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Carrie Laben @pinguinus Astoria, Queens

Debut novel A HAWK IN THE WOODS available now from Word Horde. Order here: Pronouns: She/her or they/them.

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moranurphy Chuk says hi from NYC @ Manhattan, New York time someone sniffs that "genre" fiction is commercial and poorly written and "literary" fiction is artistic a…
Retweeted by Carrie LabenChuk: "My butthole is a mystery cult. Mystery cults were historically based around bad smells."
It makes me kind of itchy too, but on close examination these are most likely used books that were on their last go… Montana Inspires So Many Great Crime Authors via @CrimeReads @LCvonHessen Buying a last-legs paperback (ones that thick will usually start showing spine wear during the first r… @LCvonHessen Actually curious about environmental impact of ereader vs. multiple paperbacks now. Plus a lot of thos… @ScholarOfDecay I'll give her this: her particular neuroses appear to be very profitable in the self-help market. @ScholarOfDecay That proves that you're incapable of real love or something in her world. @ScholarOfDecay She's my favorite hate-read because the text of her advice is usually mostly right (get divorced, m… @MoraNurphy I was once at a corporate going-away party where we all thought the tip already in the check but it was… @premeesaurus You see it all. The pristine 7,000th copy of the fifth book in the Left Behind series and the work of… @premeesaurus Working at a used bookstore made me really confront how much physical book-objects, and especially pa… Lady has a really hard time of it this week, guys. You see, MLK Jr. had sex with people other than his wife,… ladies making it all about them: the saga continues
Don't call it a comeback, I've been on my bullshit for years. @merica Having grown up near many cornfields, the one thing I can tell you with absolute confidence is that being n… @ShieldingC Bouncing off this, I'd say that what's currently considered "secure attachment" is actually only 'good'… got "You Are a Rock Pigeon!" on "What bird are you most like?". What about you? #quiz #personality #birds via @#@ @farahrosesmith @larissaeglasser Big congrats! @Keffy I can think of very few things I'd less rather do than discuss this with either of my parents.Resilience is self-care, not capitulation. Some people will use your recovery as an excuse why it wasn't that bad i… @KatMcKinley @yashar Which, in turn, is how those men get caught and how those girls are prevented from having to g… @smeag which of ours was it that was supposed to be some kid's therapy goat? Sunday. @ Astoria, New York
Three months ago, NYPD officers in SWAT gear arrested 19-year-old Adrian Napier at gun point on a crowded subway ca…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @flightofsand The Body Snatcher and The Bottle Imp both played a big role in my youthful conception of what a short story could do.In short: harm-based critique of art sounds reasonable on the surface but its application & implications are intens…
Retweeted by Carrie LabenThe whole thread is good but this right here is genius.
When I was 18 I interviewed with Chipotle. They asked me how working at Chipotle, specifically, would prepare me fo…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @lkamms The cockroaches got into the building in the first place with a guy who owned a bunch of budgies so I feel… big part of me wants to get an American kestrel and train it in falconry and hunt the cockroaches but another big… @Evaflorence9 Of course some landlords are less ok with that than others. @Evaflorence9 That could definitely be an issue. In New York the traditional solution is to build a coop on the roof. @QualiaRedux My concern is more if "saying something caused suicide" is an acceptable argument, where does that lea… @QualiaRedux But people who have depression and suicidal ideation attempt suicide in response to a lot of stimuli -… @Evaflorence9 I feel like this is a very reasonable and obtainable goal. @QualiaRedux Anyone who started their reasoning from 'this story was too harmful to publish' certainly leaves thems… @QualiaRedux The discourse around the piece was horrific and way too many cis people made way too many confident pr…
SANTO VS. THE PRESIDENT OF TERROR. My favorite movie poster on Earth is right here in Mexico.
Retweeted by Carrie LabenWe're pretty much ready for the long weekend here.Further ducks-course: "Can anyone truly know which end of the duck is not the butt?" "I think the end with the face… made a poem: "The pochards fucked, and there were ducks."Yay @mbennardo The one I actually hate as opposed to sort of ignore ruefully is Eight Cousins. Which ones did you read? Any of her thrillers? @mbennardo Oh, I know a lot of women/femmes who are still super into it! I have a general beef with Alcott (sorta f… @setophaga For me it's a combination of not being very good at ear-birding and fear of mockingbirds. I fully admit it's on me. @mbennardo The editor can have a Little Women as a treat.In our Q&A with @Sergio_concolor, we discover how a wildlife biologist becomes a #socialjustice advocate.
