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Carrie Laben @pinguinus Astoria, Queens

Debut novel A HAWK IN THE WOODS available now from Word Horde. Order here: Pronouns: She/her or they/them.

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@QualiaRedux I was 35 or 36 when, for the first time in my 'adult' life, I had a moment where I stopped, looked aro… @bellzisbirding 'Bleating' is sure an interesting choice of words. @seawildearth @537H @Sasha_Melanated @bellzisbirding How do you suppose you could live on earth and have no horse i… only 9 days left till the end of its #kickstarter campaign, don't miss supporting one of the very best publish…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @misanthropemike Damn, that sounds alarming.OK NYPost, you can have a retweet this once.
@chadloder That person probably needs their dog a lot more than they needs two cops.Hey Twitter, could you help spread the word about my Shirley Jackson Award-nominated novella THE ATROCITIES? Thank…
Retweeted by Carrie LabenStatler the one-eyed, 33-year-old Indian Flying Fox living out his twilight years at @batworld 🦇✨ (More info on S…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @pauljessup Oh yeah, the modern office is an abomination any way you slice it. And I'm frankly worried that WFH has… @pauljessup I've only worked in one open office and maybe I was lucky, but I didn't hate it much more than a cubicl… @pauljessup Also not seeing your coworkers is probably psychologically good for introverts (incl. me) but I bet it… @pauljessup The privacy impulse was good but the impetus was to pack people much closer together... old-style open… @pauljessup I mean the cubicles were mostly about softening us up for what came next though.
@mbennardo Speaking as someone who did... probably a lot more gauze scarves. @mbennardo Also the song is what led me to research Noyes and discover his defense of Roger Casement, an intriguing… @mbennardo I'm not really a judger of poetry but I consider it a fine ghost story in the classic vein and I greatly… @thedesirina Probably also depends on the door, how heavy it is/how it latches? I might be overthinking this now.Reading @paulGtremblay's pandemic horror novel SURVIVOR SONG; just got to the line "in the final tally... almost te…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @thedesirina A swarm of bees big enough to create an abrupt change in atmospheric pressure would probably also be pretty alarming I guess. @thedesirina As a non-midwesterner with no first-hand experience I always assumed that it was insurance against the… @dendroica At least leeches work for something.Got yer American health care right here! @CaseyNotJones @kcgreenn I was a huge fan as a kid but there's only so much friggin' ooze you can pour down that sewer.That's some slaughterhouse, that Slaughterhouse-Five."Leave the red states to die" is how you prove every single lie the GOP has ever told about their opposition true.…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @blacklionking73 Wait, what is the proposed mechanism here, that we have to support racist police because they'll c…
@dlbowman76 Oh, that reminds me of this very cool artist: @KBell713 Herons are extremely exciting at all times! Fact!Followed closely by the time someone recommended the Keto diet to me bc, and I quote, "when (her) dog got sick they…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @KBell713 That's... huh.BEHOLD OUR SCHEDULE REVEAL FOR #TheOuterDark2020 GET WEIRD WITH US VIRTUALLY AUG 13-16 @ThisIsHorror…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @donzi100 @victorlavalle @BrianKeene It's almost like most violence happens between people who know each other, and… @scriptcomes1st @blacklionking73 I was gonna say, I can believe he's never been to a national park but he's never seen Looney Tunes?
@mbennardo There's also a non-existent in this universe band that characters in several different stories have seen… @mbennardo I'm not quite sure how to answer this - I've set several things in my hometown because it's my hometown,… MAGA birders thing is mostly sad and predictable, but my Polish ass is never going to stop laughing at guys wit… @bellzisbirding I bet it wasn't at all a strained metaphor, badly delivered and with no punch line to speak of, either.Some of those things include a reading and panel 'appearance' at this: shit I have actual things to do in August and I'm not really prepared for that after the last six months. (They'… all the post office bull that’s going on right now: Yes, they’re telling us to delay mail rather than use extr…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @heksenhaus Yes please.
$18,117! Who wants that audiobook as bad as we do?
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @skwinnicki @N8Swick By 'mischievous' sense of humor they mean it stopped developing in third grade. @intelligentwat This is why we need to pay our graphic designers better. Otherwise, they get revenge. @holir_twitch Delicious!
