what kind of golfer you are, this package will help create the perfect Pinehurst experience for you: may want to book now... Round of Pinehurst No. 2, or A Day of Pinehurst No. 4 plus #TheCradle? Your choice? #Debates2020
#TheCradle at Pinehurst has been open for 3 years...and the numbers are unbelievable. (Wait, HOW MANY rounds?) The… @wingoz @eamonlynch No. 2's restoration. The Deuce. The Cradle. No. 4 redesign. Pinehurst Brewing Co. The Manor ren… it ups the ante a bit. Perhaps the flag should wave 2 days following the @rydercup? A week? @DannyCLT @eamonlynch @golfweek Hope you can make it soon, Danny. Let us know when you do; we'd love to see the kids on The Cradle.Hi."That’s perhaps the most impressive accomplishment evident now in Pinehurst: that so much has been added, while not…
@PIR8CRNA @RiggsBarstool @BarstoolClassic Two things, Clint: 1. You'll get better and have a great time at Pinehurs… set out to find the best 18 holes in the Pinehurst area. We're proud to have several named to the… @RiggsBarstool @BarstoolLurch Will the next version read, "WALK IN MORE PUTTS!"?For a little more background on the @rydercup wager between St Andrews and Pinehurst, go here:, today was supposed to be the day when Pinehurst No. 2's flag was to fly again at @TheHomeofGolf's 18th hole o… thanks to the @TheGolfShopShow for checking in on us this weekend. So much going on at Pinehurst: new dawn. A new week. Let's go. @ECUMensGolf @AJBeechler @GolfCoachesAssn A.J. knows a thing or two about winning at Pinehurst...
@mikemad75 @GolfTravelerJoe @bigfatdog97 Was not serious. Thankfully no on was hurt, the fire was contained to the…
Amen. And given the amount of rain we've had today, this is the best choice. Love these photos from @johnpatota of…, we've tweeted images of Fall in Pinehurst, Spring in Pinehurst, of No. 4 and a bunch of #USOpen highlight… Is. TREMENDOUS. life lesson from Donald Ross:
You will love.. love 4. Gil Hanse did an amazing job with that redesign. But what makes @PinehurstResort so great i…
Retweeted by Pinehurst ResortWith this awesome weather lately, our retail team has a special "Hello Fall" online sale. From now until Sept. 30,… should RT everyone who responded "Yes" to this...😂😂 @GolfTravelerJoe Strong. @pfs26 @RiggsBarstool He came close to living through both...