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MAYFIELD, Angela W. @pinkrocktopus Colonized Mvskoke/ᏣᎳᎩ land

Science enthusiast, grown-up STEM kid, spousal unit to @maritimeseven. FL born, GA til I die. Dem candidate for GA HD 67. Y’all=ALL. (She/her/ma’am)

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@bigmacdturtle I’m sorry about your plastron. (I’m quite fond of turtles, and found this fella in the road, too.) @JacobLevenson JAAAKE OMG’s only ONE month left in the decade. WHAT have you done to make your enemies curse your name and salt the earth in your wake?
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@StrangeAttract5 @shipper_xphi Whatever it was, I hope it covers the cost of a brand new sacroiliac joint. Those se… @shipper_xphi @StrangeAttract5 Here are the desks from the Johnson Wax Building in Racine, please murder me immedia…
@shipper_xphi @StrangeAttract5 Also, great find, Shipper, and woooow those dresses look miserable. @shipper_xphi @StrangeAttract5 I knew about the furniture; the secretary desks in the typing pool at the Johnson bu… @StrangeAttract5 FallingplasterI mean, it sounds hyperbolic, but what else am I supposed to do with it besides leave this place a little better th… life. And nothing short of it.’re literally describing prejudice against women
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Retweeted by MAYFIELD, Angela W.Them: How can you use they/them pronouns if you’re a fossil? Me: So we agree I’m a skeleton with a twitter account…
Retweeted by MAYFIELD, Angela W. @StrangeAttract5 It’s like that dream I had where Frank Lloyd Wright made dresses instead of leaky buildings @TheresaMihalko @DrEmilyThomas Three flavors of hound (badger, raccoon, fox) on a crib mattress. @barefootboomer This is big @sciencewithtyus energy right here. @TheDJValkyrie I love this story. @Katymcengland Exactly that. Exactly. @krisis86 @sluggityslug @marthathepossum If there’s room for Henry, Henry would join. (Not Juniper, though. She’s s… @Katymcengland Sort of. The last one just was just a light lactic/salicylic, so this one is glycolic. Because you k…, but make it “I had a chemical peel so I can’t leave the house for two weeks because my face is falling off.” @muddy_cat Season tickets to SEC football. I can’t think of anything else that could make a chicken as manly as those are. @krisis86 @sluggityslug @marthathepossum I honestly didn’t know martha had a poss pouch. @mother_runner16 Waaaay better than the bigot chicken. @Astro_Limno YAAAAYYY @louise_q10 They can fuck all the way off, and when they get there, they can turn right around and fuck all the way… @effyouhaiku My mistake, I think, was starting with spicy. Because then the original just tasted like fried flour.… @effyouhaiku I mean. Look. It was good. But I’m a fat girl. I can get plates dirty. I have eaten a lot of fried yar… sandwich update: 1. That was a very large chicken titty 2. Take your blood pressure pills @sluggityslug @krisis86 Same friend, exact same @krisis86 I’m panting, I’m taking a blood pressure pill, this is too possThis is for @pinkrocktopus
Retweeted by MAYFIELD, Angela W. @krisis86 OMMMMMMGGGGGGGG @deeyablo An outstanding dog tax. Thank you for this. @TriumphantBass @KellyBrenner Woooow and I was gonna suggest the only tolerable Jimmy Buffett song (lyrics screensh… @isilmesharr He does have a gay brother, if that’s part of the plan... @SBrndll Only obtuse people don’t love geometry jokes. @kymwill7144 Hank Aaron owns most of the Popeyes franchises around here, and he’s not letting none of his beloveds go sandwichless. @isilmesharr I wish you every success. 🥰 @kymwill7144 Jonathan said there were PILES of them at the Dville location. Both kinds. That’s why he felt okay buy… @kymwill7144 This is my very first one, Kym! I held back so others could enjoy it! @blurbette I am excited-Shaq-shoulder-wiggle dot gif about this sandwich. @THATmoozie Husband material! @yourhukkleberry He’s already home with it. My man doesn’t promise and not deliver. @KellyBrenner A TREASURE TROVE and absolute heaven for mood-setting.Mr. Mayfield is bringing me both a spicy AND an original Popeyes chicken sandwich, because he wanted me to be able… @KellyBrenner Similarly, this dude Adam Young wrote these whole largely instrumental albums inspired by moments of… @am_anatiala @KellyBrenner Asia has excellent musical tastes. @KellyBrenner Sturgill Simpson, “Breakers Roar” Vandaveer, “A Mighty Leviathan of Old”
