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@spongebob Storyboard Artist. Vegan cowboy. Mom to a horse. Banjo picker. Theater kid. Butch lady. she/they. Hollyweird, CA ✏️🏇🪕🤠🎞🎭

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I wanna take my banjo and horse and go somewhere far away @Radrappy @wolfinsheeps As far as I recall he always used it to express distaste in the “Disney” art style. (The al… @wolfinsheeps It comes from John K. He started that term on his “John K Stuff” blog. @bumblesweet This is just what LA always looks like @MayMayBlizaliz @PuellaUmeMagica I'm talking about an equine virus. Yes my horse is vaccinated but can still get it. @KarliCartoons He just doesn’t get it unfortunately and I’m trying my best(It’s too rural for Grubhub, ect) @hannahfontella It’s too damn rural! 🤣You’d be safe and have no contact with anyone infected, they live on big rural properties away from each other.I’ll do anything I can to stop him from going to a neighbor’s thanksgiving who was in contact with someone on a nei… anyone live in or near (Placer County) Auburn,CA- is COVID-free, and cooks a good thanksgiving meal? I’ll pay…
@SepticLobster Yes lol you do the best hands @SepticLobster That's such a Julia hand
I wonder if Jeepers is the reincarnation of some 1800s era badass cowboy who just wanted to live life as a beautifu… @SamKallis I was at Home Depot earlier and half the people had carts full of toilet paper ... @alartton HA @alartton Meeeeee
@sistercheshire Yeah that explains what I’m working with perfectly. @camthecowboyman I want one 😤 @sistercheshire What in the smooth canter? Showing this to my horse so he learns violence is not the answer 🤣Beautiful. I want to live here. @richard680news @citygiancarlo @NickAnimation ^ @Jackaxed Currently I have one.There’s not enough hours a day for all horses to get out of their stalls and it’s illegal to leave until all horses… up my sleep schedule this weekend so I can exercise my horse in the tiny arena we all have to share one at… @SophieAScruggs @StarryFlame It sounds like a vacation, I think “unforseen events” is a fine enough explanation for… @SophieAScruggs @StarryFlame Hope y’all get through whatever you have to, maybe it’s best to not share certain things on social media. @SophieAScruggs @StarryFlame I’m sorry to hear that, the reason you gave did not sound like an emergency at all and… @Bickpixx Studio Yotta did a slice too. @erkshnrt Best horse art in the world is @PinkieToons
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@SophieAScruggs I know you are hurting for your family and Im sorry. But I’d rather zoom with my parents than not b… @SophieAScruggs Even non-covid related, a friend passed away of cancer this year and my best friend in another stat… @SophieAScruggs If harassment is happening on any end, that’s wrong. But you are absolutely in the wrong for flying… @SophieAScruggs She was in the right. You are not alone in not seeing your parents. You are not alone in the pain a… @ArtofSpongebob Nice! @AGuyWhoDraws I did that too when I got promoted. No one reads that stuff! Congrats!!! @jelenawoehr If I rec you to my show I’d rather say “this is my friend who’s a great writer” and let them see for t… @jelenawoehr Connections are important, but gatekeeping trying to break in is dumb and only keeps talent out of the… @jelenawoehr It was rough out there with no degree living in the south. I did what I needed to get a foot in and mo… @jelenawoehr Don’t say future or aspiring. I was a storyboard artist for TV before I storyboarded on a TV show. @fingernaillick sure thing
