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0-1 to @akrewhq 14-16 lmao I can’t believe some of these rounds. We take em on ascent next 😎 @steph_ecx Hey me too I love you babyIM A FUCKING DEMON 5-12 COMBACK VS @CosmicDivideGG 3-0 IN GROUPS PUT SOME RESPEC ON MY NAME
Retweeted by Pingfu @steph_ecx @FullFocus_Val @Scrounge_ @icyjl @snirott @_Bewd LMAOOOOOGG to @CosmicDivideGG we go 3-0 in groups in NSG! I LOVE MY TEAM @Scrounge_ IS A FUCKING DEMON @in0X_fps @nerdstreet @CosmicDivideGG oopsie tyty
2-0 in the first @nerdstreet winter champs LETS GO Playing @CosmicDivideGG next to get out of groups @valyngod @goodgamesense Wait that’s sick as FUCK @HopeVAL__ @FullFocus_Val @Scrounge_ @icyjl @snirott @_Bewd LMAO BLAME THE TEAM IDIOT SCROUNGE @Scrounge_ Can’t even spell, looks like u right snirot fuck this some dangerous shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥 @Scrounge_ It’s too easy to ratio u manCatch us in the 1st NSG Winter open today! Group C @Scrounge_ @icyjl @PingfuVAL 🏳️‍🌈 @snirott @_Bewd
Retweeted by Pingfu @OkinFPS Ahahaha “believe” we know it’s flat @BlackHeartVAL @YoloVAL_ LMAO what the fuck that’s sick @epathy7 @Hiltonators Oh fuck that was hot @witnessqq This is better because it gives pistol round more weight and pistol is the LEAST rng round in a match so :)))))) @BlackHeartVAL @fireballops @ScrewFaceVAL @khanartistval @andersin_val Ez for blackheart n crew @snirott @Asunaa If it’s ranked it’s definitely a fuck this game unlucky go next all good streak @rowancyVAL Yeah shit happens :/first game back after a relaxing weekend at a cabin LMAO all good @Unholykid3 @neemamahmoodi @EHliteCanadian @steph_ecx wait which one are you on @neemamahmoodi @EHliteCanadian @Unholykid3 @steph_ecx bet catch me verified in a week @neemamahmoodi @Unholykid3 ayo neema filling for yfp???
@nmgreeen Wtf u just gonna expose me like that? @Pix_VAL Think this is extremely important to improving as well. You improve the fastest when you compare to your previous self not othersJUST ORDERED MY ALL GOOD SHIRT ALL GOOOOOOOOOD @OkeanosQT Bro that shit is stupid if it’s the one I tested with you @LouVLRT_ @Scrounge_ LMAOOOOOOOO @Scrounge_ This ratio is hurting my brain @Boltzy__ @CurryFPS @CrownSGSC @ToozyVAL @Klamran Boltzy now a boomer..? What am I then…
@Boltzy__ Ah shit yeah nvm then not sure how it works between 2 stretches resolutions @xFlippsy Shit happens it’s just ranked bro nobody worth your time cares. Hope your dad is ok 👊 @Boltzy__ Ayo easy way is to just line it up on the res you learned it on and change to the res you currently play… @OkinFPS Okin are you ok did you have a stroke @HopeVAL__ We just too good at timing these photos 😎 @Bynisper I invited u??? @b0ssyCS My boi @icyjl knowsLil cabin trip with the gf @regan_travis Idk how ppl think it’s a bad map compared to when icebox and breeze released.. it’s basically just a… @dudeitsaduck @TeamBasiliskGG AYO NICE CHRIS LETS FUCKING GO
Retweeted by Pingfu @Glorinsz no they have them they just dont want to put effort in :) but then i cant help but get tilted and then il… love the classic ranked experience of no1 trying/comming until we're 0-6 xd