Scam-perpendicular did me in. Evers was, among other things, a Black veteran. Medgar Evers was murdered by a white veteran in his driveway…
Retweeted by MAYFIELD, Angela W. @louise_q10 YESSSSSS you’re a real one for bringing it up, and let us cackle scornfully together at the woman who p…“Muddy mulberry dumpling” is how I’d like to be remembered, tbhThat apple is called BRENDA ROSE, Mom! @BrendaForCocoa will say it as many times as necessary: the only gender reveals I’ll get excited about are the ones where my frie…
Retweeted by MAYFIELD, Angela W. @highscicomm Unrelated, but calling my mom @BrendaForCocoa for an audible. Mom, Jazmin’s shep Fate just had a whole… @highscicomm Yep! I had this cool antique Vietnamese pho bowl that I used as a dish, and it chafed her upper lip be… @OutlawHistory @thisistherevolt My mother-in-law called the neighbor’s unneutered cat “a God-damned ol reprobate” a… @thisistherevolt @OutlawHistory Reprobates and peeled weasels just about covers them. @OutlawHistory LOL I was taken to task for using Yankee as a pejorative, and I just- blocked a rabbi for talking shit about dogs, and blocked a white lady for defending Susan B Anthony, so totally h… absolutely prefer the new one
Retweeted by MAYFIELD, Angela W. @chriscesq Definitely an upgrade. @jnlbrk Taste the rainbow @pinkrocktopus This suit is not being worn by a subtle man.
Retweeted by MAYFIELD, Angela W. @jnlbrk RIGHT. Not a lot of subtlety with that one, tbh. @jnlbrk It’s like they took him off mute and went WHAAATTHEHECK?? @jnlbrk I’ll always remember where I was when you told me Don Cherry got fired because somebody listened to Don Cherry be Don Cherry. @jnlbrk I screamedI mean. That thing with Millie Bobby. @jnlbrk All those suits and no place to wear them. 😢I read this and immediately thought, “Welp, Don Cherry musta got fired, because she’d have said pedophile instead o… @highscicomm Hmm. Okay. Could be just the equivalent of chapped lips from cleaning herself and a whole dozen babies… @highscicomm Is she drinking out of a rounded-bottom bowl, or flat? @StrangeAttract5 I too have often wanted to cosplay as Marimekko wallpaper. @StrangeAttract5 The part that bothers me here— not that they skinned a muppet, or that it’s the only pantsuit Dian… recently went on a cemetery tour and we visited ECS' grave, right as we're approaching the 100th anniversary of t…
Retweeted by MAYFIELD, Angela W. @StrangeAttract5 Prêt-à-porter. @StrangeAttract5 It’s funny you say coastal wetland, because it’s giving big “floral rubber swim cap but all over” vibes. @StrangeAttract5 That fencing mask, though. Something something foil epee sabre something. @StrangeAttract5 Six and one half months for a hostess gown but make it Lily Pulitzer. It’s not even Mame enough to make Auntie status. @unfettered_muse I would LOVE IT if you bought the house next door. It has a lovely fig tree. @MistletoeCrow I fact-checked it at Koch Industries dot com and apparently, they’re big philanthropists, concerned… I cannot breathe, so loud and so wrong. @Thearetical Mmmmm... nah. don’t understand an interview to show the “many sides” of Nikki Haley. A full bag of trash doesn’t really even ha…
Retweeted by MAYFIELD, Angela W. @Bukalove04 Important to note that this is not the same grandma who couldn’t cook. 😉I was reading a tweet and then the TL autorefreshed, and I can’t find that tweet again, but it’s okay because I hat… @CorrieJN I love every part of this. @GNJohnson1978 It’s almost spooky how much I look like her! @allie3ga How do we both look like our very pretty grandmas, Allison??Happy Veteran’s Day to my grandmother Eugenia, and all the other WACs, night witches, shieldmaidens, bad bitches, l… @kymwill7144 @highscicomm This is not the good kind of overachieving, ma’am! @highscicomm Your girl was out there firing pups from a T-shirt cannon. Like, throttle back, Mama! You don’t even g… @NeolithicSheep REGULATOOORS! Mount up! @NeolithicSheep It’s gotta be some canine subtext. She was agitated and on high alert. She really hated owls. @NeolithicSheep @BBolander @UrsulaV You can tell Lola was my daughter because she had a chain smoker’s baroo. She h… @NeolithicSheep @BBolander @UrsulaV And here’s my foxhound Lola, who saw an owl and HATED owls. This was her EFF YO… @NeolithicSheep @BBolander @UrsulaV Here’s my Willow, singing her favorite hymn