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Angela Mayfield @pinkrocktopus Douglas/Paulding GA

Science enthusiast, grown-up STEM kid, spousal unit to @maritimeseven. FL born, GA til I die. Dem candidate for GA HD 67. Y’all=ALL. (She/her/ma’am)

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@TriumphantBass I can’t believe you have me SCREAMING right now, I’m dead @Taylor_Ayn I love her so much, I can’t stand it 😭💜 @howBrolls OMG, my mom still uses a Stanley Lady Catherine from Fuller, and she’s said the EXACT SAME THING, aaahahahahIf you’re interested, Bernie came from @DREAMRescue, and they’re fantastic, and all my future second-hand, do-over… @mm_schill “Nobody dresses like this for picture day at school, Mom. Nobody.” @knitgrrl @NeolithicSheep That belly 😭💕😭💕😭💕 @Taylor_Ayn OMG I love her faaaaace! Do you sometimes tuck the tongue back in, so it won’t dry out while she’s slee… @NeolithicSheep I swear I’m gonna write a children’s book someday about this blind and arthritic old dachshund, and… looks like he sells insurance or sings in a barbershop quartet when he dresses up. @socialistdogmom Amazon prime, BUT. Listen. Get you an edible or three and watch this baby blacksmith (I think he…
Retweeted by Angela MayfieldFun fact about our Bernard Ernest Mayfield: He has six teeth in his head, and that’s not enough to keep his tongue… @BrandeewineB Oh god noooo! When one dog misses the other it’s too much, my heart shatters, just dig a hole right b… @ellensafran Our old man is somewhere between 16 and 18, and probably the high side of that. We don’t deserve dogs. Not even a little. @TheHoneyOne My old crusty-ass country vet told me once, “if it don’t hurt, it’s cause you didn’t love ‘em enough.” @marared It could be days or months, right? Sobbed in WaHo about his quality of life, come home, and he’s romping w… @dtlafave An old country vet told me once that if it doesn’t hurt, you didn’t love them enough. Choosing to love s… @dtlafave This isn’t at all intrusive, Danielle, and I hope someone else will find it helpful too. This particular…’re all very sweet, and I appreciate your comforts and consolations. The only thing wrong with dogs is they don’… @socialistdogmom Trazodone and How It’s Made at Chez MayfieldOne of our dogs is very old and rather infirm, and I refuse to talk about exactly how nigh his end might be while w… @jigglebologna It’s me, I am the one ugly crying And I mean UCK-LEEE CRYINGIf you’re not audibly crying in Waffle House on Sunday night, what are you even doing with your life? @Lisavipes @E_VanEvery I am also curious to hear how he absorbed this irrefutable fact. @MC_Etching Is in fact cute tho, so...
5. Sometimes it takes unusual occurrences (FDR’s presidency; Woodrow Wilson’s stroke; JFK’s assassination) for “fla…
Retweeted by Angela Mayfield @girlyratfish @sciencewithtyus nOt EvErYbOdY’s aMeRiCaN TyUs @girlyratfish @sciencewithtyus You may change or not change, and express that in any way you like. You are still my… @resolvingdust @sciencewithtyus “Generic round-eared vertical vertebrate baby” is what I’m putting on the 2020 census form, without fail. @iloveredrobot Are we sisters? @girlyratfish @sciencewithtyus Dammit you changed your picture and I didn’t notice it was you. I should have know… @LauraMarszall @sciencewithtyus So gorgeous! Is it a male or female? I’m trying to sort out a gular sac but it’s ha… @Lisavipes I feel like if we called them extantosaurs, people would take birds more seriously. @sciencewithtyus @LauraMarszall Turkey vultures remain Sunburned Angry Uncles, but I will abide no slander against… @sciencewithtyus @Lisavipes @thehannahlife @SolomonRDavid @Rhiannon_Kirton @Sternarchella @DrKatfish It’s Sunday, T… @resolvingdust @sciencewithtyus With you on #TeamPlant. Like, tree ferns have re-evolved and been lost more times… @LauraMarszall @sciencewithtyus Yasss, Ciconiidae! A cousin to my dear wood stork! @resolvingdust @sciencewithtyus Your alt text is life-giving. I also try to make my photo descriptions interesting. @kelleythebard @dixie_czyk My friend is @sciencewithtyus and he’s wrong about the O, and he can stay wrong all day,… @LauraMarszall @sciencewithtyus Who is that?? Looks like my old friend the wood stork, but the coloration is wrong.… @girlyratfish @sciencewithtyus Fair point on Q- what bananapants weirdness is that?? Like ACTUAL bananas in your pa… @sciencewithtyus They (there are many) alter the behavior of the host. How’s that not weirdo conservative news? I m… @MamaLlamaWild The shop owner is just an absolute gem, too, and all the designs are perfect, so you’re doomed, darlin @Lab_Casual @motherofgators Related: tracks film and television with sexually violent conte… @Lab_Casual @motherofgators Can’t tell you how much crying it’s saved me. @drjdvw @DrPSchmidt I’m about to pull together a thread of the most amazing possum-centric products produced by que… @TheWildlifeHost @sciencewithtyus @UntamedScience **stares in toxoplasma gondii** @sciencewithtyus @UntamedScience I desperately need a young and plucky taxonomist to name a particularly ferocious,… @MamaLlamaWild Absolutely uncalled for @troublemuffins I mean, doesn’t everybody? There’s whole emoji for varying degrees of it. 