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Carrie Laben @pinguinus Astoria, Queens

Debut novel A HAWK IN THE WOODS available now from Word Horde. Order here: Pronouns: She/her or they/them.

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@_Csunny @_trader_hoes @astoriabookshop I came here to mention them! They've been fantastic with special orders and preorders as well.
Scholastic Bowl team. We were dominant, even had an undefeated season, but because of my weird problem with names I…'s a whole weird tension around the small business good/ big business bad dichotomy - it isn't entirely false,… @Jessica91415892 @GavinWax @JackPosobiec @NYYRC @Facebook Truth is a defense against slander, so discovery should be fun.Oneonta NY native Jerry Jeff Walker passed away yesterday from cancer-related complications. He was 78. He wrote th…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @arthur_affect @TwisterFilm @CarolT52973604 @mxanthropology @Mishyana @eclair_voyance @megawhelmed @KidThorazine @arthur_affect @patiencemosher @megawhelmed @TwisterFilm @CarolT52973604 @mxanthropology @Mishyana @eclair_voyance @megawhelmed @patiencemosher @TwisterFilm @arthur_affect @CarolT52973604 @mxanthropology @Mishyana @eclair_voyance @TwisterFilm @arthur_affect @CarolT52973604 @mxanthropology @Mishyana @eclair_voyance @megawhelmed @KidThorazine @coilingoracle Birds are good. @victorlavalle Are we absolutely sure that's not a ventriloquist's dummy with a filter? @billpennyy I mean it's not perfect, the last person was shifting back and forth a little.Just plotted the voting line on gmaps pedometer, it's .362 miles long and people were still showing up when I left.No Nazis sighted.Early voting line at my site is wrapped around the block and overlapping itself like a snail. @KageGrines @sarah_k_mock I mostly agree but I would argue that the ability to renegotiate the arrangement with cha… guy tries to use a Native farmer as a weapon against a white ag journalist. It goes well. @ascannerburkely I'm also not convinced that the relationship between smart, learned, and well-read actually works that way. @sarah_k_mock That was a truly elegant twitter moment.What the hell is this sentence doing, I don't think I like it: "(He was also, quite simply, smarter than either Mc… @dlbowman76 @SadieHartmann @almakatsu The Unstrung Harp is a personal writing touchstone of mine. @SadieHartmann @almakatsu For real! @almakatsu Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World @SadieHartmann @almakatsu PBS Mystery! - they had different Edward Gorey in different seasons, and it was my first… @holir_twitch Interesting. I would also marry Yellowstone but reverse the other two.Fuck Marry Kill: National Parks Edition. I'll kick us off - Yosemite, Yellowstone, Bryce Canyon. (Killing a nation… @noahkfields @geoffwisner Gorgeous! @iridienne @roninkakuhito Eh, I was already in school at that point. My preschool memories are kinda shaky and not… @roninkakuhito @iridienne I don't remember actually seeing the disaster, but I definitely remember people talking a… was almost late but it's #FridayReads time and I just started Owls of the Eastern Ice by @JonathanSlaght.Thread about the deep-seated weirdness of 4H (ands cons generally. I had a misty view of the organization because m… @QualiaRedux I mean, speaking of things that are arguably crypto-pedophilia, I could make a sparkling intellectual… @holir_twitch Fortunately it can be avoided by looping that block the other way, so it's not like the entire year o… mourning dove really did Allen Iverson a pterodactyl.
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The house on our block that is always the most extra for all holidays has a life-sized animatronic Pennywise in the… @Thereadorder @landcruiser13 @adamcbest @RepClayHiggins I'd rather chew a cactus than be married to that guy, too. @RepClayHiggins I'm old enough to remember you guys losing your minds over possible witchcraft in, like, The Smurfs. Hypocrites. @ScholarOfDecay It didn't make a whole lot of sense but the improv cat dude came back. @ScholarOfDecay I dreamed an entire alternative fifth season for BoJack Horseman and I think I'm doing a lot better than this guy. @SGJ72 @texasbookfest They chose well. Congrats! @QualiaRedux @erikhane @HeadwaterLit Yay! @Hal_Duncan If we abolished the police, who took all the guns from those brave 2A defenders?The wrecking of the Klamath Basin in the name of agriculture is a disgrace. @megelison @NussbaumAbigail I haven't actually read Normal People, but yeah, successfully identifying slavery as ba… @megelison @NussbaumAbigail "Moral clarity is strictly for children" isn't as mature and interesting a stance as sh… Didn't have to be this way Canada. It really didn't Abuse of Process
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @ewenthel Oooh, shrike? Cassowary? Cardinal who found themselves in striking distance of a bander's thumb? @TheBirdist Let's pretend he is to raise awareness!Kinship by Ursula Le Guin @farahrosesmith It's possible! I've only ever been me so I have very little basis for comparison.
