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Sis is a 1st Class babe. WHATTT a whole me! Honestly cant believe it. Finally stopped crying but yeah. Couldn’t bri…
Retweeted by pink.Big Love energy! ❤️😭 #MarriedLife || 🎥 @iamcardib
Retweeted by pink.When Jesus healed the lame man
Retweeted by pink. @rivtclub @pinkoflagos At this rate my next trip to tesco 💔
Retweeted by pink. @hollyyclapp @pinkoflagos honestly im still saving my fave pair for a very special occasion whenever that will be 🤣
Retweeted by pink.How Jamaican Men blow out candles #proudjamaicans
Retweeted by pink.This is so funny 😭😭😭😭😭 @hollyyclapp @rivtclub I appreciate you 😭❤️ @hollyyclapp usually ali but if I want a treat @pinkoflagos brand pinks kollection
Retweeted by pink. @rivtclub @hollyyclapp 😭😭😭😭😭 girl I’ll cry❤️Ladies, if a guy moved to you with this game, you rejecting or giving your number? 👀👀👀
Retweeted by pink.I want Pass The Meerkat on Netflix watched by the whole black UK population and then I will start on my next venture, a spaceship
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he was part of PedoGotCaught and had exposed at least 30 pedophiles in morris county, including a police officer an…
Retweeted by pink.Guest preachers be like.....
Retweeted by pink.Hold Pan mode does this to hot dogs.....then.......pardon me I need to use the restroom
Retweeted by pink. @Fourens_ Nah seriously, but how??
Retweeted by pink. @bekstfu_ @thiqabi NO OMG😭😭😭😂😂😂Then grease up the mac10 toy!
Retweeted by pink.Afro Trap part 7 😢
Retweeted by pink.I love this bit😭 In celebration of my 18th I decided to launch my brands Website ! It hasn’t been the easiest journey but it’s fi…
Retweeted by DS collection live now 🖤
Retweeted by pink.K👍🏾😕’s so cringe omg. I hate that show.
Retweeted by pink.When niggas fail another talking stage🤣
Retweeted by pink.i be feeling cute in my tight hoochie clothes in my room but as soon as i step out i’m like this the whole time
Retweeted by pink.How Unknown T pronounces his “B’s”
Retweeted by pink.So ready for Charlie mase to blow up @kaizeniyaa What’s so hilarious 😡Watched this like 10 times now I want a Tesla.
Retweeted by pink.What a time.
Retweeted by pink. @theglowmuva happy birthday 🥳!❤️Filly: “NAH BUT I GET IT. BRUV I GET WHY SHE’D PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE ELSE. FAM I ACTUALLY GET IT! I SWEAR TO YOU” mtv did Catfish uk I’d only want yung filly and chunkz to present that show
Retweeted by pink.if I ain’t perfect, I’m really close to it.
Retweeted by but literally her cooking the pussy like salmon omg.......
Retweeted by pink. @pinkoflagos H’enjoyyy 🤤
Retweeted by pink..
Retweeted by pink.Romantic 😍“Obo dun ju sugar lo” that’s right.
Retweeted by pink.Oluwa ejo, me I would like 2 in 1. Ese gan 🙏🏽
Retweeted by pink. @TutuAdamsUK Mine is the chicken bacon & lettuce omgggggg 😩 imma grab one tmrrw just for thatXmas said back in the day like I’m not still on dat!🤣 Nollywood films on Netflix don't slap like the IrokoTV/IbakaTV/YouTube/OBE films back in the day 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by pink.I'm raising money for In An Abusive Household. Click to Donate: via @gofundme
Retweeted by pink.Wasn’t prepared for this serve from Ryan Destiny 💙
Retweeted by pink.boom boom pow at the highest volume and wipe out the entire fucking planet
Retweeted by pink.“I don’t need this rehearsal, y’all do.”
Retweeted by pink.Imagine not having anxiety? That shit sounds peaceful as hell
Retweeted by pink.FAM especially the Tesco ones😭‼️ OF THE BEST SONGS TO COME OUT OF 2020 NOW ON THE MAIN STAGE AT WIRELESS @AdeJoshOfficial @CharlieMase1
Retweeted by pink.Local scammer remix out now 👩🏾‍💻💥
Retweeted by pink.Yeah Ivorian Doll shelled her Wireless performance boy; she’s deffo one to watch cos the performing ting is a separ…
Retweeted by pink.Her breath controlllllll >>>>>> miss the old days of Nollywood when I could watch an entire movie without feeling the awareness that the actors w…
Retweeted by pink.I love how Taurus never deny the fact that they’re materialistic. They’re like yea .. and ? Lmao
Retweeted by pink.Let's see who's smart.
Retweeted by pink.Oversharing has become the norm so when folks set boundaries people get offended.
Retweeted by pink.No bc all countries matter
Retweeted by pink. @GodisaBoomer I mean, I’m not heterophobic and I have tons of hetero friends, and it’s their choice to be straight,…
Retweeted by pink.Americans eat like they have free healthcare 😭😭
Retweeted by pink.According to Yorùbá religious belief, it is believed that, Ọbàtálá and Ògún created the human body. Ògún created t…
Retweeted by pink.I don't even need to add further context, this speaks volumes. They're even less than 10 minutes away from each o…
Retweeted by pink.Your boy bagged a first 🥳 masters in electrical engineering over and out #goodbyeimperial💔
Retweeted by pink.Put my glasses on and worked on my disso for 9 minutes today
Retweeted by pink.Make sure y’all subscribe to my channel 🥰😍🥰
Retweeted by pink.I’m loving this wave of black girls learning to do nails, hair, eyelash etc😍. The beauty industry profits massively…
Retweeted by pink.What our ancestors were doing on 4th of July 1776.
Retweeted by pink.Guy chase the bag @PrettyTrapRae You’re the best at this to be frank😭😭😭
Retweeted by ss20 collection live 🤍
Retweeted by pink.I really wanted that video to go up today I’ve been working all day trying to make it happen 😕i dnt have one but i want to assure u im both
Retweeted by pink.So sad because my video was edited and ready to go. Then randomly my WiFi stopped working 😔 I’ve been trying to upl…
Retweeted by pink.She gets 500k views and charges £800 for promo, I think that’s a fair price if you ask me
Retweeted by pink.For her stats this is a fair price lol tbf. Not gonna charge £80 for 500K + views 🤷🏾‍♂️ 500K+ potential engagements…
Retweeted by pink.he did it better
Retweeted by pink.Happy 4th of July to every country in the world 🥰#AllCountriesMatter
Retweeted by pink..wav
Retweeted by pink.Made an Easter cake 🤝
Retweeted by pink.Getting your nipples sucked really is a great feeling 🥴🥴
Retweeted by pink.Look pon mi gal 😍😍😍😘
Retweeted by pink.jokes expired love
Retweeted by pink.who says @Hofinator10 @ImhighTy_ @BottomestB @_GlitterAndGlam ALL of y’all pressed af to pocket watch are GROWN’s s…
Retweeted by pink.I still don’t have twitter vns 👍🏾I spent 16 long weeks in the wild. I’m Back.
Retweeted by pink.Yesterday I spent £30 on Nando’s so there goes my house dreams
Retweeted by pink.Guess who else had loooooong nails AND went to college?
Retweeted by pink.This week on #ChitChatWithMo, Mo talks leaving the nest & her reasons for making that decision! What would you do…
Retweeted by pink.London slang is 90% patois
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