Retweeted by Carrie LabenAt what point can I start cynically drawling "read another book" about Little Women? By no means is this a defense… @ApexBookCompany @khatyxiong @HiGroundCoward Poets of previous generations that I dig but are not as commonly menti… @ApexBookCompany Among recent-ish work, I have a fondness for Poor Anima by @khatyxiong, High Ground Coward by… @adrienneleigh @Shjade @menstralkrampus And of course you're never living with an infant indefinitely, eventually y… @adrienneleigh @Shjade @menstralkrampus See, it makes total sense to me that a person in the potentially homeless s… @adrienneleigh More seriously, I'd probably be chill if it was a whole house. Babies don't stink that bad. Small apartment, that's tough. @adrienneleigh I mean that was basically every time my mom produced a new kid and everyone thought I was an asshole… @browneyedgirl65 @adrienneleigh I'd argue, having lived with a bunch of infants, that it's possible to live with a…
@pinkrocktopus The only thing I like about having grown up in a large family is that I learned how to tune out huma… @Zak_Jarvis "I love you, you piece of shit" works in every movie the line's ever appeared in, also real life. @EmeryLeeWho The main characters are twins so I just assume the worst.Glad to see Republicrats consistently mobilizing the demagoguery of phantom "rich kids" who would benefit from free…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @jason_m_heller Mercury Rev and Sonic Youth (That was the era when the guy I was dating dragged me to see Sonic You… year, the fellowship is open to Native American writers working on a book-length project. The month-long resid… colonial pass system lives. The racist Doctrine of Discovery rules. RCMP assert the Crown’s authority over titl…
Retweeted by Carrie LabenA lying liar is lying. hated the 80s the first time, don't need a reboot. @larissaeglasser Call me Pepperidge Farm 'cause I remember. @ShieldingC This becomes especially clear when kids in the puberty age range are victimized and a giant cultural st… insights of rape culture aren't applied to child molestation because nobody wants to admit that child sexual ab…
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"For the story to work the way it always works, the woman has to be better than average. She has to shine. Then she…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @TinFoilAwards Everyone's talking about the penis but I'm equally concerned that this person appears to be stuffed with ziti.The balcony door is closed. I have no idea what he's trying to accomplish here. @ Astoria, New York @msjessicalaine @biblioculus Came here to recommend this, glad it already got mentioned! @farahrosesmith Do you have packing tape?That we're currently in a part of the social cycle where 'do no harm' outweighs 'do good' is both totally understan…
The thing with diversity talks is that people will tell you "I only care about the story" but I legit have been tol…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @heksenhaus @farahrosesmith I wish people would come up with new bad takes, instead of just using the same ones over and over. @farahrosesmith Oh I found it again it was @heksenhaus and now I want to know the context. @farahrosesmith I saw someone telling Stephen King to fuck off this morning but I have no idea of the context and d… is actually really cool. Appreciate it.
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @GiveMeYourTeeth Successful parenting. @FomonJosh I read Coyote Songs by @Gabino_Iglesias like a year ago and still haven't stopped thinking about some scenes.
@CHBenz Thanks, and also I don't know what you did with the lighting here but that picture looks great.I almost forgot! I have been excited to read the first book by @pinguinus since my first glimpse of how she thinks,…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @TheNuminous1 @paulGtremblay I deeply love how many levels this works on. @tadethompson Congrats! @nadiabulkin The Oscars have rewarded incoherence that seemed to mean well before, notably with Crash. Not saying t… @nadiabulkin On the matter of the general discourse, you're right about the cliquishness. However, the specific com… @stephendavisesq @ambernoelle The idea that libraries aren't to be used for sleeping is going to come as a massive… @intelligentwat @flightofsand FWIW I wouldn't count the stories in Nox as dead yet. People were on holiday.At long last, revised and resubmitted this manuscript. Results do not support the idea that longhand note-taking im…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @SusanJWilkes I thought we weren't supposed to tweet about self-harm but you are very brave. @QualiaRedux This is beautiful.No words to describe the anger I feel at what I witnessed today. Tonight I saw a long #Starlink satellite train cro…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @MegRaeB My mom slapped me across the face when I was 16 or so for saying I'd never marry a farmer - but she marrie… @holir_twitch I really wasn't engaged with any of the characters and the pacing seemed laggy.Black Scoters enjoying the warm, windy day today. Ft Tilden.
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And link "I'm paying for this" with "I control this" so firmly in everybody's mind that even the people on the stic…!! Nearly half of new condo units in Manhattan that came to market after 2015 remain unsold.
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