I'll just call it mindfulness or something.Just because I'm "42 years old" and "a grown-ass adult" doesn't mean I can't crawl inside a cardboard box and take… I dare? (Late summer brunch by Chuk.) @ Astoria @mmmontycarlo It really is weird how the scene latched on to cute banter as the only alternative to grim violence. @WilliamChase2 @SarahTaber_bww If by "cancelling" you mean actually discussing in full, I guess?Describe yourself in four horror characters: @AdamOPrice I have never been able to notice (while reading) or practice (while writing) the difference between dif… @thedesirina I think the algorithm screwed you over because I found a dude dancing with a duck.People often wonder why I have no truck with Wendell Berry."FIYAH" is a colloquialism for "FIRE" and is pronounced as such. It is an homage to the publication's ancestors, cr…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @farahrosesmith As a professional potato, do not, it'll just make you cranky.
“nobody uses USPS anymore” is such a privileged take when it’s the most accessible system for small businesses, inm…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @JasonWardNY Sincerest form of flattery they're capable of. @KealanBurke I suspect that their habit of thinking in eugenics - "we're naturally stronger, smarter, cleaner, bett… @MidwinCharles @ElieNYC It's eugenics thinking at the core "Oh of COURSE we're superior, we won't get sick, only weak people get sick." @SusanJWilkes God, children killing children is such a 90's throwback. And I am so depressed that I just typed that sentence.We're not worried about the wine, we're worried about who isn't going to get a seat on the plane while you fly back… out there... you mean in the ocean, where it lives?
Retweeted by Carrie LabenUSPS postal workers are more essential than police officers.
Retweeted by Carrie LabenCOVID. TBI. Taking a knee. The entire structure around treating student athletes as non-employees. I'm not even tha… it's a tiny thing in the larger overall bullshit of the introduction (cn: rape, homophobia, all the usual bullsh… @heksenhaus That was such a weird thing to find out from a Cracked article, especially since I had that album on re… @blacklionking73 Oh damn that's cool.
@derinandthalk The Beast And Other Ales @geoffreyg Every day is wrong for that. @QualiaRedux The last two books that I'd consider lit fic that I read that had even reasonably happy endings, relat… @farahrosesmith They're always very quick. I once sent them a story I wrote drunk and it was rejected before I sobe… cops who killed someone in the line of duty were thrown a barbecue and initiated into a kind of club by ben…
Retweeted by Carrie LabenDeeply honoured and thrilled for IRREPLACEABLE to be shortlisted for the @wainwrightprize for Writing on Global Con…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @KBell713 Which one? I'm thinking of getting From Here to Eternity for Chuk's birthday.Like a decade late to the party but I'm really getting into "Ask a Mortician" on YouTube. @JMcJohnson Hell, we even reject intentional success at things that are traditionally promoted as appropriate goals… @Respexy Sleep cycle is all gone to hell, laundry is way behind to the point it's gross. But I'm still writing and…
We have updated our Internship Program -- please consider applying! And share with any who might be interested.
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @spiderfrogged And I mean it's not like the original Helter Skelter was the work of a strategic genius...One thing not to forget is that when Biden and Trump say "anarchist," they don't solely or even primarily mean actu…
Retweeted by Carrie LabenNikki is out. We need to keep mobilizing and monitoring.
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @farahrosesmith Hey at least I admit it. @GiveMeYourTeeth I've enjoyed everything I've ever read by Roach, but especially this and Gulp @sean_glenn @WibDoesTweets We give kids a lot more encouragement to fantasize about growing up to be cops than to f…'m arrogant, chunky, and don't believe in putting work into relationships or anything else except my writing. the #kakapo enthusiastically venturing into his new home on Anchor Island this afternoon. #conservation…
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @Patriot43826006 @chasestrangio @JoshuaPotash @NYCMayor @AITA_reddit OP is NTA. A system where one asshole being able to hold a job is all that keeps seven kids, two sever… @holir_twitch Strange but true!
So Cuomo is fine taxing poor people but not billionaires who are profiting off the pandemic?
Retweeted by Carrie Laben @Vermfly @JasonWardNY @Laura086N @bedwards144 Read a book about him a few years back ( and… @NMamatas I wish I could but I have some kind of retina burn now. The half I got through seems fair for what it is but narrow... @ImaginariumCS I am convinced Cole made this through the magic of deep fake technology. @dys_morphia I'm pretty sure they were sometimes used to explain pregnancies in women and girls who could only have… @farahrosesmith I would really suggest just ignoring that number - there's so much natural churn in accounts that i… it was nice knowing everyone, try not to die. @sarahthemoose The film Sorry To Bother You has a concept much like this, among other near-futuristic weirdness.Turns out that if you try to asset-strip a website like a chain of department stores it doesn't quite work out the…