@jelenawoehr Who needs life alert when your horse coming back to the barn saddled and riderless is good ‘nuff. @jelenawoehr (I’d donate to have a special bowler hat-helmet custom-made for her though, please...ballsy old folks make me so nervous) @jelenawoehr I commented on a post of this on Facebook saying I wish she wore a helmet at that age but ...looks lik… @DougTheHusky I’ve wondered. Would be hard to drink and they could rub it right off.It’s been a long year and I’ve already dealt with losing people, I would have just liked to go home and live on my… it spreads it could still be months. But the rumor about it spreading in dirt was false. It’s respiratory, like horse covid.Apparently I can’t leave my barn while there is a virus contamination, even to private property, or it’s a $25k fi… @BarghestBlack You’ll have a cool scar! @RoxyTall Clearly happiness @CBeanowitz Such great inspiration 🐐 @t_kobs YOU DID IT! How?Everyone should be following Mel! @TheTatoDragon No. That’s kind. I’m on Nickelodeon’s payroll. ;) Id never ask anyone outside my own family for help or gofund anything. @TheTatoDragon In my opinion I’d rather be safe even if it clears out in a couple weeks but it’s wicked expensive t… @VincentWaller72 I have my own little trailer house to quarantine in, would be tested, and wearing a mask.🙂 @VincentWaller72 My Grandpa is 89 and can’t care for cattle or horses anymore by himself so it’s just empty pasture… @VincentWaller72 Theres no horses on his property or bordering fence lines. If we quarantined and got a vet out the… this is the best place to have a horse too. I live closer to him than a gas station and there’s 4k acres… I worked in-studio and wanted to be in LA. Most of it is about social aspects and connections, but before I… @TwoFortyAtNight Honestly I want to go home. If I can’t ride/walk him anywhere in LA or be near other people or hor… @BarghestBlack Ice it please! @wryote Yeah we’ll see. We may be stuck here (legally) but it’s worth trying since I have an escape for us where th… @MikaelNaramore LOL no I can’t ditch my car I want my Cintiq and Playstation with me 😭 @wryote Id like to rent a truck and trailer but Im terrified of driving my baby out of LA without the experience. I… don’t want to just walk him in circles in a parking lot every day and keep him trapped in a stall when I have my…’m hearing that the equine virus may be in the dirt, and we shouldn’t get our horses out. Several horses died last… @Glowfishin1 Yeah just did it. You gotta take livestock temperature that way and remain very careful due to the risk of being kicked. @famishedlamb Thanks Tolsi! @Shardfox State representatives from the California department of agriculture will come brief us tomorrow. No clue now. @famishedlamb It’s ok I’m only the SpongeBob lady and nothing else 🥴It’s a potentially fatal disease. @leaveavalone Thanks so much. Sucks to deal with two viruses at once
@mlouisyville he's not sick just at risk @bnhywhyman It’s fine, I just don’t have that kind of insight, only opinions. @bnhywhyman I'm not a writer so I'm not the right person to askHe's so athletic and social, not being able to go on the trail or see any of his friends is going to be terrible fo… @TwoFortyAtNight It's not the brain damaging strain @jelenawoehr EHV1If things couldn't get worse there's an equine virus outbreak at my barn and my horse has to be quarantined and I h… @gabbie_vhs That’s even more of a sell for meIt looks a little too lifted to pull a gooseneck for me. Was SpongeBob off-roading? You don’t need a license for that.I’m interested. What’s the mileage on it? @KarliCartoons YESSSSS KARLIIII @VincentWaller72 That’s so kind Vince! It’s a weird year and I still plan to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas e… @jelenawoehr They say only write what you know. “Elderly British lady in Iran helping me acquire horse semen” just… @jelenawoehr Lord. Why write anything fictional ever when your own life is just. There. @jelenawoehr Which souvenir shop sells that? 🤔 @jelenawoehr Do it. Do what I did and buy one during quarantine so they have no choice but to love you 🤣 @MikaelNaramore I do have family to zoom with! Definitely weird though. @BarghestBlack I’d name him Tree. @alartton HMM is right @t_kobs Hehe..buttbank @thelfr Just like Wonder Woman I lasso for justice at LA public parks ✊🏼✊🏿 @ogatodobalaio She just kept asking me if the horse was mine or from Warner Brothers (??) and if I did lassoing in… woman approached me and my horse at a Burbank park while I was roping a drinking fountain and asked me if we were…
@jelenawoehr 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @SepticLobster 4:17 @SepticLobster sighs @SenorWoberto Oh it’s that guy? Yeah there’s no chance I’ll piss him off by saying that was the worst thing I’ve ever seen