😟😕🙁☹️ Doesn’t everybody’… @Lab_Casual @motherofgators Sharing to save a life: @troublemuffins This... this is a mouth-turned-down frown to me. And I make this face a lot. @dixie_czyk ...and ORDERED. @dixie_czyk OMG this world is too much 😂This is canon, y’all. SCOWL! How does one frown with their eyebrows?? Midbrow position can reinforce and strengthen a frown’s exp… @dangermee Yeah. That’s a hell of a google ride. Content warning on J. Marion Sims and the Holmesburg Prison skin… @sciencewithtyus @katherinegould I’m proud that he omitted fungi folx, though. I think we can all agree they’re on… @BouffantBlessed I saw “mayonnaisians” yesterday and howled. @AirForceRanger @itsericathomas That man made her cry. She’s pregnant. She’s important to me personally. And he mad… @opineno @jessphoenix2018 She scolds brands a lot. 🤷🏻‍♀️ @mcopelov Oh, roasted to ash with savage accuracy (said the girl who grew up in Cape Canaveral, FL).Very pleased to see Scott Walker finally pay respect to dedicated public employees - all graduates of well-funded…
Retweeted by Angela Mayfield @Lisavipes @sciencewithtyus @Rhiannon_Kirton Why would you disrespect the extant dinosaurs like that? @kenna_frierson @sciencewithtyus High fives forever, it’s an honor to fight shoulder to shoulder with you @DrDoctorHannah @sciencewithtyus What’s a... a non-science tweet? @nauplius97 @sciencewithtyus **glares in deeply offended master gardener, USDA hardiness zone 7** @cameronsxvanity (I might be wrong about the tails/ears preventing showing, but yes, they went and made a whole Cerberus) @cameronsxvanity He’s a Neapolitan Mastiff with cropped ears and docked tail, which is pretty shitty and prevents h… does this tampon manufacturer think happens in vaginas
Retweeted by Angela MayfieldIt (kind of really is) me. @sciencewithtyus @kenna_frierson Kenna said INJUSTICE, Tyus, why are you upholding this tyranny? @krisis86 @morebookstofind If you know GoPossum, please tell them I adore them very much @morebookstofind @krisis86 Wait wait Given Possum Battalion Commander’s header image, y’all might enjoy this other… @sciencewithtyus @CatsCauseTypos You are clearly falsifying data‘Possum Grudge Match would be an excellent band name.
Retweeted by Angela Mayfield @FiTiddleDeDe @mostlybree @Shvartacus Quite. @CatsCauseTypos @sciencewithtyus LOLOL I AM DEEEAAAAAD 💀💀💀 @BeesAndBaking @sciencewithtyus @frostykaden We also call them Lazarus rats. Not unlike the trash panda sobriquet for raccoons. @sciencewithtyus @Afro_Herper Now you got everybody heated at you. Why would you piss off bird and herp twitter? Ra… @Hogan698 @sciencewithtyus @vexedmuddler Used to be able to in Louisiana. We have drive-thru liquor stores here in… @jmatwood @sciencewithtyus You’re the only one who caught that, Julie @rstoneham77 @sciencewithtyus This... would actually be a reasonable compromise, and makes a lot of sense. Except now it’s a GRUDGE MATCH @hood_naturalist @sciencewithtyus You know he inherited it from his mother. @sciencewithtyus You’re brilliant and I adore you @sciencewithtyus @frostykaden @BeesAndBaking So... you’re invalidating their spelling because they’re located in a… @sciencewithtyus @frostykaden @BeesAndBaking Accept the fact that opossum and possum mean the same thing, like colour and color. @sciencewithtyus @frostykaden @BeesAndBaking Possum Town, MS Possum Snout, GA None of these places are referencing… @sciencewithtyus @frostykaden @BeesAndBaking @sciencewithtyus @frostykaden @BeesAndBaking You’re honestly trying to just... correct my spelling? Son. You don’… @Hogan698 @sciencewithtyus @vexedmuddler American tactical assault possum: @sciencewithtyus @frostykaden @BeesAndBaking We say it the same tho, so... @sciencewithtyus @Hogan698 @vexedmuddler @Hogan698 @vexedmuddler @sciencewithtyus I said that! @frostykaden @BeesAndBaking @sciencewithtyus OHHH it’s like Darryl. For some people (my cousins conspecifics) it’…
@frostykaden @BeesAndBaking @sciencewithtyus How are there that many syllables in squirrel though? @BeesAndBaking @frostykaden @sciencewithtyus Tyus says the common name of Didelphis virginiana is spelled with an O… @frostykaden @BeesAndBaking @sciencewithtyus Wait how else is is said besides skwhurl?We’ve been at this all day. It’s a matter of principle now. @sciencewithtyus @sleary Yes! Yes! The list literally goes on and on!