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@fkaabez oh naurrr :( i hope you have a better day tomorrow i love u so much
shut up @fkaabez HAPPPY BIRTHDAY❤️❤️❤️ hope you had an awesome day @JackECheeses no but joe mama isOn the beach that makes you old❤️
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Retweeted by ryani think she can defeat anyone in the world
Retweeted by ryan @ggracebev i’m sorry i’m on my way right now wanna grow up to be the blessed madonnathis week 🎧 @ggracebev can i have some gael garcía bernal
@afxtwink fantasma and down colorful hill <33me when i open my augusthreads package
Retweeted by ryan @hannahrevenge i wish i could’ve been there @vitriolkiss natural swag
@JackECheeses it’s not ..... @GREASESTAlNS i would eat this @lnfinitygirI slay. bomb. @lnfinitygirI wait......can we switch on and off w the loveless and this because i @lnfinitygirI no like they are fuckijg insaneeeeeee for this. best mbv song me thinks @tayIorswiftsgf thank you!!!!this is me y’all @lnfinitygirI thats cousin y’allPut your drinks up if you don't give a fuck Everything goes cause we don't give a fuck I don't give a fuck! You don…
Retweeted by ryan @JackECheeses IM FUCKING HCRYONGNGIFNGENDJSIA @taymarx1 @JackECheeses no literally @lnfinitygirI thats cousin y’all
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MAMAMAMA @emmaluvs2dancee trueeee @ImgivingupMama @danababy97 @ImJakeJohnston i guess they don’t like folklore 😥Today is the 25th anniversary of the release of Fiona Apple’s debut album "Tidal" ! Here is a a thread of all the songs performed live
Retweeted by ryanSweet tea in the summer #folkimgivingupmamalorefest
Retweeted by ryan @MITSKlSUS @ImgivingupMama @TheldlerWheel truth. @MITSKlSUS i haven’t moved in years and i want you right here @keyIimegreendog also epic olympics start tonight 🔥 @MITSKlSUS i’m gullible ok. @MITSKlSUS ok fine @keyIimegreendog i hope u get to take a nap today ❤️ @keyIimegreendog omg it is friday @MITSKlSUS i like onions but not eating them like a fucjing apple 😭😭 @MITSKlSUS ? @keyIimegreendog how did you sleep bae @keyIimegreendog MAGGGIEEEit’s like i’m wasting your honor
Retweeted by ryan @TheldlerWheel which one is she in the photo @sarahssatellite OMGGKKFJGJF @pinkmattur
Retweeted by ryanWould you tell me to go fuck myself @MITSKlSUS ok lorde @MITSKlSUS 😱😱😱😱 @ImgivingupMama But I'm a fire, and I'll keep your brittle heart warm If your cascade ocean wave blues come @MITSKlSUS why can’t i make a mistake 🤦🏼 @MITSKlSUS waitt this is so true. i know a lot about when the pawn so maybe i will win @MITSKlSUS @MITSKlSUS can you teach me how to play @MITSKlSUS @NOAP1337 plsssss @MITSKlSUS chess @MITSKlSUS truth @MITSKlSUS Subway Surfers?Don’t call me kid Don’t call me baby urgently searching for my August embroidered Augusthreads sweatshirt so I can wear it today
Retweeted by ryanFolklore sounding absolutely spectacular today 🤗🤗 @MITSKlSUS she’s insane actuallyAt least i’m trying @MITSKlSUS right @MITSKlSUS i’m happy to hear that . the gifs bring me joymeet me behind the mall @MITSKlSUS me at the stealing mitskisus gifs store @ImgivingupMama slayyyy we can trap togethersalt air @ImgivingupMama @GREASESTAlNS truth. @GREASESTAlNS @ImgivingupMama :( @MITSKlSUS it’s too goodAnd i’ve been meaning to tell you I think your house is haunted @ImgivingupMama @GREASESTAlNS deserved @JackECheeses it’s literally youI’m still on that trap beat @ImgivingupMama Heyyy what’s up @ImgivingupMama there’s someone behind youI can go anywhere i want. anywhere i want just not home @MITSKlSUS trrueeeeee @HathawayLesMis she possessed @HathawayLesMis 😭😭😭😭 @MITSKlSUS 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 @ImgivingupMama that’s true @MITSKlSUS sorry bae have fun @MITSKlSUS what i dothe last great american dynasty mirrorball seven can see you staring honey @MITSKlSUS No @MITSKlSUS you acting like taylor died or something damnShe had a marvelous time ruining everything @MITSKlSUS just look at your face!!!! @MITSKlSUS i guess i’ll just stumble on home to my cats @MITSKlSUS it’s ok