@QualiaRedux Like 90% of the people I'm attracted to turn out to be bi or pansexual even though I never planned it that way.Whole thread but mostly this. @farahrosesmith While it doesn't lack bias, that genre is less boy's club overall I think. @farahrosesmith I've been mentored by women (and men, but in answer to this particular question), notably Cara Hoff… your landlord.
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @farahrosesmith Eh, Autumn is nature getting all the death omens out of storage and dusting them off, it's probably… @billpennyy All birds are dinosaurs but chickens are specifically T. rex. @dlbowman76 I mean, to take it to the other extreme, if my brother insults me online yes that is upsetting, especia… @dlbowman76 I consider arguments between friends or formerly friendly acquaintances different, even if they take pl… someone is a choad and they insult you, that means you are objectionable to choads, which is a win.I kinda don't get why people get sad about being insulted online. Sumdude just called me a Karen for telling him to… @tigerquinn7 @RawStory Yeah, you should consider paying for content if you want it to be of good quality. @tigerquinn7 @RawStory That's how the screen works, yes. @QualiaRedux It could be anything from 'he's just absorbed basic cultural biases' to 'he's planning a series of ins… @QualiaRedux Like even if you did want to interrogate whether some specific dude's thing for smaller women was a po…'m a person who knows too many chickens because I was legitimately concerned that they were going to try to eat th… @johnlevenstein Poor baby. Should've brought an audio book I guess. @flightofsand *coughs in family that does both at different times/with different members* @intelligentwat @farahrosesmith Posnan is the being that most accepts my mess! @intelligentwat @farahrosesmith Cats are not anti-mess. @Gabino_Iglesias My grandpa had an odd-eyed dog and I've always had a soft spot for them. Mazel tov!
Look do you want Nephilim or not? @farahrosesmith In theory, I'm uncomfortable with the idea of ever telling any adult what to do with their sex life… - folx, especially those who are privileged. Resist the urge to talk about how you're looking forward to "ign…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben(And while I'm not anti-adultery per se, I would also argue that if you're going to fuck around on your wife repeat… doesn't even have to ask permission to go to the bathroom, for god's sake.Sometimes people become aware that you have a body at inapt times. There are measures you can take to prevent this,… Lamott has always been kind of a dipshit but I really expected better than this. For one thing, Toobin is expe… clarify for the quote bot followers, "Socrates" here is the sculpture park in Queens.Our October bundle with Freedbird Books is spooky! Our monthly bundle allows you to buy 3 books for just $30 (40%…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @dlbowman76 Take it easy, take care, and take a glass of water.Today at Socrates I watched a blue-headed vireo drop to the ground and wrassle a medium-sized beetle thing for abou… of my fave pics from the @DarkestDungeon boardgame Kickstarter that just went live! Cannot wait to paint these…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @goodreads There are a lot of great novellas being published in horror/weird fiction if you're into that.… @jaysturt @iridienne As I believe a certain Jared once said, 'fuck your feelings.' @LairdBarron I don't wish ill on puppies.Isn't it *interesting* that the person responsible for this quote — which erases the 7% of Montana that is Indigeno…
Retweeted by Carrie LabenIf elected to council, I will demand an official investigation into the purported existence of one or more wolves inside of you.
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @coilingoracle They're not very good at conversation, though, that's legit. @NMamatas
@farahrosesmith My friendships with women are pretty much the same as my friendships with everyone else but I'm sti… to my poll-worker training this would not fly at a polling place in NYC - don't like my odds if I were to… health status update: I have obtained bonito stock powder and am going to try making her broth of vigor. @QualiaRedux Surely it's easier to go with one of the many ethical ways to just not say it. @ArnallLabrador It suits you!#QuestionTuesday In honor of spooky season, what is the spookiest ghost story you have ever read?
Retweeted by Carrie LabenIf you're not sure whether or not you'd like to read my Shirley Jackson Award-nominated novella, you can check out…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @ewenthel Ok now we can't trust the cis with calendars. What next? @holir_twitch We already experienced enough mind-rending, reality-twisting evil in high school