@steph_ecx I love you @C0Mtweets It has the highest highs and lowest lows.@1337VALORANT has reached its course and we are going separate ways. IM LFT! -Sova / Sent (Will play anything)…
Retweeted by PingfuWith @1337VALORANT disbanding, I will be LFT -Open schedule -Duelist (every) (kayo,skye) -EXP IGL / Co-IGL (if ha…
Retweeted by PingfuWith @1337VALORANT disbanding, I will be LFT -Open schedule -Duelist (every) (jett pref) Likes & rt appreciated 🙏…
Retweeted by Pingfu
@Scrounge_ @steph_ecx dont bring my baby into this.. @Scrounge_ LMAO NO SHOT THATS TEAM CHAT BRO FUCK @bumpaah It’s actually ridiculous how emo everyone is at high immortal/radiant. 1/20 games is upbeat nice people. T… spicy drip @KOLER1337 @RavenGG @DarkZeroGG ME WANT DARKZERO SHIRT PLS
Winner of my giveaway is @The_Voids_Adept! He has 24 hours to reply to my DM before I redraw thanks everyone for p… @Boltzy__ All u had to do was ask! @Jonaaa6_VAL Holyyyyyy FUCK LMAO @OkeanosQT ?????I’m one bad aim day away from saying fuck it I’m lowering my sensDoing my drawing when I get home from work today! Last chance to enter @b0ssyCS Throwing
@steph_ecx @FullFocus_Val @Scrounge_ xdazrex#mrjay @TonyEcN Ayo lemme come over @HarmonVAL1 Wow okay thenUpdate on my LFT. -Been working on some more Sova tech -Have been touching little Kay/o basics -Still willing t…
Retweeted by Pingfu @hyjinxVAL Happy birthday mr nate! You’re gonna do big things @frostyZK damn this is middle school vibes for me
@IslandKingD @PhillyEsports hope to see u there!Got 1st and took home $1.5k in @PhillyEsports tourney while knights was going on. Catch us in the first NSG winter tourney comin up 😈😈😈 @THQ_Shane Head up babe just gotta bounce back change the routine or something @frostyZK Now we’re talking @Glorinsz Morning??? @valyngod Happens you guys too good to not bounce back @TooBlank all in good fun @valyngod not directed at u king! @Scrounge_ @steph_ecx ur awful @jcrueL_ lmao not talking about you bro no worries @steph_ecx no point starting drama or burning possible bridges just thought i'd point it out 😉ever notice how its the lower tier pros that ego you ranked and don't comm or try? the best are always nice and try…’m an idiot @Tairany25 Ty brotha @Tairany25 Oh it’s override firing error offset with cross hair offset @Tairany25 ?Can’t wait til they make dynamic crosshairs viable by making them not change depending on the gun you’re using… such a shit mechanic
@steph_ecx @KnightsGG so sexy @Scrounge_ @ItzBoltzy Ye u right just got home lol @ItzBoltzy Tbh I was gonna do that too.. seems to be the smarter move since it seems you don’t need as high sens in this game as I thoughtOfficial roster for future tournaments @Scrounge_ 🎯 @_Bewd 📸 @PingfuVAL 🚬 @snirott 🗡️ @icyjl 🪂
Retweeted by Pingfu @snirott @FullFocus_Val @Scrounge_ @_Bewd @icyjl LMAOOOOO
@SingularityCS Ayo @dudeitsaduck @zerodata3 @THQ_Shane YES HE IS 🥰😫 @khanartistval Bro this is so fucking cool!!! GL“whenever I play it my mood changes for the better” AHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH CAP CAP CAP CAP CAP @envysJPN Do u like breeze? @steph_ecx Valorant gun skins > cs gun skins Cs knife skins > valorant knife skins
@witnessqq Just follow him BACK bro NOTICE HIM @ItzBoltzy Quality tweet keep this up @kepraj @nerdstreet WORTH @KingFPS__ Has to be a troll I refuse to believe otherwise